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Godzilla (2014) - Fan Edit (HDD Cut) (a WIP)


First off, just want to say that I honestly love this place, I’ve scrolled around for a few months now but never made an account till now so I could announce this. As a fellow video editor I have nothing but respect for all the work everyone does here. With that said I would like to publicly announce that I am working on my very own cut, called the HDD Cut (named after my YouTube Channel), of Godzilla (2014).

The main purpose of this cut is to make a more pleasant viewing experience via slimming some shots and scenes down by a few seconds, but most of all by completely redoing the Color Grading. Unfortunately, Godzilla 2014 is notorious for an extremely bad transfer. If you watch the trailers it looks like a completely different movie than the Home Release, which is dark, dreary, and at times literally impossible to see. So I am going shot by shot and redoing the entire Grade for the movie. I hope to surpass even the original Theatrical Version in terms of visual quality.

Now this project will go through many versions. I plan to release a Beta by the end of March, but after that it will go into a hiatus for a while as I gain better equipment. The Beta should be good enough in itself, but as a perfectionist I will probably be working on this for years until I have created the definitive version of this movie. Until then I will probably make small updates with extra cuts, slight grade touches, some more sound work, etc. Am I psycho? Am I obsessed? Yes.

Here’s two previews of the Cut:

God bless!


There’s a new 4k BD coming out next month, possibly will have different color grading.

Also I see the complaint of it being “too dark” a lot but I just re-watched it and honestly it looked fine, I never had any problems seeing anything.