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2001: A Funkadelic Odyssey (a WIP)



At last. At long last. Stanley Kubrick’s legendary film the way you remember it. Only funkier. Groovier. And far more severely dated. Drug use will be neither confirmed nor denied.

2001: A Funkadelic Odyssey changes

The Funk

Also Sprach Zarathustra
Eumir Deodato

Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

Friday Night, August 14th

Fantastic Voyage

Standing on the Outside
The Bar-Kays

Lipps, Inc.

Funky Stuff
Kool & The Gang


That’s the Way of the World
Earth, Wind & Fire

Edwin Starr

Slippin’ Into Darkness

Mama’s Dead
James Brown

The Boss
James Brown

Visual Changes

  • = added
    / = changed

/ Added film grain, scratches, dust, dirt, and bad, bluish, contrast to severely date the film

  • Added psychedelic background for the overture
    / Changed title fonts and texts
    / “The Dawn of Man” title changed to “The Dawn of… Funk!”
  • Added an “Ooh yeah” G-Major sound effect to “Dawn of Funk” title
    / Added a magenta cast to the prehistoric monolith scene for psychedelic effect
    / Added a green cast to the astronauts’ whistling noise moment for psychedelic effect
    / Changed “Jupiter Mission, 18 Months Later” title to “18 Months Later, One “Funked” Up Mission”
  • Added “Screaming Whoa” C-Minor sound effect after “One “Funked” Up Mission” title
    / Changed “Intermission” title font and text
  • Added psychedelic background for intermission
    / Changed “Jupiter, and Beyond the Infinite” title to “Funk. And Beyond the Infinite”
  • Added “Very High Woo” A-Minor sound effect to “Funk. And Beyond the Infinite” title
  • Added psychedelic background for end credits and exit music
    / Changed end credit fonts and texts

I have altered Lucas’ visions. Pray I don’t alter them any further.


Below are two color tests I’ve thrown onto the monolith scenes. I felt that these would make more sense for the kind of edit I’m doing, and it makes the film feel even more like something out of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Note: Yes, I’m aware that the song, “Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow” is in both videos. In a lot of ways, that song became the main theme for the monolith, and as such, it is not the only song in the film.



I have altered Lucas’ visions. Pray I don’t alter them any further.


Below is the first of what will be quite a few sound isolation tests. I want to offer my thanks to VarsityEditor over at fanedit.org, for sending me his sound isolated work on 2001. I will continue to post more of these as I get around my rather busy work schedule. For now, though, I leave this one as both a demonstration and a teaser.


I have altered Lucas’ visions. Pray I don’t alter them any further.


Below is the second sound isolation test I’ve decided to show off. This scene has been one of the more difficult parts of the edit, and making the dialogue easy to hear has been one of many challenges with this scene.

2001 Funkadelic Sound Isolation Test 2

The rejection of the song below is arguably the most heartbreaking decision I made for this edit (at least, so far). This was going to be the original song for the scene above, but the problem with it was that James Brown’s voice was either too loud for anyone to hear the dialogue, or the background music was too quiet for anyone to hear. So for those technical reasons, I wasn’t able to use it. I had hoped to use it because the serious parts of the film were the hardest to work on, and finding a funk song that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows is a hard find. I eventually settled on the Bar-Kays “Standing on the Outside” instead, because the vocals and music were balanced well enough that it didn’t intrude on the dialogue in the scene above.

Down and Out in New York City by James Brown

I have altered Lucas’ visions. Pray I don’t alter them any further.


Below is a revision of the previous sound isolation test I posted above. Under advice from a fanedit.org user named VarsityEditor, I have shortened the soundtrack in the scene and given it a super-long crossfade to get things the way I intended it to be. It doesn’t loop like VarsityEditor suggested, but doing so is hard, and perhaps when I feel up for it, I’ll try Varsity’s suggestion in full. For now though, here’s what I’ve done:


I have altered Lucas’ visions. Pray I don’t alter them any further.