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The Dark Crystal: The Great Conjunction


I always forget to post my other projects here. Here’s my latest.


Brief Synopsis:
Long ago the Skeksis eradicated the Gelfling clans to preserve their dominion over the world of Thra. Now, a lone Gelfling, Jen, must fulfill an ancient prophesy to heal the Crystal of Power and restore order to his world.

To create a Netflix style presentation of The Dark Crystal presented in a two part finale as a companion to the recent Age of Resistance.

Other Sources:
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Soundtrack
The Dark Crystal – Overture | Epic Version by L’Orchestra Cinématique
Various free stock footage video
Fan produced Dark Crystal Art and Posters

Special Thanks:
Anyone reading this 🙂

Editing Details:
This edit is pretty straightforward: Create a two episode finale to the Dark Crystal story using the Netflix presentation Creation of a Netflix style FE logo intro and original series yellow text to match Age of Resistance. Color correction to attempt to match the color of Age of Resistance. Sharpness to make the dated footage look a little more crisp. Creation of closing credits to mirror Age of Resistance.

Cuts and Additions:
-Custom Intro
-Color corrected entire movie and added a slight sharpening to the image
-Removed The Dark Crystal Logo
-Adjusted/masked and/or trimmed some of the ritual of the sun to help eliminate opening credits
-Added AoR music to opening scene
-Adjusted the emperor’s voice to match his AoR voice more closely (I’m assuming it’s the same Skeksis)
-Added dreamfast vfx
-Created custom credits to match AoR presentation
-Added The Dark Crystal Epic Theme by L’Orchestra Cinématique to ending credits


would you try to make a extended version with the black and white scenes from the workprint and deleted scenes?
i like this movie much,but there is no long version of this.


That seems completely outside the scope of what DigMod was trying to do.

Maybe make your own extended cut instead?

a trolling bantha


This looks awesome!
The Age of Resistance reached new heights for puppetry!
I enjoyed that show a lot and look forward to new episodes with
a possible Garthim War.
Put me down for the list of people that are keen to watch your fan edit.
Thanks for doing this!

Is there anybody still working on a fan edit for Dark Crystal
that uses the original soundtrack that has the original Skeksis language?


Interesting idea! When CBS aired the movie in the late 80’s they inexplicably showed it as two one hour installments a week apart. (With a recap before part two.) I can’t for the life of me remember which scene they ended part one on. Moderator

Where were you in '77?