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The random YouTube / Vimeo etc video finds thread for the Original Trilogy — Page 3


Star Wars Drunk Driving PSA (1979) - from the DisFanReview YouTube channel (30 sec.)

The blurb:
“An anti drunk driving public service announcement produced by the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway and Safety Administration. The ad features the denizens of the Mos Eisley cantina.”

Also, a 16mm sourced version: - from The Retronaut YouTube channel (38 sec.)


^It seems those costumes really got around in the late 70’s.

Richard Pryor - Star Wars Bar - from the almostpink YouTube channel (5 mins long).

The blurb:
“Bartender, Richard Pryor, with real costumes from the original Star Wars.”

It’s fascinating to see how rough some of these costumes look when they’re used for more than just the few seconds they were made for. One of the ask is visibly being held together with duct tape, and if you compare it to ANH they’ve mixed up the sound effects so that they come from the ‘wrong’ aliens.

BTW, I’ve always figured the squid-thing from the end was made specifically for this sketch as I can’t remember ever seeing it in any BTS content. Though considering there was originally a giant praying mantis that they tried to hide in the edit, I guess it could be from the movie as well.


A few of my favourite Robot Chicken SW videos.

Don’t tell Vader - Robot Chicken - from the official Adult Swim UK YouTube channel (1 min long).

This Deal’s Getting Worse All The Time - Robot Chicken - from the official Adult Swim YouTube channel (1 min long).

Slight Weapons Malfunction - Robot Chicken - from the official Adult Swim UK YouTube channel (2 mins long).

Try the Calamari - Robot Chicken - from the official Adult Swim YouTube channel (7 sec long).

BTW. That last one has to be so confusing to more casual SW fans who might not know that Ackbar is a Mon Calamari.


The Ashens Bootleg Star Wars series

Fake SW Toys

The Fake Menace

A New Fake

The Fake Awakens

Return of the Fakes

Pirate DVD Showcase part 1 and 2

Space Wars C3PO bootleg


Weird but real figures

Star Wars Figures in the 90s


Han Solo through the ages

Yub Nub for life



Boba Fett


A Tale of Gonks and Jawas

Admiral Ackbar

Billy Dee Williams

Dave Prowse

Oola 1983 and 1997

Lieutenant Renz - You Rebel Scum

Chris Bunn - the Original Stormtrooper

Yub Nub for life


There’s been some really good Star Trek “INtakes” where someone took various outtakes, like flubbed lines, actors being silly, etc. and edited these shots back into the finished scene, but this is the only Star Wars one I could find.

Star Wars INtakes - from the Major Grin YouTube channel (1 min long).


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Time Capsule - from the official Star Wars YouTube channel (3:50 mins long).

The blurb:
“Happy 40th anniversary to The Empire Strikes Back! Travel back with us as we revisit production on the film with exclusive archival behind-the-scenes footage and interviews featuring the cast and creative team.”

I wasn’t quire sure if this fit in the making-ofs thread, so I figured I’d post it here instead. There’s a lot of great BTS footage here, much of which I’ve seen in the various EBS videos posted on the making-ofs thread, but some clips here are completely new to me.


Star Wars Trilogy Parodies!

Hardware Wars (1978) - from the Slaughter Player YouTube channel (13 mins.)

This has more than likely been posted somewhere on this site before, maybe many many many times
before (as it’s the most obvious of all Star Wars parodies besides Spaceballs)… but I couldn’t
find it on here. So here it is again, as it relates to my post.

If you don’t know, this is the OG Star Wars parody. Many have come after (and did better IMO), but
this one is the first.

There’s also an unauthorized “Special Edition” version released in 1997 (13.5 mins.) :

IMDb link

Holiday Race for Space - Taylor Wines Promotional Film (1978) - video embedded in page (21 mins.)

This one was hard to find. The one from youtube is long gone but I found it complete in 2 other places
as an embedded video.

The blurb (from the site) :
“This marketing film from Dallas Production Company, Bill Stokes Associates, highlights the impact of
new ideas and new material for Taylor Wines as they compete in the 1978 “Holiday Race for Space,” a
somewhat inexplicable marketing scheme that is described with the aid of “Metal Man” and “Shorty,” an
obvious homage to Star Wars characters C-3PO and R2D2. Join the marketing team at Taylor Wines as
they look at new packaging and displays, and Metal Man and Shorty dance to groovy 70s tunes and get
love from the ladies! Also included are previews of the new Taylor Wine holiday commercials, one of
which features jazz pianist Count Basie.”

gizmodo article:

Backup link (has Texas flag watermark in bottom right corner):

The Empire Cracks Back (1981) - from the Superseven / Sandra West & More! YouTube channel (16.5 mins.)

The blurb:
“A long time ago, in a city far far away…
It is a dark time in indie filmmaking. It is a time before film school, before 16mm, before PC’s or
Mac’s, before the internet, before HD home cameras, before CGI and After Effects, before computer
editing software. It is a dark time, of Super 8 sound movies and cameras, of getting film developed
at the local drug store and editing it with a splicer and tape on a Super 8 viewer with a 6 inch
screen and a magnifying glass!..Of literally scratching the film emulsion to create blaster rays and
light sabre effects. From this dark time comes my Star Wars parody, “The Empire Cracks Back”, my epic
Super 8 opus shot in early 1981. Made by a bunch of 19 year olds with lofty ambitions, no money, cool
home made costumes and props and a Millenium Falcon cockpit I built in my basement. The folks at ILM
liked it. After sending them a VHS copy, I got a call one night from Bill George (One of the chief
model builders at ILM) and he told me that they thought it was hilarious. They were on a break from
shooting the tunnel chase sequence from “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom” and popped the tape
in. It was also shown at a bunch of comic book and sci conventions in the early to mid 80’s. Crudely
made, with some “Airplane” style humor guaranteed to offend and piss off somebody!
And now for your viewing pleasure, in glorious regular D, with scratches and all comes…”

Jedi Lite (1984) - also from the Superseven / Sandra West & More! YouTube channel (1 min. 35 sec.)

The blurb:
“My 16mm, college film 2 project. A beer commercial parody set in the “Star Wars” universe, with all the familiar characters!”


The most authentic UNALTERED THEATRICAL cut of Star Wars is here … and it’s in 4K | PROJECT 4K77’:- - at the HelloGreedo youtube channel. (5 minutes long)

The blurb:

“97% of project 4K77 is from a single, original 1977 35mm Technicolor release print so if it goes from blurry to sharp, grainy to not grainy, bright to dark, that’s because it also did that in 1977. Color correction was a single correction per reel – the optical audio track was used to white balance the image, and the contrast adjusted to ensure that there was no clipping of the highlights or crushing of the blacks, so if the color changes from shot to shot, or it goes from very dark inside to very bright outside, that’s how it is on the print. Film has a greater contrast range than home video, and of course was graded for viewing, reflected off of a giant silver screen.” - Read more at

50 Cent is just an imposter


’Jason Eaton and His Incredible Star Wars Models | Our Star Wars Stories’:- at the official Star Wars youtube channel. (7 mins)

"Jordan Hembrough goes to Baltimore, Maryland, to meet Jason Eaton. It was the behind-the-scenes magic of Star Wars and the work of Industrial Light & Magic that captured Jason’s imagination; now he makes models as detailed and amazing as the real thing. "


Some impressive models, skills and patience to do all that, but really amazing OT models, and looks like he has a lot of fun doing this 😃


Mike Verta “Original Star Wars 4k Restoration” video (3:24:42)

This is the guys that created Legacy. He goes in depth with is process. Uploaded May 25, 2020.

One day we will have properly restored versions of the Original Unaltered Trilogy (OUT); or 1977, 1980, 1983 Theatrical released versions; including Prequels. So that future generations can enjoy these historic films that changed cinema forever.

Yoda: Try not, do or do not, there is no try.


The Movies That Influenced Star Wars - from the HelloGreedo YouTube channel (6:20 mins long).

Short short summary on some of the biggest influences on Star Wars as well as a bit of musing on the nature of creativity and originality.


George Lucas on the impact of Star Wars with Christopher Nolan’ - 2011 video for the DGA’s 75th anniversary.

Watched this tonight. A great conversation between George and Christopher Nolan discussing the original film. - at the Nisma Productions youtube channel. (58 minutes long.)