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I think Star Wars covers all sci-fi ideas. Am I wrong?


I think I found all of them. Did I miss any? Enjoy my list.
I did a lot of research and I think I found everything their is to find on Wookieepedia when it comes to sci fi Ideas. Did I miss any?
Here’s my research

-Shrink Ray-

-Matter replicator- -




-Weather control-… -


-Sex robots-

-Time machine-

-Mind uploading-

-Parallel universes-

-Gender change-

-Nootropics (Cognitive enhancers)-

-Fully immersive virtual reality-


-Smaller than nanotech-
Note: Transmogrification of this sort would be femtotechnology

-Bioships- Starship

-Wormhole travel-



-Augmented reality-

-Digital afterlife-



-Body swapping-


-Zombie plague-


Yes, I would actually say that, in answer to your title question, you are wrong.

ray_afraid said:

Star Wars has shoe-horned & ham-fisted every sci-fi trope into some story, somewhere, sometime.

Now this may be true, but scifi, as I consider it, is much more about themes - particularly those pretty well summarised in the wikipedia article. And while even some of that may on occasion have become tropey, the best scifi has lots of thematic substance, I feel. I consider Star Trek TNG to be a near-perfect representation of the type of mix of:

discussing current political/religious/cultural affairs via a “future” setting,
discussing human emotions,
discussing AI, augmented reality, etc. (“scifi” topics) in a culturally relevant, often moralistic sense,

and some other things that I love scifi for.

Star Wars has politics, sure, but mostly it is not scifi at all, but space fantasy. I mean really, is it closer to Blade Runner or to Flash Gordon? I think the answer is clear.