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X-Men 97: The Uncanny Edit (Feature Length)


I’m currently putting the finishing touches to a feature cut of X-Men 97, but it will be a most ‘unique’ edit, in that I won’t be using much of the Zero Tolerance or Fatal Attractions storylines (to delve into them would make the edit too long). instead, we focus mostly on the Maddie/Jean drama, the trial of Magneto, the massacre of Genosha, Storm’s journey to reclaim her powers, and lastly a big final battle between the X-Men and the Sentinels.

From what you can guess from that last bit…yes, Gambit’s going to survive Genosha and join the X-Men alongside Rogue. Rogue chooses Remy but does not join Magneto’s side to avenge him.

There’s a minimal use of Sunspot, he appears in the opening rescue scene, again in the “Fire Made Flesh” segment, and then again talking to Jubilee in the mid-credits scene, the post-credits will set up Zero Tolerance and reveal Magneto also survived Genosha.

Timeline/Change List

  1. Marvel Studios Presents Logo
  2. Previously On X-Men: The Animated Series
  3. The Rescue of Sunspot
  4. Basketball court/Xavier’s study
  5. All of the episode “Mutant Liberation Begins”
  6. All of “Fire Made Flesh”
  7. All of “Remember It” until Magneto’s ‘elimination’ by the Omega Sentinel
  8. Scott talks with President Kelly and Jean
  9. Ororo’s journey and struggle with The Adversary
  10. Battle with Trask and The Senentinals in the desert
  11. X-Men 97 opening titles now play as roll call end credits like any other MCU movie or special
  12. Mid-credits: Sunspot and Jubilee
  13. Credits
  14. Post-Credits: Bastion and the captive Magneto