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George's museum - the 'Lucas Museum of Narrative Art' (in LA, set to open in 2022)


The ‘Lucas Museum of Narrative Art’ is scheduled to open in 2022, and from the Vanity Fair article below, seems there were a few issues on a location before settling on LA - and breaking ground in 2018.

There will be a ‘Star Wars exhibit’ at the museum - though it may likely have a large empty space for where the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy films were for 20 years… (before they stopped existing in George’s eyes) - next to the various incarnations of the Special Editions which replaced them?

Such a space likely won’t be in the ‘Film Preservation’ section on the museum - as to not confuse anyone questioning why Lucas sits on the boards of a few film preservation groups; yet won’t preserve or release the classic original version of his own three films which made Star Wars what it is (and also underpins much of his own work since).

Having said that, it does look a cool building design 😃 (more images of it can be found in the articles below) and will hopefully feature some cool and rarely seen ‘bits and pieces’ from the various films and projects he has been involved with.

A few articles on the ‘Lucas Museum of Narrative Art’:-

George Lucas Strikes Back: Inside the Fight to Build the Lucas Museum - at Vanity Fair
Construction Launches for George Lucas’ L.A. Museum at Groundbreaking Ceremony - at Variety
The Force was strong in LA as ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas launched his Narrative Art museum - at Daily News
What Is a ‘Narrative Art Museum’? 6 Things to Expect From George Lucas’s New LA Museum - at ArtNet News
Seven Things You Didn’t Know About the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art - at Discover Los Angeles

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^ happy as ever 😉 (did George lose a bet and is now no longer allowed to smile for photographs?)


apologies mods if there is already a thread on the George’s museum? I couldn’t find one earlier, but if there is please delete or merge this if possible? TIA.

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Good idea for thread, V.I.N.Cent. As you say, it’ll certainly be interesting to see if it features any rarely seen ‘bits and pieces’ from his film and tv projects.

And also how content on his preservation work for films… conflates with the lack of preservation for a certain Star Wars trilogy he was quite heavily involved with 😉 Moderator

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I just want to go to this thing, been hearing about it for the longest time. Too bad he couldn’t build it in Chicago like he wanted, but Lucas is no doubt a big picture guy and if you’ve ever been to any good art museum anywhere ever there’s really stellar things that can be done with that space to build an experience. Love the design concept for the building now let me go inside!

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It’s in a pretty fitting location anyway, right by the USC campus and in a park with a handful of other museums.

And, admittedly selfishly, being in LA will make it much easier for me to visit!