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LOST - The Incident (s5 finale) - Silent White-Out Credits edit (Released)


I absolutely loved how the season 5 finale of LOST ended with a white-out, and just when you expect the white screen to transition to the next scene, all of the sudden, the LOST logo appears, in black letters, a complete invert of the usual end card, and a complete invert of expectations. “That’s it? THAT’S where you end the episode and season?”

What disappointed me is that this brilliant move was followed by the regular credits, which, to me, slightly lowered the emotional impact.

So, here’s what I did for this edit.

First of, I used the combined long version of “The Incident” from the US version Blue-ray.

Changes made to the ending:

  • slightly extended the part from when the screen goes white to when the LOST logo appears, for added tension
  • after LOST logo appears, all audio is removed from the rest of the credits, including the staff names, and the Bad Robot / ABC logos.
  • shortened the transition between the LOST logo disappearing and the staff names starting, because, without a fade to black or music, the downtime would be too long, and not needed in this place.
  • The main part of the credits with all the staff names has a color invert effect applied to it, making black names on white background, matching up with what happens with the logo. (Bad Robot and ABC retain normal colors, because they would become super uncanny inverted).

Demo clip:

Everything else remains the same.

Send me a PM for download.
You MUST own the LOST Season 5 Blue-ray.

And if you ever get to watch LOST together with somebody who hasn’t seen it before, go ahead and show them this version. Let me know what sort of emotions they’d get from the ending the credits specifically.
The effect I’m hoping for is somebody just sitting with their jaw dropped, or staring at the screen is silent confusion.

LOST - The Incident (s5 finale) - Silent White-Out Credits edit