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HANNIBAL: LA VITA NUOVA – a TV-to-Movie fanedit of Season 3 (Released)


It’s a project of a faneditor Maniac and mine - HANNIBAL: LA VITA NUOVA.

We’ve made a fanedit of “Hannibal”'s NBC TV Series (Season Three first half), editing it into a 2 hours and 36 minutes long feature movie.

It’s a sequel to our edits of Seasons 1-2 – “Hannibal: The Chesapeake Ripper” and “The Memory Palace.”
Maniac recut Seasons 1-3 into feature movies. The fanedit consists from the most interesting and relevant bits of the main story. The goal of these edits isn’t to cram every detail of the series into a limited time-frame, but to create the actual film versions of dr. Hannibal Lecter story from the best bits and create a new narrative

The fan edit is done in a 2.40 ratio with DTS sound converted from 5.1 to 7.1. It includes music re-scores by Angelo Badalamenti, Hans Zimmer, Kenji Kawai.

More info on:

Edited by Maniac
Idea by Zagadka


I watched these edits. They are seamless and excellent!

Forever in search of that one movie experience…