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A ‘Site FAQ & Info’ section, how to ‘Contact the Moderators’ info, and ‘Any Further Questions’ for additional help & assistance:-


OriginalTrilogy•com Site FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) & Info…


Why does this site want a release of the unaltered Original Trilogy?

While many of us appreciate and enjoy George Lucas’ creative evolution of the classic Star Wars films via the various releases of the ever-changing ‘Special Editions’, we respectfully state that there is tremendous importance in the original theatrical prints of the Star Wars Trilogy.

Above and beyond the nostalgic value that they hold for millions of fans the world over, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi are landmark films that represent watershed moments in motion picture history. To preserve the original, award-winning work of the many artisans, sound technicians, craftsmen, and special effects artists is to do justice to their priceless contributions.

Undeniably, these movies are also cultural placeholders for millions of film fans. The impact that the original Star Wars Trilogy made on countless numbers of children, young people, and grownups everywhere is indisputable. Preserving the unaltered theatrical release forms of these movies and making them available to the public is of utmost importance.

An entire generation grew up with these movies and still love them dearly. We have created treasured memories and will always hold a place in our lives. We have bought the cinema tickets, VHS tapes, Laserdiscs, DVDs, Blu Rays, figures, lunchboxes, toys, games, books, comics, the various Special Editions, the spin-offs, the Prequels, the Sequels, Standalone movies - and literally bought the t-shirt…

…we just ask to have the option to purchase the unaltered original Star Wars Trilogy on a modern, high quality, digital format.



Wasn’t there a release of the unaltered Original Trilogy on DVD Bonus Discs as part of the 2006 DVD release?

Yes, there was. After much pressure from fans - spearheaded by this very site - Lucasfilm announced there would be a DVD release of the Theatrical Version for 2006. Unfortunately, the quality of the release was fairly awful - and that’s the very technical term & review 😉

Despite Lucasfilm’s statement at the time that…

“Over the years, a truly countless number of fans have told us that they would love to see and own the original version that they remember experiencing in theaters,” said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts and Senior Vice President of Lucasfilm Ltd. “We returned to the Lucasfilm Archives to search exhaustively for source material that could be presented on DVD. This is something that we’re very excited to be able to give to fans in response to their continuing enthusiasm for Star Wars.”

The release of the unaltered theatrical version was presented as ‘bonus discs’ on a repackaged release of the 2004 Special Edition of the Original Trilogy… in an outdated Letterbox format (non-anamorphic), was sourced from a transfer for a 1993 Laserdisc release - having poor image quality; plagued by poor digital video noise reduction, as well as suffering from gate weave & aliasing, and with a compressed Dolby Digital 2.0 sound - resulting in a lazy, underwhelming, and substandard quality release - even by 2006 standards.

To date, it is the only official release available on a digital format of the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy.

The last dedicated official release of unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy was in 1995, on both the VHS and laserdisc formats.



Just what are the changes made to the Original Trilogy over the years?

That is perhaps best answered by reading these quality sources of information which highlight the many and various changes…

Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes - insightful and comprehensive OT•com discussion thread by doubleofive

Star Wars Visual Comparisons - website by doubleofive

Star Wars Special Edition Visual Comparisons’ - blog by doubleofive; with links to Photo Galleries here - SW : ESB : ROTJ

Star Wars Special Edition Visual Comparisons’ - twitter page by doubleofive

'A Visual Guide to Changes, Fixes & Tweaks in the Disney 4K Version - article by doubleofive on The Digital Bits : SW : ESB : ROTJ

StarWars•com Official 2004 Changes Preservation : SW : ESB : ROTJ - compiled by doubleofive

StarWars•com Official 1997 Changes Articles : SW: SE : ESB: SE : ROTJ: SE - via the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine website

A helpful overview of the changes to the OT - and surrounding issues - from zombie84’s SaveStarWars•com’s FAQ Page

Special Edition Changes’ - 2010 article on the changes made for the 2004 DVD release - from zombie84’s SaveStarWars•com

Star Wars Changes’ (Original Trilogy) - YouTube Videos by 13las : SW : ESB : ROTJ : Disney+ : The Prequels

All Changes Made To Star Wars’ (Original Trilogy) - YouTube Videos by Marcelo Zuniga : SW - Part 1 : SW - Part 2 : ESB : ROTJ

DVDActive•com’sStar Wars - The Changes’ articles (via the Internet Acrhive’s WayBack Machine) - SW : ESB : ROTJ : The Prequels

The Big List of Changes to the SW films’ OT•com thread on the FromScriptToDVD site’s comparison articles - by Gregatron

Who Shot First? The Complete List Of Star Wars Changes - an Empire film magazine article

Wookieepedia’sList of changes in Star Wars re-releases’ page

List of changes in Star Wars re-releases’ - from the IPFS•io website

Star Wars Comparison’s YouTube video channel for comparing theatrical cuts to official blu ray and various fan projects.


and also reading through these superb OT•com threads (by doubleofive):-

’Sources on the Special Edition’ - in the Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases section of the site.

’Modern SE Revisionism’ - in the Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases section of the site.

as well as these Index Threads - which link to many topics of discussion on the OT•com regarding the changes made to the Original Trilogy films:-

An Index Thread for Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases…

An Index Thread for Original Trilogy Discussion…

plus these two similarly related threads, pinned in the General Star Wars Discussion section of the site…

An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…

George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…



How many differing releases have there been of the Original Trilogy?

A decent article chronicling the many differing home releases of the Original Trilogy (along with many of the Star Wars spin-offs) can be found on this Wookieepedia page - link

This quality resource (by the superb NeverarGreat) may be of interest for anyone wanting to know the screen quality of the various official releases - and also some of the more popular projects on here from down the years - link

Video Collector (also an OT•com member) has a cool & informative website full of useful info and photos from the many various Original Trilogy release formats - all the way through to the DVD releases, here - link

The ‘Star Wars On Home Video Reference Site’ (with images and info) covers many of the differing releases and various formats that the three classic films have been released on - link



I heard you people all hate George Lucas, the Prequels, the Sequels - and Disney too, etc

Not at all - whilst some members may not like or enjoy The Prequels (or other Star Wars releases)… there are many that do - in fact there are several continuing projects on here to preserve them, as well as the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy - and numerous Fan Edits of the various releases. Disney-era Sequel Trilogy Fan Edits - and other modern Star Wars content are also available, with more projects in the works…

You’ll also find Preservations and projects for The Holiday Special, the two Ewok features, the many animated Star Wars series, radio dramas, documentaries, adverts, promos & trailers, gaming projects, curiosities, and other Star Wars content - as well as non-Star Wars projects too.

As mentioned elsewhere, we are a diverse & welcoming community - and passionate (yet civil) debate & wide-ranging views are welcome - though internet trolls & WUMs are not.

To paraphrase Irvin Kershner, quoted whilst directing Empire Strikes Back… ‘fight for what you love - not because you hate’.

Regarding George Lucas… whilst many of us are somewhat disappointed and frustrated he wishes not to release a high quality format of the theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy - we appreciate that without his vision, character and determination there would be no Star Wars at all - so it’d be very much incorrect to say we’re a bunch of Lucas-haters on here.

Now that Disney own LucasFilm, and George is somewhat ‘out of the picture’ as it were… we do hope Disney sees fit to release those original cinematic versions of the three films that made the Star Wars universe what it is today.

There have been quite a few contradictory claims / re-writing of history / mis-remembering of facts on the history and development of Star Wars over the years from George… and chronicling the intriguing factual history of The Galaxy Far Far Away isn’t a criticism of the man himself - more a striving for a genuine, accurate, and authentic record on the evolution of Star Wars.

More information on some of these can be found here - ‘George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…



Where can I find information chronicling some of the history / events of the OriginalTrilogy•com?

The An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be… thread may be of interest for this.



Is there a welcome or introductory type of thread on here to say ‘Hi’?

The Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here thread is just that; a good place to make your first post on here - and for more longstanding members to welcome new people to our community.



How do I report any issues I see on the site? / How do I contact a Moderator?

Whilst you can use the ‘Report’ button for any posts you may take issue with on the site… please note that at present all the ‘Reports’ only go through to Jay (the Site Owner & Admin) - and not the Moderators.

As you can imagine Jay receives a LOT of Reports, PMs and emails to sort through - on top of his other Admin duties - and a life outside here (yes, we do have them - honest!)

So, if you wish to contact any of the Site Moderators - Anchorhead, SilverWook, oojason and Tobar - with any issues, queries or concerns etc - you can do so by just scrolling down this page to the ‘Contact The Moderators’ section, or clicking here - link



The Cantina section seems quite a wild and uncivilised place in comparison to the rest of the site…

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious… 😉

No, seriously, it is a little more relaxed than the rest of the site - though mainly it’s just a few old rebels, scoundrels and malfunctioning droids hanging out… doing what they do. You’ll likely need to keep your wits about you - as well as a sense of humour and a thick skin, yet it has it’s own charm. And every now and then the Emperor & his Imperial minions step in to keep the locals in line…



I would like to have a Signature image / text for my posts - are there any limits to what size I can have?

A ‘Signature Size Rules’ thread can be found here - link



How do I post an image on this site?

This link shows you how to post an image (and a bit more), here - link

Plus, these two guides / demos may be of use for general posting on the OT•com too - link 1 & link 2



How do I embed a video (from YouTube or Vimeo etc) on here?

Unfortunately the site software doesn’t currently allow for that - though you can post a link to a video on here.

When you do link to a video - please give a brief description of the content you are linking to.



How do I post something in Spoiler code on this site? / Does the OT•com have a Spoiler Policy?

Although there is no specific spoiler code for this site - this link shows you how to post the ‘next best thing’ to it - link

The site’s Spoiler Policy for new Star Wars films can be found here - link

It is worth checking the ‘Announcements’ section of the OT•com too, here - link



Do you have a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Policy?

Images may not contain nudity or graphic depictions of violence, death, etc at all on this site.

If you are going to post something that could be considered NSFW then do so in a NSFW labelled thread - or use the ‘Spoiler Code’ above, AND clearly mark it as ‘NSFW’.

If in doubt as to whether something you are going to post may be unsafe for viewing at work, or if you’re not quite sure that the content is NSFW, then err on the side of caution - and use the above ‘Spoiler Code’.

While there are no specific restrictions on profanity, please exercise restraint. Dropping an F-bomb here and there isn’t going to get you banned, but excessive profanity shouldn’t be necessary to make your point.



There doesn’t seem to be a Search function on the site - Is there one?

The site search function is currently disabled - some Mynocks got into the system and it hasn’t worked properly since.

You can search for any of the threads on the OriginalTrilogy•com by going to your online search engine of choice (ie, google, startpage, bing, duckduckgo, yahoo etc) and type in:- and then whatever you are looking for.

For example - if searching for Building Empire, type in - building empire

…which will help you find many of the OT•com threads on Jambe Davdar’s ESB part of his excellent Filmumentaries Trilogy.



What is a ‘PM’? (and how do I send one?)

‘PM’ stands for Private Message. This is a useful function for exchanging information you may not wish to put up on the public part of the site - for all to see.

To send a Private Message… at the top right corner of the screen you will see a ‘speech bubble’ next to your avatar. Click on this and then select the ‘Start a Private Topic’ icon. You will also be able to see your past Private Message conversations.

Alternatively, you can click on the name of a member here on the forum that you wish to contact - and select the ‘Start a Private Topic’ option to send them a PM.

When the speech bubble at the top right of the screen is filled in (a solid pale blue colour) it means you have received a new PM to read. If the speech bubble is hollow it means you have no new PMs to read.



I see a lot of abbreviations & acronyms used on here - what do they all mean?

Sites like,, & may all be of use for this.

There is also an OT•com ‘acronym buster’ guide, here - link

Please note: whilst some abbreviations / acronyms may make it a lot easier / quicker to type or read certain word & meanings - the use of ‘txt spk’ on the site is not encouraged - please refrain from using it - thank you.



I would like to report a bug / would like to see this feature on the site / have a suggestion or idea…

Nice one - any of these can be made in either of the relevant site sections, here:-

Feedback Forum | General Assistance



Are you guys on social media?

We do have an OriginalTrilogy•com twitter page, here -

There is also an OriginalTrilogy•com Discord server, which you can ask for an invite in this thread, here - link



I bought this VHS / Betamax / Laserdisc / DVD set (or similar) of the Star Wars Original Trilogy - which version is it?

Online search engines and image searches should be able to help you identify it… however this quality site by Video Collector (an OT•com member) is well worth a look for useful info and photos from many earlier Original Trilogy formats, all the way through to the DVD releases, here - link

Or, have a look through some similar threads with various questions and info about the differing releases in the Original Trilogy Discussion section of the site 😃



I have found a Fan Edit / Preservation I am interested in - but don’t know how to get / acquire / download it?

Read through the thread of the project you are interest in - there is usually information in there (often in the very first post) on how to acquire a project.

If no such information is in the thread… then send a polite PM to the author / owner of the project (which is usually the creator of the thread on here too) - and after that a little bit of patience is required. It is likely that the Fan Edit author / owner isn’t online every day - or even every week - and may have a ton of queries or other stuff to get through before dealing with your request.

If you haven’t heard back after some time, then let it be known that you are seeking a copy by making a post in the relevant thread; hopefully other members on here may be in a position to help you.

Also, fellow members may be more likely to help you out if you are an active member of the community here - you don’t have to be a fellow fan editor, preservationist, tech wiz, artistic or skilled etc; just a member that has made, or is making, an effort.

Joining up here and then creating a new thread along the lines ‘Give me the link to X’, ‘Where is project Y’, or going straight into a project thread and posting ‘How do I get these?’ doesn’t really fly on here - and will likely be ignored or deleted.

Many of the projects on here have been undertaken by volunteers or enthusiasts who’ve devoted considerable time, effort, dedication and some expense… to locate, preserve, restore & archive - or edit - films and TV programs in their best possible presentation. This is often with painstaking commitment - yet all projects are available for free; not to mention our members also improving upon & sharing techniques, knowledge, technical assistance, experiences - and a few stories, along the way…

It may also be worth checking some of the other Fan Edit sites around - sometimes it can just come down to good fortune if you acquire a project or not. Being rude, impatient, or ranting about how unfair it all is - or what a rubbish system this is - won’t likely get you any help that may have otherwise been coming your way…

Some projects also have their own websites, blogs, youtube / vimeo / dailymotion / or twitter and facebook pages etc too - so it’s worth checking your online search engine of choice - to see just what is out there on the internet as well.


Please remember to leave some feedback…

A great deal of time, love and effort going into making many of the projects that appear here - so if and when you do watch an Edit or project, then please remember to leave some feedback for the Editor / Preservationist etc - whether on a technical level, ideas for additional changes / edits or alternatives, some constructive criticism (keep it civil), how much you enjoyed it, or even just a simple thank you…


Note: OriginalTrilogy•com is NOT responsible for the availability of ANY Fan Edits or Preservation projects that appear in threads on the site - that responsibility lies with the owner / author of the respective project.



What kind of download links can I post on this site?

We are not pirates - and this is not a torrent or download site.

We ❤️ Star Wars and give it all the moneys. Please don’t sue us.’ - this applies for every Fan Edit on here (not just for Star Wars releases) - we pay for the official film/tv/media release beforehand; via purchasing the blu ray or digital download etc.

From the FAQ Section of the ‘Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ’ (number 9)…
'The only direct media links allowed are for short trailers or samples to demonstrate quality. You may also post links to fan-made DVD artwork, subtitle streams and unreleased/obsolete audio or video (this is NOT the same as rare/out-of-print. If in doubt, ask a moderator first.) Do not post torrent files, NZB files or Rapidshare links for downloading copyrighted materials, nor links to sites hosting such files. You are however allowed to mention names of websites or newsgroups where fan edits or preservation projects can be found.

Do not link to websites selling bootlegs/silvers or eBay auctions for non-official media.

In summary:-

“PM me for the download links to my project” - is acceptable.

“Now available on a.b.starwars” - is acceptable.
“Click HERE for NZB” - is not.

“Torrent uploaded to piratebay” - is acceptable.
“Get the torrent at” - is not.

“Mega links are available at fanedit•info” - is acceptable.
“Mega links can be found on this page” - is not.

“look for the Star Wars Fixhund file with pcm audio in 1080p” - is acceptable.
“Star.Wars.IV.1977.MULTI.VFF.1080p.PCM.AC3.x264-Fixhund” - is not.

Furthermore, obfuscated or hidden links (ie, links behind an icon or a single character in the post text etc) are still considered direct links, will be removed - and will result in a ban’.



Myspleen aren’t currently giving out invites / Can I have a Myspleen invite / Myspleen requests etc…

Myspleen (a private torrent site) are not currently issuing invites to their site - and haven’t done so for some time.

No-one here is affiliated with Myspleen, we have nothing to do with Myspleen, we are as much in the dark about this as you - and so we cannot help you with invites or other info. So please ** DO NOT MAKE A POST ASKING FOR A MYSPLEEN INVITE ** - thank you (we’ve already had hundreds of posts about this - and members’ patience on here is understandably wearing thin).

This OT•com thread has the current situation in regards to Myspleen (and other private torrent sites too) - Requesting invites to private torrent sites (i.e. Myspleen)

Myspleen does have it’s own forum, here - link.

Is MySpleen down?

MySpleen username recovery? (and ‘Forgotten Password’ thread)

It may be worth be trying some of the other Fan Edit sites around online - info for some of them can be found here - link

Public torrent sites - and also other private torrent sites - may just have that elusive Fan Edit or project too.

Online search engines are also useful for this.



I have seen a copy of a Fan Edit / Preservation project for sale on ebay or other online site - why shouldn’t I just buy that?

A wise old man once said ‘You must do what you feel is right, of course…’

Yet please know and remember this - the people who sell these freely available projects do so on the backs of the Fan Editors’ long, arduous & hard work - all given for free. The same applies to those who designed the cover and disc art, and also the people who put together any extras such as interactive menus or bonus / additional content made for these projects as well.

Many of these sellers make considerable money from selling these Fan Edits - despite often claiming that they are only charging ‘for their time and to cover costs’. These claims are false - they substantially profit from their actions.

The quality of product you see in many sellers’ ‘unboxing’ or ‘promotional’ videos on youtube etc may be nowhere near the quality of what you actually receive; some people have received non-working discs, cheap quality discs, poor quality covers printed on standard letter paper, low quality ink settings used, broken disc cases, just being sent the discs themselves instead of in their protective boxes - and without disc covers and artwork too (despite some ‘review’ videos showing the contrary).

They also endanger the future of any and all future projects too. It is a golden rule of owning these freely available Edits that you must own the official retail release (or digital download) - and that no-one profits from the making & distribution of them.

Some sellers have even deleted comments on their sites from Harmy and other Fan Editors letting people know the above info - and that all these projects are freely available elsewhere…

Fan Edits must never be bought or sold!

This 4-minute youtube video, by Harmy - the author / editor of the Despecialized Editions, also explains why - link



Where are the Harmy Despecialized Editions / adywan’s Revisited films / poita’s 35mm projects / Hal 9000’s Edits / Jambe Davdar’s Filmumentaries / various other projects etc?

A little patience and you’ll find them on here soon enough - pretty much all the projects on here over the years have their own respective threads - and some projects even have multiple threads (the various Indexes around the site may be of interest for locating projects or conversational topics). When you do find what you are seeking - please carefully read the first post in that thread - then also read the last few pages to help find out what the current status of the project is - and will also likely help to find relevant information on how to acquire them.

Many of the projects on here have been undertaken by volunteers or enthusiasts who’ve devoted considerable time, effort, dedication and some expense… to locate, preserve, restore & archive - or edit - films and TV programs in their best possible presentation. This is often with painstaking commitment - yet all projects are available for free; not to mention our members also improving upon & sharing techniques, knowledge, technical assistance, experiences - and a few stories, along the way.

Joining up here and then creating a new thread along the lines ‘Give me the link to X’, ‘Where is project Y’, or going straight into a project thread and posting ‘How do I get these?’ doesn’t really fly on here - and will likely be ignored or deleted. Take the time to learn about a project - read through the project thread(s) - as well as how to acquire them; simply making an effort to be part of the community here, and how this place works, even if just leaving feedback for acquired projects, can go a long way…

In making the effort to be part of the community here you may find other similar projects or topics of conversation ‘of interest’ too. You’ll also likely find many questions you have may have already have been answered - including project info or technical issues etc. If you still require a little assistance then ask politely - and you’ll probably have a bigger chance of receiving that help…

Some projects also have their own websites or youtube / vimeo / dailymotion / twitter and facebook pages etc too - so it’s worth checking your online search engine of choice - to see just what is out there on the internet as well.

Note: Before obtaining any fan edit, you must be in ownership of the official retail release.

^ See the Preservation / Fan Edit Rules & FAQ - linked to below - for more info.



What are the Site Rules & Guidelines again?

Forum Rules and Guidelines, can be found here - link

Preservation / Fan Edit Rules & FAQ, can be found here - link

Signature Size Rules, can be found here - link



What Star Wars Preservation Projects or Fan Edits does OriginalTrilogy•com endorse or sanction? Is there a ‘Top 10’ list of Edits?

The OT•com does NOT endorse or back any particular project that appears on here - that is left entirely to the individual to choose from (and hopefully enjoy 😃) Everyone has different tastes & views - and so there is not a ‘Top 10’ type list - though there are many ‘recommend an edit / project to me’ type discussion threads that may appeal to members’ varied interests.

There are many projects listed in pinned ‘Index Threads’ in their respective forum categories / sections here - though it’s also worth doing an online search too - and members are asked to suggest any new, overlooked or forgotten projects for inclusion.

Currently, there are quite a few Star Wars projects taking place on the site - these can be found in the ‘Star Wars Preservation’ section, and also in the ‘Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects’ section.

There are also projects, preservations and fan edits for non-Star Wars content too - Preservation of Other Properties and the Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties section.



For general info & links, help, how-to’s, and some answers to queries - this may be of some help and interest:-

‘How do I do this?’ on the - some information & answers to queries




Contact the Moderators…



To contact the moderators via a Private Message (aka a ‘PM’) - click on their respective picture below…


You may also wish to check out the OriginalTrilogy•com twitter page - - where you can also follow & ‘DM’ us.




For any further questions or assistance…


If you have any further questions, or have any more questions you would like to see added (and answered) to the ‘Site FAQs & Info’ section above, then please post them in the General Assistance section, here - link.

You’ll also find some more useful info in there too - such as ‘How do I do this?’ on the - some information & answers to queries…

Please be patient when waiting for an update, answer or reply - the Moderators are often busy on the site with other duties - and even have lives outside of here - though will try to update / answer any questions as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, some of the more helpful members of the OT•com community may also chip in to answer certain queries…

Also, if you know of any useful resources that would be of interest - or that compliment some of the others already mentioned in this section - then please post them up in the General Assistance section.

Please let us know if you spot any errors or broken links in the ‘Help’ & ‘About’ sections, in the ‘Feedback Forum’, here - link. Thank you.




A few useful links & information which may be of some assistance for our newer members…

The Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here - a good place to make your first post is just that; a place to make your first post on here - and for more longstanding members to welcome new additions to our community.

Secondly, the About and Help sections may be of interest to you regarding this site and what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about.

Thirdly, the ’How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread should also hopefully be of some help as to many of the functions of the site, along with other related info as well.

The Announcements Section - including Site Rules & Guidelines, Fan Edit & Preservation Rules & FAQ, as well info for Signatures, Linking Policy for Downloads, and Plot Spoiler Policy (and much more) that may be of use too.

If you are having any issues with the site, have a question, an idea to improve the site, or would like to give some feedback - then these can be done in the Feedback Forum and General Assistance sections.

There are also several Index Threads pinned at the top of many respective sections of the OT•com - which may help members find various topics of discussion, fan edits, preservations and other projects etc.

To Join the Discord server! click on the link. There is also the Twitter too.

’An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…’ chronicles both the history of this site & also it’s continuing evolution.

The ’Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread by doubleofive contains many sources of information as to the numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over time - as well as serving as an insightful and comprehensive discussion thread and reference point on the subject.

Finally, the ’George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…' thread attempts to highlight and catalogue some of the revisionism, altering of history and contradictory claims by George Lucas / Lucasfilm as to the formation, planning and history of the Star Wars films and universe therein.