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Sicario 2 - Land of Wolves (WIP)


After finishing my Sicario 1 (The Wolf Cut) edit I now will be working on the sequel which lacks the atmosphere of the first movie. It´s more of an action-flick and worthwile for this genre.

In my view this movie suffers from a narrative which aims to tell a complex political and sociological aspect. By no way i condem this approach but it isn´t told in a proper way and jumps back, forth between narrative locations and merge at the end.

So how i want to tackle this in hope that the movie becomes more interesting?
My approach is similiar to @L8wrtr ´s in his American Gangster - Two Tales edit (definitely a recommandation!) amd inspired me to try the same, kind of. Telling two stories separately before they flow into each other.
As the pieces of Alejandro and Matt makes up a huge amount of the overall storyline i´ll start with that till the point after they kidnapped Isabell and drove to the private jet to take her to the US. Followed by the shot of the Texas McAllen border sequence and the story of Miguel till his first “job” at the mall. After that the two plots are told more parallel until they merge (wittnessing Alejandros struggle at he border transport).

Another big change i try to achieve is the ending. Isabell will die and the last shot of the movie should be Alejandro rising in the pit. So why?
As Matt responds to Steve Forsing “fuck it all, wipe it clean” i thinks it feels more natural if they kill all of them, including isabell as this is there primary task given by their superiors.

Quality of the edit:
Video - 3840x1600 SDR at around 10-20 mbps bitrate. Depends on the codec i´ll use (either x265 or AV1).
Audio - AC-3 5.1 track 640 kbps from Dolby Surround EX

Ending idea (no color grading or audio work, just the narrative):

I´ve worked on a full workprint ending. Containing a shot by shot color grading and audio work. Don´t bother the artifacts it´s a low level encode just for demonstration:


A workprint is available and i would appreciate anyone who’s willing to give me feedback on it.


Reworked my regrade for this movie completely. At the following link you´re able to see a compariosn between the original grading and mine