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Maleficent Mistress Of Evil 2019 Aurora Borealis Edition


This is a fan edit in the making of Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil 2019. I’ve done two things with it. The first is to incorporate the two extended scenes. Strangely enough, Creed has a “deleted scene”, but it’s really an extended scene. This film has an “extended scene”, but it’s really a deleted scene. Go figure…

Oh well, as it was, I put both the extended scene and the deleted scene back into the film. I also made a slight re-edit. Theatrically, the Queen calls for the wedding and walks out of the room. It immediately goes into a kingdom announcement of the wedding. That wouldn’t be so bad in and of itself, except that they interjected a small piece of the original room scene where Aurora accepts the wedding for the benefit of the king. This verbiage takes place IMMEDIATELY after the doors are shut when the queen exits and is walking away from the door. Not really enough time to garner up a message, give it to the announcer, etc… I felt that the original edit of that was very disjointed as a result and believe that it flows much better.

In both of the inserted scenes, the absolute primary focus is on Aurora, thus making her the shining light of the scenes. Because of this, and the fact that I love word play when naming things like this, it lends itself to the naming of this edition.

Run Times:

Theatrical Version: 1:58:50
Aurora Borealis Edition: 2:00:59

If you’d like a copy, by all means let me know. I’d appreciate feedback as the audio transitions were slightly more adventurous than with Creed/Creed II which I just did (because in this film, there usually is a bleeding of the sound from one scene to the next and I didn’t just want to cut it off jarring the viewing experience to insert the scene…something I’ve seen far too often when watching fan edits that included deleted scenes).

As always, I want to thank everyone who put forth any effort to make a fan edit.