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1st film

This edit, and this series of edits, will create each separate season of Game of Thrones into one movie each - in the style of Lord of the Rings, starting with Season 1.


Game of Thrones - A Tale of Kings and Honor is the first film in a series of Game of Thrones movies, created from the source material of Season 1. The project is ment to have the same structural pace and tone as the Lord of the Rings, while maintaining the story and characters of Game of Thrones, to create a suspenseful, truthful-to-material, one-time adventure in which - instead of watching 10 hours of episodes, you watch one condensed 3-hour long movie with the story fundament of Game of Thrones and the pure adventure and tone of the Lord of the Rings.

Except for the shorter running time, adventurous feel of LOTR and GoT combined, and more condensed storyline, half the idea is also that it will be much easier to watch this with a nay-sayer friend than to ask him to watch 10 hours of episodes with you. Also, much easier to do a Game of Thrones-marathon.

The series’ soundtrack is completely removed and replaced with that of Lord of the Rings, using different themes for the different houses (Rohan for the Starks, Gondor for King’s Landing, Arwen theme (and later when dragons; Elfs/Rivendell theme) for Daenerys), as well as the entirety of the score of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies where suited.

RUNTIME: 2 hours and 38 minutes.
FOCUS: Ned Stark/the Starks & Robert Baratheon, the Lannisters, conspiracy plot, supporting characters where relevant, Daenerys and Jon Snow.

As of right now I’ve made out the outline for the first 90 of 180 minutes - or half the movie if you will, created outlines for how each story will pay-off or be continued, and carefully listened through hours of LOTR soundtrack to combine them into different new ones and sorted out the different themes for the different houses.

I’ve focused on characters and conflicts for the first 40 minutes, thereafter focused more on the on-going story and conflicts, which thereafter leads to a massive build-up to a middle-act/middle-climax (90 minute mark) of great conflict to pay-off early story beats from all the different main characters’ stories, and to create some much-needed action for more tension; then going forward towards the last 90 minutes, with one bigger climax to end it all.

[1.3] STORY

  • Ned Stark is the main character, not the Starks. All the Starks get to shine in Winterfell just as they should, but as the story progresses and Ned leaves, so does our focus on his children, Catelyn and Winterfell, only to feature again after the middle-act (100 minute mark) when Tyrion visits after his trip to The Wall, and at the end after Ned’s death, to set-up the second movie.

  • No Tyrion and Catelyn subplot with Tyrion being captured and taken prisoner, and the trip to the Eyrie.

  • No Catelyn visiting Ned and Littlefinger at King’s Landing.

  • Daenery’s storyline starts later, as I don’t want to detract from the Starks. It starts just before Ned and Jon leave Winterfell, after Robert’s speech in the crypts as in the original (which is now much later).

  • Viserys is just the worst brat and big brother ever and villain of Daenerys’ story, and that is all he is. Cut personal scenes.

  • Removed tremendous amount of supporting characters’ subplots to focus on main plots.

  • Removed tremendous amount of character’s dialogues and backstories, and scenes of no story or character importance.

  • Jon Snow storyline at Castle Black is much more condensed, fast-paced and visually appealing.

  • The greatest deal of screentime for Tyrion is the first 60 minutes. In the second act he takes a backseat as he is traveling home, although short appearances here and there when relevant for the story.

  • King’s Landing scenes are extremely condensed and relevant to the plot, and have a very thriller’y feel to it.

  • Ned Stark’s children at King’s Landing, Arya and Sansa, very much take a backseat from the second act and throughout, though it is known Arya takes waterdancing lessons from Syrio Forell.

  • Khal Drogo is no longer of great importance. He is there. He looks badass. He plays his part. But pregnancy/son-subplot, Daenery’s&Khal full-on romance and all the boring and supposedly emotional and personal scenes are removed, with very few exceptions.

  • Khal Drogo dies of his wounds. No braindead Khal Drogo-subplot and “oh nooo, my moon & stars, i love you”.

  • Littlefinger and Varys play their parts as mysterious characters and schemers, although their appearances (mostly) only relevant for Ned or the story.

… and much, much, much more. Any questions, just ask.


  • No Daenery’s for Season 2, coming back for Season 3… Season 2 storyline uninteresting and boring.

  • I’ll create a DVD with menu and all for every movie.

  • I’ll release it in MP4 5.1, and 5.1 DVD.

  • If wished upon, I will create one version of every movie - identical - but without the LOTR music. Shouldn’t be much trouble. This would however be later down the line.


Good for you, brother! ^^

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Will this come out before or after the other edits that you have planned?


It is finished. The first entry.


Hello my friend, thank you for posting this work that looks amazing.

Tell me, where can I download this work? Could you please give me the link?

Thanks in advance!


Hello, that looks amazing. Can you please send this link for PM?


Hello! I would LOVE to watch this… can you PM me a link! 😃


Would love to see this! Could I get a PM?


Just finished this edit and it is as good as everyone is saying. It is the best TV-to-movie edit I have seen so far.
It really did feel like a movie. At no time did I get the feeling of missing anything. The edit also didn´t feel rushed. There were character scenes that took their time and set-up the consequent action nicely.
The new music fitted in almost perfectly. There were only one or two places (e.g. the execution of Ned Stark) where I consciously noticed the changed music.
I´m really looking forward to enjoying the next GoT movies.


Well I really enjoyed it, you’re a fantastic editor. I’d guess you may even do it, or should do it professionally. As a fan of the series, it was a little off not hearing the official music in it, but the LotR music fits just as good. I enjoyed watching it.

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