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Laser Disc theatrical editions - which one should I buy?


I’d like to buy the laser disc theatrical edition. Which one should I buy.
Also, in the meantime, is it possible to get those theatrical rip from these LDs with an uncompressed quality?
Usually I watch DVDs as .VOB.


Which set you wish to buy can depend on a few things - like your budget, or which box set art appeals to you? Do you want the best picture quality, or sound options, or simply what is generally perceived to be the best all round set?

Do you have a laserdisc player that is capable of playing discs from differnet regions, ie from Japan or PAL (if you are US based)?

There are a few ‘laserdisc to DVD’ preservation projects on here in the Star Wars Preservation section of the site, the Index pinned at the top of the section had many of them listed. It also has links to detailed info on each laserdisc set - audio/video information and some ‘pros & cons’ too, and is well worth a read.

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I made an in depth video runthrough of main editions but the easiest cost effective recommendation are the USA Fox special widescreen editions for the trilogy-and especially look for the Technidisc pressing of ANH.

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I’d recommend the Japanese Special Collection JSC It’s the best theatrical release of the widescreen version as it includes the Theatrical Sterio mix, sourced from the original negatives, and presented in full CAV playback with no technical errors present in other widescreen versions.

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