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Star Wars Headcanons


Any theory or little thing you’d like to believe is true in the GFFA despite no direct evidence. Here’s a few to get started.

Oh and before one of you smartasses does it, here’s the obligatory xkcd comid.

Palpatine is hundreds of years old, possibly even as old as Yoda. Through the teachings of the immortality obsessed Plagueis and “secrets only the Sith knew”, he has be able to prolong his life for several centuries. However, it did only the bare minimum to preserve his body, hence the sorry state it’s in when his true form is revealed in RotS.

Obi-Wan Force healed Luke after the Tusken Raiders killed him. Think about it. Why wouldn’t the Tusken Raiders kill Luke? Why would Ob-Wan sacrifice himself when he could have easily made it back to the ship? My explanation is that Obi-Wan gave Luke his lifeforce, meaning he would die instead. He strained himself to last until the Death Star, and when the time came, gave himself into the Force.

Jannah is Finn’s sister. It fixes every problem I have with her character as well as improving Finn’s arc. I genuinely hope to integrate this into an edit.


The Force is not a marvel superpower. It’s found in everyone. Midichlorians are just what generate when you believe in the force. From this raw talent you must work to hone your skills, just like any other task.

Like Obi-Wan says, you just need to let go. Child Anakin and Rey both dream of the tales of heroes, hence their initial talent. Then you need to hone your skills, which Anakin does in the Jedi Temple and Rey does through scavenging.

Luke was more challenging because he didn’t let go and was always skeptical. He wanted to be a pilot, not Jedi. But once he embraces the force at the Trench Run, he too understands.

So yeah Han Solo could have been a Jedi if he wanted

Maul- A Star Wars Story


Korriban shows up in Halloween stories told by the people of the galaxy just like Transylvanian castles in our galaxy.

If Plagueis shows up in the ST, not only will I refuse to watch the movies, but I won't so much as watch the trailers, either. - DuracellEnergizer


Funnily, according to Wookieepedia, Obi-Wan did use a mild form of Force healing to awaken Luke after he was beaten up by the Tusken.

  • Palpatine Force-drained Padmé to save Darth Vader’s life.
  • The two Sith Wayfinders were designed by Darth Bane after he issued the Rule of Two, and were inherited by generations of Sith masters and apprentices.
  • Snoke’s creation was originally a failed attempt from Plagueis to cheat death. Palpatine later “inherited” him and repurposed him for his own means.
  • The shady counselors that accompanied Palpatine on the second Death Star in ROTJ had direct ties to the Sith Eternal cultists of Exegol. The reason they only appeared in two scenes and then vanished is because Palpatine sent them to prepare his clone body as a last-measure contingency.
  • Luke Skywalker’s Jedi academy was called the Praxeum (nod to Legends).
  • Ewoks ate a bunch of Stormtroopers.
  • Hondo Ohnaka was a part of Lando Calrissian’s fleet.
  • Finn is set to become Rey’s first Jedi Padawan.
  • Palpatine got the idea for Darth Vader’s mask design from studying cave paintings on Nelvaan.
  • Unlike in the EU, the original Sith Species is still very much alive, and Ochi is one of them (as are most of the cultists in TROS).
  • Once Palpatine died, the weather on Exegol cleared up, meaning the Star Destroyers could have easily taken off with or without the navigation tower. The only reason they didn’t is because the stormtroopers mutinied.
  • Because of the destruction of Alderaan, Leia was incredibly paranoid about putting too many resources on any one planet. That’s why the Republic capital rotated between planets, that’s why the Resistance base was off-world before there was any imminent threat, and that’s why the Resistance’s allies were “scattered in the Outer Rim” in TLJ.
  • Solana was Rey’s mother’s name.
  • The second death star was just a shell. All it had on the inside was the superlaser and about one Star Destroyer’s worth of hangars and corridors. The rest was to be empty space to make the structure look as big as possible.
  • Immediately after the events of Revenge of the Sith, a clone of Luke was made, and given to one of Padme’s sisters to be raised as her own. This clone, who believed himself to be Luke’s cousin, was named Mark Hamill, and he is the one who appeared alongside Luke in episode 417 of the Muppet Show.
  • Every diegetic song in the saga was written by Oma Tres.
  • If Han and Luke hadn’t rescued Leia, Vader would have stopped the execution himself and taken Leia as his apprentice.

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DuracellEnergizer said:

Madine belongs to the same species as this guy.

Yep. My favorite fan theory. It’s just perfect. He poured a styrofoam cup of water up there right as Ackbar is giving his speech, out of frame.

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