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Alien Resurrection Resurrected (Completed)



‘Alien Resurrection’ (1997) is my favourite of the Alien tetralogy, but with the exception of a few small moments, I feel that the 2003 Special Edition is a largely inferior cut. This fanedit amalgamates the SE’s brief worthwhile additions to the film into the original theatrical release, with its “less is more” opening and ending sequences and generally more understated approach to some scenes.


  • Alien Resurrection (1997) [Theatrical Cut/TE]
  • Alien Resurrection (1997) [2003 Special Edition Cut/SE]


  • Restored original title sequence, removing additional sound effects in favor of the original score up until the shot of the Auriga
  • Cut Ripley waking after surgery
  • Cut Gediman making explicit mention of “Fury 16”
  • Cut Wren making reference to the Company’s acquisition by Walmart
  • Restored the order of scenes introducing the crew of the Betty from the TE, as well as TE’s stripped back version of Vreiss/Johner/Call’s exchange in the cargo bay
  • Cut Perez and Elgyn’s extended exchange about Call
  • Cut Wren’s lines added in the SE during the argument with/about Purvis and what to do with him
  • Cleaned up audio in the extended SE chapel scene with Ripley and Call where Distephano’s footsteps can be heard as TE usually cuts
  • Restored TE’s more ambiguous and bittersweet ending, rolling shots of earth mirroring the alien-flesh from the opening titles.

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This sounds pretty cool!

I’m not really that much of a movie purist. I really should’ve thought my name out a bit more.


Sound incredible! Would you mind PM’ing me the link, please?