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TMNT '93


In December 1993, the season finale of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Seventh season ‘Shredder Triumphant’ aired.
It would prove to be the final episode to feature the traditional Fred Wolf Animation Look and Feel that had become the benchmarks of the franchise.

In 1994, the ‘Red Sky’ era would commence, bringing with it a new tone and scope to the show, giving the Turtles more of a harder-edged attitude.

The days of the happy go lucky Fred Wolf era were to take a permanent back seat.

Until now.

Several decades later, we wind the clock back, before the skies ever turned red, and we ask the question, ‘did they ever have to at all?’
What if the eighth season of the Fred Wolf cartoon had retained the same look, feel, and charm of the first seven seasons?


Picking up exactly where ‘Shredder Triumphant’ left off, Krang, Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop on the run. Krang still has his android body and all of its might. Shredder has his cunning, and Bebop and Rocksteady have their strength.

And as for the Turtles? They still have their wits, their quips, and their passion for Pizza.

New adventures, new ingredients, this is TMNT ‘93!

Taking a leaf out of Transformers Fanatic Films’ book for their unofficial Transformers G1 continuation, I am recycling footage from across the span of the original TMNT series to bring it to life with the aid of an A.I assisted voice cast.

My experiences with Elevenlabs are proving more creatively rewarding, especially when I add my own editing skills into the mix. Having re-edited several episodes of Captain Planet utilising A,.I, I have grown even more ambitious.

I am happy to announce that preview samples will be available through my profile on Spoutible.

First two episodes (of a planned trilogy) are available now.

Episode 1 is about 15 minutes, episode 2 is a lot shorter at just six.

PM me for links



Somehow Youtube have cleared my second episode, “Usagi vs Casey: Don of Justice”, which means I can premiere it on the platform this coming Saturday July 6th!