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Fantastic Four (2015) Fan-Edit


This is an edit of one of the worst movies of all times, if not the worst movie. i watched this movie in the cinema, and i saw potential… so much potential, so i decided to try and edit it into something that might make it better, i may have made it worse, i may have made it better, i really dont know.


  1. The beginning of the movie starts with a flash forward into the future, where Doom is killing people, and then it goes directly into the opening credits.
  2. The entire scene where Reed and Ben teleport something to another dimension is cut mostly because… THEY ARE LIKE 9 YEARS OLD.
  3. The science fair scene is cut out because it doesn’t make any sense. Why would scientists be looking for people to help them in a SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR.
  4. The whole part where Reed runs away after discovering his powers is cut out, because it feels added there just to waste time.
  5. The last major edit is that Doom doesn’t die at the end, because i never really bought the fact that a bunch of teenagers with powers could kill someone who was making heads explode without lifting a finger.
  6. A few minor edits here and there…

The final cut is around 1 hour long.

The edit is uploaded to kickass torrents under the name: Fantastic Four - Doom.


link please I cant find it on KAT

“I will call this one BOHIJ”
-Chris O’Neil

“Heh Funnie Scream”
-The Boys From Oneyplays