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Batman (1989) - Colour Correction Help Needed


Hi there, longtime lurker here who’s finally jumping into the discussion.

Tim Burton’s Batman has been my favourite film for a while now, but having seen it so many times, I’m very aware of the many technical goofs and dated effects in the film. Recently I’ve been thinking of producing a “restoration” of sorts which fixes these effects, but my experiments in fixing the poor bluescreen shots during the climax haven’t worked out well so far.

It’s best demonstrable when looking at the shots of Batman and Vicki hanging from the cathedral whilst the Joker stands over them. There’s a lack of yellow in the image, which can be seen via Batman’s chest symbol being white and skin tones in the shots being overly pink, yet there’s also a lack of blue, as Joker’s burgundy jacket (rather than purple) indicates, which makes colour correcting the scene by conventional means very difficult, if not impossible. Obviously the fact that, when the white Batman symbol is made yellow, the rest of the whites in the image become yellow, adds to the problem.

So I guess I was just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions regarding this kind of colour correction - different tools/approaches? I’d like to avoid having to work frame-by-frame if possible, but in this kind of scenario where the colours are so screwed up it might just have to be done.

Two examples of the kinds of shots I’m dealing with:

Screen 1

Screen 2


Just looking at it roughly it was full of green and the value was too low most the Color Correction in the bottom or shadow.

If you wanted batman to have the yellow logo looks like you would have to color it in manually.

whoops sorry bluer because he has a purple jacket yeah…

Probably this one is more correct that the other attempts. Shirt should be orange though yeah pretty tough…

It might give you a bit of a pointer anyway. might need a hue shift for the magenta…