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Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ - updated as of June 1st, 2020



1. No discussions about financial transactions except for the buying, selling, or trading of official retail media. All For Sale/For Trade/Wanting To Buy posts belong in the buying/selling/trading forum.

2. No profiting from any activities related to fan edits or preservation efforts. Those found selling their fan edits or preservation projects here or elsewhere will be banned. (see the post below or click here for more information as of June 1st, 2020)

3. No discussions regarding traditional “warez”, such as bootlegs of current or recent theatrical releases, screeners, pre-retail/retail DVDs, and cracked computer software.

4. No direct links to file downloads of copyrighted media (VOBs, WMV, QuickTime, torrent files, NZB files, ED2K links, etc.) or links to complete fan edits on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. No direct links to pages containing such files. Short clips to demonstrate quality or content are permissible.

5. The source of all materials used in fan edits and preservation efforts must be cited, including retail releases, laserdisc transfers, special features, menus, covers, and artwork.

6. Before obtaining any fan edits, you must be in ownership of the official retail release.

7. No pictures, gifs, memes or other similar links to pirated material - including cams, mobile phone recordings, screeners, leaks, pre-retail releases, or ‘for your consideration’ award leaks etc.

8. Please do not discuss intimate details of projects on this site in other public forums or ask for donations of preservation materials (such as film prints) without the permission of those members primarily responsible for a project. Exceptions are sister forums, including Fanres and Fanedit.org.

A thread containing further discussion about the forum rules can be found here. Any questions about the rules should be posted in that thread.

F. A. Q.

1. What is a preservation effort?

A preservation effort is a fan-made release of a film (or version of a film) that has never had a full retail DVD release. Usually these are sourced from obsolete formats such as VHS or laserdisc, but sometimes they can be from captured TV broadcasts.

Original Star Wars Trilogy (eventually released on DVD in 2006)
Song Of The South
Monster Squad

2. What is a fan edit?

A fan edit aims to improve on or alter an existing film, by the insertion, deletion or re-ordering of scenes within the movie. It involves the application of artistic license to the material available. (Fan-made documentaries are also included in this category.)

Star Wars The Phantom Edit
Batman and Robin De-assified
Star Trek Kirkless Generations
Star Wars Deleted Magic

3. What is a custom DVD?

A custom dvd contains a film essentially the same as a retail release, but with differences in technical details such as sound mix, picture quality, and so on.

Japan cut of Kill Bill Vol. 1 with English subtitles only on Japanese dialogue
Star Wars Episode III with comedy “backstroke of the west” subtitles
Any DVD released in letterboxed widescreen converted to anamorphic widescreen
DVDs with an alternative soundmix

4. How do I make a DVD from a laserdisc or VHS tape?

In the first instance you should start with the guides available over at Doom9, particularly the analogue capture guide. If you have any questions, our members may be able to help if you post it in the technical discussion forum.

5. How do I make my own fan edit/custom DVD?

See ADigitalMan’s Guide to MPEG2/AC3 Editing. Simple projects can be undertaken using free tools such as AVISynth, or cheap MPEG editing software such as Womble. More complex projects would be easier to accomplish using a non-linear video editing package such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere (PC), or Final Cut Pro (Mac). Again, if you get stuck, post in our technical help forum.

6a. I’ve started/finished my own project, what now?

We would like to hear about it. Start a new thread in the Star Wars forum (if it’s SW related) or the “other” forum (for everything else). Please include the source(s) for all material used in your project, including retail releases, laserdisc transfers, special features, menus, covers, and artwork.

6b. I’ve obtained a fan edit done by someone else, and there is no thread for it on here. Can I start a new one?

Yes, we would like to see some information and feedback on any fan-created discs that might be of interest.

7. In starting a new post, does that mean I have to share my DVDs?

No, not at all. We respect any concerns you may have regarding legal issues. We would however like to read about what you did, why you did it and how you went about it. Such topics may be an inspiration to others to attempt similar projects.

But please don’t be misguided enough to think “I’ll only share with an exclusive select few people”. These things have a habit of leaking out eventually.

8a. What if I want to share my preservation effort/fan edit?

We are under no illusions about the illegality of distribution of copyrighted media. On the one hand, we want to encourage creativity, however we don’t want the site to descend into a warez hotspot. The forum rules above must be followed. The intention of these rules is to foster creativity among the community while minimizing inappropriate behavior that could result in legal action against the site or its members.

Note that by following these rules you are not necessarily in compliance with copyright law, but in our opinion are acting in a morally acceptable manner.

Internet distribution…
by P2P or Usenet, is probably the most efficient method of sharing your project. If you do not have the bandwidth or know-how to do it yourself, then there are certain prolific uploaders who will probably be willing to help.

stands for Pay It Forward. You send out a disc to a person in return for a pledge from that person to send out one or more copies to others, who then in turn each send out disc(s) to others, and so on. Because of the dependency on postal services, PIF is not as efficient as internet methods, but if people adopt a pyramid structure to PIF schemes it helps for quicker distribution. However, PIF schemes can be subject to abuse by scroungers who want something for nothing and have no intention of continuing the chain. Also incorrect copying can lead to issues such as missing DVD-rom content, etc.

stands for Blanks and Postage. DVDs are sent out on receipt of blank discs and a nominal contribution to cover postage costs only. The process can be very time consuming for the individual concerned, but gives the creator more control over quality (there is less chance of generational losses as all copies are from the same source).

8b. What about Custom DVDs?

We consider that Custom DVDs are not substantially different enough from the retail release to allow for discussion about their distribution. Any such discussion, including phrases such as “email me for details”, will be deleted.

It is however acceptable to provide instruction so that others may re-create your project, using their own purchased copy of the retail DVD. If required, links to download custom made subtitles or unreleased/obsolete audio tracks (i.e. not available on any retail DVD/audio CD) may be posted.

If you have managed to obtain a Custom DVD, then you can still post information, feedback or reviews on the forum. Just don’t mention where you got it from.

9. What kind of links can I post?

The only direct media links allowed are for short trailers or samples to demonstrate quality. You may also post links to fan-made DVD artwork, subtitle streams and unreleased/obsolete audio or video (this is NOT the same as rare/out-of-print. If in doubt, ask a moderator first.) Do not post torrent files, NZB files or Rapidshare links for downloading copyrighted materials, nor links to sites hosting such files. You are however allowed to mention names of websites or newsgroups where fan edits or preservation projects can be found.

Do not link to websites selling bootlegs/silvers or eBay auctions for non-official media.

In summary:-

“PM me for the download links to my project” - is acceptable.

“Now available on a.b.starwars” - is acceptable.
“Click HERE for NZB” - is not.

“Torrent uploaded to piratebay” - is acceptable.
“Get the torrent at www.atorrentsite.com” - is not.

“Mega links are available at fanedit•info” - is acceptable.
“Mega links can be found on this page” - is not.

“look for the Star Wars Fixhund file with pcm audio in 1080p” - is acceptable.
“Star.Wars.IV.1977.MULTI.VFF.1080p.PCM.AC3.x264-Fixhund” - is not.

Furthermore, obfuscated or hidden links (ie, links behind an icon or a single character in the post text etc) are still considered direct links, will be removed - and will result in a ban.

10. Can I sell my discs?

No. There is to be no profiting from any activities related to fan edits or preservation efforts. Those found selling their fan edits or preservation projects here or elsewhere will be banned - no exceptions, no excuses.

11. Can I buy or trade fan edit/preservation DVDs in the Buying/Selling/Trading forum?

No, only transactions involving official retail media are allowed in this forum.

12a. I need a free copy of FCP/CCE/Scenarist/Vegas/whatever… for my project, can someone help me out?

No, absolutely not. Any discussions about downloading, or obtaining serials/cracks for computer software will be deleted with a warning. Repeated offences will result in a ban from the board.

12b. I need some deleted scenes/alternative audio/whatever… for my project, can someone help me out?

If the material has had a retail release on DVD or CD, then you may not request it on the forum. Even if the retail release is rare, out-of-print, a different DVD region or just too expensive, there shall be no exceptions.

If, however, the audio or scene you want has never been officially released, or can only be found on an obsolete format such as VHS or laserdisc, then you can make a request on the forum.

13. I’ve read about someone else’s project and I want a copy. What should I do?

Firstly, please read the forum rules - you may only obtain a fan edit if you own the official retail release.

Do NOT start a new thread in the forum requesting something, or post a list of DVDs offered for trade. Such threads will be deleted immediately.

Reading the project thread should give you an indication of what method the creator has chosen for distribution, if indeed it is to be distributed at all. (See 7-8).

The I have found a Fan Edit / Preservation I am interested in - but don’t know how to get / acquire / download it? post should also be of some help on asking how to acquire a project on here.

Certain members have taken it upon themselves to distribute fan edits and preservation DVDs on Usenet (newsgroups) or torrent sites. You should be able to find out if the project is available for download in one of these threads. Torrent reseed or Usenet repost requests should be posted in the appropriate thread; don’t start a new thread.

If you need help with a torrent client or downloading from newsgroups, you can make a post in the technical discussion forum. Please try to keep general newsgroup or torrent questions out of project feedback threads.

If the creator had started a PIF chain and you want to get on it, post a message in the project thread.

Some members are open for trade or B&P offers on discs they have obtained. This correspondence should be carried out privately. If you send a private message to someone, please have the courtesy to make sure that “allow PMs” is turned on in your user profile - otherwise they will not be able to reply!

Originaltrilogy.com does not accept any responsibility or have any control over:

  • activities that may occur through private email correspondence of its forum members,
  • or for files/data that may be found elsewhere on the internet.

14. What do all these other acronyms stand for?

The originaltrilogy.com acronym buster is your friend.

15. I’ve read and understood all the answers regarding preservation/fan edits/custom DVDs. Are there any rules for the general discussion or off topic forums?

The site encourages a fairly relaxed attitude to forum moderation - so be warned posts may contain bad language or strong opinions.

That said, general internet forum etiquette should be followed:

  • Don’t take other people’s threads off topic, start a new thread instead.
  • Express your opinions by all means, but avoid making personal attacks on other forum members.
  • If you act like a troll or bait other members, don’t cry when you get attacked yourself.
  • Don’t post “work unsafe” images, post a link instead with a NSFW warning. Avoid posting anything that could be considered grossly offensive.
  • Don’t post large images (i.e. >800px wide), post a link instead.
  • Large images in signatures are also very annoying to most users. Keeping them at or below 600x120 is recommended.
  • Do not double-post (i.e. make two posts in a row in the same thread). Use the EDIT button instead.
  • Posting in ALL CAPS, 1337, h4x0r or txt spk makes you look like an idiot. (Hi Dayv. How are you today?) Seriously though, we have at least one member who accesses the forum through a screen reader. Please consider how your typing may affect the forum experience for other users.
  • When posting a news link or a technical question, make at least some effort to see if the same thing has already been posted.
  • If a moderator edits your post, do not edit your post back to how it was. Such behaviour will ensure your stay here is very short.



A link to the Site Rules & Guidelines - OT.com Forum Rules and Guidelines

A link to the I have found a Fan Edit / Preservation I am interested in - but don’t know how to get / acquire / download it? post

A link to the ‘How do I do this?’ on the OriginalTrilogy.com - some info & replies to members’ FAQs… thread in General Assistance

A link to the Welcome to the OriginalTrilogy.com; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within thread

A link to the The 2020 re-organisation of the ‘Fan Project’ sections of the site - and more… thread

A polite request: That fan editors & preservationists keep their project threads (and thread titles) updated as to their status - whether their project is in the… ‘Planning’ or ‘Idea’ stages, if any ‘Help Needed’ is required, is a ‘Work In Progress (WIP)’, or hopefully ‘Finished’ & ‘Released’ - or even unfortunately ‘Unfinished’, ‘Cancelled’ or ‘On Hiatus’ etc.

The site staff also ask that fan editors & preservationists include information in the opening post of their project thread as to how they would like members to ask about obtaining their projects; whether that is by sending them a PM, or asking for link requests in the project thread itself, or by other means. Thank you.

Guidelines for post content and general behaviour: read announcement here

Max. allowable image sizes in signatures: reminder here


An addendum to the above ‘Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ’ - Rule 2:-

2. No profiting from any activities related to fan edits or preservation efforts. Those found selling their fan edits or preservation projects here or elsewhere will be banned…


June 1st, 2020

As the world of media ever evolves, so too does our ability to interact with that world. In the beginning days of film, access was only available through theaters or private screenings. Over time we’ve gained a more immediate access through the distribution of home video releases and now access-on-demand through the internet. As creatives, this has also allowed us greater opportunity to interact with media to the eventual advent of fanediting. One thing that we must remember is that even though our access and ability to manipulate media is increasing, that access and ability does not give us the right to reinterpret the established laws surrounding copyrights of intellectual properties (IP).

A recent trend in the world of digital creatives is to use subscription based revenue supports such as patreon. While this is a fantastic way for creatives to support the development and distribution of their own IPs, we stress that it cannot be used to support fanediting. Any engagement in the profiting off of another’s IP work without permission from the owner to do so is strictly prohibited and any faneditor who engages in such activity will be banned from participating in our fanediting communities.

To clarify

In the past we have been clear that no faneditor may profit from fanediting. Under this new policy this now also includes subscription based models, monetization of content that editors do not hold the copyright for and pay-per-view/access models. If a faneditor profits in any way, they have violated this rule.

Profiting from fanediting is defined as any increase in currency that leads to a personal or collective financial gain.

Fanediting is defined as editing and presenting/sharing alternate versions of content that an editor does not hold the copyright for.

Simplified check list…

If you are profiting from fanediting…
If you are selling fanediting…
If you are monetizing fanediting…
If you are asking others to financially subscribe to support your fanediting…
…you have violated this rule.

Clearly stated…

If you don’t hold the copyright of the source material you may not profit from the content.

Again, any faneditor that is found violating these guidelines will be banned from our communities.

If you have any questions regarding these rules please contact a staff member privately.


– The Staff of Fanedit.org & OriginalTrilogy.com


A little patience goes a long way on this old-school Rebel base. If you are having issues finding what you are looking for, these will be of some help…

Welcome to the OriginalTrilogy.com | Introduce yourself in here | Useful info within : About : Help : Site Rules : Fan Project Rules : Announcements
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A Project Index for Star Wars Preservations (Harmy’s Despecialized & 4K77/80/83 etc) : A Project Index for Star Wars Fan Edits (adywan & Hal 9000 etc)

… and take your time to look around this site before posting - to get a feel for this place. Don’t just lazily make yet another thread asking for projects.