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What kind of Star Wars fan are you?

I've been impressed lately at the quality and depth that most of the discussions here on the boards. One of the ideas I've been kicking around is making a net based Star Wars personality quiz.

What I'd like to develop are basic categories of fans and questions to root-out which kind of fan folks are. Sort of like those personality colors tests. The questions would have to be to determine the fans preferences. Questions like:

Nilo Rodis-Jamero or Corran Horn?
Blue Harvest or Caravan of Courage?
John Williams or Ewan MacGreggor?
Joseph Campbell or Timothy Zahn?
Emperor's Royal Guard or Industrial Light and Magic?
Despayre or Star's End?

I'd have lots of other questions as well, of course. So basically I could use a bit of input from my fellow Senators to figure out the basic catagories that best describe the fans. Do you like all six, or three or the EU or the whole thing? Is collecting figures more important to you than listening to the soundtracks? If you watch the DVDs, do you go to the Making of... documentaries or play the X-box demo?

I tried this on another site and got a few responses, but they were more interested in the moral dillemmas of Mace Windu. I think we got enough thinkers here to get some types nailed down.

So... which films do you like, why do you like them, what do you like most about them?
It's like a buffet now, so much to choose.

Well I like the original trilogy, that's why I'm here. I like the story of Luke Skywalker, he's my hero. I also like parts of Revenge of the sith that seem almost as competent as the original trilogy. That would be the opera scene, and everything coming from Ewan Mcgregor. The rest is garbage.

When i say original, I mean more of a combination of the best stuff from both the originals and special editions. I don't blindly hate everything done in the special editions. The parts that actually enhance the experience and don't tarnish it like that greedo shooting first fiasco are what i like. More specifically, I like only the cosmetic enhancements that don't affect the story.

I like the boob job trilogy with a slice of revenge of the sith on the side; I guess I could say that.

He big in nothing important in good elephant.

"Miss you, I will, Original Trilogy..."

"Your midichlorians are weak, Old man." -Darth Vader 2007 super deluxe extra special dipped in chocolate sauce edition.
Interesting thread. Have a few ideas of my own, but I'll PM them to you so as not to spoil your quiz if it ever goes live on the net.

This quote from another thread is also relevant:
Originally posted by: Nobody
I submit that there are three classes of fans:

-Those old enough to remember Star Wars as a stand-alone film.
-Those who grew up with the trilogy as a complete set.
-Those who grew up with the Special Edition and prequels.

For the first group, even the second two films were an intrusion of sorts. This is my father - he still insists that "Darth" is Vader's first name.

I'm in the second group. Han shoots first, damnit, but I don't flinch at the title "A New Hope," and I'm happy to tell you why a planet of Ewoks is better than a planet of Wookies.

As for the third group, that's my brothers, but I'm not sure there is much consensus opinion, apart from "Natalie Portman is hot." I defer to bkev et all.

Oh, and I'm 26.

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I know enough about the films that I have a working knowledge of the main characters, events and situations that make up the films. I have Expanded Universe books, but I consider (most of) them inferior to the original films. I will watch the prequel trilogy if it comes on TV, but as a purchase, I wouldn't bother. I have a sporadic collection of action figures, and I buy a couple every so often when I see a deal. Finally, yes, I do remember when there was just an "original trilogy". That's why I came here.
I'm a fan from the angle of film enthusiasm. I adore the original trilogy, and know the films backwards and forwards, but I haven't read a scrap of extended universe material, or even played a Star Wars video game, and have no desire to. Like some others, I don't mind the Special Edition's cosmetic changes, but I find it hypocritical to cherry-pick, so I advocate the release of a (properly restored) original trilogy in its original condition, warts and all. My position is that George can do whatever he wants to his trilogy, I just want the original versions also.

My thoughts on the films might be useful. I continually waffle back and forth on whether I like Star Wars or Empire better. Star Wars has a classic simplicity to it. It is also the most fun, especially as a film enthusiast, since the movie basically takes all the standard stories that have inspired western pop culture, and plays mix and match. On the other hand, that makes it difficult to take seriously, being so referential. If Kurosawa, Tolkein, and Buck Rogers had not come before, Star Wars would not exist. Empire is not only a more powerful dramatic work, it is also the point where Star Wars moves past simple homage and grows its own mythology. As for Jedi, it is clearly the weakest of the three, but not too much weaker, and not, I think, by its own fault. It is simply a tall order to be the last part of a trilogy. It doesn't have the luxury of going wherever it wants, or ending however it wants. It is given a checklist of things that must be accomplished and questions that have to be answered. Jedi spends its first half tying up loose threads from Empire, and the second half providing a rousing finale for the trilogy as a whole, and has precious little time to develop its own themes. I think it does admirably under the circumstances, and can be forgiven for a few bizarre choices and a general lack of cohesion.

As for the prequels, I like to say that we've gone from Saturday afternoon serial to Saturday morning cartoon. That pretty much sums up the difference in dramatic tone. In retrospect, Phantom is the most watchable, because it aims low. As simple-minded children's fare, it's not awful. Clones actually tries to be serious drama, and fails with hysterical clumsiness. But of all six, Revenge of the Sith is the worst. By far the worst. It demonstrates such an astonishing disregard for character development - and human emotion - that it occasionally bordered on offensive. Beyond disrespectful to the characters, it became disrespectful to the audience itself, carrying on with a smug confidence while cutting every corner, taking every cheap shot, and trying to foist tears on us that it never even tried to earn. I've been disappointed in Star Wars before, but always with a laugh or a sigh. I think of Revenge of the Sith, and I get angry. I HATE Revenge of the Sith. It is some of the most juvenile, irresponsible, amateurish filmmaking I have ever seen.

Er, anyway. I'm calm now. Hope that was helpful.
Let me be short: I used to like the prequels, then I learned they quite sucked.
All I really want/need is the OOT, and I hate to see them dissapear from national psyche to be replaced by a prpagandist vision. I equally like the original versions of SW, ESB, and ROTJ, and regret buying the 04 DVD set. I highly doubt that the OOT will ever be properly restored for decades, so I might need to suffer with substandard quality. Anyways, I have nothing to say about the EU, I know nothing about it.
Let me be like generalfrevious...

I used to like the prequels (well, I still do... in their own way... nostalgia) but they honestly pretty much suck.

As much as I am not bothered by the changes (many of them illogical... a few I AM BOTHERED BY: Hayden in ROTJ!!! ARRGH! *spits*)
It's absolutely necessary to have a good (possibly high def and Lowry restored) quality version of the OUT(Original Unaltered Trilogy right?) available... It's something highly required.

I don't necessarily like nor care about anything EU because most of it is just not the Star wars feel, get it? The video games are okay, except for most of them in terms of design and crap like that... never mind.


I like and enjoy all the films be it whatever, not much really bothers me when it comes to these films and I enjoy them for what they are and find them fun, but like most here what I would like is a watchable set of the original films which will last me forever, I dont care about EU or anything else, to me its the films and thats it.