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Star Wars: Rise & Fall of Kylo Ren (a WIP)


So having seen a multitude of brilliant ideas and fantastic fan-edits I’m planning to attempt a version of my own in the coming months.

My overall plan is to strip the 3 sequel movies down into a single 2 Hour 30 minute epic, specifically focused around Kylo Ren/Ben’s perspective.

The core story beats will still happen…just in different ways.

List of some key points I have in mind include:

  • Kylo searching for Luke to kill him as the Last Jedi.
  • Flashbacks to the Academy destruction coming from Kylo/Ben instead of Luke or shared with Rey. These would be memories that Kylo still can’t let go of or get over. He feels guilt and remorse over the the action to attack Luke and the Academy BUT still believes Luke tried to kill him first.
  • He prays to Vader’s helmet every time he starts to feel like “Ben” again immersing himself in the ‘presence’ of his Grandfather (actually Palpatine manipulating him).
  • He will still encounter Rey as an opponent but it’ll be styled to look more like she’s another apprentice of Luke’s who’s been training offscreen for years and is fully part of Luke’s Jedi Order.
  • It’ll be the reveal of the manipulation (Snoke being Palpatine, Vader’s Presence a lie, Luke not actually trying to kill him) that pushes Ben to abandon the First Order entirely and go searching for Palpatine for revenge.
  • Somehow integrate scenes together to depict Kylo becoming Ben again but it’s not Han’s ghost talking to him but his memories of his father who is still alive but is ‘gone from him’ because of Ben’s own actions.
  • Ben & Rey still have the climatic battle against Palpatine but Rey dies and Ben holding her appears to be buried in the ruins.
  • Final scenes will be resistance rejoicing at the FO defeat and Kylo/Palpatine’s death but Han and Leia are still alive and know Ben’s alive out there somewhere.
  • Last Scene I’m going to attempt to craft out of Rogue One/Solo footage and have a hooded figure on a distant world Ben wearing a grey hood…off to seek redemption.

Anyway I’d be really interested in anyone’s thoughts? I’m VERY new to all this but hoping to give it a decent shot.


This sounds intriguing. I’d watch it.


arabian said:

This sounds intriguing. I’d watch it.

ExpandedUniverses said:

I think this is a wonderful idea. I’ll be looking forward to it!

Cheers guys! I’m currently swamped with work at the moment so this may be an edit that slowly limps along for a while but I’m hoping to put up some digital art/scene changes for the “Ben Grey Jedi” ending in the next week or two!

Plus I’m toying with stitching together a few scenes & frames from TLJ so it looks like BOTH Luke and Rey turn up in the Falcon to rescue the resistance but “Force Projection” Luke is being projected from real Luke sitting in the Falcon’s cockpit distracting Kylo/FO while Rey lifts the Rock’s and rescues Leia and the Resistance.

It’s looking…possible at the moment and I have high hopes for it.

Since Leia & Han survive in my cut the implication between Crait showdown & Palpatines introduction is some time passing (cue SW wipe & blue text marker “Some time later…”) where Kylo is now recklessly hunting for Palpatine who looks to be in a galactic game of chess with Luke (Both trapped in their respective power bases of Exegol & Ach-Toch) and Kylo/Rey are the pawns.

Rey’s strength to resist and defeat Palpatine will be furled by Luke and the power of the Jedi island/source which is what finally kills him but takes out Palptaine and saves Ben into the bargain.