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The 'General Star Wars Discussion' Section : An Index Thread...


The ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ Section : An Index Thread…

An Index of just a few of the near-on 5,000 topics that have been posted in the ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ section of the down the years…

The Sequel Trilogy & standalone ‘a Star Wars Story’ releases…

The Force Awakens

Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
Rate TFA (No Spoilers)

The Last Jedi

Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
A Reddit list of video links to all Teasers, Trailers, TV Spots and BTS looks of Episode VIII

Episode IX

Spoiler thread
• Non-Spoiler thread - tba
Star Wars Episode IX (was) to be directed by Colin Trevorrow

Rogue One

Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
Rogue Zero - What was changed, reshot, etc in Rogue One?


Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread

The Kenobi Movie (possible)

Star Wars Anthology Film II: Boba Fett (no longer going ahead…)

What anthology/spinoff film would you like to see?

Episodes 7, 8, & 9? (a 2004 thread)

Anyone else blase’ about the New (Sequel) Trilogy? (a 2014 thread)

What do you want to happen in the the rest of the Sequel Trilogy? (a 2016 thread)

Who should the villain(s) of the Sequel Trilogy be? (if the Sequel Trilogy has villains)

Michael Arndt heavily involved in writing the new Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

If George Lucas Had Made The Sequel Trilogy…

Star Wars moving forward without Carrie Fisher

The Standalone Star Wars Films (a 2014 thread)

Will the Anthology films be a repeat of the Prequels?

Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy

Other Star Wars releases…

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978

I just saw the SW Holiday Special (a 2003 thread)

Star Wars Radio Dramas - Link 1 : Star Wars Radio Dramas - Link 2

The Ewok Films (‘Caravan of Courage’ & ‘Battle for Endor’)

• [Star Wars Droids (TV Series) - tba (

• [Ewoks (TV Series) - tba (

Star Wars… The TV series (a 2004 thread - it did not happen)

Clone Wars (2003 TV Series) - Link 1 : Clone Wars (2003 TV Series) - Link 2

Clone Wars (2008 TV Series) - Link 1 : Clone Wars (2008 TV Series) - Link 2

Rebels (TV Series) - Link 1 : Rebels (TV Series) - Link 1

Star Wars : Forces Of Destiny (New Short Animation Series)

Star Wars “Official” Canon Content Thread

What movies do you consider canon?

What is your personal canon?

EU material (now known as ‘Legends’) & comics etc…

Expanded Universe Novel Discussion (a 2004 thread)

The EU Discussion Thread (a 2011 thread)

What do you LIKE about the EU?

What do you HATE about the EU?

The Random EU Thoughts Thread

Lucasfilm clarifies the future of the EU

How the expanded universe ruined the Original Trilogy

The Prequels as Envisioned by the (Pre-PT) Expanded Universe

Star Wars Books continued?

What can Disney do to improve the nuEU?

Star Wars Canon EU (potential spoilers)

Recommendations for Legends (old EU) books, comics, etc

Star Wars Books. Good Recommendations?

New Star Wars comics

Marvel And IDW To Publish Original Star Wars Comic Strip UNCUT for the first time!

Supersnipe Comic Art Emporium

A DIY Star Wars comics universe

The Prequel Trilogy…

Star Wars prequels were mapped out in 1981, only nothing like the way they turned out

What did we all expect from the Prequel Trilogy? (2004 thread)

The Phantom Menace - The Phantom Menace : TPM EXPLAINED! Plot and protagonist!

Attack Of The Clones : What Is Wrong With… : Ep II has the best story of the Prequels. Discuss

Revenge Of The Sith : A Review Of ROTS : General Grievous - ROTS : What didn’t you like about ROTS?

Are The Prequels That Bad?

Is there anything that you actually like about the prequels?

What do you LIKE about the Prequels?

What we like about the Prequels

When Did The Star Wars Prequels Become Cool?

Prequel Trilogy Plot Holes And Inconsistencies

Design failures (and successes) of the Prequel Trilogy

Should the Prequels be more included into the franchise going forward?

The PT’s influence on today’s movies

Star Wars Ring Theory

Star Wars Soundtracks / Music / Audio threads…

Star Wars sound mixes

Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks

Star Wars DVD Music Mix Botched (by Neil S. Bulk - a 2004 thread)

Those Pesky Soundtracks (track title giveaways)

Am I the only one who prefers the old ewok music? (Yub Nub)

Now it’s just getting ridiculous- Obi Wan’s new howl

More unreleased ROTJ music (2005 thread)

2016 High-Res Star Wars Soundtracks

The music of the Original Trilogy vs the music of the Prequel Trilogy

Original Trilogy Soundtrack 4 CD Set (2008 thread)

Star Wars Episode 1 soundtrack on 2xLP Vinyl

There are more threads on the soundtracks, music and audio of Star Wars in the SW Preservation section, the SW Fan Edit section, and the Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions section of the site.

For example…

‘The best audio, and differences between the many audio tracks available?’

‘International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)’

^ both threads are in the Star Wars Preservation section.

‘Star Wars Soundtracks Ultimate Collector’s Edition’

^ from the Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions section.

Star Wars 40th Anniversary…

Celebration 2017 Speculation

Our open letter to Disney and Lucasfilm

Star Wars 40th Anniversary (Discussion)

Star Wars 40th Reunion

40 at 40: Interviews from the 40th anniversary reunion on May 27th, 2017

Marcia Lucas Speaks!

Star Wars Insider celebrates the 40th anniversary with…

Some of the more generic Star Wars Discussion threads…

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

General Star Wars Questions

The Shifting Tone of Star Wars

OT Plot Development Analyses

• Harmy’s My STAR WARS Thesis; I need help! thread from 2012 (we’ll do your homework for you, Harmy 😉)

Star Wars could have been a modern day Iliad

Original Trilogy Reception 1977-1983

When did The Empire Strikes Back become more highly regarded than Star Wars?

The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie. Or is it?

Is Empire Strikes Back really George Lucas’ least favorite?

Audience reaction to the reveal? (Empire Strikes Back)

Celebrating 30 years of Empire Strikes Back (2010 thread)

Return Of The Jedi is the best Star Wars film… discuss!

What is wrong with Return Of The Jedi?

Return Of The Jedi (why so much hate?)

Return Of The Jedi Appreciation Thread

Making of Return Of The Jedi (the book) Thread

Any favorite scenes?

Favorite line from the Star Wars Saga

The problem of Owen Lars (and more)

The Worst Star Wars Characters

Original Trilogy Deleted Scenes Discussion

Prequel deleted scenes in HD?

Childhood Misconceptions (aka The Trap Thread, but misconceptions still welcome)

Star Wars Inconsistencies

Inconsistencies, retcons, and other problems in the Original Trilogy

Plot holes in the Star Wars saga

Inconsistent use of “The Force”

The Death Star trench run… (may not be as you think it was)

Which Fan Edits are considered the Best?

Must-See Documentaries?

Ranking the Star Wars films

Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks

In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?

Correct viewing order of ALL official Star Wars related movies / series?

How did you first see the Star Wars films?

Is the theater where you saw Star Wars still standing?

How many times have you bought the movies?

I’m finally getting the OOT on vhs

Adventures in Raising the Next Generation of Original Star Wars Fans

The New Generation of Star Wars Fans (2014 thread)

An Experiment in Inducting a Star Wars newbie

The Random Star Wars Pics & GIFs Thread

Awesome Star Wars art (pic heavy!!

Star Wars Posters - In the style of other movies (And LP mashups too)

Star Wars Memes

Star Wars in “asciimation”

Youtube / Vimeo / Star Wars Video Finds

General Star Wars Video Game Thoughts

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - controversy & thoughts

What is/was the best Star Wars Game ever, on any platform?

SW Trilogy Arcade emulation - promising development

What was (Or still is) your single favourite Star Wars toy?

Your latest Star Wars buys?

Show off your Star Wars Collection (This is the place…let’s see it already)

Worst of Wookiepedia

Happy Star Wars Day

Unlikely Star Wars Film Titles

Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles

Star Wars Trivia (a 2004 thread)

Some of the more historical / archival threads…

“The People Vs. George Lucas” documentary…

The Secret History of Star Wars

Save Star Wars Dot Com (2010 thread)

secrethistoryofstarwars . com has gone (2015 thread)

Star Wars official website closes its forums (from 2011)

The Sad State Of Star Wars (2005 thread)

OFFICIAL: Library of Congress had original prints replaced with 1997 SE

Why not release both the Originals and Special Editions on DVD? (2004 thread)

More Changes!!! (2004 thread)

SE Trilogy on DVD coming this Fall (2004 thread)

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

Star Wars Blu Ray Impressions (2011 thread)

RUMOR - Original theatrical cut of the Original Trilogy to be released on blu ray!! (it didn’t)

3D STAR WARS for the masses…has ARRIVED!

Star Wars Digital HD Release … April 10th 2015

doubleofive’s List of Lists and Comparisons

Should I buy the Original Trilogy Blu ray? I already have the 2004 DVD

Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Ep 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

Disney to buy 20th (21st) Century Fox?

4K restoration on Star Wars (2014 - Lowry Digital / RelianceMediaWorks) (2017 thread)

A New direction for Lucasfilm Animation

Disney Closing LucasArts

George Lucas leaves Lucasfilm

George Lucas discusses letting go of Star Wars

George Lucas (2017 thread)

George Lucas’s worst decision (with the Star Wars franchise)

Do Star Wars fans have appreciation for the wrong Lucas?

Let’s all say something nice about George Lucas. No insults allowed

Free “farewell” Screening of 1977 Star Wars collector’s print - British I.B. Technicolor (2010 thread)

Indication of twelve Star Wars episodes on an old soundtrack album cover?

The Retro Star Wars Thread

Star Wars 1977 convention pictures

Sometimes do you feel like you should give up on the cause?

How do others see the originaltrilogy . com community? (2012 thread)

When/Why did you become an OT purist?


Note: There is far more information to be found on the various and differing releases of Star Wars down the years - in the ‘Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions’ section of this site…

For example, doubleofive’s superb ‘Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread.

Star Wars FAQs & Info…

The links below are FAQs or Info sections from other Star Wars related websites - they may contain certain points of view you may not agree with - or that may not be factually correct…

Wikipedia’s Star Wars page’s Databank

Reddit’s Star Wars FAQ


Yoda’s Datapad FAQs

The Star Wars Wavelength FAQ

ThoughtCo’s Star Wars Mysteries (FAQ) (FAQ)’s Encyclopedia (Info)

Star Wars Underworld (info and news twitter account)

Star Wars 1977-1983 (info & photos twitter account)

Classic Star Wars (info & photos twitter account)



If you have any suggestions for specific threads to be added to this Index please post them below.

Also, if you see any broken links or errors please also post them in here - thank you.


Last updated - Tuesday 21st November, 2017.

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Justice For The 96


Excellent idea. Is this stickied?

Also: (there’s already one but this one was older and has more pages)

This post has been edited.

DuracellEnergizer: "^He’s embraced the absurd. Don’t expect to gain any conventional understanding from his posts."
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NeverarGreat said:

Excellent idea. Is this stickied?

Also: (there’s already one but this one was older and has more pages)

Cheers mate - it’s not stickied yet - though hopefully will be soon. Edit: thanks Jay 😃

(It was your suggestion for an FAQ thread in here that inspired me - and my ‘copy & paste’ skills were getting a little rusty too 😉)

I’ve added your 6 links above to the Index - nice one - and many thanks!


If anyone has any suggestions for additions to it please post them in here - thank you.

I struggled to find a decent ‘Attack Of the Clones’ & ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ discussion thread in here - if anyone can point a couple out please do

Am struggling to find some decent and lengthy conversations about Star Wars (the 1977 film) itself - if anyone finds a good 'un please let me know…

196 accessible pages of the General Star Wars Dsicussion section - a lot to go through - and occasionally miss a good thread 😉

This post has been edited.

Justice For The 96


I don’t think we discussed the prequels all that much a decade ago, believe it or not. Even though we were around when ROTS was in theaters.

Where were you in '77?


SilverWook said:

I don’t think we discussed the prequels all that much a decade ago, believe it or not. Even though we were around when ROTS was in theaters.

Aye, I managed to find a couple of threads on it - but didn’t really want to post the more… mainly negative threads… in general (though some good and valid points made in amongst them).

I think I found a little bit of balance there - though if anyone knows or finds a more positive thread on AOTC & ROTS please post them up 😃


Valheru_84 said:

Nice thread oojason!


Cheers mate 😃

The Index thread has been updated to include a few more threads from the earlier part of the site history too.

Justice For The 96


There are at least a couple ROTJ threads that might be a good idea to index, as that film tends to spark a lot of discussion (and extraneous threads among noobs).

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