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Harry Potter Immersed - The Jim Dale Audiobook Collection (Released)


First off just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Master Lawdog and his excellent Enhanced Editions -

For the past couple years I’ve basically been doing the same thing, but with the Jim Dale versions of the audiobooks instead of the Stephen Fry ones. Now you can have a choice between the two versions. I’ve just finished the final book so the whole series is now complete!

I’ve gone through each Harry Potter audiobook and placed music from the movies throughout each chapter, enhancing scenes and highlighting key moments. I’ve used music from all of the movies across each book, but mainly focusing on each individual books’ music to bridge the gap between the movies and books as best I could. As the books got longer there were many scenes that were not present in the movies, so I started using music from the official video games to fill in those sections, and they matched beautifully with the rest of the music. Alongside the music I also added a light touch of sound effects, nothing too overbearing, and ambient tracks that really help to immerse you in the stories.

Here is a preview of The Prisoner of Azkaban:

And here is a preview of The Goblet of Fire:

PM me for a link