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T2: DVD Easter Eggs Complication (a WIP)


There have been loads of Easter Eggs on the Terminator 2 DVDs. However, no one hasn’t really known about them, or seen them that much. With that being said, a complication of every Easter Egg on all T2 DVDs would be helpful, would it? Final product will be on YouTube, rather than a PM on OT, unlike my other projects.


  • Insert Side A, with the feature presentation. Then from the menu, select “Special Edition”. On the right hand side of the panel you will notice some weird, unreadable symbols that will give you access to the hidden feature - known as roman numbers. Take your remote control and press the key combination “82997” - the date of Judgment Day in the movie - and the symbols on the side should change to the text “The Future Is Not Set”. If they don’t, please make sure to press the “Enter” key on your remote control after every one of the digits. Once correctly entered, the eyes of the endoskeleton will light up and you will see a new menu entry appearing, giving you access to the “Extended Special Edition” Version of the movie with the alternate ending and other scenes integrated in the film.

  • Insert Side B. Don’t touch any buttons, and every 30 seconds, the Disc cycles through one of three different ‘breaks’ - in the first the lower left hand corner flickers with lightning and the words “Join The Resistance” appear. Select it and you will find a Weblink that takes you to Artisan’s Website (at the time, The second break is a small head of Beethoven, which will take you to the original T2 Swelltone Trailer. And the third break comes in the shape of the T-1000. His head will morph out of the center of the screen and say “Get Out.”


On Disc 1:

  • While on the Main Menu, highlight “Sensory Control” and press right five times. The words “The Future Is Not Set” will appear. Selecting them will allow you to view the original Theatrical Cut.
  • While on the Main Menu, if you wait around and do nothing for 2 minutes, a T-800 will appear (from the right) and look you right in the face for a few seconds. Apparently, moving to another option might trigger this.

On Disc 2:

  • While on the Main Menu, move to the DVD-ROM option and press left to highlight the ‘square’. Select it to see a 2 minute montage of the film and scenes from the “Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Ultimate Edition DVD”.
  • Just like Disc 1, wait and do nothing, and a T-800 will appear (this time from the left) and look you right in the face for a few seconds.
  • While on the Main Menu, move to the “High Definition” option and press “Up” to reveal a half-circle. Select it to see the “DVD Production Credits” for this Extreme Edition.
  • Now select “DVD-ROM”. After the Trailer has played, you will be on the menu for this feature. Move to the “Replay ROM Trailer” option and press “Up” to highlight the blood. Select it to see a funny still that shows the worst that can happen.


  • Studio Canal 2003 R2, Bitwin 2000 R3, Dreamworks/Universal 2000 R4, and Momentum Pictures 2000 R2 Discs has the 82997 easter egg from “2000 ULTIMATE”, but instead of an “Extended Special Edition” cut, it leads to an alternate menu leading to two alternate scenes from the “2000 ULTIMATE” cut.
  • Kinowelt 2000 R2 includes a German Dubbed Teaser Trailer of the film on both Steel and Ultimate editions.
  • Geneon 2003 R2 includes the T-800 looking at you if you do nothing again on discs 1 and 2.

I may have to try the theatrical cut thing on the extreme edition DVD.

I’m not really that much of a movie purist.