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Hayden Force Ghost


I wish Disney could at least fix him up so he doesn’t look so damn creepy and out of place. That sinister smile and the fact that it looks like he’s standing 5 feet away from Yoda. Just always thought it was absolutely awful and wish they would see it and change it.


A good number of fans agree with you, mate. The execution and quality of the change itself… is as poor as the nonsensical decision to replace Sebastian Shaw and insert Hayden Christensen as Anakin’s force ghost in the 2004 Special Editions of ROTJ.

Though for a fair few of us on here… Sebastian Shaw will always be Anakin Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi.


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^ If anyone knows of any more threads on here covering the subject of Anakin’s force ghost in Return Of The Jedi please me know, or post it below, and I will add it to the above list - thank you.






Two informative and insightful articles on the Machete Order - by the creator of the Machete Order. (addressing the 2004 Special Edition alteration of Hayden Christensen now playing Anakin Skywalker - replacing the original actor Sebastian Shaw - in ROTJ):-

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^ ‘Part of this shot where Luke nods at the ghosts was cut from the SE. Now the long shot of the ghosts is cut between the shot of Luke looking at them. For the DVD, Hayden Christensen’s head from “Revenge of the Sith” was pasted on Sebastian Shaw’s body. (1997/2004) #StarWars #RotJ’ - (doubleofive)

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