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Star Wars Episode III: Rise of the Empire (Revenge of the Sith ULTIMATE EDITION) WIP


Video specs (for 8K BluRay-compliant version):
7680 × 4320, 60 fps

Audio specs (for 1080p BluRay-compliant version):
5.1 DTS
5.1 AC3, 448 kbps

Special features:
Fan Editor’s Commentary track
Chapter stops
Subtitles (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese)

Synopsis: You know Revenge of the Sith! But what if it was expanded… join the final chapter of the Prequel Saga as the Republic falls and Anakin becomes evil completing his transformation to Darth Vader.

Tagline: Every Story Has A Hero, Every Hero Has A Destiny, Every Saga Has An End.

Intention: To expand the film with everything that took place during ROTS.

Revenge of the Sith
The Clone Wars Microseries
The Clone Wars series (For the Siege of Mandalore arc, Darth Bane’s line, and Qui-Gon’s voice lines)
The Bad Batch Series
Deleted Scenes from the ROTS 2004 DVD and Blu-Ray
TCW Deleted Scene from S3 Blu-Ray (For Darth Revan’s lines)
PS2’s Revenge Of The Sith Video Game (For Dooku’s bonus line and two cut lines when Sidious is talking to Anakin)
Revenge of the Sith “Epic” Trailer (For the shot of Palpatine’s shuttle arriving on Coruscant)
Star Wars Trivial DVD Pursuit DVD Game (For the Super Battle Droid’s bonus line)
Darth Plagueis Audiobook (For Plagueis’ lines and Teneborous’ lines)
Fallen Order
Knights Of The Old Republic 2 (For Darth Sion’s lines)
Knights Of The Old Republic
The Old Republic (For Vitate’s line)
“Decieved” Cinematic trailer (For Malygus’ line)
The Force Unleashed (For Darth Desolous’ lines and Palpatine’s lines from the DS ending)
Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith (audio) (For Marka Ragnos’ line and Exar Kun’s line)
Revenge of the Sith Complete Soundtrack
The Clone Wars Final Season Soundtrack (9-12) (There are unreleased tracks and the sound mixers had the Dialogue and SFX mixed in. I don’t know why there are tracks that didn’t make it in the OST. Ask Kevin Kiner or Lucasfilms about this situation. But there are 2 tracks that can be found in the Kiner Bros website that aren’t in the OST for the time being.)
Battlefront II (2005)
Rebels (For Obi-Wan’s message)
The Galaxy of Adventure (For Flashback purposes)

Cuts and Additions:

  • Add the deep prologue from the ROTS novel audiobook and the artwork from Ryan Church (Bridgeworld Lost, Mygeeto Lost, Utapau Surrenders, Green Coruscant, Death Star in Construction, ETC) before the Opening Logos.

    • Remove “It is over. Nothing can change it.”
  • Add a new opening crawl:

Episode III
Rise of the Empire

Three years have passed since the Clone Wars began and the Republic stood against the might of the Separatists on Geonosis. The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious has been planning for Revenge on what the Jedi had done.

As the Clone Wars continue, The Jedi Knights fought against many foes with the assistance of the Clone Troopers from Kamino.

Though the Galaxy has been caught in a struggle, Darth Sidious has started the great offensive on the Outer Rim worlds, thus launching the ultimate phase to finish what the Ancient Sith Lord Darth Bane had started. The Dark Side of the Force thunder once again…

  • After the crawl fade into the opening montage of Siege of Mandalore.

  • The Opening Montage of the Siege of Mandalore is now with SFX replacing the Narrator.

  • The beginning part of the track “Battle of Yerbana” was added once we transition to Yerbana.

  • The line “Hit your targets!” is still intact.

  • The part title “Part I Old Friends Not Forgotten” is placed over the shot of the Republic Gunship leaving Yerbana to the Venator.

  • Add 00:48-1:38 of the track “Anakin and Obi-Wan Speak” to fill in the silent part when Anakin sees Ahsoka.

  • Wipes to Yoda meditating until he noticed Coruscant is under attack. (Diagonal left wipe just like TCW did from Obi-Wan and Anakin to the Hangar)

  • After Sasae Tiin destroys the Separatist ship by using the Separatist ship, it wipes to the Venator’s Hangar.

  • Add 00:16-00:49 of the track “Ahsoka Is Back” once we wipe to the Hangar of the Venator.

  • After Obi-Wan tells Ahsoka, Bo-Katan, and the Mandalorians to come with him and Anakin, wipes back to Coruscant (The wipe goes to the right matching Anakin’s movement)

  • Greivous and the Magnaguards goes after the Chancellor and head towards the screen, cuts to Ahsoka, Anakin, Bo-Katan, and Obi-Wan.

  • After Ahsoka and Anakin bid each other farewell, wipes to Coruscant yet again when Shaak Ti and her fellow comrades are being chased. (I want the unreleased track play out. If it were faded out quicker, it would ruin the music.)

  • Mace contacts Anakin and Obi-Wan immediately after he sees Shaak Ti in electircal ropes.

  • Recolor Anakin’s scar to red.

  • Cut Mace saying “Coruscant is under siege and”

  • Wipes to the top of the Venator ship once Anakin commanded the clones to their ships.

  • Pitch Down the Super Battle droids to sound like their TCW counterparts

  • Add in the Generator Room deleted scene. (Replace Shaak Ti and Greivous with the Magnaguards or replace Shaak Ti with Pablo-Jill)

** VFX needed to be finished.

  • Add back Anakin speaking Droid scene

  • Add back the unused score during the Elevator scene (The score is paused after Greivous on the bridge and resumes playing when the Droidekas approached Obi-Wan and Anakin)

  • Palpatine refers to Dooku as Lord Tyrannus when he enters the room (as his mouth movements originally suggest) (Edit by AdigitalMan)

  • Add Dooku’s bonus line to extend the Dooku shot (Edit by Bobson Dugnett)

  • Add more footage of the Dooku duel. (If there is footage that wasn’t in the film)

  • Add a great shot of Palpatine in his chair with two lightsabers crossed before him. (Extend the score a bit)

  • Add the cut lines “I knew you could do it” and “I couldn’t help myself” (If there was footage of Ian and Hayden saying those lines)

  • Add a scene where Yoda senses Dooku’s death after Anakin says “Then his fate will be the same as ours”. (Fan edit by NV II. I want the non-cropped upversion of it.)

  • Change the dialogue a bit so that they will be used later in the film

  • Add the Star Tours Coruscant scene to fill in the void where they got to the hangar but deciding to go find the escape pods instead.

  • Added back the unused “Greivous and the Droids” score until Greivous yells at the pilot (The droid who is warning Greivous that the Aft batteries’ power is dying out) to keep the ship in orbit because the music fades in.

  • Added Super Battle droid calling R2 “Stubby” back in

  • Once Anakin reunites with Padme, it transitions to the Siege of Mandalore.

  • Combine the two sewers scenes because they were split during Ahsoka being trapped by Maul. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Remove the final shot of “OfNF” and the first 3 shots of “The Phantom Apprentice”

  • Ahsoka and Rex loses Maul, transitions to Greivous arriving on Utapau. Use ROTS BGM to make the smoother transition. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • The part title “Part II The Phantom Apprentice” is placed over the shot of Padme’s place. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Add an extended talk between Obi-Wan and Anakin after Obi-Wan says “All of this is unusual and is making me feel uneasy”. (If Lucasfilms releases this scene)

  • Add the “Adjustments to the Constitution” deleted scene (Edit by Bobson Dugnett)

  • Color Correction to fit the actual scene in the final cut.

  • “It’s upsetting…” line removed and footage re-dubbed (Edit by TM2YC)

  • “They see your future…” line removed and footage re-dubbed (Edit by TM2YC)

  • “They see you as…” and “I’ve sensed that” lines dubbed over long shot (Edit by TM2YC)

  • Add the “Plot to Destroy the Jedi” Deleted scene

  • Add an establishing shot of the Jedi Temple from AOTC before we cut to Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan.

  • Remove the repeated lines because they will be used later.

  • The scene instead ends with Yoda nodding.

  • Transitions to another Venator ship where we see Cal and Jaro for the first time. Have Cal’s first part of his training which is his first flashback.

  • Add the “Stirring in the Senate” deleted scene.

  • Row blinds wipe transition to the Jedi Temple after Padme says “Agreed.”

  • Cut lines from the Council Meeting are added back in. (VAs needed)

  • Replace music (The Music where Palpatine’s shuttle is landing on Mustafar) with the music that should’ve been when Yoda is leaving for Kashyyk.

  • After the “Seeds of Distrust” scene, wipe to the 2nd Cal flashback scene.

  • The Images of Plagueis are shown in a flashback sequence when Palpatine tells Anakin “The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise”. Use the woosh sound effect to cue the flashback sequence and end the flashback sequence.

  • Add the art of Plagueis from “The Teneborous Way”, The Essential Reader’s Companion, ETC. when Palpatine talks about Plagueis.

  • Add the Darth Palgueis and Palps artwork from “Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force” when Palpatine says that Plagueis taught the student (Palpatine) everything he knew.

  • Add Palpatine when killed Plagueis from “Star Wars Galaxy Series 6” when Palpatine says that the student (Which is himself) kills Plagueis in his sleep.

  • After the Battle of Kashyyk Start, it wipes into the restored deleted scene where Obi-Wan visits Padme.

  • After this scene it wipes to Ahsoka talking to Obi-Wan.

  • After Ahsoka tells Obi-Wan “Tell Anakin” and leaves, wipes to “Seeds of the Rebellion” deleted scene.

  • After that deleted scene, we wipe to the long shot of the undercity.

  • After Maul interrigates Jesse, it wipes into Anakin saying goodbye to Obi-Wan.

  • Change the music that is used when Mace and the boys are leaving the temple into what the score should’ve been.

  • Restore the scene where Anakin tells Palpatine that Obi-Wan will have Greivous’ head and Palpatine talking to Anakin that Obi-Wan’s mind is influenced in a certain female senator. (If Lucasfilms released this scene)

  • After the scene with Anakin and Padme, use the same wipe (Which was used to transition into Obi-Wan arriving on Utapau) to Almec’s prison.

  • Transition from Bo-Katan looking to where Saxon is going over to the 3rd flashback of Cal’s training.

  • After that scene, we wipe to Maul’s speech.

  • The rest of the battle of Mandalore plays out. (Originally, I was going to use the full version Darth Porg’s Ahsoka vs. Maul DoTF video, but he removed the Clones and Mandolorians vs. Mauldolorians from Ahsoka and Maul during the duel. So that is why I have to keep the BGM from Kevin Kiner.)

  • Once Maul was captured, wipe into Obi-Wan arriving on Utapau. (The webisode of ROTS has one scene that was filmed but was cut from the film which is Tion Medon talking to the Magnaguard.)

  • The part title “Part III Shattered” is placed over when Obi-Wan is arriving on Utapau. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Restore the scene where Obi-Wan selects Boga out of all the other Varytactyls and Obi-Wan fighting the Magnaguards. (If Lucasfilms were to release those).

  • After Obi-Wan engaged Greivous, wipe into the deleted “Confronting the Chancellor” scene.

  • After this scene, it transition into the 3rd flashback of Cal’s training.

  • Once that is done, we transition to Mandalore where we see Bo-Katan reuniting with Ahsoka with the captured Maul.

  • After Anakin leaved Mace and before he says “I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi”, we cut to Ahsoka and Rex walking into the storage place.

  • Once Ki-Adi-Mundi says that the Chancellor should be removed from office if he didn’t give his emergency powers after the destruction of Greivous, we cut back to Coruscant.

  • Add 2 cut lines which Mace says “That could be a dangerous move.” and Ki-Adi-Mundi replying to Mace (after Mace said that they will control the senate to make a peacful transition) to replace the congress of Senators that aren’t filled with greed and corruption. (VAs needed)

  • Cut back to Mandalore after Yoda says that the line of thought might carry them to a dark place.

  • Wipes to the Chancellor after Ahsoka tells Rex that she didn’t tell the Jedi what Maul said.

  • Add a flashback image (The Darth Plagueis cover without the text) so that we know who Palpatine is referring to as “his mentor”.

  • “My mentor” line is re-dubbed into “Darth Plagueis”

  • Restore a missing part of the track “Palpatine’s Seduction”.

  • After Kenobi looks at Greivous’ dead corpse, we transition to the 4th flashback of Cal’s training.

  • Once that was done, we transition to Anakin telling Mace that Palpatine is the Sith Lord.

  • As Padme is looking at Anakin from her room, she says the cut line. (A line from AOTC)

  • Add in the Heart of Darkness scene where Plagueis is talking to Anakin. (Edit by NV II)

  • Replace the BGM that will be used later with the ambient ROTS music that was playing when Anakin is looking at Padme from the temple and Padme is looking at Anakin from her apartment.

  • Replace the live action scenes with the animated footage from “Galaxy of Adventures” because these scenes are similar but this time it will be in 2D animation.

  • After Plagueis says “Come with me, son.”, restore the cut line when Anakin is talking to himself after what he heard from Plagueis. (VA needed)

  • Add the cut line from C3-PO when he walks to Padme. (VA needed)

  • After he asks Padme if there is something wrong, it transitions to Ahsoka and Rex leaving Mandalore.

  • After Rex is called to get a briefing (which is NOT necessarily Order 66), it cuts to Palpatine’s Office.

  • Add the scene where Palpatine is talking to the Ancient Sith Lords. (Edit by NV II)

    • Replace all of the BGM used in this scene with ROTJ music (The track when Luke and Darth Vader arrived on the DS II and approached the Emporer).
  • “Darth Vader will wipe out every single jedi” is re-dubbed to “My new apprentice will end the jedi”

  • Fix the Exar Kun and Marka Ragnos mix-up.

  • The track “I am the Senate” now plays fully and the “I AM The Senate” Scene now synced to Original Track.

  • Add in the unused segment of the track “I am the Senate” and extend a bit longer because of the cut lines.

  • Add cut lines from Mace after Palpatine yells “The Jedi are taking over!”. (VA needed)

  • Add cut lines when Palpatine is shocking himself. (VA needed)

  • Anakin says “You can’t kill him, master!” instead of “You can’t!” (VA Needed)

  • Add the scene of Ahsoka and Maul sensing Anakin becoming evil after Yoda senses Mace Windu’s death.

  • Add Palpatine’s cut line “You understand that, don’t you?” after he says that every single jedi including Obi-Wan is an enemy of the Republic.

  • Add the Battlefront II 501st journal entry of Order 66 during the Jedi Temple march.

  • Add Cere and Trilla Order 66 scene after Stass Allie gets killed.

  • Add Ahsoka’s Order 66 scene after that. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Extend the track “Anakin’s Betrayal/Lament/The Great Jedi Purge” because Cere and Trilla Order 66 scene and Ahsoka Order 66 scene are in this montage and Shaak Ti’s death is added back in.

  • After Rex yells “STAY BACK!”, it cuts to Kashyyk. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • After Yoda kills Gree and the random 41st clone and the Wookies and Yoda runs away, it cuts back to Ahsoka. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • The track “Anakin’s betrayal/Lament/The Great Jedi Purge” fades out as Rex is telling Ahsoka to find Fives. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Ahsoka survives by deflecting the blaster to make a hole in the ship. We cut back to the Jedi Temple. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Shaak Ti’s death added back in. (Finishing VFX needed)

  • Add in the arrow that Appo has on his helmet. (VFX needed)

  • After Bail Prestor Organa leaves the temple in his speeder, it wipes into Rex. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Add in a scene where Qui-Gon is talking to Maul. (Edit by NV II)

    • No Flashbacks are included.
  • After Ahsoka frees Maul to create a distraction, it wipes to Obi-Wan swimming from the depths of Utapau. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Restore the deleted scene where Obi-Wan encounters a Nos Monster. (If it was released)

  • Extend the Yoda and Wookies scene to make sure we’ll see Yoda, Tarful, and Chewbacca finding the escape pod. (Animators and VAs needed)

  • Add cut lines from Yoda when he is saying goodbye to the wookies. (VA needed)

  • As Yoda leaves Kashyyk, we transition to Cal’s room on the Venator ship.

  • After Jaro Tarpal yells to Cal “I’ll meet you up ahead!” and as Cal is climbing the rope, we transition to Coruscant where we see Bail Prestor Organa and his aides taking off on their ship after they have their cards inspected by the senate guard offscreen.

  • Restore lines for C3-PO, Padme, and Anakin when Anakin is telling Padme about the attack. It is very hilarious that C3-PO is mentioning a rumor to “banish all droids” but George Lucas removed that. (VAs needed or ask Lucasfilms for the footage)

  • After C3-PO says “I feel so helpless”, we cut to Ahsoka’s venator ship.

  • After a close-up shot of Ahsoka’s face when she and Rex are looking at the medical bay door when the Clones are going to break in, we cut back to Cal once again at the vent.

  • After Jaro Tarpal is killed and Cal mourns the loss of his master, we transition to Obi-Wan meeting up with Bail Prestor Organa and Yoda.

  • Restore cut lines for the Tantive III scene.

  • After Obi-Wan and Yoda and Bail Prestor Organa suggested dismantling the signal, we cut back to Ahsoka’s venator ship.

    • Add the track “Victory and Death” so we can get a smoother transition to the Venator shot.
  • The part title “Part IV Victory and Death” is placed over the Venator shot. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • After Rex says “That’s one word for it.”, we transition to seeing Mustafar for the first time.

  • Add the deleted scene of Bail Organa arriving at the Senate. (If this scene was ever to be released)

  • Add subtitles for Poggle the Lesser.

  • Add in the Jedi Clone imposters deleted scene. (VFX needed to be finished)

  • We hear Palpatine’s full Empire speech. (Voiced by Nathan von Fraunhofer)

  • Palpatine now says “Our loyal clone troopers contained the insurrection within the Jedi Temple and quelled uprisings on a thousand worlds.” instead of “And the Jedi Rebellion has been foiled.” which was used later.

  • Add cut lines from Padme and Organa when he was told by Padme that Palpatine is overlabirating the plot to “overthrow the senate”.

  • The Imperial March theme was heard when Obi-Wan and Yoda spotted the Younglings’ corpse. (Used from Fallen Order’s OST)

  • After Palpatine says “We stand on the thresehold of a new beginning!”, the cut line from Padme saying that this is the moment if the Palpatine returns the Republic to Democracy is restored. (VA needed)

  • We see the Bad Batch footage in Palpatine’s speech when he is announcing the Clones are now Stormtroopers.

  • Restore more of the Separatist Slaughter which shows Rune Haako, Wat Tambor, San Hill, Shu Mai, and other Nemoidians and Droids killed by Anakin. (If it was released) (If it doesn’t have VFX complete, complete the VFX)

  • After Nute Gunray gets killed, we wipe into Maul.

  • After Ahsoka says “We need to get out of here”, we transition to the temple.

  • The temple security recording room from the ROTS 2005 DVD is added as Obi-Wan is dismantling the code. (Edit by Star Wars Story)

  • Restore the cut lines of Yoda and Obi-Wan during this scene.

  • After we see Anakin brooding on Mustafar, we transition to the shot of a Venator falling to the moon. (The final note of I’m So Sorry blended perfect with Kevin Kiner’s Music when the Venator is falling to the moon)

  • After Ahsoka says “I’ll explain it on the way.”, we cut to Padme leaving Coruscant.

  • Extend Palpatine and Anakin talking from Mustafar and Coruscant with the PS2 shot.

  • Restore Palpatine’s cut lines which he tells Anakin to tell the ships of the Trade Federation that the war is over, the Separatists are defeated, and Dooku and Greivous are destroyed before he tells him that the droid units need to shut down. (VA needed)

  • Restore cut lines from Padme and Anakin during their reunion in Mustafar. (If Lucasfilms ever relase the footage)

  • Because Anakin’s cut line about Obi-Wan cannot help Padme, we get a shot of Obi-Wan watching Padme (Edit by Star Wars Story)

  • Add The Clone Wars force-choke sound effect to Anakin force-choking Padme

  • After Obi-Wan and Anakin started dueling, we cut to the Venator ship where the clones are waiting for Maul.

  • After Maul spotted the shuttle, we cut to Palpatine’s office when Yoda is approaching.

  • The Emperor tells Mas Amedda to “Leave us” explaining why he just walked out of the room after Yoda gets zapped. (Edit by ADIgitalMan)

  • After Obi-Wan and Anakin are in the control room, we cut back to Maul as he starts running to the shuttle.

  • After a shot of Rex stunning the clones while Ahsoka is deflecting the blasters and holding on to G-G’s rope, it cuts back to Palpatine and Yoda.

  • After the Palpatine and Yoda entered the Senate Chamber while they are dueling, we cut to Maul preparing to leave.

  • After R7 dies, Ahsoka letting Maul go and Maul escapes, it cuts to Anakin and Obi-Wan in the Control Center once again.

  • After Yoda had lost the duel and his cloak fell to the pole, we cut back to Ahsoka and Rex.

  • After the Clones killed off CH33P and G-G, we cut to Anakin and Obi-Wan approaching the pipes.

  • After the great shot of Anakin and Obi-Wan clashed as lava explodes behind them, we cut to Ahsoka and Rex.

  • After Ahsoka force pushes Rex to the Y-Wing and continues deflecting the blasters from the Clones, we cut to Yoda.

  • After the 49 second Mustafar Scene where Obi-Wan and Anakin started to climb the arm of the mining complex structure, we cut to the Venator ship when the one of the pilots yelled that the ship is entering the atmosphere.

  • After a shot of Ahsoka in the Y-Wing in sorrowness that her clones are dead, we transition to Yoda once more.

  • Add back the line “Help me Master!” which was muted before Obi-Wan turns off his lightsaber.

  • Also “Don’t ask me Anakin! You’re evil! You bring nothing but Pain and suffering” is also added back in. (If there is footage)

  • Obi-Wan now says “It was you who would bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.” rather than “BRing balance to the force, not leave it in darkness”, just so that this sentence is completed.

  • Restore a scene of a Naboo Skiff leaving Mustafar (Seen in trailer) (If Lucasfilms releases this one)

** Also the 3 scenes of C3-PO and R2-D2 taking Padme to the Naboo Skiff needed to be added back in. and extend the Mustafar and Senate duel with footage we never get to see. (If Lucasfilms release those)

  • Add Palpatine’s dialogue from TFU when he’s kneeling before a burnt Anakin. (Idea by Star Wars Story and JXEditor)

  • Add Qui-Gon’s 3 lines from TCW as Yoda is meditating. (Edit by Octorox and Bobson Dugnett)

  • The part title “Part V A New Hope” is placed over when the Naboo Skiff is arriving on Poliss Massa. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Add the shot from the ROTS EPIC Trailer where Palpatine’s shuttle is arriving on Coruscant. (Edit by Bobson Dugnett)

  • Padme still dies in this version. (It’s a strange plot point but I don’t think the scenes from The Other Boleyn Girl fit in enough to make it work here just like it did to FOTR and LOE)

  • Make Vader’s “NOOOOOOOO!” moment more intense and make it a much better display more of Vader’s true power. Vader now makes a whirlwind of destruction before he yells “NOOOOOOOOO!” (VFX needed)

Now for the film’s epilogue:

  • After Vader and Palpatine watches over the Death Star in construction, we iris wipe into Yoda arriving Dagohbah, and after the Dagobah deleted scene, we iris wipe into the wreckage of the venator ship where we see Rex and Ahsoka after they buried their clones.

  • After Ahsoka dropped her lightsaber and then looks upwards we iris wipe to Alderaan before we cut to the shot of the Tantative III arriving on Alderaan. (If the final Ahsoka shot wasn’t edited to fade into Vader’s shuttle landing)

  • The track that played in Ahsoka’s final scene continues and it bleeds to Alderaan.

  • Add Obi-Wan’s message from Rebels. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • We fade to black from the Binary sunset to Vader’s shuttle landing. (Edit by Madman’s knowledge)

  • After the last shot of the clone helmet, iris out to the credits. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)

  • Credits from ROTS, TCW, the 2D Clone Wars, a couple Fallen Order credits are merged into a custom-made credits.

  • The Album version of the End Credits music from ROTS now plays because the credits are now longer.

  • Include the uncredited like James Earl Jones, Liam Neeson, and other actos who aren’t credited, fan editors, and others.

  • At the end of the credits, the #CloneWarsSaved is added for the final musical cue. (Edit by Madman’s Knowledge)


This edit is my idea. It includes the Battle of Nelvaan, the Battle of Corsuscant, the Siege of Mandalore, Fallen Order, Deleted Scenes, and Fan scenes.


If someone can make this edit, I would be very pleased.


This looks great

I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.


The CLimax of this film which is Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Rex, and Yoda vs. Anakin, the Clones, Jesse, and Palpatine, is called the GREAT showdown in history.


This seems pretty bombastic and entertaining. Would definitely watch it.


That’s why I’m calling to all fan editors to fill in the deleted scenes of Yoda on Kashyyk. I am using a couple of ROTS fan edits from different fan editors like Madman’s Knowledge and Bobson Dugnutt.


I decided to add more deleted scenes (Once Lucasfilms has release those).