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Alien (1979): Ripley Does Dallas Edition (Extended)


I’ve tried to find a 1080p ultimate cut of Alien that combined all of the footage of the both of the theatrical and the Director’s Cut of Ridley Scott’s Alien, and surprisingly could not find one. I figured this would be something someone would jump on. I could not locate one, so I created my own. (I admit that there is a possibility that one exists but that I could not find it, due to the generic term ALIEN and it coming up with so many results, so if this is a repeat, then I apologize).

This is what I would consider to be just an Extended version of the film, since my understanding is that even more footage can be found on the Alien Anthology and the Alien Legacy documentary. (which I’d love to may look into one day, when I get those items)

The base of the film is the Director’s Cut because it adds some CGI to make the outer space scenes more visually palatable in certain scenes. This basically combines all of the footage of the two version of the film with one minor exception… near the end of the film when the Alien comes upon Jones the cat, the Director’s Cut’s version is used as I liked it better. It gave more purpose to the Alien as it was only going after the crew members, including Ripley, and it could care less about the cat. It also tells us why the cat cage was where it was found by Ripley after she abandoned it and why it wasn’t upright. Also, between the two versions, there are two different scenes behind the medic bay glass after Kane comes in contact with the face hugger and is brought back onboard and his suit helmet is removed. I made a slight adjustment to have both versions shown as they are basically different ends of the same scene, and this still creates a very cohesive story line.

I elected to call this the Ripley Does Dallas version because the Director’s Cut adds a scene where
Ripley kills (i.e. Does) Dallas at his request when she stumbles upon him near the end of the film
and figured this would be a very humorous play on words.

Run times:

1:56:38 Theatrical
1:55:50 Director’s Cut
2:01:15 Extended Edition

Send me a PM if you’d be interested in seeing it. I’d appreciate feedback as I’m still new to this…


isn´t the runtime a bit to short of all the unused scenes out there?
do you always combined this two versions,without the extra footage in making of´s and behind the scenes?


A few remarks from me.

  1. We don’t need to know about everything we don’t see.
    It’s pretty irrelevant why the cage is there.
    On the contrary when something remains in the dark, there is room for mystery and speculation.
    Hitchcock was a master in this discipline, or do you want to know why the birds became aggressive and why they suddenly calmed down again? 😉
  2. I do not believe that the alien is only keen on humans and has spared the cat, but that the cat could escape (see point 1 speculations).
  3. If you integrate the Dallas death scene, there are continuity flaws to Cameron’s “Aliens”!
    As a reminder: When the camera shots show the cocoons, Ripley tells Lieutenant Gorman that she’s never seen anything like this before!
  4. I don’t know if you have the technical skills, but it would be nice if someone could finally remove Ripley’s nosebleed before the fight with Ash! Because the nosebleed results from a previously shoted scene that was never used and fell under the cutting table!
    In contrast to the cage question of the cat, this scene makes no sense at all. Why does Ripley bleed out of her nose while talking to Ash?

Otherwise, I wish you a lot of interest in your work. 😃