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An Index Thread for General Star Wars Discussion...
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An Index Thread for General Star Wars Discussion

An Index of just a few of the 5,000+ topics that have been posted in the ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ section of the OriginalTrilogy•com down the years…

The Index Categories are… (these will likely change and evolve over time)

• Forthcoming and future Star Wars releases
• ‘A Star Wars Story’ standalone films (previously known as ‘Anthology’ films)
• The Sequel Trilogy
• The Prequel Trilogy
• Other Star Wars releases (The Holiday Special, the Ewok films, animated TV series; Rebels, Clone Wars, Detours, Resistance etc)
• Soundtracks / Music / Audio threads
• Literature & EU Material (aka Canon & Legends, comics, e-books, scripts etc)
• Star Wars Games & Gaming
• Star Wars Documentaries
• Star Wars Theme Parks, Attractions, Cons & Events…
• Star Wars Fan Films
• Star Wars Homages (also tributes, parodies, blatant rip-offs, and curiosities)
• 40th Anniversary - 2017 (and some other anniversaries too)
• General Star Wars Discussions (mainly re: the Original Trilogy - films, scenes, tropes, meta, characters & actors, fandom, media etc)
• Archival / Historical Discussions (mainly re: OT home releases & the history + people BTS around the OT / Lucasfilm during that era)
• The numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over the years…
• FAQ & Info links


If you are new to the OriginalTrilogy•com then the following info may be of some assistance…

Firstly, the About and Help sections may be of interest to you regarding this site and what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about.

Secondly, the ’How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread should also hopefully be of some help as to many of the functions of the site, along with other related info as well.

Thirdly, the Announcements Section - including Site Rules & Guidelines, Fan Edit & Preservation Rules & FAQ, as well info for Signatures, Linking Policy for Downloads, and Plot Spoiler Policy (and much more) that may be of use too.

If you are having any issues with the site, have a question, an idea to improve the site, or would like to give some feedback - then these can be done in the Feedback Forum and General Assistance sections.

’An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…’ chronicles both the history of this site & also it’s continuing evolution.

The ’Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread by doubleofive contains many sources of information as to the numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over time - as well as serving as an insightful and comprehensive discussion thread and reference point on the subject.

Finally, the ’George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…' thread attempts to highlight and catalogue some of the revisionism, altering of history and contradictory claims by George Lucas / Lucasfilm as to the formation, planning and history of the Star Wars films and universe therein.



These two general Star Wars Discussion threads prove to be quite popular / useful (and so are ‘pinned’ up here at the top of this Index) - as well as a general ‘Star Wars News’ thread…

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

General Star Wars Questions

Star Wars News - articles that may not have enough interest for their own threads…



Forthcoming and future Star Wars releases…

The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau To Executive Produce and Write Live-Action Star Wars Series (aka The Mandalorian)

The Mandalorian - Star Wars live action TV series (by Jon Favreau - a 2018 thread)

Boba Fett in Star Wars TV Series? (2005 thread; almost - difficult to see… always in motion is the future)

Cassian Andor

Cassian Andor - Star Wars live action TV series (a 2018 thread)

Future Star Wars film trilogies

Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy

New Star Wars films to be produced and written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss


rumours & news of possible future Star Wars series & content… (2019 thread)

Things that you would like to see in Star Wars that have not happened (2018 thread)

Weirdest Star Wars Spinoff Idea (2019 thread)

Do you have any hopes/ideas for X-XII?

Lucasfilm’s movie plans post Ep. IX (2017 thread)

Where should Lucasfilm go after Episode IX? (2018 thread)

After the Sequel Trilogy Concludes… Then What? (2015 thread)

The Star Wars Prelude Trilogy (PREQUELS-TO-THE PREQUELS) (2008 thread)

Opinion: The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Star Wars History… (2012 thread; on future content from the GFFA)

MUST each Star Wars Ep. have to have…?

An inclusive universe and a new generation of fans

Taking a stand against toxic fandom (and other)

Is Star Wars “Better Than It’s Ever Been”?

Has Star Wars finally “jumped the shark”?

How many ‘Bad’ Star Wars movies could you take before you check out? (2017 thread)

your thoughts: Did Disney kill Star Wars because it sounds like they did with The Last Jedi, Solo and Resistance

Star Wars at the Box Office

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various info (2019 info thread)

Wikipedia page for Disney+ streaming service (launches Autumn 2019 with Star Wars content)] :



‘A Star Wars Story’ standalone films (previously known as ‘Anthology’ films)

Rogue One

Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
Rogue Zero - What was changed, reshot, etc in Rogue One?
Rogue One differences from Theatrical Cut?
Rogue One crawl
CGI in Rogue One
If you need to C*mplain about the CGI Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One…
Please fix Leia in Roque One
Rogue One : A Star Wars Story - film & fan art


Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
Solo : A Star Wars Story - film & fan art


The Kenobi Movie (possibly…)
Pitch the Obi Wan spinoff!

Boba Fett

The Boba Fett Movie (a 2015 thread - film no longer going ahead… still?)
Boba Fett Spin-Off May Put a New Character in the Armor (2014 thread)
Joe Johnston wants to make a Boba Fett movie (2011 thread)


Hello, what have we here? (we have a Lando movie here - or an April Fool’s joke…)


The Jabba Movie (not serious, though maybe…)


What anthology / spinoff / ‘a Star Wars Story’ film would you like to see?

We all know that stand-alone Star Wars movies are a done deal (Like it or not) so what do you want to see???

Is the third spinoff decided yet? (2016 thread)

What other spinoffs should Disney make? (2016 thread)

Weirdest Star Wars Spinoff Idea

The Standalone Star Wars Films (2014 thread)

Will the Anthology films be a repeat of the Prequels? (2015 thread)

Why the future SW films concern me (2015 thread)



The Sequel Trilogy

The Force Awakens

Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
Star Wars - Episode VII - FACTS IN TOP POST (2012 thread)
Review thread ** SPOILERS **
Rate TFA (No Spoilers) - has since become a ‘Rate TLJ’ thread
In what ways did TFA completely nail it, either in terms of filmmaking or in terms of continuity?
What didn’t you like about TFA?
The Force Awakens in 70mm IMAX
Was TFA called Episode VII?
Who like The Force Awakens as a title?
TFA Blu Ray Releases

The Last Jedi

Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
Review/Opinions thread ** SPOILERS **
The Last Jedi appreciation thread
Unspoken influences on The Last Jedi - a link to an informative & intriguing article on TLJ by ‘screams in the void’
Opening Crawl for Star Wars: The Last Jedi
That’s official : “The Last Jedi” IS PLURAL

The Rise Of Skywalker (due out December '19)

Spoiler thread
Non-Spoiler thread
• What did you enjoy about TROS? - tba
• What didn’t you like about TROS? - tba
What should we see in IX?
Star Wars Episode IX (was) to be directed by Colin Trevorrow (now directed by JJ Abrams)
Your thoughts on the Episode IX title - a NON-SPOILER thread
Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles
Episode IX Opening Crawl
John Williams says IX will be his last


Episodes 7, 8, & 9? (2004 thread)

A new Star Wars Trilogy on the way? (2010 thread)

STAR WARS - The sequel trilogy (2011 thread)

Star Wars Episode VII, VIII, IX George Lucas original story outline, scripts, treatments or his ideas (2015 thread)

Part VII VIII and IX (2007 thread)

Who should Direct the Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX ? (2012 thread)

What actor/actress would you like to see in new Star Wars Movies? (2013 thread)

Episode VII Cast List Announced (2014 thread)

Would you want to see Anakin or Obi Wan in the new trilogy, portrayed by their PT actors?

Strong Female characters in the Star Wars universe

Drew Struzan? No thanks (2015 thread, re the posters for the Sequel Trilogy)

the next generation of Jedi (2010 thread)

What Went Wrong/What Can Be Avoided Thread (a 2014 thread) - for the then-coming Sequel Trilogy…

Waiting for Episode VII during the lean years (1984-1998) (a 2006 thread)

Can Episode VII ignore the prequels? (2013 thread)

How could The Force Awakens have been more original? (2016 thread)

Anyone else blase’ about the New (Sequel) Trilogy? (a 2014 thread)

What do you want to happen in the the rest of the Sequel Trilogy? (a 2016 thread)

Top lingering questions you want answered in Sequel trilogy?

The Sequel Trilogy we wanted… (or what some people wanted…)

Legacy of Sequel Trilogy? (a 2016 thread)

Most Disappointing Aspect of Sequel Trilogy? Most Satisfying?

An inclusive universe and a new generation of fans

Who should the villain(s) of the Sequel Trilogy be? (if the Sequel Trilogy has villains)

Can Someone Explain the Map to Luke Skywalker?

Why Doesn’t the Resistance have Tie Fighters in The Force Awakens?

Is it the Characters or the Actors?? (2013 thread)

Is Kylo Ren a Good Villain?

Rey & Kylo Ren’s Relationship

Rey and Jedi Training

Admiral Ackbar deleted scenes - new Tim Rose interview

Michael Arndt heavily involved in writing the new Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

If George Lucas Had Made The Sequel Trilogy…

Would Lucasfilm have made new SW films with or without Disney?

Star Wars moving forward without Carrie Fisher



The Prequel Trilogy…

The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace
TPM EXPLAINED! Plot and protagonist!
There was a 6 hour cut of the Phantom Menace
CGI Yoda for TPM
TPM: A Decade Later

Attack Of The Clones

What Is Wrong With… (AOTC)
Ep II has the best story of the Prequels. Discuss
AOTC Trivia
Worst dialogue from AOTC!!!
Questions about AOTC

Revenge Of The Sith

Star Wars Episode III (spoilers) (2004 thread)
Last line of Episode 3? (2004 thread)
Episode 3 was disappointing on many levels…(spoilers) (2005 thread)
A Review Of ROTS
Things you DID like about Episode III : Things you DID NOT like about Episode III (both 2005 threads)
What didn’t you like about ROTS? (2016 thread)
Is Revenge of the Sith the Best or Worst Prequel?
Reddit Q&A with Matthew Stover, author of the ROTS novelization
How Star Wars Episode III failed the Star Wars Saga


Star Wars prequels were mapped out in 1981, only nothing like the way they turned out

Understanding the Prequels (and the entire SW story) (2014 thread)

Interesting Hypothesis of the Prequels Story from the Mid 90’s

What did we all expect from the Prequel Trilogy? (2004 thread)

How did you envision the prequels? (2007 thread)

How did you imagine The Star Wars Prequels before they came out? (2011 thread)

What’s the name of EP3 gonna be? (2004 thread) : Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (official title)

The Chosen One

What is everyone’s view on the “prophecy?”


Less Offensive Midichlorians

The Mace Windu Debate

An oblate sphere of purple fire (2009 thread)

Why Kill Padme?

Count Dooku (2004 thread)

General Grievous confirmed (2004 thread)

Your first words of reaction after watching one of the PT movies for the first time

I don’t care one bit about the fate of prequel characters

Are The Prequels That Bad?

When did you give up with the Prequels, TPM, AOTC, or ROTS?

Are the Prequels Even Worth Watching Once?

What do u think of the PT? (2006 thread)

Is there anything that you actually like about the prequels?

What do you LIKE about the Prequels?

What we like about the Prequels

Any GOOD memories of the PT? (2006 thread)

The Merits of the Prequel Trilogy and the “Saga”

When Did The Star Wars Prequels Become Cool?

The Prequel Trilogy showdown - which versions of the PT to watch?

Prequel Trilogy Plot Holes And Inconsistencies

Design failures (and successes) of the Prequel Trilogy

Did the prequels have boring visuals?

Looks like the prequels are not aging well (a 2009 thread)

Should the Prequels be more included into the franchise going forward?

Do you think Disney will remake the prequels?

Should Disney/LFL create an Alternative Prequel Trilogy?

The Prequel Trilogy Films vs. The Novels

The PT’s influence on today’s movies

Star Wars Ring Theory

Speculation about the 4K Future of AOTC and ROTS (2019 thread)



Other Star Wars releases…

The Holiday Special

I just saw the SW Holiday Special - a 2003 thread

Supposing Disney releases the Star Wars Holiday Special on disc - a 2016 thread

Just Released: The Star Wars Holiday Special RiffTrax! (2007 thread)

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 - a 2017 general / review thread

I didn’t think the Star Wars Holiday Special was THAAAAT BADDDD… - review thread

Star Wars Radio Dramas

Star Wars Radio Dramas - a review (2007 thread)

NPR Radio Show - My Thoughts - a review (2009 thread)

Star Wars Radio Dramas - a general thread

Star Wars Radio Drama - Special Edition - info thread

Wikipedia page for the Radio Dramas

PT Radio Drama (2010 thread)

A thought on Prequel Radio Dramas (2014 thread)

Ewok feature films - ‘Caravan Of Courage’ - aka ‘The Ewok Advenutre’, & ‘Battle For Endor’

The Ewok Films - a general thread
The Ewok Trilogy - from a certain point of view…

Both Ewok feature films are available in SD format - to buy or rent on Amazon Prime Video.

IMDB page for Caravan Of Courage - aka The Ewok Adventure
IMDB page for Battle For Endor


Droids preservation ideas (2009 - though a Preservation thread, does contain lots of info)
IMDB page for Droids (1985 Animated TV Series)


Droids and Ewoks DVD Info and Covers (2004 thread)
Ewoks/Droids DVDs re-edited (2004 thread)
Droids and Ewoks, anybody? (2011 - though a Preservation thread, does contain lots of info)
IMDB page for Ewoks (1985 Animated TV Series)

Star Wars live action tv series for 2004-2006 & 2012 (all would eventually be cancelled projects)

Star Wars… The live action TV series - 2004 news; cancelled project.

Star Wars… The live action TV series - confirmed - 2005 news; cancelled project.

Star Wars: The Rise of Darth Vader = TV series (2004 thread) : Star Wars T.V. 2006! Kevin Smith wanted? (2004 thread) :
Some Early Star Wars TV details (2005 thread) : Could live action SW TV show look like BSG?? (2005 thread) :
Star Wars TV Update (2005 thread) : Boba Fett in Star Wars TV Series? (2005 thread) :
Ideas For The T.V. Series (2006 thread) : “Future Theatrical and DVD Releases” What do we think they will be? (2006 thread)

Star Wars: Underworld (live action TV series) - circa 2012; cancelled project.

Clone Wars (2003 animated tv series; aka ‘Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars’)

Clone Wars (2003 Animated TV Series) - vs 2008 Clone Wars series thread

Clone Wars (2003 Animated TV Series) - news thread

The Clone Wars (2008 theatrical animated film)

New Clone Wars movie trailer

Official: CLONE WARS in Theaters 8/15/08

The new Clone Wars movie

Clone War Movie Review thread

The Clone Wars (2008 animated tv series & onwards)

Clone Wars 1 - general thread : Clone Wars 2 - a review thread : Clone Wars 3 - 2nd review thread

“Lucas can’t find home for Star Wars spin-off” (2007 thread)

Clone Wars - viewing order

Clone Wars - Season II

The Clone Wars: Season V (2012 thread)

Tarkin in the Clone Wars (2011 thread)

Darth Maul returns! (2011 thread)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Return With New Episodes - 2018, thread by Tobar news link on Clone Wars returning - 2018 news article


Rebels (2014 Animated TV Series) - general thread

Rebels (2014 Animated TV Series) - news & art


Star Wars : Detours (cancelled 2016 Animated TV Series) - news / general thread

Star Wars Detours (cancelled 2016 Animated TV Series) - a petition; some wanted to see it…

Forces Of Destiny

Star Wars : Forces Of Destiny (2017-18 Short Animated Series)


Star Wars : Resistance (2018 Animated TV Series)

Galaxy Of Adventures

Star Wars : Galaxy Of Adventures (2018 Animated Short TV Series)

Lego Star Wars

The Official LEGO Star Wars Discussion and Review Thread - films, videos, games, books, lego sets etc

Lego Star Wars ‘All Stars’ (2018 Animated Short TV Series)

Lego Star Wars releases (IMDB pages) - Yoda Chronicles : Droid Tales : Freemaker Adventures : All Stars

Disney+ streaming platform…

Disney+ streaming platform : Star Wars content & various info (2019 info thread)

Lucasfilm Releases…

• Lucasfilm releases list & info - Wikipedia page link 1 : Wikipedia page link 2 : Red Tails discussion : Strange Magic



Star Wars Soundtracks / Music / Audio threads…

Star Wars sound mixes

Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks

Star Wars DVD Music Mix Botched (by Neil S. Bulk - a 2004 thread)

Those Pesky Soundtracks (track title giveaways)

The Music of Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection (2007 thread)

Am I the only one who prefers the old ewok music? (Yub Nub)

Now it’s just getting ridiculous- Obi Wan’s new howl

The Surprisingly Strange Story of “Lapti Nek”

More unreleased ROTJ music (2005 thread)

2016 High-Res Star Wars Soundtracks

The music of the Original Trilogy vs the music of the Prequel Trilogy

Original Trilogy Soundtrack 4 CD Set (2008 thread)

John Williams says IX will be his last (2018 thread)

Star Wars Episode 1 soundtrack on 2xLP Vinyl

Prequel Music (2005 thread)

The music in the prequels (2006 thread)

The Tie Fighter Sound

Ben Burtt’s “Special Effects: Anything Can Happen”

4 (as opposed to 3) audio tracks for the original theatrical run of Star Wars?

Star Tours II: The Adventure Continues soundtrack by Michael Giacchino

J.J. Abrams Will Direct, Now Who Will Score? (2013 thread)

Wookieepedia list of Audio Books / Productions (links to an external site)

Our Audible Star Wars Podcast Reviews - Podcasts with & by Lord Phillock (2015 thread)

Star Wars-esque music

Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans : Info link - ‘The Beatles meets Star Wars’ skilled parody tribute

There are more threads on the soundtracks, music and audio of Star Wars in the SW Preservation section, the SW Fan Edit section, and the Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions section of the site.

For example…

‘The best audio, and differences between the many audio tracks available?’

‘International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)’

^ both threads are in the Star Wars Preservations and Other Fan Projects section.

‘Star Wars Soundtracks Ultimate Collector’s Edition’

^ is from the Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions section.



Literature & EU material - Legends, Canon, Comics, e-books, scripts etc…

Star Wars Film Scripts: Starkiller - The Jedi Bendu Script Site - with various drafts of scripts

The Secret History of Star Wars book & thread on it - by zombie84 : ‘Now Available In Print’ thread : AudioBook thread

Making of Star Wars (New Book) Discussion - book by J.W. Rinzler, thread by none

Making of Empire Strikes Back (the book) thread - book by J.W. Rinzler, thread by skyjedi2005 : Heilemann’s thread

Making of Return of the Jedi (the book) Thread - book by J.W. Rinzler, thread by none

Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy (the book) - book by J.W. Rinzler, thread by ATMachine

Creating the Worlds of Star Wars - 365 Days, by John Knoll & J.W. Rinzler, thread by xhonzi

Star Wars Books continued? (new & upcoming books set in the GFFA)

Favorite Star Wars Book?

Star Wars Books. Good Recommendations?

Best Books (2007 thread)

Original Trilogy Novelizations (2006 thread)

Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye - review and thoughts (2007 thread)

Journey to The Force Awakens (20 new books and comics to bridge ROTJ & TFA)

Expanded Universe Novel Discussion (a 2004 thread)

The EU Discussion Thread (a 2011 thread)

The Random EU Thoughts Thread

What do you LIKE about the EU?

What do you HATE about the EU?

EU, Sith, comics, novels, etc etc etc (2014 thread)

Lucasfilm clarifies the future of the EU (a 2014 thread)

What can Disney do to improve the nuEU?

How the Expanded Universe ruined the Original Trilogy

The Prequels as Envisioned by the (Pre-PT) Expanded Universe

Star Wars Canon EU (potential spoilers)

Why does the EU hate villains? (2009 thread)

Recommendations for Legends (old EU) books, comics, etc


Zahn’s Other SW Books (was: Survivor’s Quest vs Outbound Flight)

New Star Wars comics

The old Star Wars comics

Dark Horse to adapt “The Star Wars” (2013 thread)

The original Marvel Star Wars series

Marvel And IDW To Publish Original Star Wars Comic Strip UNCUT for the first time!

Supersnipe Comic Art Emporium

A DIY Star Wars comics universe

Lucasfilm permits limited release of Hungarian ROTJ bootleg comic (2013 thread)

Starlog Magazine at - full of back issues and info on Star Wars over the years

A reference book about Star Wars magazines

Wookieepedia’s Canon & Legends Timeline Pages / Threads:-

Canon Books : Canon Short Stories : Canon Comics : Canon History
Legends Books : Legends Short Stories : Legends Comics : Legends History



Star Wars Games & Gaming…

Star Wars Games - a 2011 thread

General Star Wars Video Game Thoughts

Advice for someone getting into SW games? - a 2007 thread

What is/was the best Star Wars Game ever, on any platform?

Super Star Wars

“Prepare for ground assault!” - a 2003 Battlefront thread (the LucasArts game)

Star Wars Battlefront (EA) - a 2015 thread

Star Wars Battlefront EA - a 2016 thread

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - controversy & thoughts

Knights of the Old Republic (2004 thread)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic General Discussion thread (KotOR, KotOR II)

Help! - a KOTOR thread

Knights of the Old Republic 1 vs 2. Which do you like more?

KOTOR III…maybe in 2008 (2008 thread)

no KOTOR 3 because of the force unleashed?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? (2007 thread)

The Force Unleashed is true to the F.U. part

A new low in Star Wars games (Star Wars Kinect - 2012 thread)

Star Wars Infinities and What it could mean to the Prequels - a 2009 thread

Super Star Wars games and “Who shot first?” poll on Wii

LEGO Star Wars!! - the game…

Lego Star Wars - Help Needed - the game…

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Video Game)

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Game Series

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire - ‘hyper-reality’ & immersive real experience / game

Star Wars 1313 Discussion - cancelled game

Livestream of The Phantom Menace PSX/PC game.

The Sad Story of LucasArts’ Darth Maul Game

Old Star Wars Games on New Computer Systems (was: Tie Fighter Collectors’ CD-ROM Works in DOSBox)

LEC games: X-Wing, TIE Fighter…

The history of Star Wars games (2008 thread)

Favorite old-school star wars game? (2005 thread)

star wars atari - a 2004 thread

The history of Star Wars arcade game documentary

Was there an ESB arcade game?

Star Wars Battle Pod : New arcade game!

SW Trilogy Arcade emulation - promising development

Anyone like the old star wars RPG’s?

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic

Star Wars Galaxies controversy… (2005 thread)

Anyone try Star Wars Galaxies???

Shut Down 2011 continues : Star Wars Galaxies

What’s Actually in the Movies? (for a GURPS RPG)

Trivial Pursuit: STAR WARS ORIGINAL TRILOGY (2008 thread - OT•com quiz)

Three Word Star Wars EU Story (2018 thread) Star Wars Franchise Game list - and check out the ‘Associated Franchise’ links too.

Wikipedia Star Wars video game list 1 : Wikipedia Star Wars video game list 2

Every Star Wars Game Ever, From Worst to Best - a 2017 article from - may be of use for info etc

Star Wars Gaming - official SW Gaming twitter account; for news and info



Star Wars Documentaries…

SW Line Movies/Documentaries/Films/Shorts/Etc - another of none’s great & informative threads

Project To Collect All Star Wars Documentaries - a preservation project thread - though very useful for info.

Treadwell Collection by none - a preservation project thread - though very useful for info.

^ More threads on preservation projects for Star Wars Documentaries can be found here - link

• Jambe Davdar’s OT Filmumentary series - Star Wars Begins : Building Empire : Returning To Jedi : Vimeo Page

• ocpmovie’s Star Wars: Deleted Magic thread - link : Deleted Magic: Revisited - link

"The People Vs. George Lucas" documentary… : The People VS George Lucas teaser trailer

The People vs George Lucas 2: Electric Boogaloo (2014 thread)

Must-See Documentaries?

“Making of Star Wars” (1977) taped from ABC??

Star Wars Behind The Magic DVD

The making of The Empire Strikes Back (Michel Parbot)

Michel Parbot “The Making of The Empire Strikes Back” Documentary - FULL VERSION FOUND!!!

The Empire of Dreams Documentary

Making Of Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back SPFX/Return Of The Jedi Classic Creatures laserdisc rips? (2010 thread)

MOSW/SPFX/From Star Wars to Jedi/Empire of Dreams (2018 thread)

“77” or 5-25-77

ELSTREE 1976 - A documentary (2014 thread)

When Star Wars Ruled The World

LADDIE - The Man That Saved Star Wars - Alan Ladd Jnr documentary project

Star Wars Holiday Special Documentary (2017 thread)

“I am your father” Documentary on Blu-Ray/DVD. Tribute to David Prowse.

My Saga - A Star Wars Fan Documentary - by Adam Harris

Tatooine Or Bust

Never Mind The Bulloch … Here’s Boba Fett (mini documentary)

Full Scale Rancor Build - Teaser Trailer Documentary

Bring Back… Star Wars (Channel Four Documentary)

Hollywood’s Master Of Myth: Joseph Campbell, The Force Behind Star Wars (BBC Documentary)

The Galaxy Britain Built (BBC Documentary) : TGBB Info - link

John Williams BBC Documentary from 1980

1985 BBC documentary “horizon – how to film the impossible”

BBC Radio 2 30th Anniversary documentary (1/2)

BBC Radio 1 - Star Wars: Skywalker, Radio Documentary

The Toys That Made Us. A documentary series



Star Wars Theme Parks, Attractions, Cons & Events…

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Disney Theme Park)

Star Tours (2011 thread)

Happy Birthday Star Tours!

Star Tours II: The Adventure Continues soundtrack by Michael Giacchino

George Lucas Super Live Adventure (2009 thread)

George Lucas’ Super Live Adventure - Wookieepedia page

Carrie Fisher at Dragon*Con! - 2011

Star Wars at MidAmeriCon (1976)

Star Wars 1977 convention pictures

Celebration IV Announcement - 2006 (for the 2007 event)

Celebration IV - 2007

Cool displays at Celebration Japan - 2008

Celebration Europe II - 2013

Celebration 2015

Celebration Europe 2016

Celebration 2017 Speculation - aka 40th Anniversary Celebration event

Celebration 2019 - Chicago

Wikipedia page for Star Wars Celebrations info - link



Star Wars Fan Films…

The Star Wars Fan Films / Shorts thread - with links to other SW Fan Film threads on the OT•com (and useful links)

Fan-Made Star Wars videos found on Youtube and similar sites - a 2016 thread.

Best Fan Films? - 2016 thread.

YouTube/Vimeo/etc… Star Wars finds - a 2010 thread. Although a general Star Wars video thread, it likely contains a fair few fan-made SW films/projects…



Star Wars Homages (also tributes, parodies, blatant rip-offs & curiosities)…

Hardware Wars SE thread on the 1978 film. Wikipedia link : IMDB link

The Donny and Marie Show Star Wars skit… - just for laughs / a warning from history…

• Starcrash - 1978 film with The Hoff, Caroline Munro & Christopher Plummer. Wikipedia link : IMDB link

Fox/Lucasfilm vs Battlestar Galactica - 1978 issues with BSG allegedly ripping off Star Wars…

The Humanoid (1979), the Italian Star Wars (2005 thread)

• Battle Beyond The Stars - 1982 film with Richard Thomas & George Peppard. Wikipedia link : IMDB link

Turkish Star Wars (aka Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam) thread on the 1982 film - Wikipedia link : IMDB link

Gremloids / Hyperspace - a 1984 film parody on a budget featuring Lord Buckethead. Wikipedia link : IMDB link

• Spaceballs - the 1987 film. Wikipedia link : IMDB link : Spaceballs 2010 SE project (on hold)

Spaceballs animated series thread for the 2008 tv series, - Wikipedia link : IMDB link

YouTube/Vimeo/etc… Star Wars finds - a 2010 thread. Although a general Star Wars video thread, it likely contains a fair few SW homages, tributes, parodies and rip-off projects…

Star Wars parody from the makers of Scary Movie and other movie spoof films thread

funniest Star Wars parody films - a 2005 thread

Star Wars Episode III: The Backstroke of the West (2005 thread)

Favorite abridged Star Wars series?

What is your favourite reference to Star Wars films in other shows (TV and Film)?

Robot Chicken Star Wars III Discussion thread

Family Guy “It’s a Trap!” trailer thread - forms part of the Family Guy’s ‘Laugh It Up, Fuzzball’ SW Trilogy. Wikipedia link

Family Guy to kick off season with 1 hour Star Wars spoof - a 2007 thread

George Lucas’s Interview with Seth MacFarlane (from the Family Guy DVD)

George Lucas parody from Mad TV - available on youtube and other similar sites

Glee to resurrect Star Wars Christmas / Holiday Special

Star Warped website thread; featuring a fair few skits, comic and parody shorts.

Willow - and Star Wars (2014 thread)

Howard the Duck (2005 thread)

Strange Magic - Lucasfilm’s New Upcoming Animated Film! (2014 thread)

“Fanboys” and “Star Wait” (fan made Star Wars movies)

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Also check out Star Wars fan-made films & projects for more parodies such as ‘Troops’ or ‘Thumb Wars’ etc



Star Wars 40th Anniversary (2017) - and some other anniversaries too…

Celebration 2017 Speculation

Star Wars Insider celebrates the 40th anniversary with…

Our open letter to Disney and Lucasfilm

Star Wars 40th Anniversary (Discussion)

Star Wars 40th Reunion

40 at 40: Interviews from the 40th anniversary reunion on May 27th, 2017

Marcia Lucas Speaks!

• Some more info from the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Star Wars (both feature videos and interviews by surviving members of those involved making the film - as well as Empire and Jedi):-

Some other Anniversary Threads…

Happy Birthday, - now 15 years old (as of 10th March, 2018)

Happy 35th Star Wars!!! - 25th May (a 2012 thread)

Happy 30th Anniversary, Star Wars! - 25th May (a 2007 thread)

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary (2007 - New Box-set)

STAR WARS CELEBRATION IV in Los Angeles - May 24-28 2007

What 30th Anniversary?

Celebrating 30 years of Empire

Where were you in '83? ROTJ 30th anniversary 5/25/83-5/25/13

10th Anniversary of the “GOUT” dvd release

It was thirty seven years ago today… - 25th May (a 2014 thread)

Happy Anniversary Star Wars! - 25th May (a 2008 thread)

Happy Birthday, Star Wars!!! - 25th May (a 2005 thread)

May the 4th be with you!! - 4th May (a 2006 thread)

May the 4th Be With You - How are you Celebrating? - 4th May (a 2014 thread)

Happy Star Wars Day - 4th May (a 2016 thread)

Subtle May 4th - (a 2015 thread)



General Star Wars Discussion threads…

(Mainly about the Original Trilogy; films, scenes, tropes, meta, actors & characters, fanhood, media, collecting, etc)

The Original Trilogy Films…

4K restoration on Star Wars (a 2014 thread - Lowry Digital / RelianceMediaWorks)

Star Wars '73

The Journal of the Whills: A Reconstruction of the 1973 Plot

Visuals/Origins of the SW 1974 Rough Draft (image heavy)

Gilbert Taylor RIP (SW '77 Cinematographer - 2013 thread)

Ben Burtt’s “Special Effects: Anything Can Happen” (with more sources and info on Ben Burtt’s work)

Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck’s work on SW

Leigh Brackett’s first draft of Empire

Hey guys, Remember when Star wars had writing like this?

Star Wars Scripts: Starkiller - The Jedi Bendu Script Site (links to external site)

The Lucas Film Edit (aka ‘How Star Wars was saved in the edit’ video) (2017 thread)

The Shifting Tone of Star Wars

OT Plot Development Analyses

• Harmy’s My STAR WARS Thesis; I need help! thread from 2012 (we’ll do your homework for you, Harmy 😉)

Star Wars could have been a modern day Iliad

Star Wars at MidAmeriCon (1976) thread - with videos.

Star Wars 1977 convention pictures

Star Wars Reviews from 1977

Star Wars mania in 1977

Original Trilogy Reception 1977-1983

How big was Star Wars in the 70s 80s and 90s?

Star Wars becoming “mainstream” and “popular” (2006 thread)

When did The Empire Strikes Back become more highly regarded than Star Wars?

The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie. Or is it?

Is Empire Strikes Back really George Lucas’ least favorite?

Audience reaction to the reveal? (Empire Strikes Back)

The Empire Strikes Back is a “junk movie” (Washington Post review - a 2012 thread)

Return Of The Jedi is the best Star Wars film… discuss!

30 years: Your Memories of Waiting for ROTJ

Return of the Jedi - your opinion?

Return Of The Jedi Appreciation Thread

What is wrong with Return Of The Jedi?

Who Felt Return Of The Jedi Was A Letdown At The Time? (2010 thread)

Return Of The Jedi (why so much hate?)

My Top 10 Reasons ROTJ sucks (2011 thread)

Remember when everyone hated Return of the Jedi?

Return of the Jedi: A Generational Conflict

Return of the Jedi cut-scene (2010 thread)

In Defense of the Ewoks (a ROTJ-ish thread)

Jabba the Hutt Strategy - from ROTJ (2008 thread)

Buttercup Valley, Arizona 1982 - Pics! it did happen! - fans find where ROTJ is being filmed…

How much time does each movie cover?

What single (Non-SW) movie from the last 30 odd years has come closest to the spirit of Star Wars?.. and why?

The Visual Design of Star Wars

Ralph McQuarrie SW Art Site

The legend is gone - Ralph McQuarrie 3/3/12

Fantastic Interview with Colin Cantwell, Original Star Wars Prototypist! (2014 thread)

1975 Ship Models - Visible for 1st time (2019 thread - by Colin Cantwell)

Pre-MaQuarrie “illustrations” for Star Wars (NASA, Flash Gordon, Frazetta, etc.) (2016 thread)

The Man Who LITERALLY Built Star Wars (interview with Roger Christian)

Hidden items in OT and other SW

Star Wars: The Costume Thread

‘Behind The Scenes’ Info on the Original Trilogy from The London Film & ComicCon '07

Star Wars Trailers

Shrinking Star Wars? - the SW universe that seems to shrink in the OT/Saga…?

Star Wars vs. A New Hope - Which title you do you refer to it as?

How to refer to Star Wars?

Unlikely Star Wars Film Titles

Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles

What’s Star Wars like in your language?

Star Wars scenes, tropes, meta etc…

Any favorite scenes?

THE Most Awesome Scene in Star Wars

Obi_Wan’s Reaction in Star Wars IV - Luke asks him how his father was killed…

Favorite line from the Star Wars Saga

Most Powerful Quote in all the Star Wars films

Lines you thought they said…

Worst Dialogue from the OT

Bonus/Extras - What am I missing?

Original Trilogy Deleted Scenes Discussion (2011 thread)

Prequel deleted scenes in HD?

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

another example of Lucas changing things to appeal to a new generation - lightsaber dueling styles of OT vs PT (2010 thread)

Shrinking Star Wars? (2011 thread)

Childhood Misconceptions (aka The Trap Thread, but misconceptions still welcome)

Star Wars Inconsistencies

Inconsistencies, retcons, and other problems in the Original Trilogy

Continuity Errors in the Original Trilogy

Plot holes in the Star Wars saga

Star Wars flaws (a to do list for fan edits) (2019 thread)

Inconsistent use of “The Force”

Who Was Obi Wan Kenobi’s Real Master?

Leia’s Role in the Rebellion

“And these blast points” (2004 thread)

Whose arm? (2012 thread - re Obi-Wan making good with a lightsaber in The Cantina scene in Star Wars '77 - with visit and info provided by Lorne Peterson)

“Close the blast doors” thread

The Death Star trench run… (may not be as you think it was)

Unused force ability? (2004 thread)

Does this make sense? (Emperor and Vader dialogue from Empire Strikes Back…)

why do people like boba fett? (2005 thread)

Did Boba Survive?

Fett’s “Death” in ROTJ

“Hoooow is that possible…”

I cannot disobey my master

The infamous chest grope

Why no mention of “Sith” in Episodes IV-VI?

Someone please explain why there is a 50’s diner in the Star Wars universe… thread

Why do they go into exile? (Yoda & Obi-Wan in Episode III)

• Stormtrooper Aiming - ‘The Infamous “Stormtrooper Aim” Explained With Science’ thread

All Stormtroopers with Jango’s voice - a 2004 thread

Qui Gon’s death

Yoda: CGI vs Puppet (2011 thread)

Multiple Lightsaber Colour Appreciation Thread!

Star Wars characters and actors…

Star Wars Names - Star Wars character names thread

Star Wars character’s names - includes your own Star Wars name & name generator

How Star Wars names are translated in non-english countries…

Monsters (in the GFFA… - a 2010 thread)

“Bounty Hunter”? (2009 thread)

Tortured…droids? (2009 thread)

Best Performance by an Actor/Actress in the Star Wars Movies

Strong Female characters in the Star Wars universe

The Worst Star Wars Characters

The Significance of British Accents in Star Wars

The problem of Owen Lars (and more)

Who could Uncle Owen hand a serious bare knuckle beating to?

Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke’s sister?

Darth Vader’s suit

Do you have a favourite stormtrooper?

Have any of the actors from the original movies ever commented on the prequels?

Favourite non Star Wars roles for Star Wars actors

What actor/actress would you like to see in new Star Wars Movies? - a 2013 thread (pre Sequel Trilogy)

Which Star Wars actors have you met?

• Mark Hamill - A Force to be Reckoned With thread : Great interview : Happy Birthday Mark Hamill - September 25th

• Carrie Fisher - on NPR : Aus interview : 2016 heart attack thread : RIP thread

• Harrison Ford - on the Holiday Special

• Peter Mayhew - Tweeting Star Wars “Journal of the Whills” script : ‘Yesterday Was A Lie’ film : Remembering Peter Mayhew

• Kenny Baker - Where is Kenny Baker on Ep7?

• Anthony Daniels - Anthony Daniels (2004 thread)

• Billy Dee Williams - Thread Title Has Billy Dee Williams In It : What reason is there BDW hasn’t been announced for 8 or 9?

Alec Guinness

• Frank Oz - Yodaspeak: A Study In Yoda’s Speaking Patterns and Their Frequency in the Star Wars Movies : Yoda: CGI vs Puppet

David Prowse - What’s the beef with?

'78 interview with David Prowse [spoilers] - he reveals Vader is Luke’s father

LucasFilm Tells David Prowse that Return of the Jedi Hasn’t Made a Profit!?

James Earl Jones

All the actors who played the Emperor???

Ian McDiarmid

Clive Revill

Peter Cushing

Christopher Lee

• Warwick Davis - Return Of The Ewok - preservation : Return of the Ewok on Hyperspace

• Ewan McGregor - Interview in Playboy

• Denis Lawson - Emmy nomination thread : That’s impossible, even for a computer voice dub thread

Wedge Antilles (Denis Lawson & Colin Higgins), ‘Col Takbright’ and Deepfakes

• John Hollis - aka Lobot: RIP

Why Sebastian Shaw is better…

Kathleen (Koo) Stark Interview - aka ‘Camie’; a character cut from Star Wars '77

Voice dubbing in the first film

Beru’s voice

Fandom discussion threads…

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

General Star Wars Questions

Star Wars internet Rabbit holes - members’ favourite / absorbing / intriguing Star Wars websites

Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up?

The Phantom Star Wars Fan

Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles

Science Fiction or Space Fantasy - what is Star Wars?

CGI and Digital or Real models and actors-whats your prefferance.? (2004 thread)

Things that you have always wondered about…

Most Baffling Complaint of a Star Wars Movie

Star Wars “Official” Canon Content Thread

What movies do you consider canon?

What is your personal canon?

Canon; A philosophical question

You know what’s better than Star Wars?

Ranking the Star Wars films

What are your favorites? List 'em 1-6 (a 2010 thread)

Hey, did you hear they came out with a DVD for that “Star Wars” movie last year? (a 2008 ‘what if?’ thread)

Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks

Which Fan Edits are considered the Best?

In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?

Machete Order? mmm (2017 thread)

Correct viewing order of ALL official Star Wars related movies / series?

How often do you actually watch an entire Star Wars movie?

I just can’t watch Star Wars anymore… (2007 thread)

Random memories from 1977-83 (2009 thread)

What it was like to experience Star Wars for the first time in 1977?

If you saw Star Wars in 1977, what do you remember?

How did you first see the Star Wars films?

What Do You Remember From Your First Viewing Of The OT?

A Long Time Ago… - Share Your Star Wars Story

Is the theater where you saw Star Wars still standing?

How many times have you bought the movies?

I will refuse to buy STAR WARS on bluray! (2010 thread)

I want my kids to see the unaltered Original Trilogy in a real theater

Adventures in Raising the Next Generation of Original Star Wars Fans

Was star wars truly meant for children? (2011 thread)

Star Wars is for children. Adults: Stop being selfish

What age should my kids watch Star Wars?

The New Generation of Star Wars Fans (2014 thread)

An inclusive universe and a new generation of fans (2016 thread)

An Experiment in Inducting a Star Wars newbie

Worst of Wookiepedia

Star Wars Trivia (a 2004 thread)

Star Wars fans - have you ever…?

Visited some Star Wars filming sites

How has Star Wars aged with you?

The influence and Cultural significance of Star Wars?

…and WE get the bad rap!!! (a different face of fandom… a 2011 thread)

What happened to Supershadow? (2005 thread)

Hilarious fan-site, but could it be a fake? (I’m guessing you know which one already…) (2010 thread)

Why we hate the prequels at OT forum - except many here don’t… (2010 thread)

PT vs OT Scientific Study (2011 thread - highly scientific!!!)

Is Star Wars “Better Than It’s Ever Been”? (2018 thread) = TFN? (2006 thread)

Original’s own documentary? (2009 thread)

When/Why did you become an OT purist?

“I am wondering… why are you here?” (2011 thread)

A message to the forum and the Star Wars fan community in general (2004 thread)

What Star Wars has meant to you (2006 thread)

That Feeling (2004 thread; on the magic of Star Wars)

Sometimes do you feel like you should give up on the cause?

Are we part of a losing battle?

How do others see the originaltrilogy•com community? (2012 thread)

Original in the Press (2005 thread; with quote from Lucasfilm PR re the OT•com and the OOT)

An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…

George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…

Media, and Collection & Memorabilia Threads…

Star Wars News - articles that may not have enough interest for their own threads…

The Random Star Wars Pics & GIFs Thread

Awesome Star Wars art (pic heavy!!

Star Wars Posters - In the style of other movies (And LP mashups too)

Thoughts on Star Wars Posters (2019 thread)

Star Wars Memes

General Star Wars Caption This (2005 thread; a lot of image links in here have since broken)

OTTO - Star Wars images with mirrored symmetry

Star Wars in “asciimation”

Youtube / Vimeo / Star Wars Video Finds

Star Wars references in other movies (2005 thread)

The Retro Star Wars Thread

How many times have you bought the movies?

I’m finally getting the OOT on vhs

OOT vhs box set?

THX Ultimate Demo Disc (2005 thread)

We have X in HD, but we still don’t have Star Wars (2017 thread)

Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up? (2005 thread)

Star Wars UK Broadcast dates (2012 thread)

Star Wars ITV broadcast version (2005 thread)

1983 UK ‘TVS’ Star Wars premiere - anybody still have a recording? (2012 thread)

Star Wars - ANH - first TV broadcast in Portugal - November the 8th, 1991. In WIDESCREEN! (2017 thread)

1990s USA Network Star Wars OT Marathon (2014 thread)

Star Wars Original HD TV broadcast? (2014 thread)

When was the Special Edition first shown on TV? (2019 thread)

Fan-made Star Wars projects and endeavours thread

Your latest Star Wars buys?

Show off your Star Wars Collection (This is the place…let’s see it already)

What was (Or still is) your single favourite Star Wars toy?

How many of you (still) have any of the old Kenner action figures?

Which Star Wars mini-rig should be realised in the movies? (2009 thread)

Little Men, Little Wars - Share Your Star Wars Collection - in the Toys & Memorabilia section

Lightsabers: Recommendations? - in the Toys & Memorabilia section

Vintage Memories - in the Toys & Memorabilia section

Stores and Websites selling Star Wars goods on sale / at discount / clearance etc - in the Toys & Memorabilia section

Batsh*t crazy ebay listings - in the Toys & Memorabilia section

A Star Wars memorabilia auction thread… - in the Toys & Memorabilia section

The worst Star Wars thing ever made?

Awful Star Wars Collectibles (2006 thread)



Archival / Historical Discussion threads…

OT•com threads on the DVD / Blu Ray / Digital / home releases etc:-

Why not release both the Originals and Special Editions on DVD? (2004 thread)

Open letter to Lucas in October 1980 to release Star Wars on Home Video (2019 thread)

opinions on film restoration/preservation and how it applies to Star Wars - what do you think should/should not be allowed? (2011 thread)

SE Trilogy on DVD coming this Fall (2004 thread)

Changes in 2004 DVDs (2004 thread)

More Changes!!! (2004 thread)

Another Trilogy DVD Screw Up? (2005 thread; on the 2004 DVD release)

Now it’s just getting ridiculous - Obi Wan’s new howl (2004 DVD change, and discussion for 2011 blu rays)

Star Wars DVD Music Mix Botched!! (2004 thread)

Letter to LFL about DVD Defects (No OT vs SE discussion) (2004 thread)

Star Wars ANH DVD replacement disc (2005 thread)

George Lucas says that the original versions of SW will probably be released on DVD (2005 thread)

6 DVD Box Set for this November (2005 thread - the release was apparently delayed a year…)

Evidence of OOT at Lucasfilm? (14th Feb, 2006 thread)



We won! (4th May, 2006 thread)

The Official Discs Will Be No Better Than What We Have! (4th May, 2006 thread)

Original Trilogy DVD FAQ (Unofficial) (8th May, 2006 thread)

Lucas talks about the Sept 12th Release of the O-OT (14th May, 2006 thread)

What are you going to do with your SE discs? (15th May, 2006)

New DVDs NOT 16x9 (17th May, 2006 thread)

make your voices heard! (again) (17th May, 2006 thread)

The Official Lucasfilm Response (23rd May, 2006 thread)

We have to buy this set at least to preserve it for the next generation of fans (27th May, 2006 thread)

first viewing of the OOT dvds (22nd July, 2006 thread)

The “original crawl” on the new DVD is NOT the original crawl! Screenshot inside! (24th July, 2006 thread)

OUT Audio: Pablo Speaks (25th July, 2006 thread)

Remember what Lucas said about the OOT not existing…? - BFI keeps preserved OOT prints (13th August, 2006 thread)

It has begun: to celebrate original films (20th August, 2006 thread)

O-OT Star Wars “Bonus Disc” menus ( (23rd August, 2006 thread)

So, this is how the DVDs are going to look… (25th August, 2006 thread)

Where Does it Actually Say that the DVDs are NOT Anamorphic?!? (27th August, 2006 thread)

Selectable crawl on new DVD? Or just the old one? (30th August, 2006 thread)

In defence of the 2004 DVDs (5th September, 2006 thread)

Star Wars Limited Edition Screen Captures (11th September, 2006 thread - comparison images with fan-made releases)

Are the PAL GOUT DVDs upscaled from the NTSC masters? (12th September, 2006 thread)

First Impressions of the OOT… (12th September, 2006 thread)

So then, PAL or NTSC GOUT for best quality? (13th September, 2006 thread) “First and ONLY Time” (13th September, 2006 thread)

What’s missing from GOUT (30th September, 2006 thread)

Star Wars Trilogy - Original Theatrical Versions: 2006 DVD Flaw List (19th October, 2006 thread)

Where do I go from here as a SW fan? (12th November, 2006 thread)

Will you buy the OOT again? (25th November, 2006 thread)

Archiving seminar reveals ‘Star Wars’ tidbit?" Another SE?! (31st January, 2007 thread)

To those who own the OOT Sept (2006) Release & an HD TV (3rd March, 2007 thread)

So, um… no new DVD’s announced this year? (30th May, 2007 thread - re a possible 30th Anniversary DVD boxset)

2006 DVD OOT (general discussion - 18th June, 2007 thread)

Why is the GOUT not anamorphic? (22nd April, 2008 thread)

I heard the 2006 set with the GOUT is now gone… (2011 thread - 2006 GOUT DVD box set out of print)

10th Anniversary of the “GOUT” dvd release (in 2006) (2016 thread)

I say forget the OOT on DVD, lets target HD-DVD/Blue Ray Now (29th July, 2007)

Yet ANOTHER DVD boxed set…sigh (2008 PT and OT SE DVD re-issue Box Set info thread - 20th August, 2008)

2008 box (10th December, 2008)

What can Be done to save the real original star wars trilogy from 1977-1983? (3rd August, 2009)

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) (April 2010 thread)

Star Wars Blu Ray Impressions (2011 thread)

What HASN’T been changed on Blu-ray – the uncorrected mistakes of Star Wars (2011 thread)

Should I buy the Original Trilogy Blu ray? I already have the 2004 DVD (2014 thread)

What’s the status of the Originals? (2013 thread)

Star Wars Blu-ray and DVD Combo Packs (2013 thread on the 2013 PT & OT blu ray / dvd Box Set releases)

2013 OT blu ray steelbook Box Set release thread - ? thread : thread

2015 OT blu ray steelbook individual films release thread - ? thread : thread

RUMOR - Original theatrical cut of the Original Trilogy to be released on blu ray!! (2014 thread - it didn’t happen)

Star Wars theatrical versions not coming in 2015

Star Wars Digital HD Release … April 10th 2015

OOT release not in anyone’s plans… (2016 thread - no OOT set for the 2017 40th anniversary / near future)

Star Wars trilogy box sets coming next year? (2019 thread)

4K restoration on Star Wars (2014 thread - Lowry Digital / RelianceMediaWorks)

Speculation about the 4K Future of AOTC and ROTS (2019 thread)

STAR WARS in 3-D! (2005 thread)

3D ?! (2006 thread)

3D STAR WARS for the masses…has ARRIVED! (2009 thread)

3D Conversions (2017 thread)

Free “farewell” Screening of 1977 Star Wars collector’s print - British I.B. Technicolor (2010 thread)

Jedi 30th Ann. screening at Pixar…of the original version! - with input from Phil Tippett (2014 thread)

Carolina Theater in Greensboro claims to be showing GOUT this weekend (2019 thread)

Screening of the Original Version of STAR WARS July at Stockton, CA (2019 thread)

70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA! (2019 thread)

Note: There is more information to be found on the various and differing releases of Star Wars down the years - in the ’Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions’ section of this site…

Wookieepedia’s quality page listing the many ‘Star Wars home video’ releases - link

Video Collector’s superb & informative ‘Star Wars on Video’ resource website (with images and info) - link

Threads about the history & events of the Original Trilogy / series as a whole:-

Star Wars: The Lucas Film Edit (aka ‘How Star Wars was saved in the edit’ video)

“The People Vs. George Lucas” documentary… thread : ‘People vs George’ website - link

The Secret History of Star Wars (zombie84’s own book thread of TSHoSW) thread

secrethistoryofstarwars•com has gone (2015 thread)

Save Star Wars Dot Com (zombie84’s 2010 website thread) thread : SaveStarWars website - link

Star Wars official website closes its forums (from 2011)

The Sad State Of Star Wars (2005 thread)

State of the Trilogy / annual SW depression (2008 thread)

Does it depress you… (2011 thread; on the-then coming blu ray release)

Lucasfilm to sell Physical Effects Unit (2006 thread)

“Lucas can’t find home for Star Wars spin-off”

Photo of Star Wars reels inside the Fox Film Vault (2018 thread)

BFI preserving OOT!! (the British Film Institute preserving the Original Trilogy - a 2006 thread)

OFFICIAL: Library of Congress had original prints replaced with 1997 SE

Opinions on film restoration/preservation and how it applies to Star Wars - what do you think should/should not be allowed? (2011 thread)

Is there a single Lucasfilm release on blu ray that has not been tampered with?

Free “farewell” Screening of 1977 Star Wars collector’s print - British I.B. Technicolor (2010 thread)

4K restoration on Star Wars (2014 thread - Lowry Digital / RelianceMediaWorks)

doubleofive’s List of Lists and Comparisons

Star Tours (2011 thread)

Disney Acquires LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, Ep 7 in 2015, 8 and 9 to Follow, New Film Every 2-3 Years

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Disney Theme Park) announced - a 2017 thread. Wikipedia page - link

Kathleen Kennedy (2012 thread)

Disney to buy 20th (21st) Century Fox? - they did, in Dec '17

A New direction for Lucasfilm Animation

Disney Closing LucasArts

George Lucas leaves Lucasfilm (2012 thread)

George Lucas, Marcia Lucas, Kershner, Marquand, Kurtz, Kazanjian, Ward, McCallum etc - people behind the scenes of the OT film era; and at Lucasfilm since…

George Lucas discusses letting go of Star Wars

George Lucas (2017 thread - opinions on GL)

G. Lucas to host showing of Star Wars “1977” for AFI’s 40th anniversary (2007 thread)

George Lucas Interview - Circa April 1977

29th October 1979 (2006 thread on a Lucas interview from 1979)

An article of lies and disgust (2004 thread)

‘Merge’ Article - Lucas in his own words (2006 thread)

Fascinating article about Star Wars and George Lucas from 1997 (2006 thread)

Found this quote from Lucas about the Fans from May '05 (2005 thread)

Yeah, its us OLD people George - thanks! (2005 thread; comments by GL at Cannes ROTS screening)

Lucas is just trolling now - THR Interview (2012 thread - The Hollywood Reporter interview)

It’s Official: George Lucas hates his fans 😛 (2012 thread)

George Lucas’ comments re his Sequel Trilogy (2018 thread)

Was Lucas Just Lucky?

Did GL take too much credit?

George Lucas’s worst decision (with the Star Wars franchise)

Proof of Lucas’ revisionism in Rinzler’s making-of book? (2019 thread)

Lucas’ EU in 1977 (midi-chlorians, space gypsies & crystal currency)

Do the Star Wars movies contain evidence that Lucas makes it up as he goes?

Did George actually have an “original vision?”

My take (long) (2005 thread on some of the GL revisionism re the planning / history of the ‘Saga’)

When did you realize that George Lucas was full of it?

See George there’s no reason to lie… (future of star wars) (2007 thread on GL interview)

Indication of twelve Star Wars episodes on an old soundtrack album cover?

Expecting too much? (2006 thread)

Lucas to give the Oscars back to the Academy (2004 thread)

Judging by ESB & ROTJ original box office gross, here is why Lucas started to change (2006 thread)

The Lucas Bashing Phenomenon - brought to you by Wikipedia (2005 thread)

George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist… (2019 thread on some of Lucas’ retcons & contradictions)

Try to take it easy with the Lucas bashing (2006 thread)

Let’s all say something nice about George Lucas. No insults allowed

Happy Birthday George (14th May - 2012 thread)

The Lucas Film Edit (aka ‘How Star Wars was saved in the edit’ video) (2017 thread)

Do Star Wars fans have appreciation for the wrong Lucas?

3 ways George Lucas’ wife saved Star Wars

Marcia Lucas Speaks!

ANH screening with modelmaker Lorne Peterson… Why Screen The SE?? (2006 thread)

[Article] Kershner Would Have Directed One of the Prequels (2010 thread)

George Lucas jealous of Irvin Kirshner’s Star Wars?

Irvin Kershner has passed away (2010 thread)

Is “Empire Strikes Back” really George Lucas’ least favorite?

The making of The Empire Strikes Back (Michel Parbot) (2007 thread)

Judging by ESB & ROTJ original box office gross, here is why Lucas started to change (2006 thread)

Jedi 30th Ann. screening at Pixar…of the original version! - with input from Phil Tippett

Quotes from Gary Kurtz (2005 thread)

New Gary Kurtz interview! (2006 thread)

Gary Kurtz L.A Times article (2010 thread)

Anatomy of Star Wars Masterclass w/ Gary Kurtz & Sandy Lieberson (2011 thread)

Gary Kurtz Blasts ‘Star Wars’ Myths (2014 thread)

R.I.P. Gary Kurtz (24th September, 2018)

Howard Kazanjian (2005 thread)

Making of Return Of The Jedi (the book) Thread

Interview With Richard Marquand Director of Return of the Jedi (June 1983)

The unmasking of Vader and Richard Marquand

What was the point of hiring Richard Marquand in the first place? (2016 thread)

Jim Ward steps down (2008 thread)

Rick McCallum Exits Lucasfilm! (2012 thread)

Kathleen Kennedy (2012 thread)

HelloGreedo’s ‘Star Wars Profiles’ series of actors - and people BTS - of the Original Trilogy (and beyond…)

Note: There is far more information to be found on the various and differing releases of Star Wars down the years - in the ’Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions’ section of this site…

For example, doubleofive’s superb ’Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread, and the ‘George Lucas / Lucasfilm’ section of the An Index Thread for Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases



The numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy films over the years…

Sources of information regarding the copious changes made to the Original Trilogy films over the years (and many topics of discussion on them) can be found in the ‘Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases’ section of the OT•com, here:-

Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes’ thread, by doubleofive

as well as these two threads:-

An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be…

George Lucas: Unreliable Narrator & Time Travelling Revisionist…



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The links below are FAQs or Info sections from other Star Wars related websites - they may contain certain points of view you may not agree with - or that may not be factually correct…

F:L:I:M:S:I:P:L:A:S:T: D:A:T:A:B:A:S:E - superb array of Star Wars information exhaustively compiled by none : thread - comprehensive history of Star Wars; and some of it’s revisionism - by zombie84 : thread

Secret History Of Star Wars website - by zombie84, re-hosted by none : thread : AudioBook thread for SHOSW book

Star Wars Special Edition Visual Comparisons - doubleofive’s blog : thread

Star Wars Archives - a great resource for the OT films, by Darth Neo : thread

The People Vs George Lucas - 2010 documentary website : thread

mverta’s StarWarsLegacy site - SW '77 Preservation/Restoration project : thread

Jambe Davdar’s Filmumentaries - Original Trilogy documentaries & more : OT SW thread : OT ESB thread : OT ROTJ thread - a great resource for SW home video releases, run by Video Collector

HelloGreedo’s ‘Star Wars Profiles’ series of actors and people BTS of the Original Trilogy (and beyond…) - interviews with people working behind the scenes of Star Wars

Star Wars Holiday Special website - a great resource of SWTHS info, run by SKot

T-Bone’s Star Wars Universe - great info & one of the longest running SW sites on the internet

Starkiller - The Jedi Bendu Script Site - a top resource for many various drafts of Star Wars scripts

Star Wars Obscurities - in-depth info (such as unused footage and screenplays) on the Star Wars Saga

Star Wars At The Movies - a great resource for the OT films (with articles, blog and podcasts)

Star Wars Underworld (info and news twitter account)

SW Holocron (info & photos twitter account)

Star Wars 1977-1983 (info & photos twitter account)

Classic Star Wars (info & photos twitter account)

Milners Blog - Star Wars - assorted info and news (+ great images)

Star Wars News & Views - youtube channel; assorted info and news, run by zombie84 and friends

Star Wars Encyclopedias & similar info resources, FAQs and SW lore…

Wikipedia’s Star Wars page’s Databank

Reddit’s Star Wars FAQ


Wookieepedia - Star Wars ‘home video’ releases page

Star Wars Galaxy Map - a ‘Google Maps’ type site for the GFFA

T’bone’s Star Wars Universe

Yoda’s Datapad FAQs

ThoughtCo’s Star Wars Mysteries (FAQ) (FAQ)’s Encyclopedia

Star Wars Comparison - youtube channel; assorted comparison videos of various releases of the Original Trilogy films

Star Wars Explained - youtube channel; assorted mix of info, news & SW lore

EckhartsLadder - youtube channel; assorted mix of info, news & SW lore

Stupendous Wave - youtube channel; assorted mix of info, news & SW lore

The Lore Master - youtube channel; assorted mix of info, news & SW lore

HelloGreedo - youtube channel; assorted mix of info, news, reviews & ponderings

At-AT Chat - youtube channel; assorted mix of info, news, reviews & ponderings

Girls With Sabers - youtube channel; assorted mix of info, news, reviews & ponderings - assorted mix of news and info; also with more content at



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