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WWE Wrestlemania XX: 'Nights One & Two' (WIP)


Since this is Wrestlemania season, I figured this would be as good a time as any to see if I can work a little magic editing one of the grandest stages of them all.

The last two years have seen Wrestlemania divided into two distinct nights. Last year I put together a private edit merging both nights of Wrestlemania 36 into one show. With this one, which I’ll try to make more public, I’m splitting it into two nights.

Right off the bat, yes I’m aware which Wrestlemania this is and no I have no intention of ‘erasing’ Chris Benoit’s big moment from the show of shows. He and Eddie’s celebration still closes out the programme.

I tried out a test draft of this last night, but found it wasn’t satisfactory, so I tweeked the cards ever so slightly, here’s the new structure as of this writing:

Night One

-Open with performance of “America The Beutiful”
-Randy Orton and Evolution cutting a promo on The Rock’N’Sock Connection
-Intro/U.S Championship match between John Cena and Big Show
-Coach chilling with Teddy Long
-Christian vs Chris Jericho
-Main Event: Evolution vs Rock’N’Sock Connection
-Hall of Fame 2004 Class Honoured

End Night One

Cuts To Night One

-Removed Bischoff ordering Coach to seek out Undertaker
-Removed Bobby Heenan and Mean Gene making out with Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young
-Bumped RAW Fatal Four Way Tag Title Match (I might add this back in as the current draft is a little underlength)
-Bumped Bra and Panties Tag Team Match

Night Two:

-Open with “Where It All Begins Again” Promo Package
-Eddie Guerrero talks with Chris Benoit
-Goldberg vs Lesnar trimmed down to just fifty-nine seconds so it’s more in line with their 2016 match
-WWE Championship: Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle
-The Undertaker vs Kane
-World Heavyweight Championship Match: HHH vs HBK Vs Chris Benoit

End Night Two

Cut to Night Two:

-Removed Vince McMahon ‘Thankyou’ Speech
-Removed Jesse Ventura interviewing Trump
-Removed Fatal Four Way Smackdown Tag Titles
-Cut WM XX post-show video package, ends with a very brief reprise of “One Man Had A Vision”


WOW I did not know that this happened i would like to see your fanedit i love WWE!!!


Still making minor and major adjustments to this, sadly I couldn’t get it ready in time for Wrestlemania weekend, but I hope to have it out soon.