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John Carpenter's Body Bags - Alternate Audio Track


The 2013 Blu-Ray and DVD release (and all subsequent streaming/download versions based on this release) of John Carpenter’s Body Bags has some pretty rough audio. In particular, the sibilance or “S” sounds have a noticeable distortion almost sounding like static. It is most noticeable in the opening segment, “Gas Station”. I reconstructed the audio to the best of my ability based on another track I found of a (mostly) uncut version. This was a PAL source that I had to convert, make several adjustments for sync and edit in parts that were exclusive to the new uncut version. As a result, this is certainly not a top-notch, crisp audio track but I think it’s certainly an easier listen than what was released.

The new, alternate track is in a .wav format and can be matched up to any rip of the 2013 Shout Factory Blu-Ray. Just substitute this track in any video program and it should match up.

It can be downloaded here: