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Sequel Trilogy (Special Edition + StormPilot)


I know I’m not the first to make special editions of the sequel trilogy, but I thought I’d share what changes I’m making to help the trilogy becoming more cohesive. My goal is largely to keep the directors’ intent intact, though my one indulgence they never intended is helping “StormPilot” into the films (I’ll denote changes I made to serve these purposes).

The Force Awakens

  • Re-inserted the first half of the deleted scene “Jakku Message” between Phasma telling Finn to put his mask on and Rey’s introduction. I cut everything after Leia says "Never Underestimate a droid (including the officer’s response). This helps introduce Leia earlier in the film, and sets up Rey finding BB-8 shortly after.

  • As many have done, I cut Kylo remembering Finn’s name/number.

  • Inserted NeverarGreat’s version of the Deleted scene “Leia and the Resistance” that had been modified to include part of “Jakku Message” where Snap Wexley asks Leia if they should contact the Republic.

  • Cut Finn asking if Rey has a boyfriend. (#StormPilot)

  • Cut Finn finding the Lightsaber Training Remote drone.

  • Cut Snoke calling Kylo the “Master of the Knights of Ren” since that didn’t really go anywhere.

  • Cut Han’s line “People who knew him best…” as that kinda confuses Luke’s motivations. It matters more why he left, which Han had already mentioned, than where (which they have half a map to anyway).

  • Cut the first time Finn asks Rey to come with him at Maz’s Castle. (#StormPilot)

  • Cut Finn’s line "You Looked at me like no one ever had. (#StormPilot)

  • Added audio of the Sith Cultists’ chant and Palpatine’s laugh to Rey’s Force vision and cut Maz telling Rey there is someone who could still come back for her and Rey’s response suggesting Luke is her father.

  • Cut C-3PO’s red arm dialogue, and Han’s redundant “I saw our son.”

  • Cut C-3PO’s Line “It’s doubtful that R2 has the rest of the map” since he does. Retained the exposition about low-power mode.

  • Cut down Rey and Finn’s reunion hug to be less romantic. (#StormPilot)

  • Cut the amount of times Finn shouts “Rey” when she’s knocked out by Kylo. (#StormPilot)

  • Changed Snoke’s line to Hux, as Starkiller Base collapses, to “Have Kylo Ren come to me. It is time.” to set up the new cliffhanger.

  • Cut everything after the Falcon leaves D’Qar into hyperspace. Instead of showing Rey and Chewie in the Falcon and arriving at Ahch-To, I cut to Kylo in his TIE travelling to Exegol and meeting Palpatine at the beginning of The Rise of Skywalker (cutting out the line where Kylo mentions killing Snoke). This helps better set-up the overall arc of the trilogy, but doesn’t really change Kylo’s arc looking for autonomy (from Han in Force Awakens, from Leia, Luke and Snoke in The Last Jedi, and from Palpatine in Rise of Skywalker), but unifies Snoke and Palpatine from the beginning.

The Last Jedi

  • Cut down Poe and Hux’s conversation to have less jokes and fix the pacing of this opening sequence.

  • Repurposed footage of The Millennium Falcon arriving at Takodana as Ahch-To to match films across the series showing ships arrive at planets to lead into footage originally from The Force Awakens of Rey and Chewie arriving at Ahch-To, integrating this into the sequence already in The Last Jedi. This helps not have such a buildup from a cliffhanger.

  • Re-inserted the deleted scene “Luke Has a Moment”.

  • Cut out Luke milking the thala-siren to fix the pacing of this sequence.

  • Re-inserted the deleted scene “Poe: Not Much of a Sewer”. (#StormPilot)

  • Re-inserted deleted scene “It’s Kinda Weird You Recorded That” right before Finn packs, to help motivate him to attempt saving Rey. This helps make their connection more about friendship and trying to save someone that saved his life.

  • Cut Rey’s line to Chewie “And ask about Finn”. (#Stormpilot)

  • Re-inserted deleted scene “Caretaker Village Sequence” to better establish Luke’s mindset, motivation, and overall worldview.

  • Extended the “Mega Destroyer Incursion” sequence to include Finn being recognised by other stormtroopers (Tom Hardy). I only included part of the deleted sequence, avoiding the unfinished effects.

  • Added Palpatine’s Fortnite message between the Resistance not receiving any messages from allies and Luke’s arrival. During the message, I show the Star Destroyers above Mustafar (TROS), Stormtroopers Marching (TROS), repeated an exterior of Canto Bight (TLJ), Poe Standing up (moved up from being a reaction to Luke), a shot of Kylo, and then back to Leia.

  • Added a couple of lines from Palpatine as voiceover/telepathy during the final moments between Kylo and Rey on Crait.

  • Cut the “Broom Boy” sequence from the ending to be used in The Rise of Skywalker.

The Rise of Skywalker

  • Changed Opening Crawl

  • Cut Opening sequence on Mustafar (Used in Force Awakens), and rearranged the shot order of the Millennium Falcon arriving at the Sinta Glacier Colony, to make the Falcon’s flyby that reveals the Sinta Glacier Colony the opening shot (As every opening scene starts in space).

  • Cut the hyperspace skipping.

  • Cut Finn saying that he needed to tell Rey something.

  • Moved a shot of Kylo traveling in his TIE to when Finn turns and feels Kylo’s arrival with the Force to make this clearer.

  • Cut Rey destroying Kylo’s TIE, since it has the Wayfinder and is stolen and destroyed by Rey again later.

  • Reframed shots of Kylo to make make Kylo’s smouldering TIE less noticeable (Not good enough at VFX to remove the wreckage and smoke).

  • Cut Hux informing Pryde of the prisoner, and moved the reveal of Chewie to later (Between Poe and Zorri going up to the roof and Babu working on 3PO)

  • Cut C-3PO talking one last look at his friends, cut the sequence down to make it less dramatic (one fake death is enough).

  • Cut Zorri asking if Poe wants to join her. (#StormPilot)

  • Moved Pryde and Hux telling Kylo about Kajimi to after Poe and Zorri’s talk on the roof.

  • Cut Poe asking Zorri to join them and to kiss her (#StormPilot)

  • Cut lines where Rey’s mother says she’s not on Jakku (that’s the first place someone would look after hearing that) and the redundant “You’re a Palpatine” by Kylo.

  • Re-arranged the shots of Leia and the duel of Kylo and Rey to better sync and establish that Leia is influencing Kylo through the Force. Leia drops the headset right after Kylo pauses, her whisper of “Ben” is what causes him to turn around, then show Connix escort Leia (without Maz’s narration), Kylo drops the saber and gets stabbed, Leia’s silhouette, Rey senses Leia and heals Ben, Rey steals the TIE, Leia lays down and says “Bring him home” (from TFA, to Han), back to Kylo.

  • Cut the expository lines “You’re just a memory…” as it makes the situation more confusing than it just being a Force Ghost/vision summoned by Leia.

  • Moved the shot of Leia’s hand falling to the end of Ben and Han’s talk, just before the wipe to Palpatine telling Pryde that the princess of Alderaan interfered with his plans. Everyone surrounding Leia’s body has been moved after that scene.

  • Destruction of Kajimi follows Chewie’s cry, and precedes Rey arriving at Ahch-To. As Rey burns the TIE, Poe asks “Kajimi, how?” moving into that reaction sequence.

  • Cut Luke’s comment about throwing away the lightsaber. After he asks “What are you doing?” I cut to Poe talking to Leia, and generally sync these two mentor conversations that follow.

  • Adjust the arrivals at Exegol to have Rey further ahead of the Resistance. Rey is already in the Exegol temple/palace while the fleet is travelling.

  • Cut Zorri’s return at the Battle of Exegol. (#StormPilot)

  • Added the line “I’m Rey Skywalker” to when she’s facing Palpatine (back to the camera) after her pep talk from the ghosts. I’m thinking about instead of re-using the line from the Tatooine scene, to use a stronger read of the name “Skywalker” from somewhere else in the series when she’s referring to Luke.

  • Adjusted a lot of the Resistance celebration. Rose’s line is louder and cropped to be a close up, Maz smiles in reaction to a slightly shorter version of the scene between Lando and Jannah, D’Acy and partner’s kiss is also cropped to be a close-up (if LGBTQ+ representation is gonna be this scarce, might as well give it a close up), Zorri is cut out, and Poe’s flirtation is directed at Finn instead (#StormPilot).

  • Moved the scenes at Bespin, Endor, and Jakku to after the reunion of Rey with Poe and Finn. This is followed by the Broom Boy sequence from the end of The Last Jedi, with the story being told adjusted from “Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master” to “Jedi Skywalker” so that it can refer to Rey.

  • Cut the Tatooine sequence completely. Laying Luke to rest at the home he only wanted to leave, and where Leia had only been the sex slave of a giant slug not only seemed super disrespectful, but also doesn’t seem like Rey would know about the place. Also not having a ghost for Ben doesn’t line up with the precedent from Return of the Jedi.

Here is a link to samples of some adjustments if you’re curious:


I’d love to re-add more deleted scenes from The Force Awakens, such as Kylo searching through Falcon, but I’m not skilled enough to remove the timecode burn-ins.