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The Man Behind The Mask fanedits, ranked


Letterboxd list.

  1. War of the Stars II - The Future in Motion
  2. War of the Stars - A New Hope Grindhoused
  3. Jaws The Sharksploitation Edit
  4. Harmonica (The Ugly West)
  5. Iron Blood (Marvel Consecution)
  6. Wall-E Fantasy (Space Consecution)
  7. Life
  8. Cosmogony
  9. Star Wars - Silent Edition: Episode VII
  10. Death Tango (Shut Up! Consecution)
  11. Conan - Man of War
  12. Kong
  13. Star Wars 30’s Serial Edition Part 2
  14. Alien-Ate
  15. Fast Blood (Chase Consecution)
  16. Riddles of the Lost Gods
  17. The Judas Breed
  18. Fatal Weapon (Cops Consecution)
  19. Star Wars 30’s Serial Edition Part 1
  20. Underworld Temptation

How does everybody else rank TMBTM’s wonderful edits?

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