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Facepalms, Fist pumps, Whatever Faces, Don't Care Meters, Angry Faces, Crotch Kicks, Crying Faces, STFU, Deal With It, Derps, Oh Snap, Double Takes, and So On...(NSFW Language Advisory)


Darth Solo said:

Just addin a little "awe" to this tread

Don't you mean "aww"?  Feel like I just landed in the George of the Jungle movie.  =P

There is no lingerie in space...

C3PX said: Gaffer is like that hot girl in high school that you think you have a chance with even though she is way out of your league because she is sweet and not a stuck up bitch who pretends you don't exist... then one day you spot her making out with some skinny twerp, only on second glance you realize it is the goth girl who always sits in the back of class; at that moment it dawns on you why she is never seen hanging off the arm of any of the jocks... and you realize, damn, she really is unobtainable after all. Not that that is going to stop you from dreaming... Only in this case, Gaffer is actually a guy.

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