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An Index for Media : MySpleen, Film, TV, Music, Art, Books + Comics, Games, & Technology


An Index Thread for the Media section…

An Index thread to try and help members find information, and links, to just some of the many various Media threads that have originated on the OriginalTrilogy•com down the years…

The Index Categories:-

• MySpleen… (do NOT ask for a MySpleen invite - thank you)
• Film
• Television (including documentaries & specials)
• Music, Soundtracks & Audio (including podcasts)
• Art (and photographs, pictures, memes, gifs etc)
• Books, Comics & Literature
• Games
• Gaming
• Technology


If there is a thread in the ‘Media’ section that you’d like to suggest to be added to this Index then please post it below - and which Index Category you think it’s best suited for.

Please also let us know if you see any errors, broken links - or have any other suggestions etc, below too - thanks.



Massive kudos, respect, thanks and many positive waves to yhwx for creating and maintaining his quality & exhaustive ‘Off Topic’ Index thread (back when Off Topic was just one section) - upon which much of this Index is based on - and can still be found here:-

The Index Thread for Franchises, General Human Endeavors, and Other Discussion Threads 👍




An Index Thread for The Cantina

An Index Thread for the Culture & Current Events section…

The Unofficial but Totally Awesome Interactive Holocron (Beta version) - here in Off Topic

Classic LOL Moments in History - here in Off Topic

Off Topic is now three separate categories - in The Cantina

The “Help me find that thread” Thread - in The Cantina





MySpleen… (do NOT ask for a MySpleen invite - thank you)


MySpleen (a private torrent site) are not currently issuing invites to their site - and haven’t done so for some time.

No-one here is affiliated with MySpleen, we have nothing to do with MySpleen, we are as much in the dark about this as you - and so we cannot help you with invites or other info.

So please ** DO NOT MAKE A POST ASKING FOR A MYSPLEEN INVITE ** - thank you (we’ve already had hundreds of posts about this - and members’ patience on here is understandably wearing thin).

Any invite requests posted in threads on here will be deleted.

This OT•com thread has the current situation in regards to MySpleen (and other private torrent sites too):-

Requesting invites to private torrent sites (i.e. MySpleen) (in Announcements)

MySpleen does have its own forum, here -

^ The above link to the MySpleen forum is also useful for finding out if / why the MySpleen site itself may be down or not - or for resetting forgotten passwords and other account queries etc. Again, do not ask for help re forgotten passwords or account info on here - we have nothing to do with the running of MySpleen - and so cannot help you.


It may be worth be trying some of the other Fan Edit sites around online - info for some of them can be found here - link

Public torrent sites - and also other private torrent sites - may just have that elusive Fan Edit or project too.

Online search engines are also useful for this, and some projects do have their own websites, or other social media channels as well.






Movie News Thread

Random Movie Thoughts

Upcoming movies

2019 Movies

The ‘next Movie you would like to discuss’ thread… (alternatively: The ‘last Trailer you have seen’ thread…)

Movies/TV Shows That’s on your need to see list.

The ‘next Movie you have seen’ thread…

Last movie seen

First Movie Seen

Movies Seen In Theaters From Before You Were Born

Movies that were updated, then the original was “lost” (other than Star Wars)

The “Is it in HD somewhere because I can’t find it” thread

The Movies You Would Like To See Made (Not SW)

Apart from the GFFA, what is the film you own the most copies of?

All Film History in 52 Weeks - double-feature suggestions…

The Lost Film thread (and rediscovered films)

Any Tv/Film reboots, remakes or sequels that you felt were superior to the original? (2021 thread)

What’s your favourite movie(s) and why? (2020 thread)

A few reviews . . (film or TV) (2020 thread; Vultural’s superb thread for countless and varied films and tv programs)

The 4K Blu-ray Review Thread

The Essentials

Your favorite movies

Everybody’s Top Ten Favorite Movies

Tell me what movies to watch!

Top 10 Best Films of 1970s

Recommend An 80’s Movie

Top 10 Best Films of 1990s

Best movies of '05

how to rate movies

The Armchair Movie Critic thread

Oscars 2004

Oscars 2018

Stunt Men VS the Oscars (2005 thread)

The Razzies

When Remakes are a Bad Idea

Underrated Sequels/Prequels

Sequels that should never be… - a 2005 thread

Has there ever been a good comedy sequel?

How many good third movies in a trilogy can you name?

Is Part 3 of Anything Ever Good?

Is Part 4 of anything ever good??

What’s the most “hypnotic” movie you’ve seen? - a 2021 thread

The Unpopular TV and Film Opinion Thread (for all you contrarians!) (2020 thread)

Best/Worst Parody Movie?

Movies you enjoy even though you know they’re bad

How to make certain movie series’ perfect…

Worst Movies of 2003

Last Movie You Can’t Unsee

Movie Apologist Thread

Movies generally considered “bad” that you like.

Guilty pleasure films

Praise a “bad” movie

Great movies you hate

When You Are a Movie/TV Character…

Worst Cliches in Films

Twist Endings in Films

Favorite Cliffhanger Endings in Films

Film scenes that make you go “Hmmmmm…”

The “Name that Movie/TV Show I Can’t Name” Thread

Forgotten Films

Penultimate Movie Seen

Last Movie Not Seen

Psychology of People not liking people not liking movies.

Your favo[u]rite actors & actresses

Your favo[u]rite directors

Creators that ruined their own works

Top 10 Hitchcock Films

Roman Polanski

ridley scott movies

Favorite Steven Spielberg directed movie?

Akira Kurosawa movies and the old Japanese cinema

Terrence Malick

Muxing up Movie quotes

The Quotable Quote

Most Useful Movie Quotes (Non SW)

What is the rarest video in your collection?

How do you sort your movies?

Misbegotten Movie Concepts

Making-Of Documentaries - YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds (2020 thread)

Video Essays - YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds (2020 thread)

Public Domain Movies (YouTube, Vimeo, etc. finds) (2021 thread)

Movies/TV officially released for free (YouTube, Vimeo, etc. finds) (2021 thread)



The Criterion Collection Thread

The Scifi Films and Television of 2019 - informative list of forthcoming content by Tobar

The Scifi Films and Television of 2018 - comprehensive list of content for 2018 by Tobar

The Scifi Films of 2017 : 2016 : 2015 : 2014 : 2013 - Tobar’s quality look at the sci-fi films released by year

Under-Rated SF Films

Sci-Fi rip-offs

Diamond-Hard Science Fiction?

The Silent Film Thread

Classic Horror Films

Horror Movie Recommendations

Horror movie fans…

Kick-ass horror movies

(READ DESCRIPTION) Nightmare Fuel Non-Horror Movie Scenes

October Horror Movie Challenge

Movies you watch every Halloween

Slasher Flicks Discussion Thread

Movies that actually scare/scared you!

Some questions concerning Bruce Lee’s movies

Movies with dates in them

The Inspirational Films Thread

Funniest Movie Ever

controversial movies - a 2005 thread

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Political Correctness Craze


Technical Aspects…

The last great practical effects movie

Perfect Movie Shots

If you were going to make a Film or Films. What Aspect ratio, Lens, Camera, Genre, Style, etc. Would you use. Thread

The ‘last Fan Edit you have seen’ thread…

Legality, fan-edits, and more. Legality, fan-edits, and repercussions

If you were going to make a Film or Films. What Would it be about?

RESTORATION FOR DUMMIES - a superb 2016 thread & guide by ^…^

48 fps!

How much longer will the format war last?

Worst Blu-ray transfers thread

New 4K releases - but are they any good?



captainsolo’s Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader - My Youtube channel about film transfers, Laserdisc and film theory

does display type matter ?

Projecting films and Home Cinema - a 2018 thread

The Film Industry


Series / Franchises…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy…

new “STAR TREK” 2009 spoiler thread

Star Trek Into Darkness - Full Spoiler Discussion

Star Trek Into Darkness - a 2012 thread

Abrams is Destroying Star Trek like Lucas has Destroyed Star Wars

Simon Pegg

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director’s Edition 4K Restoration Announced - a 2021 thread

^ more Star Trek threads can be found in the Television section of this Index.

Terminator films

Terminator Thread (2004 thread)

Terminator 2: which version to watch - Theatrical vs Special vs Extended? (2020 thread)

Terminator 4

Terminator Salvation

Ranking the Terminator films

Linda Hamilton Returns To Terminator - New Film A Direct Sequel To Judgement Day

What is your favorite versions of the following movies: Apocalypse Now, Alien, Aliens, Blade Runner and Terminator 2?

Blade Runner Versions?

Blade Runner OV vs. DC

Blade Runner sequels/prequels?

Ranking the Alien films


Alien vs Predator 2!?


The Matrix

About The Matrix Trilogy

War of the Worlds

TRON being remade STOP IT!!

Is Dune a good movie?

Dune Extended Cut

Would anyone want a Dune remake? - a 2007 thread

Dune - Denis Villeneuve - a 2020 thread

Anyone has watched Dune 2021? - a 2022 thread

2001: A Space Odyssey SEVERE Color Changes in 50th Anniversary Edition! 😦

Interstellar in classic Black & White - a Papai2013 project

AVATAR and 3D in general…

The Last Starfighter - a 2019 thread

the last starfighter - a 2022 thread

Flash Gordon Rumor - a 2005 thread

Highlander II theatrical cut?

They Live! (1988 film)

TREMORS (Film/Television series)

Moon : 2009 film by Duncan Jones

The ManMadeMoon Thread. (No Trolls) (No Spoilers) - Whistle, Moon, Source Code, Warcraft & Mute

Abyss in HD?

the butterfly effect

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

THX-1138 on DVD, please…



A Wrinkle in Time

Transformers Trailer - a 2006 thread

Transformers: The Movie - a 2006 thread (Michael Bay)

Best Evil Dead movie?


Dracula Restoration: Thoughts?

Van Helsing

Underworld 2

My eyes!!! My EYES!!! (Twilight) - a 2010 thread

Does Romero’s Dead series depict the same zombie apocalypse?

Dawn of the Dead

Land Of The Dead

I am Legend

Lord of the Rings…what’s the deal?

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: Return of the King (spoilers)

Lord of the Rings : Extended Edition

Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions Actually Suck?

Is anyone looking forward to Lord of the Rings Deleted scenes next year? - a 2020 thread

Lord Of The Rings: The Rings of Power - Spoiler Thread - a 2022 thread

THE HOBBIT - a 2004 thread

The Hobbit starting in 2007?

Peter Jackson evidently IS returning for The Hobbit…sort of… - a 2006 thread

Is the Hobbit prequel trilogy suffering the same problems as the Star Wars prequel Trilogy?

Hobbit - The Battle of Five Armies

The Hobbit movie: Dwarves


The Harry Potter Discussion Thread

The all about Harry Potter thread

Harry Potter 3


Action & Adventure…

Rank The Indiana Jones Films

Indy Blu-rays announced - Indiana Jones

WTF George and Steven?!?! More Indy 4 stuff

Indiana Jones 4 - a 2005 thread : Indiana Jones IV - a 2007 thread

If Lucas Made an Indiana Jones V or VI would anyone here see them ?

“Now…what shall we talk about?” The All-Inclusive Indiana Jones Thread

A new Indiana Jones? - a 2014 thread

Raiders of the Lost Ark Alterations? - a 2011 thread

Back to the Future

Great Scott! Back to the Future (Was: Bringing to Pass BTTF ptII’s 2015)

James Bond 007 Thread

Brosnan is no longer Bond, Daniel Craig is now Bond - a 2005 thread. Feeling old yet? 😉

Bond, James Bond - a 2006 thread

James Bond is awesome

“Harry Palmer” Films (The Thinking Man’s James Bond)

Pirates of the Caribbean Two

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Jurassic Park films

Jurassic Franchise and discussion (Triassic and Cretaceous discussions allowed as well)

Jurassic Park in Black & White Film - a Papai2013 project

Godzilla series (Rank 'em, rate, whatever, etc).

King Kong

The Da Vinci Code Movie

The Golden Compass

Kingdom of Heaven

the last samurai

Troy : Troy - for all your Trojan needs


Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves

Kelly’s Heroes - (1970 film)

Conan the Barbarian - 40th Anniversary story of the film book coming November 2023 - a 2022 thread


Superhero / Comic Book Films…

General Batman Talk

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight Movie Discussion (July 18th, 2008)

The Dark Knight (Batman Begins Returns Again)

Dark Knight Rises - Now that we know the cast

Ben Affleck cast as new Batman

Ranking the Batman films

The Essential, Authoritative, Indispensable Batman™ Thread

Batman vs Superman: DOJ thread? (contains spoilers)

Superman Movie - a 2005 thread

Superman 2 The Donner Cut

Donner Cut Vs Lester Cut?

Ranking the Superman films


Man of Steel - Your thoughts

Spider-man Movies

spider-man 2 - a 2004 thread

spider-man 3 - a 2005 thread

The Marvel Cinematic Universe - Tobar’s superb and comprehensive thread on the Marvel films

Ranking the MCU Movies

The DC Extended Universe

Watchmen Film

Daredevil 2


G.I. Joe: Worst Movie Ever Made? - a 2009 thread

All about the Fantastic Four - a 2005 thread

Anyone going to check out “Hellboy” : Hellboy

Guardians of the Galaxy discussion thread

X-Men 3

Sin City: The Movie : Sin City


V for Vendetta

Children of Men


Young At Heart… (somewhat retro - if you’re of a certain age)

Rank The Muppet Films!

Favorite Muppet movie? - a 2022 thread


The Dark Crystal

Tartakovsky Directing Dark Crystal Sequel - a 2006 thread (it didn’t happen)

The Goonies

The Princess Bride

Will…er, I mean Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - a 2005 thread

Winnie-the-Pooh films

Thunderbirds! are GO!! in 2004

Garfield : The Movie - a 2004 thread

Who likes Toy Story

The Incredibles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - a 2006 film thread

Willow - 30th Anniversary today!!! : Willow and Star Wars

Strange Magic - Lucasfilm’s New Upcoming Animated Film! - a 2014 thread



Kubrick’s The Shining - Analysis - What he wanted us to Know

The Godfather DVD Collection

Schindler’s List

Les Miserables

Vampyr (1932) (2020 thread)

Phil Tippett’s : Mad God (2012 thread)

Discussion Thread for Phantom Thread

To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)

Akira the movie


rocky 6

This Movie must be stopped!!! - Rocky 6

Red Tails

The Day After Tomorrow

Snakes on a Plane

Team America: World Police

The Girl Next Door

[The Hangover Trilogy](

Groundhog Day (1993) - a 2023 thread

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie! - a 2022 thread






Last web series/tv show seen

Random TV Thoughts

A few reviews . . (film or TV) (2020 thread; Vultural’s superb thread for countless and varied films and tv programs)

TV shows you have loved

Earliest TV or Movie Memories

Number 1 TV Show When growing up!

Favorite 80s TV shows!

Nineties kids, rejoyce!

TV Series You Didn’t Like But Kept Watching

Phobias That wreck your enjoyment of Films, Television and Video Games

TV Shows renewed and cancelled

TV Shows on DVD - a 2005 thread

TV on DVD resurrected (kind of)

DVDs of 2004? - an erm… 2004 thread

What’s your dream DVD?

Guilty Pleasures (DVD)

Your DVD Collection

General DVD Talk

Sci-Fi Channel

The sitcom thread

Humor vs. Humour

Anyone else miss grit in movies and TV shows?

To Canon or Not To Canon…

Do you watch the entire end credits of a movie/tv show?

The General Ken Burns Discussion Thread

OJ miniseries

Your favourite actors & actresses

Your favourite directors


Series / Franchises…

All Things Star Trek

What is your personal Star Trek canon?

Star Trek TNG on BluRay confirmed !

Deep Space Nine

Enterprise - a 2004 thread

is there any Star Trek Enterprise fans here?

Star Trek: Picard - SPOILERS - a 2020 thread

Ranking the Star Trek films (and/or series’)

The Trekkies Are Unbelievable (re Trek fans on the changes made to Trek)

^ check out the Sci-Fi & Fantasy section of the ‘Films’ category for threads on Star Trek films

So since Hell froze over, Fox and WB finally came to terms - Batman '66 on DVD - Adam West’s Batman

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - a 2007 thread

^ check out the ‘Films’ section for threads on the Indiana Jones films

Doctor Who

Does Tom Have That Right? - a Dr Who moral question thread…

New Doctor Who - a 2005 thread

The New Doctor Who - a 2006 thread

No sh*zn*t, Sherlock! : Sherlock?

War of the Worlds (TV series) - a 2010 thread

Game of Thrones (HBO)

The Wheel of Time (2021 thread)

Westworld - 2016 tv series

The X-Files : The X-Files - Worth Watching? - a 2006 thread

The Stranger Things Thread

BSG (Battlestar Galactica)

battle star Galatica - a 2004 thread

Any Battlestar Galactica fans here?

2nd BSG a review and, analysis of season 3 - the finale + Caprica observations (Spoilers)

Firefly : Serenity : Why, oh, why do they cancel shows this good???

The Expanse

Lost In Space (2018)

Lost in Space!!! (Or, if you prefer, Lost IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!) - a 2011 thread

For Babylon 5 Fans (2006 thread)

Babylon 5 reboot (2021 thread)

So… V? - the 2009 series

Farscape fans?

Stargate : Stargate Universe

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Thread



Mr Robot

That’s some damn fine coffee. Twin Peaks is returning to TV! 😃

The Karate Kid/ Cobra Kai Thread - a 2022 thread

Tales From The Darkside

The A-Team

The New Knight Rider - a 2008 thread

24 - Live another day

Bionic Woman 2007


Anthology series such as Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits


Comedies / Light Entertainment…

MST3K : Mystery Science Theater 3000


Muppet News

Favorite Muppet movie?

“Scrubs” coming to Comedy Central in Widescreen and HD


Arrested Development


It’s… the Monty Python Thread

The Mary Whitehouse Experience

The Blackadder

The Red Dwarf appreciation thread

The IT Crowd


Misfits (UK tv show)


Animated TV Series…


Number 1 ‘Classic’ Adult Cartoon - a 2006 thread

Cartoons are awful RANT (Family Guy and South Park fans beware!)

Cartoon Network

Looney Tunes

The Marvel Animated Universe



a Snoopy / Peanuts / Charlie Brown appreciation thread

The Simpsons

You Only Move Twice (1996 Simpsons episode)

The Simpsons - Season 6

Say Goodbye to the Simpsons (UPDATE: false alarm)

A Future For Futurama? - a 2006 thread

The Return of Futurama

Family Guy

Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy?

SpongeBob SquarePants

Isaac Hayes Quits ‘South Park’

Samurai Jack

Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z: Reanimated

The All-Purpose Pokemon Thread



General Anime/Manga Thread

Anime talk

Anime That’s on your need to Watch list

Anime Question

Manga and Anime Fans


Should anime be adapted into big budget films?


Documentaries, Educational Programs, Informative Specials…

Making-Of Documentaries - YouTube/Vimeo/etc. finds - 2020 thread, by ZkinandBonez

UK Documentaries On Censorship, Horror & Video Nasties - 2009 thread, by See No Evil

My voice-over for “CAPCOM GO!” The Apollo Story. Planetarium show celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 - 2019 thread, by Mielr

‘JFK Revisited’ - a 4 hour Documentary by Oliver Stone, in the wake of classified papers remaining classified under Biden. - 2021 thread, by Ronster

Dinosauria: Ascension, Domination, Downfall - Brand New Dinosaur Documentary Project - 2020 thread, by G&G-Fan




Music, Soundtracks & Audio


What instruments do you play?

Any Other Musicians out there? - a 2005 thread

The Musician’s Thread

My group just released a CD - a 2016 thread by Puggo - Jar Jar’s Yoda

Possessed’s My music thread

The Music Festival Thread

Clubbing - a 2005 thread

Clubbing version 2

Your Music Collection

Your vinyl record collections


Music (what do you listen to?) - sean wookie’s 2006 thread

What are you listening to now? - a 2007 thread

What are you listening to right now? - a 2005 thread

Last song you listened to.

Last Album Listened To

Last Music Video Seen

Musical Obsessions

Bands you love?

Are there bands for who you have all they’ve ever done?

favorite songs - a 2006 thread

Desert Island Discs

Albums That’s on your need to listen list.

Favorite voice in music?

Best lead singer in your opinion

What song lyrics inspire you to look forward to seeing the sun every day life allows you to?

Songs That Tell a Story

Best and Worst Decades For Music

Terrible songs that you secretly like… (aka the very brief boyband thread…)

Truly awful songs that some people might like.

Worst song covers EVER!

Movies with weird music (2022 thread)

The Soundtrack Thread


SoundTrack to your life

Favorite Movie Soundtracks

John Williams Film Scores

Neo-80s Electronica

Indie Music Thread

The best classic rock album of all time

Awesome Rock Bands

The Heavy Metal Thread

Heavy Metal

Does anyone here like Rap music?

Beatles Thread - a 2009 thread

The Beatles - a 2007 thread

Ranking the Beatles Albums - a 2016 thread

The Beatles 2009 Remasters - a 2009 thread

Any Nirvana Fans?

Jethro Tull

Tupac, whats the big deal? (2006 thread)

Songs That Are About Or Include…Hair!



A general Radio thread: ‘Radio Garden’ - radio stations of the world at your finger tips… (2021 thread)

WOW Radio!! (2007 thread)



The Only REAL Podcast Thread! (2011 thread, by TheBoost)

“The Table Round” Podcast Audio Drama (2014 thread, by TheBoost)

Podracers (2014 thread, by DominicCobb)

Podcasts (2014 thread, by Mike O)

Anyone wanna talk about preservation/fan edits on my podcast? (2015 thread, by UUpodcast)

The Filmumentaries Podcast - by Jambe Davdar (of Filmumentaries fame - and much more…)

My voice-over for “CAPCOM GO!” The Apollo Story. Planetarium show celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 (2019 thread, by Mielr)




Art (and photos, pictures, memes, gifs etc)


Random Pictures and Gifs (now with winning!) - NSFW

The Semi-Random Random Pictures and Thoughts Thread [NSFW]

Quality Art and Artistic Photos (Pic Heavy)

The all-purpose ART thread! - submit your own art here (art by you)

Photography - submit your own photos here (photos taken by you) (2011 thread)

The Photography Thread - submit your own photos here (photos taken by you) (2021 thread)


Movie Posters


Google Image Search YOURSELF!

DeviantArt (possibly NSFW)

Silly Pics - a 2005 thread (many pics may no longer be working)

Facepalms, Fist pumps, Whatever Faces, Don’t Care Meters, Angry Faces, Crotch Kicks, Crying Faces, STFU, Deal With It, Derps, Oh Snap, Double Takes, and So On…(NSFW Language Advisory)

Caption Fun

Off Topic OTTO (NSFW Pics Allowed) (dewollA sciP WFSN) OTTO cipoT ffO

Putting a face to the face (photoshop contest) - a 2011 thread

Awesome Cover/Poster Art

Terrible DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art


Beautiful Women - a 2004 thread (in The Cantina)

Hot Women That Just Don’t Do It For You (This thread is worthless without pics) (in The Cantina)

Handsome Men (in The Cantina) memes (definition and origin) (in The Cantina - as part of the ‘ Meta’ section)

How do you post images on here?

How to post an image on the site + more how to’s…

An Index Thread for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art… (and more)




Books, Comics & Literature


What are you reading?

What’re You Reading Right Now - a 2005 thread

What You’re Reading Now: Revisited

The Thread Where You Wax Rhapsodic about Your Book Collection

What’s a good book series or something to chase Star Wars for a bit? (2020 thread)

Unproduced Screenplays: ones you’ve read or plan to read


The J. R. R. Tolkien & Middle Earth Discussion Thread

The Lord of the Rings (Films vs. the Books)

The Children of Hurin

Valerian and Laureline - a 2023 thread

A Song of Ice and Fire

The Stephen King Thread

The Dark Tower

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld

Lensman (series of books by Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith)

Malazan Book of the Fallen (full spoilers) (by Steven Erikson)

Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide

Veronica Roth’s Optimism Towards her book adaptations

Narnia Reading Order

R.I.P. Michael Crichton

Huckleberry Finn to be Censored

Ranking the Harry Potter Books


General Harry Potter Discussion

Fantasy novels being Made into movies for big and small screen - a 2007 thread

Books/Comics/Audio Books that are on your need to Read list

Comics Fans

The ‘last Comic you have read’ thread…

Web Comics

Why DC Comics sucks - a 2005 thread

Comic book movies - who says yes and who says no? - a 2005 thread






Favorite Board Games?

The Official All-Purpose Board Game Thread

Tabletop/Pencil-and-Paper Gaming (D&D, etc)


Six Degrees of Separation

The Return of Six Degrees of Star Wars

The Star Wars Pun Game

A New Hope Script Game

The Empire Strikes Back Script Game

Return of the Jedi Script Game

The five words at a time story game thread

Four word story - a 2018 thread.

Last Letter Game - a 2018 thread.

Simple Storytelling

Let’s Play Mad Libs

The OR Game

STOP!! (Answer these 3 questions…)


Riddles in the Dark–Try not to cheat!

Test your geekdom - an online geek test

I want everyone to look at this - an online IQ Test thread

What are you playing (other than video games)?

Announcing: OT.Com Online Chess Tournament - a 2006 thread

How about a game of chess?

How about a game of Japanese Chess, i.e. Shogi? Now playing Shogi4

Who’d like to try a chess variant? Now playing Xiang Qi, a.k.a. Chinese chess







Video Games - a general discussion thread - a 2004 thread

Retro Gaming - a general discussion thread - 2012 thread

Arcade Games - a 2007 thread

Do you play M.A.M.E? - a 2004 thread

Video Games with Nostalgic value - a 2010 tread

Classic Games - a 2004 thread

Games you want to see remade - a 2019 thread

Video Games That’s on your need to Play list. - a 2018 thread

must play games - a 2004 thread

Every Video Game You’ve Ever Played. EVAR. (And in order, too) - a 2011 thread

Video Games That You’ve Beaten - a 2018 thread

Games you own but need to beat - a 2018 thread

Shameful video game confessions thread - a 2014 thread

star wars - atari - a 2004 thread (with a focus on Atari)

Favorite Nintendo Game - a 2006 thread

NES games that you haven’t beat - a 2005 thread

New PS2 - a 2004 thread

Nintendo Wii - a 2006 thread

PS3 or Wii? - a 2006 thread

DS vs. PSP one year later - a 2006 thread

The Non-Biased PS3 Thread - a 2006 thread

Xbox Elite - a 2007 thread

Xbox 360 or PS3 - Which is better? - Advice… - a 2010 thread

Xbox 360 - a 2022 thread

PS4 and PSN - a 2014 thread

Most Underrated Console System - a 2005 thread

PC Gamers with Steam? - a 2016 thread

Game Sale News Thread - a 2018 thread

Violence in Video games a fad? - a 2006 thread

Violent Video Games - a 2013 thread

Best Video Game Icons - a 2006 thread

Zombie Games?

Final Fantasy - a 2004 thread

Metroid series

Metroid PRIME Two…

GoldenEye 007 Wii-make (NOW “RELOADED” for 360 and PS3)

Halo 2

Doom 3

The Legend of Zelda - a 2014 thread

The Legend Of Zelda - a 2004 thread

Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat

MORTAL KOMBAT!!! : The history of Mortal Kombat arcade documentary

Lego Video Games Ranked. Best To Worst

Mass Effect

BioShock!!! (1, 2 and Infinite and SPOILERS)

Minecraft, and Minecraft Story Mode

John Marstons Redemption (Red Dead Redemption)

^ There is a list of Star Wars game threads in the ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ Index, here - link including ‘Lego Star Wars’ games.

Interview with LucasArts President: “Right now there is no story in games.” - a 2005 thread

Disney Closing LucasArts - a 2013 thread

Another kind of preservation: LucasArts Posters - a 2008 thread






Technology (Televisions, Computers… etc) - a general technology discussion thread

a News thread for all things Technology & Internet related… - a general IT news thread

What’s in your Google search bar right…NOW!!!

YouTube finds


A thread for us with struggling YouTube channels - a 2022 thread

What is your preferred browser? For Mobile; for Desktop? Why?

Firefox Quantum

What’s your current desktop background? Easy way to test your internet speed.(Please read 1st post)

What the hell is this thing?

Social media

Blog software preferences, if you have any

Myspace - a 2006 thread

PC Specs

Is there a computer doctor in the house?

Is a six year old laptop worth fixing?

Need Help With My New Laptop!!!

Windows Vista - don’t worry, it’s a thread from 2007…

Windows 7 - time to worry, support stops in 2020 😉

Windows 8 - someone got paid for this?

Windows 10 Update Rollout

Are you a PC, Mac, or Linux user? What version and why


FUEL TO THE MAC vs. PC FIRE - a 2006 thread

I don’t like Apple

iPad? - a 2010 thread

Mega Pro Plans

Anyone here know anything about smart phones? (was: Anyone here know anything about cell phones?)

Phones and Other Electronics

Portable media players

HD Media Player

What Brand Blu ray player should I get?

Kindle/Nook Thoughts?

Good headphones suggestions?

How are you planning for the Oppocalypse?

HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray - a 2004 thread

Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD? - a 2007 thread

does display type matter ?

How to Calibrate your T.V.(Please read the first post)

Is 4k worth the upgrade??? - a 2022 thread

Can anyone explain this video?





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Harmy has put up a video on youtube - just to remind everyone that Fan Edits must never be bought or sold:- - a 4 minute video at the Harmy Despecialized youtuhe channel.


Personally, as a member here, I’d encourage everyone to watch it and upvote that video.

A little patience goes a long way on this old-school Rebel base. If you are having issues finding what you are looking for, these will be of some help…

Welcome to the | Introduce yourself in here | Useful info within : About : Help : Site Rules : Fan Project Rules : Announcements
How do I do this?’ on the; some info & answers + FAQs - includes info on how to search for projects and threads on the OT•com

A Project Index for Star Wars Preservations (Harmy’s Despecialized & 4K77/80/83 etc) : A Project Index for Star Wars Fan Edits (adywan & Hal 9000 etc)

… and take your time to look around this site before posting - to get a feel for this place. Don’t just lazily make yet another thread asking for projects.