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Why is the original trilogy better than the prequels?


I believe the prequels are better in a lot of ways.

·Better action

From the acrobatic and intense lightsabe duels to chasing a bounty hunter through busy Corosaunt traffic, the prequel action blows the cheesy saber clashes from the origanls out of the water

·Better characters

Yes, Han,Lea,Vader, Lando and Luke are all amazing but it kind of stops there. Obi Wan,Qui Gon, Anakin, Mace, Grevious, Maul, Jango, all of them had such better design and presence then the original cast.

·Better Story

Anakins journey was allot more fun than Luke’s, we got to see him as a kid, see what tormented him growing up, we see the amazing connection with him and Obi Wan, and ultimately the tragedy of him losing everything he had aqquired throughout the trilogy.

I could go on but I’d rather hear what peoples reasons are for preferring the originals. I love all 8 movies don’t get me wrong!


I don’t dislike the Prequels (TCW is my favorite Star Wars), but I think the OT is the superior of the films.

Put simply:

  1. The actors in the Prequels are all very wooden. Yes, the characters may have better “design” but are they more engaging to watch? Is Mace Windu really more engaging than Han Solo? Qui-Gon is supposed to be a roguish Jedi but speaks just as dull as the others. Both Grevious and Maul have amazing designs, but have no character in the films besides “I bad guy”. And Anakin is a creep through Episode II. Now a lot of this is fixed in TCW, but from the three movies it’s all very dull.

  2. The dialogue is pretty bad. I mean, we go from “I love you” / “I know” to “I don’t like sand”

  3. The connection between Anakin and Obi-Wan is told to us but never shown. The closet is the opening of ROTS but even then there’s an air of tension. The “good ol days” the tragedy revolves around are never shown. Fixed in TCW.

  4. Palpatine’s plan revolves around so many plot contrivances to the point no one even cares about the war because the Clones are faceless cannon fodder (again, this is fixed in TCW but we are only going off the movies). Also, the Jedi are super stupid to not realize Palpatine is evil.

  5. Anakin’s turn is sudden, based entirely around a dream, and within 5 minutes he is willing to kill younglings. Very confusing.

  6. Overall, TPM and AOTC are fun side adventures at best, and the PT would have been far better had ROTS been stretched into three movies with the events from Eps 1 and 2 explained in expositionary dialogue. It feels ridiculously rushed by the end.

Maul- A Star Wars Story