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An introduction - and hopefully a little more…

Hopefully the ‘About’ & ‘Help’ sections will serve as not only an introduction to the OriginalTrilogy•com as a site, yet also as a roadmap to highlight who we are, what we are about, and why we are here. To get a feel for the place and how it all works - quirks, eccentricities, faults and all! 😃

To be a reference point for the ‘passer by’, the casual Star Wars fan, or potentially interested people thinking of joining the OT•com, for those interested in the Projects or Edits here, for the geek in us - or for those who wish to join our cause.

Also an aid for our newer members (and some longstanding ones as well!) with answers to some frequently asked questions that appear on the site, to help people post on here - to try and get the most out of being a part of this fairly unique community.

A reminder that not everyone’s first language on here is English - nor that everyone here is computer-savvy or well versed in ‘netiquette’ - and sometimes many of us can benefit from a little patience, understanding and a bit of a helping hand.

A wise old man, and also a Fan Editor here a long time ago, once said… ‘Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view’ - all this is merely another…

Welcome to the OriginalTrilogy•com

Since 2003 the OT•com has certainly evolved - from it’s premise of being a rallying point and hub for like-minded Star Wars fans calling for a high quality release of the unaltered Original Trilogy - and the site’s online petition of 75,000+ fans in doing just that… to pioneering our own OT Preservations; from early projects of VHS and Laserdisc rips onto DVD, all the way through to Harmy’s superb Despecialized Editions on Blu Ray, to current ongoing projects with scanned 35mm film prints.

Fan Edits of Star Wars films - notably adywan’s Revisited trilogy - have also become a large part of the site too; including Edits of the many various Star Wars releases, Fan Documentaries, and also projects of non-Star Wars films & media. This all done by ‘just’ the average film fan & amateur-enthusiast - all chipping in with time, effort, dedication and some expense - to see these countless projects through to release; improving & sharing techniques, knowledge, experiences and stories along the way.

Of course, many people are here who just like to chat Star Wars… whether that’s mainly the Original Trilogy (and also the copious continuing changes made to it over the years), or the Prequel & Sequel Trilogies, the Standalone Stories, various animated tv series, The Holiday Special (shudders), the Ewok films, literature, comics, art, soundtracks & audio, collecting, gaming, and the future of Star Wars etc - or those who just talk about life in general in the Media and The Cantina sections…

We’re a diverse and welcoming community - this site is afterall based on a love & geeky reverence for all things Star Wars 😃
This is especially so for the Original Trilogy (obviously) - yet also a respect for everything else Star Wars too. Yes, even The Holiday Special, maybe…

Please take your time to look around the site before posting - and to also get a feel for the place. We are not like reddit or 4chan etc (not that there’s anything wrong with those sites) - we’re just a little different… more of an old-skool site ‘for a more civilised age’ 😉

As mentioned above, the site has been going for over 15 years now - and we’d like to still be here for quite some time yet - so please don’t do anything that could jeopardise that…

Like many other places on the internet - we ask you to follow some site rules & guidelines…

• Forum Rules and Guidelines - here

• Preservation / Fan Edit Rules & FAQ - here

The Help and Announcements sections, along with the How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread, the General Assistance and Feedback Forum sections, as well as the various ‘Index Threads’ located at the top of many of the forum sections on here, will hopefully also be of some use and assistance.

If in doubt about whether to post something that could be considered ‘controversial’ - ask a moderator first.

The upshot is ‘Be Civil - Be Cool’; passionate - yet civil - discussion & wide-ranging views are welcome - trolls & WUMs are not.

Thank you.


An addendum…

As stated above, the OriginalTrilogy•com has been around for over 15 years now - which is nearly unheard for a site such as this.

So an enormous ‘thank you’ to everyone out there who has contributed to the site, or the cause, over that time. Whether ‘just’ posting on here, or signing the petition back in the day, to finding & providing info, helping raise awareness, to contributing - or making various projects, supplying skills, equipment & software, knowledge, time, effort, money, blood, sweat and tears… all the way through to sharing some cracking stories, laughs and memories.

Also, a big shout-out to the long-suffering serving moderators - both past; in Zion & Moth3r - and current; Anchorhead, SilverWook & oojason.

Finally, an extra massive thank you to Jay (who founded the site, maintained, ran, expanded, and also funded it for near on 16 years - as well as being site admin, moderator and member) - in making all the above… and this very community… all possible in the first place.


May The Force - & Original Trilogy - Be With You All.