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💡 An Index & Help Thread for General Star Wars Discussion 💡


An Index & Help Thread for General Star Wars Discussion…

An Index of just some of the hundreds of topics that have been posted in the ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ section of the OriginalTrilogy•com down the years…

The Index Categories are:-

• General Star Wars Media (Releases, News, Videos, Art, Pictures & Gifs)
• General Star Wars Thoughts, Opinions and Ponderings
• Life & Lore in the Star Wars universe…
• Viewing Orders & Watching Star Wars
• Ranking The Films (and series)
• Vs & Similarities (between Trilogies and other Star Wars releases; PT vs OT, EU vs OT, PT vs Standalone Films, ST vs EU, etc)
• Canon
• Remake / Recast the Films
• Lucasfilm - and also the future of Star Wars…
• Fandom (plus ‘Which is best / worst?’ debates & discussions)
• Miscellaneous (including random threads, fun skits & oddball / quirky videos, collectables, websites & blogs…)


If you are new to the OriginalTrilogy•com then the following info may be of some assistance…

The Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here thread is just that; a place to make your first post on here - and for more longstanding members to welcome new additions to our community.

Secondly, the About and Help sections may be of interest to you regarding this site and what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about.

Thirdly, the ‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread should also hopefully be of some help as to many of the functions of the site, along with other related info as well.

The Announcements Section - including Site Rules & Guidelines, Fan Edit & Preservation Rules & FAQ, as well info for Signatures, Linking Policy for Downloads, and Plot Spoiler Policy (and much more) that may be of use too.

If you are having any issues with the site, have a question, an idea to improve the site, or would like to give some feedback - then these can be done in the Feedback Forum and General Assistance sections.

There are also several Index Threads pinned at the top of many respective sections of the OT•com - which may help members find various topics of discussion, fan edits, preservations and other projects etc.

To Join the Discord server! click on the link. There is also the Twitter too.

'An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…’ chronicles both the history of this site & also it’s continuing evolution.

The ‘Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread by doubleofive contains many sources of information as to the numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over time - as well as serving as an insightful and comprehensive discussion thread and reference point on the subject.

And, the ‘George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…’ thread attempts to highlight and catalogue some of the revisionism, altering of history and contradictory claims by George Lucas / Lucasfilm as to the formation, planning and history of the Star Wars films and universe therein.

Finally, the Some useful threads re the non-release of the theatrical OT films | How you can help… thread - highlighting just a few of the many discussion threads on this site focusing on countless fans’ love and appreciation for the Original Trilogy - and ongoing dedication in attempting to achieve a modern, high quality, official release of the unaltered theatrical version of the classic Star Wars movies.







General Star Wars Media (Releases, News, Videos, Art, Pics & Gifs)


Upcoming Star Wars Release Schedule (2020 thread)

Star Wars News - articles that may not have enough interest for their own threads… (2018 thread)

A ‘Rumour and News’ thread for reported new Star Wars films and tv series (2020 thread)

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various other info (2019 thread)

Disney + TV shows and the future of Star Wars on home video (2020 thread)

Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up? (2005 thread)

YouTube/Vimeo/etc… Star Wars finds (2010 thread)

General Star Wars Documentaries (YouTube, Vimeo, etc. finds) (2019 thread)

YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds for Original Trilogy making-ofs, documentaries, promos, etc (2019 thread; listed here for info)

Guide to Star Wars Documentaries and Special Features - by Rodney-2187 (with useful google document with links)

Star Wars titles not released in HD (2018 thread)

How Did They Do X Special Effect? (2020 thread)

Star Wars Films Blooper Lists (2011 thread)

Star Wars Blooper Reel (2013 thread)

What is your favourite reference to Star Wars films in other shows (TV and Film)? (2005)

Fan-Made Star Wars videos found on Youtube and similar sites (2016 thread)

Aalenfae’s Star Wars Video Essays (2016 thread - aka EC Henry)

XM is launching a Star Wars channel (2011 thread)

Awesome Star Wars art (pic heavy!!) (2016 thread)

Thoughts on Star Wars Posters (2019 thread)

The MONDO Star Wars Poster Thread (2016 thread)

New-ish Disney+ Artwork (2019 thread)

Disney+ Sneak Peek Image Shows Star Wars Theatrical Artwork (2019 thread)

Japanese Star Wars art (2004 thread)

Star Wars Manga (2011 thread)

Anyone know what this Star Wars crawl title font is? (2021 thread)

Drew Struzan? No thanks (2015 thread)

A nice collection of SW lobby cards (2013 thread)

The Random Star Wars Pics & GIFs Thread (2015 thread)

The Star Wars Generation, in Pictures (2011 thread)

Awesome Star Wars photoshops! (2013 thread)

Star Wars Memes (2013 thread)

OTTO (Star Wars images with mirrored symmetry)




General Star Wars Thoughts, Opinions and Ponderings


General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread (2011 thread)

General Star Wars Questions (2017 thread)

Unpopular Opinion Thread (2020 thread)

Opinions Change (2020 thread)

Most Baffling Complaint of a Star Wars Movie (2018 thread)

Science Fiction or Space Fantasy - what is Star Wars (2018 thread)

What are the themes of the Star Wars movies? (2020 thread)

Different ages Star Wars (2015 thread)

Wait… what made the Empire so evil again? (2010 thread)

SW films dubbed in other languages (2008 thread)

“Normal” people trying to sound like they are SW experts (2016 thread)

Small details that took you FOREVER to notice in the Star Wars films (2019 thread)

lightsaber ambient light (2011 thread)

Plot holes in the SW Saga (2004 thread)

Inconsistencies across the Saga (2011 thread)

In 30 years why do you think Emporer… (2016 thread)

Dooku has his own sith apprentice in Savage Oppress (2011 thread)

“explanations” about Vader (2009 thread)

A Woman for Luke? (2010 thread)

Fan Service (2009 thread)

Thoughts on Star Wars Titles (2018 thread)

Any favorite Star Wars scenes? (2011 thread)

The Best Line in the Star Wars Films (2015 thread)

Most Powerful Quote in all the Star Wars films (2005 thread)

Favorite line from the Star Wars saga (2016 thread)

What are the worst lines of dialogue from the 6 SW films? (2005 thread)

Star Wars: The Stupidest Quotes! (2006 thread)

Using Star Wars quotes only… (2017 thread)

Best Performance by an Actor/Actress in the Star Wars Movies (2018 thread)

Somebody Announces Something New about Star Wars! (2013 thread; the hate is strong…)

If you could change one thing about every movie, what would it be? (2019 thread)

Missing Scenes which might have improved the Saga (2010 thread)

Worst Ideas in Star Wars/Good Ideas that went Horribly Wrong (2019 thread)

Top 100 - best of post-1983 SW (2009 thread)




Life & Lore in the Star Wars universe…

including some ‘The Fall of Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side / Vader seduced by the power of the Dark Side’ threads…

Have Star Wars planets been mapped? (2010 thread)

Why is the Unknown Region so close to the Deep Core? (Continued discussion) (thread)

Star Wars Time (2009 thread)

Hyperspace (2005 thread)

The science behind hyperspace? (2009 thread)

Holograms… (2005 thread)

Wars, organizations, relationships, and galactic history before the Prequels (2019 thread)

Question about Star Wars Languages (2011 thread)

What type of food do Star Wars humans eat? (2017 thread)

Do bathrooms/toilets exist in the SWU? discuss (2016 thread)

How do Star Wars people go to the bathroom? (2004 thread)

Punishment for committing Adultery if you are a Jedi…?? (2005 thread)

Do the Jedi steal children? (2007 thread)

I hate the Jedi (2019 thread)

jedi spirits (2006 thread)

Why Didn’t Qui Gon Gin’s Body Disappear Like Obiwan’s and Yoda’s? (2017 thread)

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’ve decided this makes no sense. (Qui-Gon and Anakin’s ghosts.) (2006 thread)

Questions about the The Force & the SW universe (2018 thread)

Who are the Whills? (2014 thread)

Midichlorians Are Not The Force (2021 thread)

Do you think the average citizen of the Star Wars galaxy would even be aware of the Force? (2012 thread)

Frivolous use of the Force (2014 thread)

Ignorance in the Star Wars Galaxy (2014 thread)

cinematic universe only please: do organic sentient lifeforms consider droids to be sentient in the SWU? (2016 thread)

If Vader had won the Mustafar duel (2014 thread)

New Force powers (2020 thread)

Why is it that the Sith… (2005 thread)

Did the Sith have like, any hobbies at all? (2019 thread)

The Darth Vader costume changes (2008 thread)

The Imperial Symbol (2005 thread)

Droid Theory… (2004 thread)

How does the technology from what’s shown in the PT lead to what’s depicted in the OT? (2020 thread)

How much in universe time do RotS and TESB cover? (2017 thread)

Icky Sex in Star Wars (AKA Holy ****: The Thread) (2017 thread)

The different spelling of names in the Star Wars universe (2010 thread)

Shrinking Star Wars? (2011 thread)

Star Wars as a cohesive universe/canon (2018 thread)

Let’s face it. The continuity in star wars does not exist. (2017 thread)

Is the SW Universe an Idiocracy? (2013 thread)

At what age did you realize that Star Wars isn’t a documentary? (2017 thread)

Those “Takes You Out Of The Moment” Moments… (2006 thread)

I think Star Wars covers all sci-fi ideas. Am I wrong? (2020 thread)

Pre-Star Wars, Post-Star Wars (2019 thread - re films that inspired Star Wars, or inspired by Star Wars…)

Joss Whedon’s Greedo Revenge (2006 thread)

Which of these technologies (on this list) would be the HARDEST to create in Star Wars? (2019 thread)

The influence of Star Wars in our culture (2009 thread)

The Fall of Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side / Vader being seduced by the power of the Dark Side…

“You don’t know the power of the dark side! I must obey my master” (2005 thread)

Interesting Hypothesis of the Prequels Story from the Mid 90’s (2005 thread)

Fall to the Dark Side? (2007 thread)

One of the flaws with Anakin turning to the darkside… (2009 thread)

Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side (2011 thread)

Anakin’s official history (2015 thread)

Help: looking for… ideas on fixing Anakin’s fall to the darkside (2019 thread)

Anakin Skywalker’s turn to the darkside; your alternatives? (2021 thread)

^ The following categories in the An Index & Help Thread for Original Trilogy Discussion may also be of interest…

• Characters & Actors
• Creatures, Aliens & Droids
• Gadgets & Gizmos (including lightsabers)
• Ships & Vehicles
• Settings & Planets (and Systems etc)
• The Force; The Light, The Dark, in-between, and the mystery…




Viewing Orders & Watching Star Wars…


Correct viewing order of ALL official Star Wars related movies / series? (2010 thread)

How do you watch the Star Wars Saga? (2006 thread)

How to watch the Star Wars Saga? (2008 thread)

In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon? (2016 thread)

What’s the best order to use when watching the Star Wars saga? (2014 thread)

Which order to watch the films?? - Dilemma!!! (2010 thread)

Machete Order? mmm (2017 thread)

The Machete Order Revised (2019 thread)

Ultimate Machete Order (with Sequel Trilogy) (2019 thread)

My new order for watching the saga 3,4,5,6 (2005 thread)

The Lunchman Order! New way to watch Star Wars! (2015 thread)

Best Viewing Order for Fans and First Timers: “THE FLASHBACK” Order (2019 thread)

The Star Wars Saga - From a newcomer’s point of view (2005 thread)

Watching in order 1-6 is screwing up the original SW for newcomers! (2005 thread)

If we watch them in order… … (2014 thread)

A Radical New Sequence to View the Star Wars Saga (2015 thread)

Ultimate Star Wars Chronological Marathon (2020 thread)

Star Wars watch run (2020 thread)

What order would you show the Star Wars movies to your kids? (2008 thread)

Watching Star Wars…

My girlfriend has never seen Star Wars! (2006 thread)

New To Star Wars Plz Help - watching Star Wars with my young son… (2015 thread)

Introducing SW to the kids (2008 thread)

I did the SW test with my 7 year old nephew, there is hope! (2005 thread)

What order would you show the Star Wars movies to your kids? (2008 thread)

How Many Star Wars Related DVDs do you have - how do you keep up with them? (2009 thread)

How many times have you bought the movies? (2010 thread)

How often do you actually watch an entire Star Wars movie? (2013 thread)

What is your home theater setup for watching Star Wars movies? (2012 thread)

How would you prepare your Star Wars marathon? (Drinks, Gimmicks, Decoration etc.) (2015 thread)

movie marathon (2008 thread)

Star Wars - watch parties - are you planning one? previews/videos (2012 thread)

How will you be watching the saga in preparation for Force Awakens? (2015 thread)

Are the prequels needed for The Force Awakens? (2015 thread)

Should the sequel trilogy spoil the OT? (2016 thread)

Watching star wars - frame-by-frame slow motion : Cool stuff (2012 thread)

Share your Star Wars theater experience (2007 thread)

Disney brings back all six movies to the big screen on 2014-05-03/04 - In Germany (2014 thread)

AFI Silver Theater in Washington DC area showing Episodes 1-8 (2019 thread)

Spike TV buys Saga tv rights (2005 thread)

Star Wars Saga to be shown on Sky in UK (2006 thread)

“From September onwards, Netflix will become the exclusive US pay TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, LUCASFILM, and Pixar.” (2016 thread)

AMC Star Wars Marathon … (2015 thread)

TNT Network 20 September - 6 Star Wars Movies (2016 thread)

12+ hour Star Wars Saga Marathon? (2005 thread)

Star Wars titles not released in HD (2018 thread)

2013 blu-ray+DVD “original trilogy” and “prequel trilogy” combo packs. (2017 thread)

Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up? (2005 thread)

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various other info (2019 thread)

Digital OT owners switched to Disney+ versions without consent? (2020 thread)

Disney + TV shows and the future of Star Wars on home video (2020 thread)




Ranking The Films (and other Star Wars releases)


Ranking the Star Wars films (2016 thread)

Which of the 6 films is your favorite? (2005 thread)

What is your favorite film of the six? (2005 thread)

Of the six Star Wars movie which is your LEAST favorite? (2005 thread)

Favorite Star Wars Movie (2006 thread)

Rank the Star Wars films (2008 thread)

“No, seriously… which one’s your favorite?” (2009 thread)

What are your favorites? List 'em 1-6 (2010 thread)

Rate the Star Wars Films (2011 thread)

Are The Star Wars Movies Your Favourite Movies? (2011 thread)

Is a Star Wars movie your favorite movie? (2016 thread)

The Star Wars Saga - From a newcomer’s point of view (2005 thread)

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film (2018 thread)

The Chronological Star Wars - A Critical Reappraisal (2019 thread) - by DavidMDaut; including the animated series - and more

Seeing the Saga in order - a review by a first-time viewer… (2007 thread)




Vs. & Similarities… (PT vs OT, PT vs ST, PT vs Standalone Films, ST vs EU, etc)

Discussion threads which cross the various Trilogies, standalone films, series & EU of the GFFA…


Similarities between the Original Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy (2019 thread)

Similarities Between the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy (2019 thread)

Direct references to the PT that were made in Disney’s ST (2021 thread)

How do u all like Eps I & II compare to OT (2004 thread)

Relationships between the OT and PT (2009)

How does the technology from what’s shown in the PT lead to what’s depicted in the OT?

OT/PT fan base demographic - with quotes from George (2005 thread)

Forget the plot, we want action! (2004 thread)

From a Certain point of View… (2005 thread)

Should GL have made the ST and then do the PT later (2005 thread)

which should’ve came first? PT or OT? (2008 thread)

People who watched the PT before the OT (2009 thread)

The Prequel Era Has Ended, Long Live the Original Trilogy! (2014 thread)

I have a bad feeling about this… (2005 thread)

Why is the original trilogy better than the prequels? (2020 thread)

Why do PT defenders and such keep claiming the OT was badly written as well ?! (2008 thread)

who had the better actors/characters? (2005 thread)

Anything? Anything At All? (that is remotely positive or good about the SE and PT?) (2007 thread)

Yoda talking in OT vs PT, way different (2006 thread)

A More Elegant Weapon, a More Civilized Age (2005 thread)

Star Wars duels: lightsabers & the force! (2006 thread)

Anyone else totally disregard Obi-Wan being Anakin’s friend? (2007 thread)

Turning to the Dark Side: PT vs. OT (2010 thread)

Compendium: PT references in OUT (2009 thread)

blowing up things SW style (2008 thread)

Return of the Jedi + Revenge of the Sith = one amazing movie! (2005 thread)

puppet yoda or cgi yoda (2008 thread)

The Puppets or cgi? (2009 thread)

A theory on ESB and the SW movies made after. (2009 thread)

Top 100 - best of post-1983 SW (2009 thread)

Dreaming aloud - pattern of releases continued for the Prequels after ROTJ… (2010 thread)

Is the point some have made of Lucas having no collaboration on the prequels mostly a myth? (2009 thread)

The music of the Original Trilogy vs the music of the Prequel Trilogy (2012 thread)

‘Why the SW prequels are better than the OT’ - article inside (2012 thread)

Should the Sequel Trilogy spoil the OT? (2016 thread)

Force Awakens or EU: which do you choose? (2016 thread)

How will you be watching the saga in preparation for Force Awakens? (2015 thread)

Are the Prequels needed for The Force Awakens? (2015 thread)

Can’t be Bothered: justifying Rey’s power vs Luke’s (2019 thread)

If you had to include one character/location from the PT in the ST? (2016 thread)

Will the Anthology films be a repeat of the Prequels? (2015 thread)

MSNBC Story: Why are Star Wars video games better than the Prequels? (2010 thread)

Midichlorians versus Life Day: which is worse (2011 thread)

What in SW DOES make sense??? (2005 thread)

I am writing a long defense of the entire Skywalker saga, and in the post is a draft of the opening section (2021 thread)

Star Wars v.s Star Trek (2010 thread)

Shatner on SW vs. ST (2011 thread)

To prove a point. Please give me as many reasons and character comparisons as to why Star Wars is better than Star Trek (2012 thread)






Star Wars “Official” Canon Content Thread (2017 thread)

What is your personal canon? (2016 thread, by MASTER260)

What’s your Personal Canon? (2011 thread, by Darth Bizarro)

Star Wars Headcanons (2020 thread, by Anakin Skywalker)

The Canon Run (2021 thread)

Canon; A philosophical question (2013 thread)

Approaching Star Wars canon (2021 thread)

What movies do you consider canon? (2006 thread)

Should the prequels and TFA be considered canon? (2016 thread)

Star Wars as a cohesive universe/canon (2018 thread)

What (besides the movies, tv, and Disney+ content) do you LIKE about the Disney canon? (2020 thread)

Justify why you have your opinion of certain episodes from the “Star Wars universe” as being canon (or worth watching). (2017 thread)

What is your Star Wars? (2017 thread)




Remake the Films / Re-cast the erm… Cast…


Alternate Universe Star Wars Cast (2014 thread)

Cast This…Star Wars (2011 thread)

Re-Cast Star Wars (2009 thread)

Recasting our heroes (2012 thread)

Chewbacca has been recast (2017 thread)

recast the prequels (2009 thread)

EU Fantasy Casting (2010 thread)

^ There are many ‘Remake the Films’ threads in the Script Writing and Re-writing section of the site.




Lucasfilm - and also the future of Star Wars…


Currently, what is the purpose of Lucasfilm? (2011 thread)

The future of Lucasfilm (2011 thread)

Lucasfilm’s future Star Wars projects (2008 thread; re the 3D plans / releases…)

Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Ep 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

George Lucas leaves Lucasfilm (2012 thread)

What can and can’t be changed by Disney? (2017 thread)

My proposal re: Disney Star Wars (2012 thread)

Star Wars titles not released in HD (2018 thread)

Disney to buy 20th (21st) Century Fox? - they did, in Dec '17.

Industrial Light & Magic Launches ‘ILM TV’ (2018 thread)

The Sad State Of Star Wars (2005 thread)

2009: State of Star Wars (2009 thread)

Star Wars in the '90s? (2009 thread)

“Star Wars is the most overrated franchise ever.” (2013 thread)

What’s the deal with this fandom? (2020 thread)

[image] -> how_lucas_lucasfilm_changed_the_world (2008 thread)

“Banned from the Ranch” (2012 thread)

Jim Ward steps down (2008 thread)

Sansweet’s leaving Lucasfilm… (2010 thread)

McCallum Wishes OOT Were on Blu-Ray (2012 thread)

Rick McCallum Exits Lucasfilm! (2012 thread)

Hayden Blackman Quits Lucasarts. No further details at the moment (2010 thread)

Kathleen Kennedy (2012 thread)

Kennedy worse than Lucas (2017 thread)

Should Dave Filoni Run The Creative Team at LucasFilm (2018 thread)

What next for Star Wars - Extended Editions? (2020 thread)

Star Wars 9 Film Saga… Abrams Edition? (2013 thread)

May 4th be with you! (2004 thread)

Time to grow up (2005 thread)

George Lucas - your opinions of him? a general discussion thread (2017 thread)

For those doubting that GL had the whole saga planned out in detail while making IV (2016 thread)

How come nobody stopped George Lucas from creating the bad films he created? (2011 thread)

Star Wars and Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray Discussion (2008 thread)

My Wish as a Star Wars and Indiana Jones fan. George Lucas please stop destroying Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Anyone else feel the same way? (2009 thread)

Let’s Talk Indy For A Sec (2008 thread)

Crystall Skull has GL’s fingerprints all over it (2008 thread)

Indy 5: George Lucas Is Nuts (2008 thread)

George Lucas calls Spiderman 3 ‘silly’ (2007 thread)

Lucas responsible for new trend in movie making (2005 thread)

I want my money back from the 04 DVDs and the prequels tickets. (2008 thread)

We should sue George Lucas (2008 thread - and… no, let’s not.)

A New Trope? (2008 thread)

Try to take it easy with the Lucas bashing (2006 thread)

George Lucas discusses letting go of Star Wars (2015 thread; re GL’s 2015 video interview with Charlie Rose)

^ The ‘Archival / Historical Discussions (History & Events : George Lucas & numerous people Behind The Scenes in the OT / Lucasfilm era)’ category in the An Index & Help Thread for Original Trilogy Discussion may also be of interest.




Fandom threads (plus ‘Which is best / worst?’ type debates & discussions)


Jedi Equivalent of the 501st Legion? (2008 thread)

R2-KT - and other Star Wars charity links & good causes (2019 thread)

Let’s talk about Star Wars fans (2017 thread)

“Star Wars stereotypes: Not a force for good” (2014 thread)

Taking a stand against toxic fandom (2018 thread)

Strong Female characters in the Star Wars universe (2018 thread)

Girls/wives who like Star Wars (2010 thread)

Is Star Wars catering to girls now? (2018 thread)

What Makes A “Real” Star Wars Fan? (2016 thread)

So what exactly are you a fan of? (2009 thread)

What kind of Star Wars fan are you? (2007 thread)

Am I too big of a geek…? (2009 thread)

Love me…love my Star Wars obsession? (2008 thread)

Getting too old for this sort of thing? (2007 thread)

Star Wars Fans Are Cool Regardless Of Age… (2007 thread)

The middle ground…or how I learned to relax and stop worrying where I fit in. (2008 thread)

How much does Star Wars influence your everyday life? (2012 thread)

Unorthodox Star Wars Beliefs (2006 thread)

What Does Everyone Here Think of Star Wars? (2016 thread)

If god gave you the opportunity to do this… would you? (2010 thread)

How much of a Jedi are you? (2004 thread; quiz)

What kind of Jedi are you? (2005 thread; quiz)

Your Jedi name (2005 thread)

The Force-O-Meter (2005 thread)

You know that you’re a Star Wars fan when… (2009 thread)

Favorite star wars child hood memories not related to the films (2011 thread)

Using Star Wars quotes only… (describe your sex life…) (2017 thread)

When have you quoted Star Wars lines in the right situation? (2011 thread)

Is it wrong to name your kids after a Star Wars character? (2004 thread; answer - NO!!!)

What Star wars ring tone do you think is the Best? (2012 thread)

Your Weather Forecast - via Star Wars Planet - (2009 thread)

Star Wars The Completely Last Edition ever (2008 thread)

who wood win - suprman or anukin lol (2006 thread)

The Ultimate Showdown (2013 thread)

If Star Wars Was a Food, What Kind of Food Would It Be? (2015 thread)

Kevin Smith interview in Rolling Stone on fans - Couldn’t have said it better myself… (2005 thread)

Kevin Smith question (2004 thread)

Best & Worst (and Favourites)

Favorite star wars child hood memories not related to the films (2011 thread)

Your Favorite type of space battle… (2015 thread)

Who are your 10 favorite and least favorite characters from all six SW films? (2005 thread)

The Worst Star Wars Characters (2017 thread)

Worst/Best Villains in Star Wars Lore. (2012 thread)

Star Wars villains - the strongest? (2004 thread)

List these characters from the strongest to the weakest (2013 thread)

All The Bad Guys (2004 thread)

Best Jedi? (2012 thread)

Your favorite Jedi? (2011 thread)

The best actors for the Jedi (2011 thread)

The Worst Star Wars Costumes EVER! (2006 thread)

What’s your favorite lightsaber color? (2020 thread)

Multiple Lightsaber Colour Appreciation Thread! (2012 thread)

Best (and worst) lightsaber colour? (2016 thread)

What are your 10 best/worst character names from the SW movies? (2005 thread)

What’s the silliest name in Star Wars? (2020 thread)

Which DVD Cover is your favorite? (2005 thread)

Carrie Fisher on SNL 1978 (2008 thread)

Carrie Fisher vs Natalie Portman (2004 thread)

Poll: who is hotter. Padme or Princess Leia (2005 thread)

Padme VS Young Aunt Beru (2005 thread)

Who is the hottest babe in the star wars universe? (2004 thread)

Leia’s Metal Bikini (2005 thread)

Everything That’s Right In The World: A Slave Leia Bikini Carwash For Charity (2012 thread)

Chicktroopers (2006 thread)




Miscellaneous threads…


The Way General Star Wars Discussion Works (2009 thread)

How Many Star Wars Related DVDs do you have - how do you keep up with them? (2009 thread)

_______ shows their Star Wars DVD Collection (2010 thread)

So which Star Wars cast members do the most entertaining interviews? (2008 thread)

Star Wars Trivia Question of the day (2009 thread)

Star Wars Trivia? (2010 thread)

Star Wars movie elimination game! (2011 thread)

The Ultimate Star Wars Movie Viewing Room (2008 thread)

SW Photo Spread in Vanity Fair (2005 thread)

Familiar Sight in Space (2005 thread)

Star Wars reference in Lost (2007 thread)

Pants Game: The Star Wars Edition (2007 thread)

Military laser brings ‘Star Wars’ reality closer (2005 thread)

US Government may have to consider building death star if petition gets enough signatures (2012 thread)

The computing power behind ILM’s magic (2007 thread)

real life jedi academy (2007 thread)

Jabba launches new business venture… (2009 thread)

Star Wars Currency (2009 thread)

Star Wars Restaurant!!! (2013 thread)

My custom Star Wars Gray Jedi costume! (With backstory) (2014 thread)

AT-AT Tattoo (2009 thread)

Star Wars Leg Sleeve Tattoo - First Piece (Yoda) Pic (2011 thread)

The Darth Vader Kills George Lucas Tattoo (2009 thread)

Star Wars Facebook Status Updates (2009 thread)

You’re Not A Jedi Campaign - (UK Census) (2011 thread)

Lightsaber in space… (2007 - NASA and Luke’s lightsaber in space…)

Help me identify this ILM-owned couch with your behind-the-scenes photos (2011 thread)

George Lucas’ Favorite Word (2013 thread)

Quote needed - as a ‘thank you’ to a guy who really loves Star Wars (2012 thread)

Potter eclipses Star Wars and Bond (2007 thread)

Avatar passes Star Wars at the box office (2010 thread)

Anthony Daniels - wore the 3po costume ~2009.12 - Guess Away (2010 thread)

Just saw my first “non Star Wars” movie starring Hayden Christensen (2009 thread)

Natalie Portman Goes CUEBALL!!! (2005 thread)


Showing of THX 1138 in Los Angeles area! (2010 thread)

The Nostalgia Critic Reviews Howard The Duck (2008 thread)

The io9 March Movie Madness Poll… (2011 thread)

Models, Gadgets and Collectables…

CGI Attack: 3D models database (2004 thread)

help_making 3d character models (2009 thread)

Rocket powered Y-wing and X-wing (2007 thread)

Star Wars Papercraft (2010 thread)

Advanced Star Wars Origami (2012 thread)

Something you all might enjoy… vintage style, custom made action figure cardbacks (2009 thread)

The force is with the R2-D2 projector (2007 thread)

Real lightsabers and “holograms” (2012 thread)

Saber fighting as kids… (2006 thread)

You’ve all got to get one of these! (2005 thread; re lightsabers)

Owning a Light Saber (2004 thread)

Lightsabers - where do I get one? reference (2005 thread)

Lightsaber Replicas (2006 thread)

No more Star Wars from Master Replicas (2007 thread)

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