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Red Dwarf Back to Earth: No Corrination Street edition (Released)


Red Dwarf: Back To Earth was OK. But the main problem to me was the coronation street scene. I hate coronation street so I want to cut it out, along with some other stuff:

New opening titles to better match the classic show.

Replaced all the shots of Red Dwarf with shots from series X to maintain continiuty, and because they looked better.

Removed Lister annoying Rimmer because it’s more gross than funny, and to remove the terrible CGI scutter.

Trimmed the Dwarfers talking about the squid for pacing and to remove a jump cut.

Trimmed the squid attack to get rid of average CGI and Rimmer acting out-of-character.

Combined 2 scenes of Rimmer and Katerina Bartikovsky to remove scene that references a scene I cut out and to remove Rimmer to find some dirt on Katerina.

Trimmed pre-portal opening to remove Kryten reporting to Rimmer and combined 2 shots so that Kryten walks into frame (not perfect I know, but until I get Adywan skills, it will do).

Removed the jump cut in portal scene by slowing down the footage.

Removed elevator scene because it was pointless.

Trimmed DVD scene and inserted a Kryten voice-over from later so that they go straight to the shop, cutting out the bed scene and the Dwarfers getting money.

Heavily trimmed shop scene for pacing.

Cut out the bus scene completely and Katerina being killed.

Reversed shot of sign for better translation.

Trimmed scene with Swallow so that he now knows where the creator is.

Removed the entire Coronation Street becasue I hate Coronation Street. So Carbug goes straight to the creator’s Blade Runner place.

Various trims during scene with the Creator for pacing.

Trimmed Kochanski scene at the end for pacing.

2 versions of the closing theme to cover the credits from the director’s cut, to make it more interesting.

Edit is in SD (since I made it before I got a blu-ray drive, might do a HD upgrade someday, we’ll see). PM me if you want to watch.