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Why Sebastian is better..

Can someone list dozens of reasons why Sebastian was perfect as Anakin in the original ghost scene in Jedi?
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!. Better Performance than Hayden
2. Prequel tie-in (cant watch the O.T as seperate have to watch the prequel story to know who he is)
3. Near enough the same age as Luke
4. Old Yoda Old Obi Wan Young Anakin

Though I can accept the Lucas reason(about his soul dying or something) it does not look right,
...Because he looks about the right age. The only reason for the DVD change is that HC was a classic case of miscasting in the PT. THE BLOKE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE SS!! Even if they had tried to age him with CG it still wouldn't have looked anything like the unmasking scene. I suppose they could erase SS from the unmasking scene as well to make it tie in with the ghost scene. I think were stuck with the HC ghost now for the rest of eternity.
Shaw was better because:
_he was around the same age than OB1, that makes the friendship stuff better.
_he was a way better actor than hayden.
_he was proud and warm in the ghost scene, hayden is just ...wondering what he is doing here!
_when i think Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader, i think Shaw, i can't watch the OT and picture that it's hayden !

1. (most importantly) It nullifies Anakin's redemption at the end of Jedi by saying that he was last Anakin in his long-haired hippie days...
2. He doesn't fit in with the other two ghosts (agewise), and since he doesn't fit in, his teenage angst might kick in, and he'll get mad and kill the other two ghosts for not accepting him.
3. Impossible to make connection without having seen the prequels. Lucas is practically forcing the prequels down our throats.
4. Sebastian looked like a kind, fatherly figure to Luke when they looked at each other. There's no father/son moment with Haydakin.

There is no lingerie in space...

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I also believe that Jake Lloyd was cast because he resembled a young version of Sebastian Shaw. Jake Lloyd doesn't really look like the boy who became Hayden Christensen, but he does look like the boy who became Sebastian Shaw.

Not that I liked Jake Lloyd or anything, but come on...
MTFBWY. Always.
Like everyone else said, Sebastian Shaw was the right age and he had the right kind, warm, proud, fatherly demeanor, wereas Hayden just looks smug, weird, and evil. Hell, Shaw even had a better physical presence. He looked taller than Hayden ( who's 6'1") and had mass to him (which was probably the result of old age). One more reason to damn that George Lucas.
I'd like a qui-gon jinn please with an Obi-Wan to go.

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These are my reasons, just a personal opinion:

Because I cannot take Lucas trying to make the prequels 'match up' with the OT.

It looks out of place, Luke just unmasked Shaw on the death star so it should be the same person he unmasked. If Lucas believed in his own logic, why isn't Qui Gonn there?

Hayden Christensen is terrible (IMO) in the first place, why must pop up in the OT?

It's just another excuse for Lucas to change for the sake of change.
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Sir Sabatian Shaw another great british actor, like sir alec guiness under appreciated for his role in star wars.

Hayden is no way near as good an anakin skywalker as shaw was, similar to the younger generation thinking Ewan McGregor is better than sir alec, utter blaphemy.

“Always loved Vader’s wordless self sacrifice. Another shitty, clueless, revision like Greedo and young Anakin’s ghost. What a fucking shame.” -Simon Pegg.




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half machine.

That's how it was back in 83. If Lucas wanted us to see his youthful bastard idiot self restored, he would have taped and composited into the shot, some guy having a hotdog or something during their break from work unaware of the camera. That's prettymuch how he films actors like Hayden for scenes like this...
He big in nothing important in good elephant.

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