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Blade Runner: The Version You've Never Seen Before NOW ONLINE!


Greetings! New member here. I was going through some old external hard drives from my old computer which had a ton of stuff on them, and to my delight I found the original Blade Runner fan edit by zombie84. It is the original file. If you would like me to send you the original fan edit, please let me know.

I hope zombie84, wherever they are, doesn’t mind I’ve uploaded their hard work, after all, many of you were so interested in it and it would be such a shame to see such effort go to waste. Cheers!

EDIT-ooops, didn’t realise you couldn’t post links until I read the rules fully. I’ve done this all in a rush, (my apologies) as I don’t have much free time. If you own a copy of the original movie and would like me to PM you the fan edit, let me know.