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The Karate Kid(1984) The Fan Cut


I decided to do an edit of the Karate kid (1984). This was just for pure fun and I had no intentions of showing it to people. I’ve always loved the original Karate kid, but there were things that I thought could have been taken out and there should have been more music in particular scenes. I’ve cut in my opinion we’re the silly bits and I added music where I thought was necessary. If you want to watch it just PM me and I will send you a link.

Here’s what I did

-Cut Daniels sucker punch to Johnny in the beach fight.

-Added menacing music when Daniel and Johnny’s eyes meet when Daniel visits the cobra kai dojo.

-Cut:”she’s hot definitely hot”

I cut some stuff in the Halloween school dance scene.
-Added a little bit of music when Daniel is about to spray Johnny with water

-Cut “Hey Johnny wats up.”

-Cut Ali tripping the cobra kais and Daniel causing a car crash.

-Add music when myagi and Daniel visit the cobra Kai dojo.

-Cut a comedic scene with Daniel with his history teacher and the cobrai kais. It was a funny bit, but to me the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel was gone from that scene.

-Added some music to the semi finals when Daniel gets his leg broken and when he is telling Myagi he wants balance when his leg is injured.
-Also added some alternate shots in the last fight scene from cobra kai. I did cut some other minor things but I just didn’t feel like listing them. Feedback is always appreciated!

Here’s the poster