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❕ An Index Of Projects & Help Thread for Fan Edits & Projects for Other Properties...


An Index Of Projects & Help Thread for Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties…

An Index of just a few of the 1200+ threads over 50 pages that have been posted in the ‘Fan Edits of Other Films’ section of the OriginalTrilogy•com down the years…

A polite request: That fan editors & preservationists keep their project threads (and thread titles) updated as to their status - whether their project is in the… ‘Planning’ or ‘Idea’ stages, if any ‘Help Needed’ is required, is a ‘Work In Progress (WIP)’, or hopefully ‘Finished’ & ‘Released’ - or even unfortunately ‘Unfinished’, ‘Cancelled’ or ‘On Hiatus’ etc.

The site staff also ask that fan editors & preservationists include information in the opening post of their project thread as to how they would like members to ask about obtaining their projects; whether that is by sending them a PM, or asking for link requests in the project thread itself, or by other means. Thank you.

If you’d like your project added to this Index please post a link to it below - along with which category it belongs in & its current status.

Some information about The 2020 re-organisation of the ‘Fan Project’ sections of the site - and more…

If making a new thread that is NOT a fan project… please give fellow members a clear idea of what the thread is about. For example, add ‘Query’, or ‘Info’, ‘Discussion’, ‘Help: looking for…’, ‘Help Wanted’, ‘Info Wanted’, ‘Has anyone done a project on X?’, or ‘Idea: for Project X’ etc to the thread title. Do not make new threads for which there are project threads already in existence.

Please let us also know if you see any errors, broken links or if project threads / this Index requires updating. 👍

Also, if you have any suggestions for additional projects or threads to be added, please post them in here - thank you.

The ‘by abcde’ refers to the linked thread itself being created by ‘abcde’ - and not necessarily the project itself.

The Index Categories are…

• Finished Projects - with some ongoing WIPs (Work In Progress)
• Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member
• Info and Project Discussion Threads… (with some Ideas & Unfinished Projects)
• General, Technical & Format threads
• OT•com Meta / Archival threads (previous Indexes, Requests, and spoRv’s superb Master List of Fan Edits & Projects)
• General info & links, help, and some answers to queries…


Vultural has a quality FanEdit Reviews - Post Your Reviews Here thread for members who wish to leave some feedback and information on any of the Fan Edits they may have viewed. Please read Vultural’s opening post of his thread before making a post in there - thank you.

Hopefully it will be of some help and use for any intrigued members for certain Edits as well as for the Editors themselves. And also be a benefit for newer members who may be seeking some guidance or information on Edits.


RoccondilRinon has very kindly made an OriginalTrilogy•com animated logo for use with any Preservation or Fan Edit projects:-

OT•com animated logo - NOW AVAILABLE for use in fan edits and other projects(by RoccondilRinon)

^ (if you’d like to give credit for the above animations please do so to St. Kilda Design - RoccondilRinon’s art and design brand; thanks)


Bluto’s comprehensive and quality Guide to Downloading Projects from Usenet thread, in the How-To’s and Technical Discussions section of the site, may be of interest for those members looking to acquire any available Projects this way.



Looking to acquire projects on here? Then please read this…

(and take the time to look around to see how this place works - and doesn’t - before posting requests for projects on here - thank you)

I have found a Fan Edit / Preservation Project I am interested in - but don’t know how to get / acquire / download it?

The OriginalTrilogy•com is a community where a ‘read first - post after’ mantra benefits everyone here - especially for the ‘Fan Project’ sections. We appreciate some may be excited to see the projects that feature on here - information on how to acquire them is readily available - yet patience is also required. If you bring impatience, entitlement, aggressive or vitriolic attitudes, personal attacks, or toxicity… then expect some choice words in return - and also expect your stay on here to be a short one.


These ‘signpost’ threads, featuring useful info and links to the five most sought-after fan projects, may be of interest…

Some info & help for Harmy’s Despecialized Editions of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for Puggo’s Grande 16mm preservations of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for TN1’s 4K77, 4K80 & 4K83 preservation projects of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for adywan’s Revisited Editions of the Original Trilogy…

Some info & help for the Hal 9000 Edits of the Prequel & Sequel Trilogies (+ more)

Obviously there are countless more projects in the four main Project Index threads in each of the ‘Fan Project’ sections of the site.





Finished Projects… - with some ongoing WIPs (Work In Progress)


007 - see the ‘J’ section for James Bond projects
13 To 30: Extraflirty - by boone23
21 Grams - Rebalanced - by Ackbar’s Fishsticks
24 The Game Cut Scenes Fan Edit - by Raul2176
27 Days Later (28 Days Later: Soldier Redux Edition) - by boone23
27 Weeks Later - by Ghostcut
300 re-cut w. NIN - by kaine23
2001: The Monolith Set - by Devilman-1369
2001: A Serialized Odyssey - by act on instinct
2001 vs Interstellar - by ranger613
Alex North’s 2001 - by ITHoTMK


A.D. Anno Domini miniseries (1985) Reconstruction/Fan-Edit - by bobbydeez
ADigitalMan (ADM) - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Aladdin: Restored Edition - by ADigitalMan
Alexander - The Spence Edit - by Spence101287
Alien (1979): Ripley Does Dallas Edition (Extended) - by heathen3017
Alien: The Extended Cut - by Alienuncut1979
ALIEN: REDUX - The Virtual Workprint - by cosmicjazz
Alien 3 HD - by suntech
Alien 3 Extended Edition - by nookupeous
Alien 3 - Third Cut - by 15 MaF
Alien 3: The Re-Assembly Cut - by xeno_alpha_07
Alien Redux: The Virtual Workprint (Alien Appendix #2) - by meedermow
The Alien Archive (Alien Appendix #3) - by Jonno
Alien - Dan O’Bannon’s Memory - Alien, The Dixon Cut - by stickydixon
LV_426, (Prometheus fanedit) - by strangeland
Prometheus - Improved edition - by Dazman
Alien: Vast Ships of Fools (a Prometheus & Covenant 2-in-1) - by orchidal
Antinatalism (The Tree of Life) - by archimedes
Army of Darkness: The Medieval Deadit - by Dek Rollins
Army of Darkness - The Primitive Screwhead Edition - by RidgeShark
Assault On Precinct 13 - BLOOD OATH (Assault on precinct 13 edit 1976) - by Maniac fan editor
Attack Of The Super Monsters (1983) - by Deathkappa
Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery - Sanitized - by TV’s Frink
The Austin Powers Trilogy: ADigitalMan Shaggadelic Extended Editions - by ADigitalMan
Austin Powers: Hey Austin (Sitcom Of The Original Trilogy) - by SonOfSinbad
Pandora (Avatar fanedit) - by JasonN
Avatar: Recycled - by kevinicus
Avengers Assembled “Prequel” - by marioxb
‘The Avengers’ ISSUES #1-4 UP! - by strangeland
Avengers - Civil War: Vengeance Has Consumed You - by Cameron Samurai
Avengers: Age of Ultron – Improved Edition - by Dazman
Avengers Forever (Infinity War and End Game Edit) - by Hadam10Rose
Avengers Infinity War + Endgame: Final Curtain (WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Avengers: CosmicQuest (a WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Avengers - Infinity War Thor - by Malthus
Avengers - Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her - by triadne
(The Avengers) Dawn of Thanos Re-edit | MCU Refocused [Workprint Released] - by Acbagel
Captain America: The Next Soldier (Falcon and Winter Soldier Feature & Spoilers) - by Cameron Samurai


Babylon 5 Project: The entire series edited into 22 movies - by subjectzero
Babylon 5: Enhanced 4K & 1080p Edition (DVD 16:9 & HD 4:3 Fusion) - by Black Alert (a Work In Progress)
Back to the Future as one film - by Hal 9000
The Hill Valley Chronicles BTTF Trilogy>>>10TVEPS - by Sinbad
Back to the Future project - by GeoMFilms
Back To The Future Reflux Edition (Remake Of The Original Trilogy) - by SonofSinbad
Barry Lyndon - German Version (WIP) - by TheHutt (a Work In Progress)
Batman Series Edit - by Lace Whiskey Fan
Batman (1989) A Dark Knight In Gotham City - by EyeShotFirst
Batman Returns: De-Bizzarified - by ThatGuyWhoEdits
Batman Forever - Dark Knight Edition - by DrakeRetro
Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut - by ThatGuyWhoEdits
Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3 - by ThatGuyWhoEdits
Batman Forever : The Un-Official Director’s Cut - by ThatGuyWhoEdits
Batman Forever: The Real Game Begins (a WIP) - by CamSMurph (a Work In Progress)
The Official Greencapt ‘Batman & Robin: De-Assified’ Edit thread - by greencapt
Batman & Robin Redacted - by Cameron Samurai
Batman The Killing Joke restructured - by JeromeTheEditor
Batman: The Killing Joke - The DCAU Cut by Cameron Samurai
Batman - The Dark Knight: Experience Joker - Fanedit - nicklan
Batman - The Dark Knight: Retribution (WIP) - by krausfadr (a Work In Progress)
Batman v Superman: The Third Alternative - by The Aluminum Falcon
Batman v Superman: No Justice [WW, Justice League, Darkseid, Doomsday removed] - by reesevans
Batman & Superman: Justice - by Cameron Samurai
Batman: The Intimidation Game - by bob79519
Info: Battlestar Galactica (old series) Fanedits with CGI - by jobel
Battlestar Galactica (original series) fan edits - by dkerin
Battlestar Galactica re-edit/special edition - by dkerin
Battlestar Galactica “Experiment in Terra” is online - by dkerin
Battlestar Galactica - Hand of God re-edit/se - by dkerin
Battlestar Galactica Judgement Day (Return Of Starbuck Edit) - by dkerin
Battlestar Galactica Saga of a Starworld fan SE - by dkerin
battlestar galactica “Saga” re-edit online (tos) - by dkerin
Battlestar Galactica Telemovie Edits - by FanFiltration
Angrysvn’s Birds of Pey - thread by kaine23
Black Widow: The Civil Cut (WIP) - SPOILERS - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Blade: Pureblood Edition - by kemposato
Criterion Collection - Blade Runner - by Dr_Gonzo
Blade Runner (1982) The Nexus-7 Cut in 4K - by krausfadr
Blade Runner HDTV - by retartedted
Blade Runner: ADigitalMan Edit - by ADigitalMan
BLADE RUNNER: The Unauthorized OFF-WORLD Box Set - by Rikter
Blade Runner: The Version You’ve Never Seen Before - by Zombie84
Blade Runner - The Analogue Cut - by 15 MaF
Blade Runner 2049 1.1 - by 15 MaF
Blade Runner 2049 the Joi-less edit (I removed Joi entirely to trim the run-time) - by TriggeredPuppy
BLAIR WITCH 2 - RECUT (currently unavailable) - by igorleoni
Blazing Saddles: Extended Cut - by ADigitalMan
Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day Divine Cut - by BridgetKFisher
Boss Level The Groove Cut - by lorang
Bonzo Dog Band: Talking Pictures - by ocpmovie
Braveheart Dub - by GeoMFilms
John Woo’s Bullet in The Head - my edit - by cashiers


CABAL (Alternate extended cut of Nightbreed) - by hollowshape
Capricorn One - ELEVEN - A FanEdit of the 1978 Movie Capricorn One - by Rock Savage
Captain Marvel - see ‘A’ section for Avengers projects
Captain Planet & The Planeteers: An Alternative Source [WIP] - by Cmaeron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Cast A Deadly Spell - by Oswarez
CBB Group - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Child’s Play - by marioxb
Cleopatra Reborn - by Cleopatra
Clerks II: Making of a Train Wreck WebDiarys Preservation - by DarthCarr
Close Encounters - by Davis
CLP (Crappy Logo Productions) - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Clue: 30th Anniversary Special Edition - by togedu
Color Out Of Space - Epic Cut (Very Nicolas Cagey!!!) - by krausfadr
Conan The Barbarian 1982 - project - by screams in the void
Cowboy Bebop Recut - by Ranger613
Creasy - Man on fire - by boon23
Creed Duology Extended Editions (1080p) - by heathen3017; ‘Creed: Feed the Need’ & ‘Creed II: Punch in the Gut’
CSI: Miami FanEDIT (2 films) 2014 Shadoe - by jerryshadoe


D’ni: The Book of Atrus - novel fan edit - by Darth_Zounds
Da Nao Tian Gong – The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965) RESTORATION v2 - by satanika
Daredevil - by Darth Simon
Daredevil - Spence Edit - by Spence101287
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear - thread by Rikter
dark_jedi - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
The Dark Side Of Oz - by Crappy_Logo_Productions
Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Volume 2 - by DarthCarr
DC Cinematic Universe Fan Edit - by CaptainMexico
Deadpool 2: X-Tra Dead - by Cameron Samurai
Decline of Western Civilization Pt II: The Metal Years? - by JohnnyRay
Live Free or Die Hard: 4.0 Edit - by droidguy1119
Die Hard 'til Midnight (Die Hard re-edited in the style of tv show ‘24’) - by Sinbad
Disney goodies! Three Little Pigs, The Castaway, Fantasia Sunflower in HD! - by Class316
Disney Mickey’s Christmas Carol Hybrid (4:3 + 16:9) - by tonik2000
Doc SaLvageD: The Fan-edit of Bronze! - by slark
Doctor Who - “Rose” (Eight to Nine Edit) - by Cameron Samurai
Doctor Who: Series 11 + Special Edits (a WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors - by ocpmovie
Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor: Gallifrey Falls - by Cameron Samurai
Doctor Who - Victory of the Daleks: Unexploded Package - by Cameron Samurai
Doctor Who: Day of The Doctor Extended Edition - by Cameron Samurai
Misc. Doctor Who Edits (Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors) - by DariusTwo
Doctor Who: Shada - by TheFixer
My Doctor Who trailer/montage… thing - by Darth Editous
Doctor Who Series 10 Finale in the style of the Classic Series - by Tjoy2002
Doctor Who - Info: B&W Classic Doctor Who in Color - by Maaga
Doggy Fizzle Televizzle? - by LinkTGF
Dracula By ADM - by dark_jedi
Dracula 1979 - The original theatrical color version - by Alucard
Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Edition Re-Cut (a WIP) - by Masquerade Overture (a Work In Progress)
Dragon Ball Z: FUNimation Cut - by DBSEng
Duel (1971) - The Hybrid Cut - by Electric Triangle
Dune: FanFiltration’s Fan Edit - by FanFiltration
ADM’s Dune : The Reconstructed Workprint info by - dark_jedi
Dune: The Complete Saga - by RU.08
Dune - David Lynch’s - DUNE - The Third Stage Edition - by Mitch
Dune - Frank Herbert’s Dune - The Spence Edit Revised - by SpenceEdit
D U N E - D E L U X E E D I T I O N - by 15MaF
Dune: Restored Original TV Cut HD (a WIP) - by TheMovieMaestro (a Work In Progress)


Eddie Murphy: Delirious - by ricardo
ELEVEN - A FanEdit of the 1978 Movie Capricorn One - by Rock Savage
Elf: ADigitalMan Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas - by What.Cobbler?
Enter the Dragon (1973) The Fan Cut - by JeromeTheEditor
Enter the Dragon (a WIP) - by Ronster (a Work In Progress)
Enter the Matrix Reloaded - by ImBateman
BAD MOON (EQUINOX) 1996 ERIC RED - by Ronster
E.T., The Extra Terrestrial: ADigitalMan Special Edition - by ADigitalMan
Evangelion - anime Project - by BrikHaus81
Evil Dead: Soul Swallower Edition - by cowlicka72
The Evil Dead Trilogy - by Crappy_Logo_Productions
Evil Dead Trilogy: The Complete Epic - by DEJ-Flounder
Ash Vs Evil Dead - Moviecut - by K4YR4H
Evil Dead: The Complete Story Cut V1 (Evil Dead Trilogy 4k Source Edit) - by OGSpark


FanFiltration - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Extended Edition - by JJPotter
Fantastic Four (2015) Fan-Edit - by CaptainMexico
Felicity (1998 WB Series) w/ Original Music Restoration Project [WIP/Help Wanted] - by GoldMotel
The Filmumentaries Podcast - by Jambe Davdar (of Filmumentaries fame - and much more…)
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus FMV DVD - by Knolly
FF VII: Dirge of Cerberus - Preservation Edition - by Kracker
Firefly Pilot - by klokwork
FIST - Kung Fu Junkie (Grindhouse Movie Trailer) - ‘Fake 70’s Movie Trailer I Made’ - by burns luciano
Forever Noir - by CamSMurph
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: ADigitalMan’s “No, It Really Is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” - by ADigitalMan
Friday the 13th: Jason goes to Hell - extended - by jaberdoo
Friday the 13th Part V - The Killer Is Jason Edition - by ThomasJarvis
Friends - The Complete Edition - Blended Uncut and Blu Ray together - by deadakaalive
Friends - INSOMNIA CAFE - Friends Season One The Movie! - by sticydixon (a Work In Progress)
Friends: The Last One In Vegas - by Cameron Samurai
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Re-edited (FMA:B:R) - by TheGamingSiri


Game Of Thrones - Film I - A Tale Of Kings And Honor - by Anjohan (2018 thread)
Game Of Thrones - Film II - A Storm Of Swords - by Anjohan (2018 thread)
Game Of Thrones - Film II - A Storm Of Swords - by Anjohan (2019 thread)
Game Of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows - by Anjohan (2019 thread)
Game Of Thrones - Film IV - by Anjohan (2020 thread)
A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones standalone film) - by ExpandedUniverses
Game of Thrones Redeemed - by almightycutie
Game of Thrones: An Honorable Cut - by gotedits11
A Song of Ice and Fire: Films I-III (Game of Thrones: The Book Cuts) (WIP) - by Heavysyde (a Work In Progress)
Game of Thrones: Restored, Restructured, Rewatchable - by DarthYcey
Gangs of New York: The Yoshimi Edit - by suntech
Ghost in the Shell - REFRAMED 2.35:1 - by 15 MaF
Ghost Rider & Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance- The Marvel Cuts - by CMEW
Godzilla - “This is Tokyo” Fan-Edit: Gojira (1954) and Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956) combination (available) - by G&G-Fan
GODZILLA (2014) THE GOJIRA CUT Fan Edit - by That_OT_Ruler
Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster (Custom DVD Preservation) - by FanFiltration
Godzilla (1954) - English Dubbed Version - by Space Hunter M
Godzilla vs. M.U.T.O. - by faroutdude
The Raiding of Godzilla (Gojira/Godzilla Raids Again) Fanedit - by BigDogLTD
Godzilla: Resurrection - The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla 1985, combined - by TheMovieMaestro
Godzilla 1998 : Toho Cut - by ThatGuyWhoEdits
Godzilla - Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster - English dub synched to Toho cut [AUDIO] - by IsanRido
FINAL WARRIORS 2004 - Semi-humorous edit of GODZILLA FINAL WARS - by Space Hunter M
GODZILLA (2014) - Servanov 35mm Theatrical Experience - by Servanov
Godzilla vs. Biollante - Servanov HD EOST Reconstruction (a WIP) - by Servanov (a Work In Progress)
Godzilla, King of the Monsters - The Monster Cut - by KingRodan
Godzilla - Gojira vs. Kingu Kongu [Kaiju Kut] (2021) - by krizfizz
Godzilla vs Kong (Titan Truth Cut) - by Movies Remastered
Godzilla: The Heisei Series Remastered (a WIP) - by G&G-Fan (a Work In Progress)
Godzilla (2014) - Fan Edit (HDD Cut) (a WIP) - by (a Work In Progress)
Godzilla 1998 but with the Toho Godzilla (WIP) - by ThatComicBookGeek2 (a Work In Progress)
Godzilla Versus Megalon: Less Talking! More Fighting! More Monsters! - by CaptainFaraday
Godzilla Versus Gigan: Less Talking! More Fighting! More Monsters! - by CaptainFaraday
Godzilla Final Wars: Less Talking! More Fighting! More Monsters! - by CaptainFaraday
Godzilla Trilogy - The Kaiju Cut - by G-Money
Godzilla Movies Revisited (WIP) - by The Star Wars Purist (a Work In Prgoress)
Grand Prix - by ocpmovie
Gremlins 2 edit - by dumb_kid
Groundhog Day - The short version - by phildesfr
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Improved Edition - by Dazman


Halloween: Origin of Evil - by dark_jedi
HALLOWEEN - by ADM - by dark_jedi
Halloween: Hell And Horror In Haddonfield - by ADigitalMan
Halloween (1978) The 2018 Prequel edit - by lantern51
Halloween II: The Ultimate Cut - by Rikter
Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers “Hybrid Cut” - by BobbyDigital
Halloween: Forty Years Later - H18 & KILLS Combination Cut (WIP) - by TheOriginalFan (a Work In Progress)
Hannibal: Desserts Served With Your Main Course - by ADigitalMan
Hannibal’s Requiem (a Hannibal Rising Fanedit) - by krausfadr
Hannibal - Dinner With Hannibal (a Hannibal 2001 Film Edit) - by krausfadr
Hannibal - The Chesapeake Ripper - (a TV-to-Movie fanedit of Season 1) - by Maniac fan editor
HANNIBAL: THE MEMORY PALACE (a TV-to-Movie fanedit of Season 2) - by Zagadka
HANNIBAL: LA VITA NUOVA – a TV-to-Movie fanedit of Season 3 - by Zagadka
Hard Target - Ultimate Cut - by CSchmidlapp
The Harry Potter Archives - by ThrowgnCpr
The Harry Potter Series: ADigitalMan Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone [Revisited] - by Anjohan
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Revisited/Remade] - by Anjohan
Harry Potter Revisited: PoA, HBP and DH - by Anjohan
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Nightstalkerpoet’s Extended Book Cut - by Nightstalkerpoet
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Extended and Enhanced - by Doctor M
Prisoner of Azkaban & Order of the Phoenix [REVISITED] - by Anjohan
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Revisited] [w/ PoA] - by Anjohan
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Revisited - FINISHED - by Anjohan
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Revisited - by Anjohan
HARRY POTTER: Revisited [Updates and Info] - by Anjohan
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Exodus Edition (a WIP) - by CamSMurph (a Work In Progress)
Harry Potter Extended Editions - by JJPotter
Harry Potter: Lighter and Brighter - by Anakin Starkiller
Harry Potter: Ender’s Cut - by Anakin Starkiller
Harry Potter and the Magical Touch of Editing - by almightycutie
Harry Potter Immersed - The Jim Dale Audiobook Collection - by almightycutie
Harry Potter: Enhanced Editions (Audiobooks) - by Master Lawdog
Harry Potter: Extended Editions (V4 WIP) (VFX NEEDED) - by - by Master Lawdog (a Work In Progress)
The Musical Reconstruction of Harry Potter (a WIP) - by Anakin Starkiller (a Work In Progress)
Harry Potter IMAX revisited (a WIP) - by Thatmovieeditor (a Work In Progress)
The Hateful Eight fanedit - by RDPlissken
Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon Motion Comic Series - by NFBisms
Hearts Of Darkness : A filmakers Apocalypse - by Cassius76
Heat: The Action Edit - by Yoshimi
HEAT - the action re-cut - by boon23
Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie: Happy Edit After - by Cameron Samurai
He Man; See ‘M’ for Masters of The Universe projects
Highlander 2 Renegade - Serious Edition - by nOmArch
Highlander II: Extended Project - by Mitch
Highlander II - The ZEIST Collection - by Mitch
Highlander II - various projects: Phineasbg/ Oldbiff85 Release Thread - by Mitch
Highlander: The Sorcerer - The Unofficial Renegade Version of Highlander 3 - by coconuts86
Highlander 5: The Source - by FanFiltration
HIGH TENSION - minus one edit - by boon23
His Dark Materials: Film Edition - by ThanosM.
His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife (WIP) - by ThanosM. (a Work In Progress)
Hobbs & Shaw: BFF Edition v1.0 - by heathen3017
Howard the Duck - Remaster Project - by Raydar


I Am Not Okay With This - The Movie - by ChernobylLiquidator86
I, Robot: Evolution - by oracle
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation - by reave
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark Story LP - by seventiesfilmnut
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: The InfoDroid Edit - by Infodroid
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom: The ADigitalMan Edit - by ADigitalMan
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Unholy Edition - by InfoDroid
Indiana Jones & The Ultimate Quest - by ThrowgnCpr
Indiana Jones 4 Fan Edit - by thunderclap
Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull: Covenant Edition - by TM2YC
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - by CodySolo
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Non Paternal Cut by 15MaF - by 15 MaF
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Revitalized - by MMP
Iron Man (2008) 1.1 - by lantern51
Iron Man 3 - Cut and Chromed Edition - by Dazman
Iron Man 4 - by Cameron Samurai
IT - The Losers Only Cut - by Dreamsnake Productions
IT: The King Cut - by thegreatredragon


Jacob’s Ladder UNCUT Fan Edit Thread (a WIP) - by pzachos (a Work In Progress)
James Bond - 007 The Unofficial Series - by DigMod
James Bond - For Your Eyes Only: A Fan Edit - by Echo3
James Bond - For Your Eyes Only (40th Anniversary Recut) - by podunk.residence
James Bond - Diamonds Are Forever: The Next Link in the Pipeline - by Billy Bumbags
James Bond - OHMSS - the ABC Cut (remastered) - by Blofelds Cat
James Bond - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Piz Gloria Edition (WIP) - by The Star Wars Purist (a Work In Progress)
James Bond: Moonraker (1979) - by poorandin
James Bond - NEVER SAY McCLORY AGAIN - HD REMASTER - by Blofelds Cat NSMcA
James Bond - Octopussy - All Time High cut - by MarkWho66
James Bond 007 Goldeneye “Royale cut” - by Stamper
James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies: The Cunning Languist Edition - by ADigitalMan
James Bond - Skyfall: A Personal Statement - by Cameron Samurai
James Bond - 007: No Time To Die (Skyfall/Spectre/NTTD Fanmix Edition) (WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
James Bond - 007: Skyfall-Prodigal - by ZariusTwo
James Bond - Spectre | Condensed Fan Edit - by JawsTDS
James Bond: Spectre (With Alternative NTTD Ending) (WIP) (Spoilers) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
James Bond - No Time to Die Fan Edit Alternate Ending - All the Time in the World - by variantfanedits
James Bond - Top.Gear.James.Bond.007.The.Car.Chases - by boon23
Jailbird: A Con Air Fan Edit - by boon23
Jaws Voice Over Movie - by GeoMFilms
JAWS 2 - Extended Integral Edition - by RidgeShark
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Even Harder - by ts0205
JIGSAW II: Endgame (a sequel to A History of Desperation) - by Zagadka
John Dolittle - A Watchable Cut of Dolittle (2020) - by Hadam10Rose
Johnny Mnemonic Japan Cut <JM> Extended - by Mitch
Jumanji Next Level Cliff Hanger 5 Part Serial - by lorang
Jumper edit - by Smithers
Jurassic Park Dub - by GeoMFilms
Jurassic Park 35mm 16:9 (Released) - by triadne
Justice League: Doomsday Clock - by Cameron Samurai
Justice League: Gods of Earth - by krausfadr
Zack Snyder’s Justice League: The New Studio Cut - by Cameron Samurai
Lavoyd’s Justice League (a WIP) - by lavoyd (a Work In Progress)
Justice League Remixed - by Vilgefortz
Justice League Grindhoused - by Vilgefortz
Justice Commences (Smallville/Justice League Fanmix) (WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)


KAIJU FAN EDIT: ガイガン-キングギドラ-ハルマゲドン / GIGAN - GHIDORAH - ARMAGEDDON - by Markus Bruckner
The Karate Kid(1984) The Fan Cut - by JeromeTheEditor
The Kung Fu Kid (The Karate Kid - 2010 edit) - by kevinicus
The Keep - by SammyTheBull
Kill Bill - The Whole Bloody Affair - QtheGaijin Fan Edit - by QtheGaijin
kill bill - the whole bloody affair ibleedspeed edit by ibleedspeed
King Kong: The Shorter Version - by Lord Phillock
King Kong: The Spence Edit - by Spence101287
King Kong: The Spence Edit 2.0 - by Spence101287
King Kong (1976) - Servanov 35mm Technicolor Experience - by Servanov
KISS: Attack of the Phantoms/Meets the Phantom of the Park - by thorgrim103
KISS Discography Project - You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best Version of Every Album - by nightstalkerpoet
Knight Rider 2000: One Cut Can Make A Difference - by Zarius
Knight Rider 2000: One Cut CAN Make A Difference (Version 1.5) - by Zarius
Knight Rider 2000-One Cut Can Make A Difference - by Cameron Samurai
Kubrick: Vinyl Trilogy - by PaulisDead2221


L. A. Story - The Extended Zell Edition - by Doctor M
Ladyhawke: RESCORED - by musiced921
Romero’s Land Of The Dead: Unrated FanCut - by Rock Savage
ACTION HERO (Last Action Hero Fan Edit) - by muscied921
The Last Of The Mohicans NTSC (Original Version) - by MIV
Legend - Lost 125 min Director’s cut - by ZakDrizzt
The Legend of Billie Jean - by tboy27
The Legend of the Magnificent Seven - by muscied921
LeoneNut Edits - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Lethal Weapon: The Ragged Edge Trilogy - by JDLC83BKNY
Little Shop of Horrors original ending - by marioxb
Logan’s Run 70mm Preview Cut (a WIP) - by friedcamera (a Work In Progress)
Lolita (1997) Blu-Ray Color Correction/Matching to 1997 Masters - by Servanov
Looney Tunes: Back in Action - A.C.M.E. Edition - by nl0428
Kerr’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Fan Edits, Extended Editions by Hal9000/Sharkey - by Hal 9000
LOTR: Return of the Hobbit - my fan edit - by Rec1aimer
The Lord of the Rings - Special Abridged Edition - by wmgan
Lord of the Rings - FOTR - The Book-Cut - by Lord Phillock
The Fellowship of the Ring - The Book-Cut - v2 - 2007 - LOTR - by Lord Phillock
LOTR: The Two Towers… The Book-Cut - by Lord Phillock
Lord of the Rings - TTT - The Re-Edited Re-Edit Book Cut! - by Lord Phillock
LOTR: ROTK: The Book-Cut - by Lord Phillock
Lord of the Rings BOOK CUT Revamped, Books I and II - by Hal 9000
Sharkey’s “Lord of the Rings” Purist Editions - by Hal 9000
Lord Of The Rings New Book edit - by lotrjw
The Lord of the Rings - 3 in 1 - by Gieferg
Lord of the Rings - The Darth Rush Definitive’s - by darthrush
LOTR - Middle Earth - Chronological Complete Edition Extended Bluray FanEdit - by LuanLoko
LOTR EE color re-grade (a WIP) - by Dwalin (a Work In Progress)
The Lord of the Rings, Marathon Cut - by ben_danger
LOTR: The Third Age - Spence Edits - by SpenceEdit
The Lord of the Rings Score Restored (Unused Howard Shore Music Restored To Picture) - by fishmanlee
The Lord of the Rings (1978) Restored Music - by fishmanlee
Lord Of The Rings - Fan Film : The hunt For Gollum - by Maclanachu
Chronologically Lost HD (Remaster of Mike Maloney’s edit) - by DragoonClawNZ
LOST: In The Detail - by daveytod
LOST - Season 1, 2 and 3 Finale Fan-Edits - by TheBoogeyman1023
LOST - The Incident (s5 finale) - Silent White-Out Credits edit (Released) - by Drew Drakofolis
Lost - A New Edit/Approach Of LOST In chronological order (a WIP) - by wigjuice4815162342 (a Work In Progress)
Love Actually: ADigitalMan’s Bloated And Flatulent Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan


Machete Sharpened - the Grindhouse edit - by Vilgefortz
Mahoromatic Limitless - by BrikHaus81
Maleficent Mistress Of Evil 2019 Aurora Borealis Edition - by heathen3017
Mandy Maven48 edit - by Slaven48
Manhunter - original theatrical (no 16x9) - by John Brune
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Mature Cut - by MMP
Masters of the Universe: Revelation Episodes 1 and 5 With Happy Endings [Released] - by Cameron Samurai
Matinee (HDTV2DVD) - by alexxluthor
MCU Avengers TV Show - by Lifeincontext
Men in Black - Mission : International - by Hadam10Rose
Men In Black: International Incident - by Cameron Samurai
Metropolis: hearts from a distant future - by lachicholina
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers - see the ‘P’ section for Power Rangers projects
Giorgio Moroder’s Metropolis - by spaint
Moonlighting Fan Edit: BTTF/Silent treatment (Released) - thread by jrs81
Monty Python’s Life Of Brian: Extended Cut - by ADigitalMan
Mortal Kombat Legacy Fanedit - by reaper18783
Mortal Kombat - Grindhouse Series Vol. 3 - Mortal Kombat (1995) (a WIP) - by Vilgefortz (a Work In Progress)
Mulholland Drive TV Pilot Preservation…? - by charliesheen
Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie - Extended Cut - by thebutcher


Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind Redesigned Sound Mix (V1 Available) - by PJ
Natural Born Killers - extended cut - by Devilman-1369
Needful Things Extended Cut - by calisto
Night of the Comet - preservation - by reave
Night of the Creeps HD2DVD - by Zeromancer
Nightbreed - CABAL (Alternate extended cut of Nightbreed) - by hollowshape
NINJAI - by Sky_
Nosferatu, A Symphony Of Horror (The Super Castlevania IV Score) - by andy_k_250
Now You See Me: Hybrid Cut - by bob79519


“O Lucky Man” bootleg - by Mavmao
Ocean’s 12 (A Little Less Conversation) - by DigMod
ocpmovie - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Once Upon A Dark Phoenix - by Cameron Samurai
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Extended Cut - by lorang


Pearl Harbor: ADigitalMan’s Strength And Honor Edit - by ADigitalMan
Penn & Teller Get Killed - by LinkTGF
The Penny Dreadfuls: TV-to-Film edits - by ThanosM.
Pet Sematary (2019): The Extended Cut - by DEJ-Flounder
Phantasm: Ultimate Extended Edition - by ThomasJarvis
The Phantom of the Opera Resynched - by wmgan
Phineasbg / Oldbiff85 - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon/Koyaanisqatsi movie I edited together - by DonnieDarko
Pink Floyd - Live At Pompeii (unfinished project; with info for another finished project) - by demomanTNA
‘Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii’ - Restored 1974 Cut - by supervehicle
My Re-Edits of The Pink Panther: the Extended Version of ‘The Pink Panther Strikes Again’ is complete - by FanFiltration
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest - by Kracker
Pirates of The Caribbean: Extended Edition - A Spence Edit - by Spence101287
The Planet of The Apes - The Twilight Zone version - by bkev
Pokemon the First Movie Fan-edit - by G E Predator
Pokemon: making the dub more like the original - by Molly
HBO’S Power Rangers - by Cameron Samurai
Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers: Hogday Afternoon Part Two Alternate Ending - by Cameron Samurai
Power Rangers Wild Force: Forever Red-End of Season Edition - by Cameron Samurai
Power Rangers: What If It Ended With Turbo? (WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Ninja Encounter: No Baby On Board Edition - by ZariusTwo
The Predator - The No Dam Dogs Edition V2 - by lorang
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies - The Elizabeth Cut - by caliarrass23
Prometheus - LV_426, (Prometheus fanedit) - by strangeland
Prometheus - Improved edition - by Dazman
Pulp Fiction: Chronological Edit - by Crappy_Logo_Productions
Pulp Fiction: Extended Cut - by ADigitalMan



Rad (1986) - by TheStarkiller
Raiders Of The Lost Ark - see the ‘I’ section for Indiana Jones…
Rambo - The Hybrid Cut - by Gieferg
Red Dwarf = Out of Time - Tikka Cut (Two Versions) - by Cameron Samurai
Red Dwarf Back to Earth: No Corrination Street edition - by bob79519
Ideas and an eventual edit: ‘Red Dwarf - The Promised Land’ - by Cameron Samurai
Remember The Titans: Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
Ren and Stimpy: DISCIPLINED - by Jens_Arvid_666
Rent - Extended Edition - by Spence101287
Rikter - see the ‘Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…’ section
Resident Evil Zero - by daveytod
“Revenge of Kali” - fanfilm - by Laserschwert
RoboCop: TV Edit HD Restoration - by kchrules
Rocky Balboa The Italian Stallion (Edit Of The Original 1976 Rocky) - by SonOfSinbad
Rolling Thunder (1977) - by bluelight
Rudolph tRNR : the Complete Story - by Hadam10Rose


Safari 3000 - by Doctor M
SALT: The Hybrid Closure Cut (spoilers) - by bob79519
Saturday Night Fever PG version - by IndyBlues
Saved by the Bell - in chronological order (WIP) - by marioxb (a Work In Progress)
Saw - JIGSAW: A History of Desperation (a chronological fanedit based on the SAW saga) - by Zagadka
Scott Pilgrim vs. the Editor - by RoccondilRinon
Sergio Leone Preservations - Dollars Trilogy, Fistful of Dynamite, Once Upon a Time in the West - by LeoneNut
Shazam! The Magic Edition - by krausfadr
She’s Gotta Have It (1986) - The Criterion Collection - by bdev
Sherlock: The Adventure of Cam - by ZariusTwo
Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall: “B*llocks Edition” (aka The Sherlolly Cut) - by Captain Samurai
Silent Hill - by Spence101287
SINISTER: Recut - by igorleoni
Sin City: A Novel Cut - by Tons O’ Fun
Sin City: The Whole Yarn - by nickbrown101
Sin City - Kill 'Em Good (The Recut and Extended Edition) - by SUP3RDeathStar
Skidoo (1968) - by FanFiltration
SLIDERS-THE EXODUS - by Cameron Samurai
Sliders: Revelations: Resolved - by Cameron Samurai
Smallville: A Hint of Dread, A Hopeful Finish - by ZariusTwo
SMITH. Ray Liotta Tv Series as Full Length Movie - by lorang
Song of the South - Info on the 2006 BBC2 Screening - by ThatArtGuy
Spiderman (2002): De-Boned – Dixon’s Edit - by stickydixon
Spider-man 2.2 (Fan Edit of 2 mixed with 2.1) (a WIP) - by Moiisty (a Work In Progress)
The Spectacular Spiderman - by PaulisDead2221
Ultimate Spider-Man: The Animated Movie - by Cameron Samurai
The Amazing Spider-Man: A Spence Edit - by Spence101287
Amazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy Died Extended Cut (Comic Book Fan Edit) - by Cameron Samurai
The Swinging Spider-Man (TASM 2 Fanedit) (A WIP) - by NFBisms (a Work In Progress)
Spiderman 3 Fanedit - by kinko
Spider-Man 3: Symbiote Edition - by nl0428
Spider-Man 3 Back and Black - by SonofSinbad
Spider-Man 3 Restructured - by trillary dump
Starcrash: ReVamped - by rsortor
Stargate 1994 Roland Emmerich (Fan Edit) - by Ronster
Stargate Restructured - 1994 Movie Fancut - by LILIAN02230
voodl’s Starship Troopers - RAW edit - thread by kaine23
Star Tours, Muppetvision 3-D, Terminator 3-D, Back to the Future - The Ride, Captain EO, etc - by ricardo (some project releases)
my Star Trek Fan Edits - by TheFixer
Star Trek BUGS - An All-New Episode Of The Original Star Trek Television Series - by Rock Savage
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version) - by FanFiltration
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director’s Edition HD Recreation - by ElectricTriangle
Star Trek - Evolution (TMP) - by JamesWjRose
Star Trek: TMP Edit (a WIP) - by Synnöve (a Work In Progress)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - 40th Anniversary Edition - by Bad Atom
The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV - by Mitch
Star Trek IV: But Everything Goes Right - by Cameron Samurai
Star Trek V - by trekfan
Star Trek V - Re-Edit (InThyImage) - by Hoichi the Earless
Star Trek Generations - The Fires of Time - Star Trek Generations as a 48 minute TV episode - by MarkWho66
Star Trek: Generations-Two Missions, One Destiny - by Cameron Samurai
Star Trek: Dare Against Darkness (a ST 2009/Into Darkness Hybrid) (not released) - by ZariusTwo (completed, but not released)
Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 8 Redux (a WIP) - by DigMod (a Work In Progress)
Star Trek - The Pegasus - by The Fixer
Star Trek: Excelsior - by TheFixer
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Enhanced 4K & 1080p Edition - by Black Alert (a Work In Progress)
Star Trek Voyager: Enhanced 4K & 1080p Edition (a WIP) - by Black Alert (a Work In Progress)
Star Trek Discovery season one edits - by Macsvoltage
Stranger Things - Film Edition - by ThanosM.
Stranger Things: The Film Experience (WIP) (Don’t ask for rough cuts) - by D-A113
Street Fighter II- The Animated Movie Super Special Champion Edition Turbo - by marioxb
Suicide Squad: The Alternative Cut - by cbuckiso
Suicide Squad Extended Edition fan edit - by one69chev
Superman, The Movie: Feed The Babies Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
Superman - by Mitch
Superman - The Richard Donner Vision - by Fran Garcia
Superman The Movie: The Final Cut - by Arcyneph
Superman Recut: The Epic Edition - by BladeRunner391
Superman by Taolar (Formally: Son of Jorel) - by Taolar
Superman The Animated Series: Risk and Revelation [Brainiac Attacks Edit] - by Cameron Samurai
Superman: TAS: Public Enemies [WIP] - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Superman Redeemed - by ADigitalMan
Superman: Ultimate Edition - by Master Lawdog
Superman Returns: Kryptonian Edition - by Master Lawdog
Superman II: Ultimate Edition (WIP) (VFX NEEDED) - by Master Lawdog (a Work In Progress)
Superman I-III extended TV cuts: Where have the preservations gone? - by TServo2049
Superman II: The Hybrid Cut - by ADigitalMan
Superman II - The Light for Humanity - A Fan Edit by Fran Garcia (WIP) - by Fran Garcia (a Work In Progress)
Superman 2 re edit - by Sunam34
Superman 2 A True Fan Edit - by lorang
Superman II, The Richard Donner Cut - Minimal Essential Edit - by towne32
Superman II: The Restored International Cut? - by Ollie
Superman II (The HD Fan Edit) - by Funcha
Superman II: The Final Cut & Superman II: Theatrical Cut Redux - by Funcha
Superman II - The Booshman Cut - by Booshman
SUPERMAN 2 CRYSTAL EDIT (a WIP) - by Sky_ (a Work In Progress)
Superman II: The Prettiest Girl In The Cut (SII/III Hybrid) - by ZariusTwo
Superman 2 edit for fun - by LinkTGF
Superman II and Superman III extended - by Jaberdoo
Superman III: The Ultimate Lester Cut (coming soon) - by Cameron Samurai
Superman Crusades: My Superman IV Fan Cut - by Zarius
Superman IV: Islands Edition Redux 2020 - by gregislands
Superman IV: The Quest For Closure (a WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)
Superman 4 Recut Rough Cut - by Mitch
Superman V - Superman Returns Fanedit - by ZariusTwo
SUPERMAN RETURNS - Superman Restored Edition - by ITHoTMK
Superman Returns - Always Around - by Cameron Samurai
Superman Returns: Kryptonian Edition (WIP) (DEEPFAKE VFX NEEDED) - by Master Lawdog (a Work In Progress)
Superman - MY SUPERMAN FAN EDITS - by Fantasyworkshop
Superman - Man Of Steel - The Kent Cut - by Cameron Samurai
Superman - Son of Krypton - A Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Fanedit - by krausfadr
Superman: Son of Krypton - Another Man of Steel Edit - by Neerb
SouperboyX’s “Last Son of Krypton” Is Now Available - by Cameron Samurai


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles To The Second Power: Finale Cut - by Cameron Samurai
The Tenacious D Cream Dream Set - by Ell the Ewok
The Terminator: Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
Terminator Countdown - by Hadam10Rose
Terminator Zero Hour (T2 Extended - Sequel to Countdown) - by Hadam10Rose
Terminator 2 (T2): ADigitalMan’s Fourth Option Special Edition - by ADigitalMan
T2: Valeyard Fanedit - by RU.08
[Terminator 2: 80’s synth edition/No social commentary edition] - by TylerDurden389
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) - Restored & Regraded (Theatrical & Special Edition) - by Kreep
Terminator 2: The Eyepainter Fanedit (a WIP) - by Eyepainter (a Work In Progress)
Terminator Countdown / Terminator 2: Zero Hour (a WIP) - by Hadam10Rose (a Work In Progress)
Terminator 2: Revisited - by That guy with no name (a Work In Progress)
T2: DVD Easter Eggs Complication (a WIP) - by IncrediStudios (a Work In Progress)
Terminator 3: ADigitalMan’s Alternate Edition - by ADigitalMan
Terminator 3 T-HOPE Edition - by maurice2029
Terminator 3 - Coming Storm Redux - by K4YR4H
Terminator Dark Fate (Epic Cut) - by krausfadr
Terminator - T-HOPE ULTIMATE TERMINATOR PROJECT - by maurice2029
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - THE HEWITT FAMILY (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes fanedit) - by Zagadka
Texhnolyze - Omnibus Cut - by 15 MaF
That 70s Show - initial FOX airings with original music - by SpacemanDoug
‘The Avengers’ ISSUES #1-4 UP! - by strangeland
Disney’s The Black Hole (Complete Score Project) - by Oldfan
The Crow: city of angels - Second coming - by Sprug’s Decapitated Head
Brandon Lee: The Crow - Redux - by LexMoon
The Dark Crystal: The Great Conjunction - by DigMod
The Expanse: Leviathan Wakes (WIP) - by RwAoNrDdOsM
The Flash TV Show-Movie Fan Edit - by CaptainMexico
The Fountain (2006) Supplemental Disc including commentary - by djsmokingjam
The Fury - by John Brune
The Godfather: 1901-1980 Epic Edit - by FanFiltration
The Hobbit - The Spence Edit - by SpenceEdit
The Hobbit: The Hobbit Edition - by robertotankerly
The Hobbit Rankin/Bass Animated Film… - by muddyknees2000
The Hobbit (70s animated Rankin/Bass feature) - by Hoichi the Earless
The Hobbit trilogy fanedit by Maple-films Ltd - by lightsabre
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Cut - by Jasonfortheworld
The Hobbit: Back Once Again - by Echoweaver
JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit: turning a mediocre trilogy into one really good film - by eldusto84
The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) - by sidshady12
The Hobbit - The 3-in-1 Epic Cut - by orchidal
The Hobbit - Lord of the Rings: A Hobbit’s Tale (The Hobbit Remade) - by Anjohan
The Hobbit / LOTR - The Third Age: A Hobbit/LotR Movie-to-TV edit - by EddieDean
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Edits - by Stromboli Bones
The Hobbit: Duology Edition (WIP) - by krlozdac (a Work In Progress)
The Keep fan edit - by SammyTheBull
The Killing Joke: Film Edition - by Deloreanhunter12
The Lone Ranger Lives! (edit of the 1981 Legend of the Lone Ranger film) (a WIP) - by musiced921 (a Work In Progress)
The Lone Ranger Essential Cut - by MMP
The Mask - Who’s Laughing Now - by Airconditioning-inc
The Matrix: De-Zionized Re-Edit - by boon23
The Matrix Hacked - by Doctor M
The Matrix: Édition Noir et Néon (a WIP) - by RoccondilRinon (a Work In Progress)
The Matrix Evolutions - V3 - by JasonN
Matrix :: Rebirth :: THE “LONG-LOST” UNIGMA CUT - by AllenSmithee
The Matrix Squared - by Spence101287
The Matrix Squared Revised - by Spence101287
The Matrix - Enter the Matrix Reloaded - by ImBateman
The Mist - The Novella Cut - by karcreat
The Mist (Other Worlds Cut) - by krausfadr
Da Nao Tian Gong – The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965) - by satanika
The Monster Squad - Widescreen - by Castor Troy
The Monster Squad - HD2DVD - by dark_jedi
The Muppet Movie Extended Edition by ocpmovie
The Muppet Christmas Carol - by GundarkHunter
John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together - by dark_jedi
Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas - by What.Cobbler? (a Jim Henson production - with The Muppets)
The New Mutants - Thriller Cut - by Movies Remastered
Mel Gibson’s The Passion - The Editors Cut - by JeromeTheEditor
The Producers (2005): Extended Edition - by wmgan
The Salute of the Jugger: Extended Version (a.k.a The Blood of Heroes) starring Rutger Hauer (1989) - by LeoneNut
The Scorpion King: Ruler of the Sand - by Kracker
The Shining (1980) - Zemastered Edition - by narth
The Sukaiwaka Fortress — The Hidden Fortress with a Star Wars score - by ssj
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (1984) – ProtoDeculture Edition (a WIP) - by Scavenger (a Work In Progress)
The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Director’s Cut - by ocpmovie
The Thief and the Cobbler - by ZigFried
TV version of THE THING - by The Griff
The Thin Red Line: Abridged Edition - by Zebedee
The Third Age - Spence Edits - by SpenceEdit
The Warriors fan edit… - by SammyTheBull
The Witches, the Roald Dahl Cut - by docsap
Thomas and the Magic Railroad: The Lost Edition [A RECORE Entertainment Fan Edit] - by wizoomer95
Titanic: The White Star Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
Titanic Special Edition 2 Disc - ADYWAN - by graham23s
THE TITANIC (Titanic Restructured) - by Anjohan
Three Comrades preservation - by C3PX
Thunderbirds Are Go-Ring of Fire - by Cameron Samurai
Toy Story 3: Especially Español - by Hal 9000
Transformers the Movie (1986) Ultimate Prime Edition (Released) - by orderlyroddypiper
Transformers The Movie: Resparked - by reave
The Transformers: Season Two ‘Episode 50’ - by Cameron Samurai
Transformers: Reformatted (2007) - by Kevinicus
Revenge of the Fallen: The Real Effing Deal - by Kevinicus
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The Kitten Calendar Edition - by kevinicus
Transformers ROTF: Gieferg’s Cut - by Kurgan
Transformers films edits - by moviejim
Transformers Primeval (AoE/tLK) - by Hadam10Rose & Transformers: Primeval (Released)
TRON Patch 2.0 (concept) - by Sky_ (a Work In Progress)
Troy Re-Cut - by zombie84
True Romance - Quentin Tarantino Cut - by igorleoni
Twilight - Debussey Edit - by AhzeeDahak
Twilight Zone The Movie HD2DVD - by dark_jedi
Twin Peaks Pilot - Alternate Ending? - by gigshaft
Trailer for “RED CURTAINS: TWIN PEAKS RETOLD” - by FanFiltration
RED CURTAINS: Twin Peaks Retold - Fanedit - by FanFiltration
Twin Peaks: A Chronological Cut - by gotoedits11
Northwest Passage: A Twin Peaks Fanedit - by Thunderclap
Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP) - by meeko (a Work In Progress)



The Vanishing: ReCut - by igorleoni
Vanishing Point (1971) - Special Edition - by 15 MaF
V For Vendetta: The FanEdit - by Rock Savage
Violets: A Final Analysis Fan Edit - by boone23


Wandavision - Darth Zounds’ ‘WandaVision’ Fan Edit - by Darth_Zounds
WandaXVision - by Cameron Samurai
Wandavision: It Was Maximov All Along - by - by Cameron Samurai
WandaVision: The Westview Anomaly - by joshuabri
War of the Worlds - the extinctive cut - by boon23
Watchmen: Midnight - by flixcapacitor
A Watchmen (HBO) edit that makes Hooded Justice’s origin into a 2 hour movie - The Bass Reeves Cut - by TriggeredPuppy
Waterworld – The Ulysses Cut – Revised Edition - by Zaaacharias
WestWorld TV Show into 2 part Mini Series - by lorang
The Woman on the Train - Maniac/Zagadka Edition - by Zagadka
Wonder Woman: No Ares Twist - by SparkySywer
Wonder Woman - Daughter of Themyscira (an edit of Wonder Woman 2017) - by krausfadr
Wonder Woman (2017): Times Moves On (2017/1984 Fanmix) (WIP) - by Cameron Samurai
“Willard: The Ratman’s Cut” Info & Feedback thread - by ReverendBeastly
The Wizard Of Oz: Special Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
WWE Wrestlemania XX: ‘Nights One & Two’ (WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progress)


X-Files Exordium - by ThrowgnCpr
The X-Files: Final cases - by Bob79519
The X-Files: The final adventures - by bob79519
The X-Files: Mythology collection - by bob79519
X-Men, The Last Stand: ADigitalMan’s Extended Edition - by ADigitalMan
Pryde of the X-Men: Mute Man Logan - by ZariusTwo
X-Men: Dead Phoenix - by Cameron Samurai
X-Men Dark Phoenix: REBORN - by krausfadr
X-Men: the animated series (1992-1997) - by byakko
X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Dark Stand - by Cameron Samurai





FAN EDIT REQUEST THREAD - Post your dream Fan Edits Here! - a 2006 thread, by greencapt



Multiple / Group Release threads by an OT•com member…

The ADigitalMan non-Star Wars DVD Info and Feedback Thread - by ADigitalMan
The Official NON-Star Wars FAN EDIT Release Thread - by Rikter
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A note about Spence Edits - a 2007 thread, by Spence101287
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Info and Project Discussion Threads (with some Ideas & Unfinished Projects)…


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2010 - Info & Idea: Editing ‘2010: The Year We Make Contact’ - by Ice
AFI - The Directors - by NeilB
For Use: Ace Ventura Pet Detective tv footage - by Pemdawg
Akira Criterion - by skyjedi2005
ALIEN: Extended Cut - by FremenDar007
Alien: The Extended Cut - by Alienuncut1979
Alien: Resurrection - The Experiment - by Mabrothrax
ALIEN: REVISITED movie edit - by monroville
Aliens (1986) SE Recut - by Darth_Coconut
Aliens vs Predator [sic] - by Johnny Ringo
All Summer in a day - Ray Bradbury short - by jabberdoo
Angel - The Angel Chronicles (movie project idea) (* unfinished project *) - by Jobel
A Special Request * - RIPLEY and CAPTAIN KIRK need your help - by ImperialFighter
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Info: Batman (1989) HD - by BountyHunter
Idea: Batman Begins - by skyjedi2005
Idea: Batman Forever: The Fan Cut - by The Fiery Editor
Batman Forever: Bigger, Battier, & Better ( unfinished project ) - by CamSMurph
Batman Forever - 2012 Remix ( unfinished project )
Batman Forever: Darker and Dead Serious, Dixon’s Edit ( cancelled project ) - by stickydixon
The Dark Knight Edit Suggestions - by doubleofive
Idea: Dark Knight - IMAX Cut? - by Kurgan
Idea & Info: Batman V Superman - Dawn of the Edits - by Jp4195
Idea: The Batman Complex? - by Avatar_Emil_Borg
“Batman: The Killing Joke” Fan Editing Tips Wanted - by solkap
Batman - The Single Saga Edits (ideas thread / in progress) - by Anakin Starkiller
Two-Face (A Batman: The Animated Series Movie) ( unfinished project ) - by musicman
Help: looking for… Batman and Robin - De-Assified/Edits - by Airwish99
Battlefield Earth - How would you re-edit “Battlefield Earth”? ideas thread - by FreezingTNT2
Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming - by ricardo
Info: I found some Battlestar Galactica (old series) - fan edits with CGI - by Jobel
“Blade Runner - Replicated” ( unfinished project ) - by Jambe Davdar
Blade Runner: The Complete Music Collection ( unfinished project ) - by focuspuller
Borat - by starwarsfan8376
Bruce Lee’s Game of Death - 35th Anniversary Edition - by 5acrifice
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV Show) “Remastered” in HD - by Shmis Noodles
Proposed project: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show) - by wmgan
The Angel Chronicles (movie project idea) - by jobel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992 movie sequel(s)? - by marioxb

C to E…

Captain America Civil War Rogue Edit! - by darthrush
Charlie Chaplin shorts, where can I find them? - by byakko
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: Book Cut Edition - by nl0428
Child’s Play in widescreen from Monsters HD? - by marioxb
Clerks II - The Budget Cut - by jono11
CKY preservations? - by Ell the Ewok
A “Close Encounters” Edit I Will Likely Never Do… - by Tack
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Supplemental Cuts (IDEAS & INFO) - by Tack
Condorman (1981) - by General Gravos
Darkly Dawns the Duck - Original Broadcast Version - by MovieDude81
Dawn of the Dead : Ultimate Cut - by DarthCarr
Doctor Who Edit Ideas - by Anakin Skywalker
Doctor Who Reconstructions - by TheFixer
Doctor Who Preservation (William Hartnell) - by TheFixer
Doctor Who Preservation - by TheFixer
Doctor Who - classic series contemporary edit - by bmman
Doctor Who: The Enemy Within - The TV Movie Recut [PROJECT DEAD] - by ChainsawAsh
DOOM: knee deep in the edit ( unfinished project ) - by Johnny Ringo
Douglas Adams: Hitchhiker - by dcdcfan
Dracula (1931)- The Transfusion Edit - by TheBoost
Dune Fan Edit On Boing Boing. Is this One Of Us? - by Bingowings
Dune radical edit ideas - by 4throck
Dune Fan Edit Thread - by Doctor M
Enter the Dragon - by Ronster
Escape From L.A. - Fanedit idea - by DonnieDarko
End of Evangelion fan edit? - by Timstuff
The Evil Dead- From Cabins to Castles edition - by ripperbrown
Evil Dead - Book Of The Dead Preservation ( unfinished project ) - by bigrob
Eyes Wide Shut (Original Cut Preservation / Edit ( unfinished project )) - by Hoichi the Earless

F to H…

Fantasia Hybrid Edition - by EyeShotFirst
Making of Flash Gordon - a 20 minutes documentary - by Ash595
Fight Club - Book Edit - DISCUSSION - by PaulisDead2221
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ( unfinished project ) - by Knolly
Firefly - Season Two - ideas thread - by Mitch
Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima Fan Edit - by veritas
Franklyn, a film ruined by a voice over - anyone done an edit of this? - by Bingowings
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - The Manga Cut (* on hiatus *) - by ChainsawAsh (see TheGamingSiri posts within the thread for a released project)
HBO’s Game of Thrones - Fan Edit Ideas - by RogueLeader
Idea: ‘A Song of Ice and Fire - Game of Thrones’ - Film Cuts Discussion - by EyeShotFirst
Info: GHOSTBUSTERS - Tobins Spirit Guide - by NeilB
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Editing is Half the Battle ( unfinished project ) - by Timstuff
The Girl On the Train: Edited - by fierysadness
The Godfather Trilogy 1901 - 1980 - by Vandal
The Godfather - Info & Info Wanted: Godfather 1 and 2 Chronoligical version edit project? - by shabbyblue
The Godfather Releases…can someone help? - by fpmpaolo
Info: Godzilla (1998) - Leaner & Meaner Edition (planning stage) - by Timstuff
Idea: GODZILLA - The Entire Steve Martin Narrative (KOTM Fancut) - by BigDogLTD
Info Wanted: Godzilla 1985 - 5.1 Upmix Project (Can anyone do this?) - be Servanov
Ideas & Info: Godzilla Fan Edits (Showa, Heisei and Millennium series) - by musiced921
Grand Theft Auto radio adverts compilation - by Darth Solo
Great Monster War: Godzilla Monster Mash Edit - by musiced921
Gremlins - Extended Cut - by Ronster
Gremlins - Mega Madness: The Ultimate Gremlins Companion - by InvisibleWolfMan
Idea & Info: Grindhouse (possible fan-edit?) - by Hoichi the Earless
Halloween (2007) workprint leaked - by Moth3r (a 2007 thread)
Halloween - Interesting mix of music that someone may want to incorporate into a fanedit - by regularjoe
HARD TARGET - Ultimate Edition - by justicefrog
Harry Potter Edit Megathread - by Anakin Starkiller
Harry Potter Edit Ideas - by Anakin Starkiller
Info: Harry Potter TV Edits? - by ShiftyEyes
Slightly OT: Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban - by kmcherry
Harry Potter Special Extended Editions - by Darth Lucas
Help: Looking for… Harry Potter EXTENDED EDITION - by laurawhite788
Harry Potter Extended Cuts - by Freddy2
{FANEDIT IDEA} Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Taboo Cut - by CamSMurph
Harry Potter Movies with Video Game Music - by nl0428
hellraiser bloodline - fan edit - by reaper18783
Heroes TV Series to Films - by JediMasterFisher
Highlander (1985) US theatrical cut, anyone? - by ferdinandhudson
Highlander: the Life and Times of Duncan MacLeod - by Kurgan (ideas thread)
Highlander: The Source… any fan edits in the works? - by Kurgan
The Hobbit - The Jackson Fan Edit - by archimedes
Steven Spielberg’s Hook Fanedit Ideas/Suggestions - by fishmanlee

I to J…

If… (1968) - by focuspuller
Info & Help: Looking for… Raiders Of The Lost Ark - on HDTV - by TheCassidy
Indiana Jones WWII adventures - by veritas
Hey MoveAlong … I have the Indiana Jones Story LPs - by Rick2525
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions - by topdawg193
Is the RAIDERS soundtrack CD OOP? - by Mielr
About this whole Indy 4 debate - by MCBarkingSpoon
Steven Soderbergh gives us a fan edit of sorts of Raiders of the Lost Ark - by borisanddoris
Inuyasha ( unfinished project ) - by Possessed
Iron Man 1-3 Mash-Up Fan Edit ( unfinished project ) - by Humby
Throw around ideas for an Iron Man 2 edit - by Timstuff
“It” fan edit - by cbuckiso
It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World fan edit - by catofong
James Bond Edits - by Troy
James Bond re-edit suggestions - by Batman Beyond
Never Say Never Again Eon Edition ( unfinished project ) - by EyeShotFirst
Casino Royale/Quantum Of Solace - by Troy
James Bond 007 WARHEAD - by edskizzorhands
NEW 007 DVD’s - by dark_jedi (a 2007 thread)
Diamonds Are Forever: The Next Link in the Pipeline - by Billy Bumbags
Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough Laserdisc PCM 2.0 Mixes - by dwalkerdon23
Jacob’s Ladder UNCUT Fan Edit Thread by pzachos
Fullscreen versions of James Cameron’s movies - by pittrek
Jason and the Argonauts criterion laserdisc with ray harryhausen commentary any preservations? - by skyjedi2005
Jaws Documentaries - by digitalfreaknyc
Jaws/Jaws 2 extended editions - by Jp4195
Johnny Got His Gun: Keep the Home Fires Burning Edition (* unfinished project *) - by NapalmDeath_BYAAAH
Joseph Smith: Idea for a fanedit that I certainly will never do 😉 - by darth_ender
Judge Dredd : Helmeted edition - by Stamper
Ju-On (The Grudge) series - Chronological Cuts - by wmgan
Jurassic Park Trilogy - by Spence101287
HD Jurassic Park - by GoodMusician
Jurassic Park: The Grindhouse Edition - by scallenger
Jurassic Park: the Lost World Deleted scene - by Capt. Flint
Justice League - Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Redux Ideas thread - by idir_hh
Justice League - Crisis on Two Earths Potential - SS4DarthPayne
Justice League Edit Concept - by Jp4195
Justice League: World Without Hope - by CamSMurph

K to N…

2005 King Kong - by darth hall
King Kong: The Shorter Version by Lord Phillock
King Kong A Legend Reborn - 76’ WIP Project? - Mitch
Koyaanisqatsi - Soundtrack Remaster ( unfinished project ) - by Synnöve
Last House on the Left : Krug’s Cut - by bigrob
The Last Man on Earth Pres Effort/Fan Resto - by nookupeous
Legend: Expanded Goldsmith Edition - by Synnöve
Hold onto your old Little Mermaid discs! - by Silverwook
Is there a way to save Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings? - by vivsavage
Lord of the Rings TTT and ROTK “REFORGED” ( cancelled project - drive failure ) - by Harmy
LOST - by daveytod
Lost - Causality edit ideas - by illuvatar
Chronological LOST (spoilers) - by GregHarbin
Can “Lost” be improved? - by saintheart
LOST - Season 6: Purged - by Sunarep
Live Aid - BoRhap - Live Aid Extended Cut - by JonathanArthur19
MANHUNTER & MIAMI VICE - by Nicholas J. Michalak
Cheapo Marvel Superhero Movies - by mcfly89
Marvel Films - Chronological Marvel (No Spiderman Spoilers, Yes Endgame Spoilers) - by SparkySywer
Just an idea: Marvel Storyhour - by TomArrow
Mass Effect: The Movie - by Octorox
MAX HEADROOM - by FanFiltration
“Disney’s Mickey Mouse Works” Theatrical Short Film Edits (HELP NEEDED!) - by IncrediStudios
Middleman: The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse - by Doctor M
Miramax Kung Fu Re-Edits? - by lint
Metropolis - EXCITING news: lost “METROPOLIS” scenes FOUND!!! - by Mielr
Versions of Metropolis - by 5acrifice
Monsters HD - by dark_jedi
Muppet Family Christmas - by kmcherry
The Muppet Christmas Carol - by GundarkHunter
Mysterious Cities Of Gold PAL Project. Cancelled - by CW
Mysterious Cities Of Gold - The Movie - by MiL0
Natural Born Killers extended cut - by Devilman-1369
Night of the Living Dead: The Ghoulish Amalgamation! (* unfinished project *) - by Johnboy3434
Night of the Living Dead: 1990 Workprint Special Edition (* unfinished project *) - by DarthCarr

O to R…

Idea: An Oblivion Fan-edit? - by Ronster
Once Upon a Time in Mexico - Extra Spaghetti Edition (* unfinished project *) - by Spence101287
Parasite: Color and B&W version (Dead Project) - by D-A113 (Cancelled Project)
Pearl Harbor/Tora Tora Tora Cut - by veritas
Dario Argento’s Phantom of the Opera - by TheBoost
Re-Edits of The Pink Panther - by FanFiltration
POTC - The Legacy of Jack Sparrow : The Fountain of Youth - by A112
FanFiltration of the Planet of the Apes RELEASE THREAD (cancelled project - official product released) - by FanFiltration
poltergeist - by Sober (ideas thread)
A general post-Python research topic… - by Batman Beyond
Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation - by Reave
Rat Race - by newt
Reckless (1984) Aidan Quinn - Need to find this on laserdisc - by Zeromancer
Reckless (1984) ( unfinished proejct ) - by Zeromancer
Possible Red Dwarf Fan Film - by daveytod
Red Dwarf - Back To Earth - by Doctor M
Return of the Living Dead preservation - by Dr Faustus
Robocop - ITV Family Friendly “Freakin’ Airhead” Version - by meedermow
Rocky V (2006) (* unfinished project? *) - by EyeShotFirst
Rocky Horror Picture Show! - by DarthBalls1138


Idea & Info: Salem’s Lot (1979) - by djsmokingjam
The Salute of the Jugger: Extended Version (a.k.a The Blood of Heroes) starring Rutger Hauer (1989) - by LeoneNut
Saul Bass Warner Bros Logo - Recreation - by narth
Saw Series Reedited - by Evilproduct
Scrubs Best Buy Bonus Disc Preservations - by DarthCarr
Scrubs - My Charlie Brown Christmas HD Remake - by goofydylan8
Serenity movie fan edit? ADM?? - and a little about the ‘early days’ of Fan Edits - by Marty McFly
‘Firefly - Season Two’ (the Serenity film edited into a Firefly S2?) - by Mitch
Vintage/Classic Sesame Street - by capybara554321
Kubrick’s The Shining… - by Murch
Spaceballs 2010: The Re-Revisited Special Edition ON HOLD - by EyeShotFirst
Spider Man 2 Extended Cut - by Laserschwert
Spider-Man 3 - by crazyrabbits
Spider-man 3: The final chapter ( unfinished project ) - by bttfbrasilfan
Idea: Spider-Man - Homecoming Great Power, Great Responsibility Cut - by blurry-lives
That Was Spinal Tap: A Rock and Roll Creation - preservation project - by dcdcfan
The Spinal Tap Omnibus - Volume 6: The 1992 Concert Tour - by ThatArtGuy
Spy vs Spy: The Animated Casebook/Spidey Electric Company - by dcdcfan
Star Tours, Muppetvision 3-D, Terminator 3-D, Back to the Future - The Ride, Captain EO, etc - by ricardo
Preserving STAR TREK - by Danny L (40th anniversary)
Ideas and Suggestions for :Star Trek The Motion Picture (True Fan Edit) - by FanFiltration
Star Trek Theatrical versions - question - by pittrek
Another Star Trek Phase 2 idea - by RIJIR
TNG intro to Star Trek 09 - by space mick
Star Trek VI edit? - by C3PX
STAR TREK NEMESIS FAN EDIT - assistance required thread - by Alderaan94
Idea: TNG intro to Star Trek 09 - Nemesis fan edit - by space mick
Star Trek 2009 Extended Cut - by emenches
Star Trek: Dare Against Darkness (a ST 2009/Into Darkness Hybird) - by ZariusTwo
How would you alter Star Trek 10? - by Johnny Ringo
Spock’s Funeral Remastered (Tribute) - by hundsdorfex
Help Wanted: STAR TREK NEMESIS FAN EDIT - by Alderaan94
Star Trek XII: Into Darkness [WIP - Needs Title] ( unfinished project ) - by generalrose
Suicide Squad: The Harley Quinn Cut - by cbuckiso
Supergirl - Oh yes… Supergirl is the topic… - by 5acrifice
How I Would Edit SUPERMAN {Part 1} (workprint completed) - by FanFiltration
Superman II Donner, and III & IV extended edits - by booah
Superman: Edit of Edits - by Molly
Superman 2: DVD RIC (WIP) - by Molly
Superman 2: Enhanced RIC (this one’s for real!) - by Molly
Has anyone tried to do what selutron was doing for Superman 2: Richard Donner Cut? if so can you tell me who? by jedimasterobiwan
Superman III: The Junkyard Cut - by Zarius
Superman IV Extended Fan Edit - by JupePeteBob
Superman Returns - Spoilers - by cashiers
Man of Steel with John Williams Music? - by exitzero
Anyone have a copy of Man of Steel Remastered? - by Jack of All Trades
Super Mario Bros. The Movie - Special Features? - by klokwerk
Super Mario Bros. movie fan-edit project - by Redstar

T to Z…

TMNT: Return to New York - by sketchrob
Teen Wolf with Cut Scenes - by jedi_jra
Terminator Salvation - by daffy72
Terminator TV version - request - by maurice2029
TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES Fan Cut Project Thread (unfinished project) - by familyguyfanboy
The Avenger Initiative (* unfinished project - a host of info & ideas*) - by Holtey
The Beatles Rooftop concert? - by bkev
The Black Hole Revised - by The Nerd
The China Syndrome (1979) - A Shorter Edit - by See No Evil
The Crow Edit - by Spence101287
The Evil Dead - From Cabins to Castles edition ( unfinished project ) - by ripperbrown
CW’s The Flash - Movie Edition - by cbuckiso
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) Edited - by Alderaan
The Hobbit (2014) - Resource and idea thread - by Darth Lars
The Hobbit: Condensed Edition - A 3 into 1 Fan Edit by brash_stryker - by brash_stryker
Another Hobbit fanedit (Peter Jackson Edition) - by Deloreanhunter12
The Hobbit - The Jackson Fan Edit - by archimedes
The Hobbit: Roadshow Edition ❖ FIRST TEASER NOW ONLINE ❖ - by RoccondilRinon
The Incredible Hulk - The Extended Cut ( unfinished project ) - by The_RockRope
Info Wanted: ‘The Keep’ fan edits…? (a ‘The Keep’ project within this thread) - by SammyTheBull
The Little Mermaid - Hold onto your old Little Mermaid discs! - by SilverWook
The Matrix: Noir Edition - by RoccondilRinon
The Matrix Reloaded - T-HOPE Extended Edition - by maurice2029
The Phantom Tollbooth (animated, 1970) - by ron2112
The Prestige - Editing Suggestions - by eksif
The Simpsons: The ‘Final’ Season Of The Simpsons (Possible Team Project?) - by Cameron Samurai
The Thing(s) - by Vess
(Musa) The Warrior 2001 - Extended Cut - by Ronster
The Walking Dead - We Are The Walking Dead (Mini-Series) ( unfinished project) - by jerryshadoe
The Wizard (1989, Fred Savage) - by marioxb
Thor: Ragnarok: Phoenix Cut (WIP) - by Cameron Samurai (a Work In Progess)
THX-1138 - HD transfer - 720) - by nookupeous
Tom and Jerry - Censoring Tom And Jerry - by Moth3r
Trainspotting - extended video version - by charliesheen
Transformers: Their Movie. Our Hype. - by klokwerk
Transformers: A good Movie Edit? - by xhonzi
Transformers the Movie (1986) - Supplemental Disk - by Kushami
Fan-Made Transformers Beast Wars Soundtrack - by DylanKing
Transformers 2 - editing ideas - by Octorox
TRON: Modern FX Update - by DaMovieMan
TRON: LIBERTY - by Asteroid-Man
True Romance: Tarantino re-edit - by splice
TRON: LIBERTY ** QUICK UPDATE ** ( unfinished project ) - by Asteroid-Man
Until the end of the World: Director’s Cut ( unfinished project ) - by focuspuller
Watchmen - by mcfly89
Watchmen: The Graphic Novel Cut - by ChainsawAsh
Waterworld ABC Cut? - by evilmouse
X 3 - by Spence101287
The Wiz: Revisited - by James76
X-Men 3 Deleted Scenes - by crazyrabbits
Preservation of misprinted Wal*Mart X-Men 3 bonus disc - by Blips
Uncanny X-Men (X3 edit - ( unfinished project ) - by Brimley
Idea: Zardoz - by 4throck




General, Technical & Format threads…

Article on Fan Edits a 2005 thread, by cashiers
Article on Fan Edits from Guardian Unlimited - a 2005 thread, by greencapt
FANEDITS ON RAPIDSHARE - maybe a permanent hi-speed home a 2006 thread, by boon23
The Challenge of Re-Editing a Crap Flick - a 2007 thread, by tweaker
How To Add Deleted Scenes? - by Max Rebo

Info: The random and general Fan Edit Ideas thread… - 2018 thread, by paja
Any highly recommended fan edits (non SW) ? - a 2008 thread, by discostewart
Fan edit documentary idea - a 2007 thread, by Spence101287
Video Game Movie Edits - a 2009 thread, by Jono11
Stereoscopic (3D) Films - a 2008 thread, by mcfly89
A Few other Extended TV Cuts - a 2007 thread, by MovieDude81
Anyone Have The Fight Club Workprint? Or any workprints for that matter? - aka The Workprint Thread - a 2005 thread, by JackLucas
Lost workprints finally found! But need some help! - 2018 thread, by roman1990
Batman (1989) - Colour Correction Help Needed - a 2017 thread, by Olivus Prime
How hard it would be to create “no sound in space” edits of The Expanse episodes? - a 2018 thread, by Dr. Krogshöj

a thread for short Fan Films found online at youtube / vimeo etc - a 2021 thread, by oojason




OT•com Meta / Archival threads…

Info: WORKPRINT - Master List - by spoRv
Project Index: Fan Edits of Other Films - a 2006 thread (last edited on July 2010), by andy_k_250
Preservation and Fan Edit Links - a 2006 thread, by Mackey256

ADigitalMan’s Guide to MPEG2/AC3 Editing - aka ‘How to make a Fan Edit’ - a 2005 thread, by ADigitalMan
FAN EDIT REQUEST THREAD - Post your dream Fan Edits Here! - a 2006 thread, by greencapt
Your dream fan edit if you could get the rare footage - a 2006 thread, by dork74
Most Anticipated Fan Edits - a 2018 thread, by paja
Random FE Thoughts - a 2018 thread, by paja fan edit blog: your thoughts please (Update: development underway) - a 2006 thread, by Jay beta is live - a 2007 thread, by Jay
Is there a website devoted to Fan Edits? - a 2006 thread, by RIJIR
sorry to ask, but where do I find these fan edits? - by Rick2525
What is the rarest video in your collection? - a 2006 thread, by dork74
The Man Behind The Mask fanedits, ranked - by Neglify
I have a bunch of fan-edits already done, and I would like to share them! - a 2015 thread, by macsvoltage
Banning of OCPMovie - a 2006 thread, by scallenger
Your work is being sold - a 2007 thread, by Insanity
Our edits being offered for sell/trade on website - a 2006 thread, by daveytod
THE FAN EDIT CONTEST HAS A WINNER !!! REVIEWS IN OFF TOPIC FORUM - a 2005 thread, by PSYCHO_DAYV is GONE!!! - a 2008 thread, by ziz (it came back) is down! - a 2014 thread, by Gaith (it came back, again)



FAN EDIT REQUEST THREAD - Post your dream Fan Edits Here! - a 2006 thread, by greencapt


An Info & Help Thread for the ‘Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties’ section… (Searches, FAQs, ‘Where can I find x?’, ‘Is there an Edit of film x?’, Myspleen, and more…) - a 2019 thread, by oojason



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Really appreciate what you have listed here.
I had not visited for awhile, mostly because of the difficulty finding the edits.
Not the edits per se, but rather an index of projects.
Many intriguing titles, I’ll shoot some PMs.
Thank you again for this.


Is it possible to fix the hdr grade/Dolby vision grade of evil dead 1 and 2 from any fan editor?