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Mandy Maven48 edit


Even though I appreciate the style and revenge story, I found Mandy to be unnecessarily long for the genre and a little meandering especially in the first hour.

My intention in this version was to streamline and focus on the story. A basic list of changes follow.

-removed most chapter cards
-removed animated segments
-cut opening quote
-trimmed reds drive home
-cut Mandys baby bird story
-trimmed the lake scene
-removed dead rabbit
-trimmed Jeremiah ‘I need that girl’
-removed ocarina
-trimmed calling the black skulls scene
-removed poisonous bug
-trimmed Jeremiah and Mandy conversation
-removed dagger
-removed cheddar goblin (sorry, tough decision) -moved ‘mandy’ title card to this point
-removed black skulls razor penis
-pretty much the same from this point on
-cut last shot
-added children of the new dawn music to credits

The new run time is around 1h35mins.


This sounds interesting, I loved Mandy a lot – probably my favorite horror movie of the past decade? I’d really like to check this out though, but ahh no cheddar goblin??


I think what makes Mandy unique and not run of the mill is precisely its meandering, unessential but immersive elements, throwaways, and lewd gags. Beyond the Black Rainbow on the other hand could possibly be enhanced by certain trims and an audio upscale to increase the dialogue volume in many scenes where it was (likely intentionally designed to be) barely audible. No offense to this fan edit, ofc. Just a friendly criticism.


Yes. It’s intended as an alternate not a replacement. Mandy is an amazing film but at its core is something more simple.


In that case I get where you are coming from now