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Now You See Me: Hybrid Cut (Released)


Now You See Me is a great movie. It’s very tightly written and is very smart and logical. When I saw that there were 2 cuts and half an hour of deleted scenes, I decided to create a hybrid cut. Here’s a list:

-Used theatrical cut for the opening as I thought the title cards from the extended cut were unessecery (although I did use a different line from Merritt from the extended cut to fix a continuity error. Also trimmed Merritt scene to fix contiunity error.

-Used a zoomed in and reversed shot of Merritt to fix a contnuity error in the apartment scene.

-Used a trimmed version of Alma’s introduction from the extended cut.

-Used Bradley’s introduction from the theatrical cut because it was easier to follow dialouge-wise.

-Trimmed the interagtion scenes (and zoomed-in when the cuffs fly off Atlas).

-Trimmed scene when the Horsemen steal Tressler’s money.

-Trimmed and zoomed in on parts of Dylan/Alma’s make-up conversation.

-Cut out all images of young Dylan and his father.

-Used flashback opening from the sequel near the end.

-Used a deleted scene as a post-credits scene.

P.S. I posted this on Reddit a while back and decided to share it so more fans of Now You See Me could watch it.