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An Index Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects...


An Index Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… to try and help members find information on, and links to, the many various Edits & Other Projects that have originated on the OriginalTrilogy•com down the years…

If you have or know of a project / thread you would like to see listed in this Index please post it below - thank you.

Please let us also know if you see any errors or broken links - cheers 😃

The Index Categories are…

• The Phantom Edit(s) - a catalyst for Star Wars fan edits
• Prequel Trilogy Edits
• Original Trilogy Edits
• Sequel Trilogy Edits
• Saga Edits
• 3-in-1 Edits
• Single Film Edits
• Miscellaneous (and also individual scene edits for / from various SW films + SW Gaming projects)
• The ‘Best’ SW Fan Edits (subjective conversations as to which Fan Edits are highly rated / liked…)

^ These categories will likely change (and the content within) with more Star Wars films being released


If you are new to the OriginalTrilogy•com then the following info may be of some assistance…

Firstly, the About and Help sections may be of interest to you regarding this site and what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about.

Secondly, the ’How do I do this?’ on the - some information & answers to queries thread should also hopefully be of some help as to many of the functions of the site, along with other related info as well.

Thirdly, the Announcements Section - including Site Rules & Guidelines, Fan Edit & Preservation Rules & FAQ, as well info for Signatures, Linking Policy for Downloads, and Spoiler Rules & Plot Spoiler Guides (and much more) that may be of use too.

If you are having any issues with the site, have a question, an idea to improve the site, or would like to give some feedback - then these can be done in the Feedback Forum and General Assistance sections.

Finally, the self-explanatory An timeline thread - a history of the site and why & how it came to be… contains a fair bit of additional info chronicling both the site & also numerous changes made to the Original Trilogy over time.


The Phantom Edit(s) - a catalyst for Star Wars fan edits…

The Phantom Edit - a 2004 thread

Episode II by the Phantom Editor - a 2005 thread

The Phantom Editor and Ep. III Question! - a 2006 thread

My HUNT for The Phantom Re-Edit (AKA The New York Version) - a 2016 thread

Phantom Edit Question - a 2012 thread

HD restoration of the phantom edits - a 2013 thread

The Phantom Edit and Attack of the Phantom HD version - a 2018 thread

Wikipedia page for The Phantom Edit - link : SW Fanpedia page - link

Prequel Trilogy Edits:-

Bingowings’ The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread (a Prequel Trilogy Ideas Thread)

Hal 9000’s Prequel Trilogy Edits
Episode 1 : Cloak Of Deception
Episode 2 : The Approaching Storm
Episode 3 : Labyrinth Of Evil

MagnoliaFan’s MagnoliaFan Edits (Episodes 1 & 2)
(Episode I - Balance Of The Force, & Episode II - Clone War)

Q2’s (aka Thunderclap) The Fall of the Jedi Prequel Trilogy

JasonN’s Prequel Trilogy FanEdits
(Episode I - Attack of the Federation, Episode II - Twilight of the Republic, Episode III - The Black Knight Rises)

L8wrtr’s Prequel Trilogy Edits…
Ep 1: Shadow of the Sith
Ep 2: The Republic Divided
Ep 3: Dawn of the Empire (links to FanEdit•org)

Secior’s Prequel Edits; Episodes 1 & 2
Ep 1: Return of the Sith (links to FanEdit•org)
Ep 2: Army of the Republic (links to FanEdit•org)

Octorox’s Prequel Trilogy Edits…
Ep1: TPM - Faster, More Intense! : Ep 1: TPM - ‘Faster, More Intense’ (links to FanEdit•org)
Ep 2: AOTC - ‘Sanded Down’ (links to FanEdit•org)
Ep 3: ROTS - ‘Extended Edition’ : Ep 3 - Revenge of the Sith, Another Happy Sanding

Smithers’ Smithers’ Star Wars 2-part Prequel Fanedits - a TPM Edit, then a AOTC & ROTS into-1 film Edit
Smithers’ Smithers needs your help!! - A Radical Collaborative Project

JeremyMWest-Esquire’s Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (Anti-Cheese Edit) - thread by bromeo.
Alternative Ant-Cheese Edit thread here - link by -=XyRx=-

Swazzy’s The Prequels: Show, Don’t Tell (A short film)

DominicCobb’s Dom’s Useless Prequel Edits

20th Century Mark’s The Prequel Trilogy - The 20th Century Mark Edits (thread by andy_k_250)

emanswfan’s Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions

OutboundFlight’s Maul: Son of Dathomir (Released!) (An animated Clone Wars era Edit)

smudger9’s Clone Wars Movie Series (An animated Clone Wars era Edit)

Original Trilogy Edits:-

Bingowings’ The ANH:SE Redux Ideas thread (Radical Ideas Welcome)

Anakin Starkiller’s The Original Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Adywan’s Revisited Editions
unofficial Revisited Saga discussion thread (by nightstalkerpoet)
ESB and ROTJ Wishlist (by teharri)
Adywan’s Star Wars Revisited in other languages thread (by Handzzz)

Asteroid-Man’s Star Wars: Renascent - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Possessed’s Possessed Star Wars Trilogy custom edition

OmegaMattman’s Star Wars Trilogy: Hyperspace Collection - 720p AVCHD Project Complete

marduk666’s OT Saga extended Edition

IlFanEditor’s KILL SHEEV - A Tarantino-ish Original Trilogy Edit

Hal 9000’s The “Custom Special Edition” That Will Likely Never Be

Sequel Trilogy Edits:-

paja’s The Sequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread (Radical Ideas Welcome)

Jake Skywalker’s The Sequel Trilogy complete redux

Saga Edits:-

(many are Prequel & Original Trilogy based - completed before the Sequel Trilogy was filmed)


RogueLeader’s A Collaborative Star Wars Saga Edit thread

ADigitalMan Edits (Episodes 1-6 & Ep 2.5)
(Episode I - A Vergence In The Force, Episode II - Path To The Darkside, Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith)

InfoDroid’s Star Wars: REBORN - The Complete Saga (Prequel & Original Trilogy)

^…^'s Star Wars Saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p) (Prequel & Original Trilogy)

TMBTM’s Star Wars Saga: Silent Film Edition (Prequel & Original Trilogy)

Hal 9000 Saga Series - Outdated Thread (more an Archive of older discussions on an abandoned Saga Series Edit)

kk650’s Star Wars Saga: Regraded and Semi-Specialized (page by The Aluminum Falcon)

OutboundFlight’s Vader - a 7 in 1 edit of the Star Wars Saga

Gothamknight’s Reedit "Super Series" (Complete Saga)

Imhotep’s Star Wars Saga (Complete Saga)

impostor’s Idylls of the Force project - creating the original Radio Dramas

TV’s Frink’s Star Wars Ridiculousness Edits…
Ep I: The Ridiculous Menace
Ep II: Attack of the Ridiculousness
Ep III: Revenge of the Ridiculousness
Ep IV: A Ridiculous Hope
Ep V: The Ridiculousness Strikes Back
Ep VI: Return of the Ridiculousness
Ep VII: The Ridiculousness Awakens
Ep VIII: The Ridiculest Jedi
Ridiculous One: A Star Wars Story
RidiculouSolo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILERS]

Star Wars ‘3-in-1’ Fan Edits:-

IlFanEditore’s THE CHOSEN ONE: A STAR WARS STORY (Released!!!) - (mainly ROTS - with some Ep I & II content)

swagbeditor’s Star Wars: A Galaxy Betrayed – A 3-in-1 edit of the Prequels

EvanRevan322’s Has anyone watched ‘The Blackened Mantle’? thread (Prequel Edit by Darth Lunar)

Windows7Guy100’s The Blackened Mantle is finally back on YouTube! thread

JasonN’s SW: SHADOWS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC (3-in-1 Prequel Film)

snooker’s DESTROY ALL JEDI: The unfinished Tarantino-inspired prequel edit

Only Yoda Forgives’ Star Wars: Neon Noir (Prequel Edit)

mattskuta’s “Duel of the Fates”- The Prequel Trilogy Recut into a single 2h33m film

SparkySywer’s Star Wars: A 3-in-1 fanedit of the Star Wars Trilogy (With only one Death Star) (Original Trilogy)

Ptaaffe2000’s Rise of the Empire: Star Wars Prequel edit

GhostAlpha26’s ‘PT as one movie’ fan edit

chromesteel’s The STAR WARS Prequels

Topher Grace apparently did a decent 3-in-1 Prequel Edit too - though seems the rumour is that he didn’t release his Edit - and only his friends have seen it…

Octorox’s thread for Topher Grace’s Prequel Edit
SlashFilm article

A list and some details of 7 more 3-in-1 Prequel Edits over at the superb website

Single Film Star Wars Edits:-

The Phantom Menace:-

TK42-WAN’s The Cloak of Evil: Episode 1 and 2 as a single film. (Formerly Son of the Suns)

snooker’s STAR WARS EPISODE I: Dawn of War (Help Wanted!)

Anjohan’s STAR WARS: Episode I - THE ANCIENT LORE [Episode I Remade /Proj started: 2014]

ForceGhostRecon’s Prologue: The Chosen One

Sheepish’s "Shroud of the Sith" - a radical fan edit of "The Phantom Menace"

Attack Of The Clones:-

Trooperman’s Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit)

daveytod’s "The Clones Revealed" Edit

stickydixon’s The Fallen Temple Vol 1: Dixon’s Cut of Attack of the Clones

Cathy’s The Jedi’s Apprentice: AOTC Edit Video-Breakdowns - towards her AOTC Fan Edit project.

English_Beans’ The Life and Times of Anakin Skywalker (Episodes 2 & 3 into 1 film)

Revenge Of The Sith:-

bobgarcia74’s SW Episode III - Reign of the Dark Side

Stankpac’s Episode III: Revenge of the Sith : FanEdit page

NFBisms’s Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut)

The Cutter’s Revenge Of The Cut - Fan edit of Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith

Haqz’s Revenge of the Sith (Compelete voiceover/New Dub edit)

ForceGhostRecon’s Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story - mainly footage from ROTS, some from TPM, and a little from a fan film.

natedeug’s Ep. III Chronology Cut by natedeug thread


JeromeTheEditor’s STAR WARS EP3 Revenge of the Sith (The Fan Cut)

Siliconmaster482’s Revenge of the Sith: Rebalanced

Backstroke Of The West - with retail DVD quality download - a ROTS thread by marioxb

Star Wars (1977):-

TM2YC’s The Star Wars: The Lost Workprint (Version 4 in Production) - Star Wars '77

darth_ender’s Star Wars: The Lost Cut

Joshua_Blue’s ANH:R - Stronger Vader edit: Now Released

ForceGhostRecon’s A New Hope: Reimagined - Simple Fanedit

Bobson Dugnutt’s Star Wars: A New Hope - The Darklighter Cut

BiggsFan44’s A New Hope: The Biggs+ edit

Empire Strikes Back:-

njvc’s Pulp Empire

Funcha’s ’A new edit of Empire Strikes Back’ project.

friedcamera’s Empire Strikes Back - The 70mm Edition

Return Of The Jedi:-

darth_ender’s Collaborative Fanediting: An ROTJ Proposition thread

SpenceEdit’s Return of the Jedi - The Spence Final Cut

darthrush’s Return Of The Jedi - Remastered

ziggyonice’s Episode VI: Return of the Jedi — The ‘Ziggy’ Edit

Hal 9000’s Return of the Jedi: A Gentle Pruning

Snooker’s Revenge of the Jedi (The Snooker edit)

JXEditor’s Revenge of the Jedi (RotJ Dark Edit)

YodaFan67’s ROTJ “Pre-film Training” Edit

The Force Awakens:-

daneditor’s The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas thread

Hal 9000’s TFA: A Gentle Restructure

DigMod’s Star Wars: Heir to the Force (TFA edit) Released

NeverarGreat’s The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

TK251’s Star Wars: A New Threat (TFA EDIT)

liambrazier’s The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Sir Ridley’s The Force Awakens - Ridley’s Edit

Ashdogg’s The Force Awakens Fan-Edit

darthrush’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens - The Dark Cut

GeoMFilms’s The Force Awakens: Cops and Robbers (Humor edit/redub ideas)

The Last Jedi:-

tomo’s The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas thread

NeverarGreat’s The Starlight Project Part 2: The Last Jedi

DigMod’s Legacy of the Jedi (A The Last JediT)

darthrush’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut

Hal 9000’s The Last Jedi: Legendary

EvenSteven’s ’Star Wars: Firestorm (The Last Jedi Fan Edit)

Handman’s The Last Jedi: A Light Edit

CodySolo’s The Last Jedi - WCOYJ Cut

buzzclub’s Star Wars VIII - Die letzten Jedi (The Last Jedi) (PittStone Edit)

natedeug’s The Last Jedi Polished edit (extended and redacted)

Macsvoltage’s Star Wars - The Last Hope

TheLostJedi’s The Lost Jedi (TFA+TLJ edit)

RyanG.'s The Last Jedi - Reimagined

xxtelecine 7xx’s XXTELECINE 7XX: The Last Jedi 2.0 Minor adjustments

JamesColemanII’s The Last Jedi: Re-edited

ForceGhostRecon’s The Last Jedi (the watchable edit)

poppasketti’s The Last Jedi: Rekindled

jrs81’s The Last Jedi WITHOUT Cantobight - plan / idea to remove Canto Bight story from TLJ

DonKamillo’s STAR WARS: Last Jedi (The Anti-Cringe-Cut)

ForceGhostRecon’s The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

ClarkZuckerberg’s The Last Jedi edit - The Fallen Knight - thread by ForceGhostRecon

Rogue One : A Star Wars Story:-

darthrush’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - FanEdit Ideas thread

DigMod’s Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit

RogueLeader’s RogueLeader’s Rogue One Edit

eldusto84’s Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif Fanedit

krlozdac’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Stardust Edition

Solo : A Star Wars Story:-

paja’s SOLO: Fan Edit Ideas - SPOILERS INSIDE thread

TheMovieMan’s Solo: A Star Wars Story - Redux

LILIAN02230’s Solo: A Trimmed Story

Miscellaneous (+ SW Gaming projects):-

TheBoost’s Worst Edit Ideas thread

Anakin Starkiller’s Rebels Fanedit Ideas

RogueLeader’s A Collaborative Star Wars Saga Edit thread

Rikter’s STAR WARS: Preserving a Saga - My attempt at a documentary film… - a 2018 thread

Tack’s Luke’s Recovery fan-edit

Bobson Dugnutt’s Alternate Biggs Reunion Edit

JeromeTheEditor’s Ben vs Vader edit

act on instinct’s ESB intro - Franz Waxman redux

darkspire17’s Oola’s Sentance (extended)

4throck’s Ewoks with blasters

Aratus’ The Death of Han Solo synced w/ Inception Time soundtrack 720p [HD] [Remastered]

ziggyonice’s Has anyone attempted to put Holdo in The Force Awakens so that her character doesn’t feel shoehorned into The Last Jedi? discussion thread

ForceGhostRecon’s Rey training montage in TLJ

ForceGhostRecon’s The Destruction of the Jedi Temple

screams in the void’s The Empire Strikes Back Marvel Comics Cut - a ‘rough cut’ scene order edit for the running order of the comics adaptation.

darthrush’s How to make Episode 3 work as a standalone prequel?

ben_danger’s Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles - Keep Checking the First Post!

GeoMFilms’s Fan Edit Humorous Shorts Series…
Brynn Elliots song ‘Might not like me’ with Star Wars footage
Rose Tico in Other Movies
Rose Tico in other movies - Star Wars Attack of the Clones - youtube video channel link
The Force Awakens: Cops and Robbers (Humor edit/redub ideas)
Jack Nicholson Hates the Last Jedi

TV’s Frink’s kind and generous offer to upload a Star Wars Fan Edit thread:-

‘Star Wars Fanedit Upload Request Thread In Which You Can Request That I Upload A Star Wars Fanedit And I Will Respond Yay Or Nay (CHECK FIRST POST BEFORE MAKING REQUESTS)’

What Ever Happened To PAY IT FORWARD? (PIF) - a 2009 discussion thread.

Star Wars Gaming Projects…

twister111’s Rebel Assault II and, Jedi Knight Dark Forces II cutscenes

daveytod’s SW videogames cutscenes (esp. Rogue Squadron series)

daveytod’s Shadows Of The Empire

daveytod’s Episode III The Video Game - The Movie

Exar Xan’s Star Wars Games Preservation

SpenceEdit’s The Force Unleashed Duology - A Spence Edit

mMathab’s Bounty Hunter - The Video Game DVD (need help please)

Galactus’ "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond The Game 2.0" 3-DVD by Galactus + MoveAlong + ThrowgnCpr

Kaydon_Sentry’s Star Wars Dark Empire: The Movie

Kaydon_Sentry’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - THE MOVIE - Finally finished

Kaal-Jhyy’s Kaal’s “SW Video Games Cutscenes” Project

Some other useful non-SW gaming project threads…

Old game cutscenes / FMV games
Extracting cutscenes and gameplay action from PC game
24 The Game Cut Scenes Fan Edit
Making a movie out of a videogame?


The ‘Best’ SW Fan Edits…

Subjective threads & conversations as to which SW Fan Edits are highly rated / liked.

what is considered by most fans to be the best edit of the Prequels - a 2016 thread, by jedimasterobiwan

The Prequel Trilogy showdown - which versions to watch? - a 2017 thread, by Destinyg133

New Member/new to fan edits - Direction pleased re “Prequels” - a 2018 thread, by RaoulJuke

different prequel versions? what to watch? - a 2016 thread, by Snoopac

The best “serious” Prequel fan edits? - a 2013 thread, by fenriz

Best Phantom Menace Fan Edit - a 2006 thread, by focuspuller

Best edits of Ep 2 and 3 - a 2009 thread, by oracle

Best Revenge of the Sith Edit as a companion to The Phantom Edit and Attack of the Phantom - a 2011 thread, by Octotorox

Best Episode III Edit? - a 2011 thread, by bouerbouer

If you had to pick the definitive PT fan-edits - a 2009 thread, by Shadester9

The go to definitive prequel cuts? - a 2017 thread, by nismo4life

Best 3 in 1 prequel edit? - a 2016 thread, by Spoofy4567

Best Original Trilogy/Prequel Edits for newbies? - a 2011 thread, by dgallegos2112

Best Fan Edit for Machete Order? - a 2015 thread, by StarChewyWar

What is the best ROTJ Fanedit so far in your opinion? - a 2017 thread, by iamweasel

Which Fan Edits are considered the Best? - a 2016 thread, by T34655

best fan edits you have ever seen? - a 2018 thread, by BGum16

To those of you who have seen a lot of the fan edits… - a 2008 thread, by Janskeet


Last updated - 10th December, 2018.


Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? And say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


Thanks for this. I will definitely be using this thread as reference forevermore.

“After a time, you may find that having, is not so pleasing a thing after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.” - Spock


^ cheers mate, nice one 😃


Harmy has put up a video on youtube - just to remind everyone that Fan Edits must never be bought or sold.


Personally, as a member here, I’d encourage everyone to watch it and upvote that video.


Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? And say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


Great thread. I’d prefer if the old Hal9000 thread were labeled as “Outdated” or something rather than “Overview” since they are old and more or less unrelated to the new ones.


Not sure if this is the appropriate thread to ask this. In the same vein of what Octorox has done with Episodes I & II (taking the best ideas from other editors such as Hal9000 and L8wrtr, and essentially making a greatest hits), I’ve a personal use edit of Episode III that combines cuts from Hal9000, L8wrtr, and Q2 along with some of my own ideas. However, I didn’t keep track of what cut came from which editor, or a cut list at all for that matter. Would this be something that the community would be interested in viewing? Or does the fact that I have no documentation kind of ruin it?


^ cheers for the heads-up re Octorox’s Episode 1 & 2 Edits 😃

Re your personal ROTS Edit… go for it - as long as you give credit to the respective Editors you borrowed from, I don’t see a problem with it.

Though you may have some difficulty in getting people interested in watching it without a cut list? Perhaps an overview of some of the major changes you can remember making may help, or an explanation of what you were aiming for - may help perk interest?

(Personally, you have me intrigued in that it’s a ‘greatest hits’ from some very good Editors - and also a few ideas of your own.)

Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? And say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


oojason said:

^ cheers for the heads-up re Octorox’s Episode 1 & 2 Edits 😃

Re your personal ROTS Edit… go for it - as long as you give credit to the respective Editors you borrowed from, I don’t see a problem with it.

Though you may have some difficulty in getting people interested in watching it without a cut list? Perhaps an overview of some of the major changes you can remember making may help, or an explanation of what you were aiming for - may help perk interest?

(Personally, you have me intrigued in that it’s a ‘greatest hits’ from some very good Editors - and also a few ideas of your own.)

I think he’s saying not so much that there isn’t a cutlist but that he didn’t keep track of what footage came from what edit

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Ha, I wondered why I was getting some more recent requests for my TFA edit. I can only assume this post is the cause! Thanks 😃

I also have a 2003 Clone Wars, and a season one Rebels edits near completion so I’ll be sure to mention them when they’re done if there’s any interest.


oojason, just wanted to add my appreciation for this latest extensive compilation of yours. Your efforts around here are very helpful indeed.



Just curious why it seems Sobofilms The Last Jedi re-cut has disappeared like it never existed? From reading the changes it seems by far the one must attuned to my aesthetic. It’s nowhere to be found and eliminates the saber toss, milking, most of canto bight, etc. while also adding the deleted scenes. Does anyone have any info? New member so sorry for my ignorance just want to be able to watch a good version of the movie.

Thank you!

May the Force be with you


I haven’t heard of it. Do you have any links to places (here or otherwise) where it has been talked about? It’s possible that it could have begun to go by a different name at some point; any kind of discussion online about the edit will provide some clues as to what happened with it.

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