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Evil Dead Trilogy: The Complete Epic


I highly doubt I’m the first one to ever attempt this, but this is basically all three original Evil Dead films (The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, Army of Darkness) combined into one near-four hour long horror-comedy epic. Changes and edits made are very minimal, but to sum it all up, to avoid continuity problems, the very last shot from the original Evil Dead directly transitions into Ash flying across the woods in Evil Dead II, thus getting rid of the latter film’s opening (which was basically a much shorter remake of the first film because footage from the original couldn’t be re-used due to rights issues), and the portal exploding near the end of that film directly cuts to the Oldsmobile falling in medieval times in Army of Darkness. The Universal logo from Army of Darkness is played before the beginning of the first Evil Dead and a new ending credits sequence plays before the scrolling end-credits from Army of Darkness.

PM me for the link.


no extra scenes insert?
your sources only the blurays?not the Primitive Screwhead Edition?
i got two different versions of this.
one run about 3h51min. (EvilDeadEpicEdit)
the other 3h53min. (The Evil Dead Fan Edit (2005 by Crappy Logo Productions))
but i like to watch yours.
please send me a link.thanks