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Well production has started on ESB:Revisited. I’m just doing basic colour correction for now and then in a few months i will be starting the FX tests

Some changes that are planned so far for this edit:


1. Doing a complete colour correction.
   2. Rebuilding the sound mix with new sound FX.
   3. Re-rotoscoping all the lightsabers to fix colour (and other) errors.
   4. Re-rotoscoping all of the laser blasts for consistency.
   5. Attempting to fix spaceship/snowspeeder transparency issues.
   6. TIEs will be blue and ANH:RHD will have blue TIEs also
   7. Replacing/enhancing starfields.
   8. fixing as many garbage mattes as possible.
   9. recoloured R2’s black panels to blue


1 - New 20th Century Fox opening
2 - New recreated opening crawl
3 - Fixed juddering starfield as camera pans as probes fly away from the belly of stardestroyer
4 - Added flames as probe enters atmosphere
5 - Replaced pinks streak with flames for when probe crashes
6 - Removed footprints in snow when probe crashes
7 - Added crater debris when probe emerges to match previous close-up shot
8 - Smoothed Taun-taun stop motion animation.
9 - Flipped shot of probe crashes when Luke see it to match the first time we see the crash
10 - Enhanced binoculars display
11 - New shot of Han on Taun-Taun when he is speaking to Luke
12 - New Wampa
13 - Flipped the Wampa’s arm as it looks like he is back swiping Luke because they used the wrong arm
14 - Removed boom mic reflection in Luke’s goggles
15 - Removed puppeteers’ arm (done before the blu-ray fix)
16 - New matte of rebel hangar entrance
17 - Changed Falcons turret gun in all studio set shots to match the studio model
18 - Swapped hair colour or rebels when Leia is watching Han as he enters command centre to help fix issue with flipped shot
19 - Covering Anthony Daniel’s neck which is visible while Han calls over the Deck Officer.
20 - Re-edited the Wampa cave scene to closer match the original theatrical version, eliminating all SE additions (apart from one shot)
21 - Altered position of lightsaber in the snow so it is more covered to match the way it is buried in other shots
22 - Luke’s legs position changed from open to closed when hanging form ceiling of cave to match their position as he tries to break free
23 - Luke’s sabre now retracts as he runs out of cave
24 - Expanding the size of the hangar interior when seen from outside the hangar doors in the shot where R2 is using his scanner and added more troops/pilots
25 - Altered scenery slightly when Han walks away from Taun Taun
26 - Changed the scenery seen outside of the hangar before they close the doors
27 - Fixed a continuity issue where the door starts to close twice in this scene
28 - Added a “force” glow around Obi-Wan’s ghost
29 - Added motion blur when Taun Taun falls
30 - Flipped 2 shots when Han cuts open Taun Taun to fix continuity issue
31 - Added lightsaber scorch march when Taun Taun is cut open
32 - Added cockpit displays to snowpseeders
33 - Added clouds to background of snowspeeder as it flies around mountain to help fix continuity issues
34 - Eliminated many of the transparent cockpit issues in snowspeeders throughout
35 - Changed colour of chest box decal from green back to the correct blue
36 -  New snowspeeder as Han waves and added speeders shadow
37 - You now see 2 speeders entering hangar
38 - Bacta tank colour changed to red (its original colour was supposed to be red but the overhead lighting was too bright and it bleached out the redness of the tank while filming)
39 - New shot of probe leaving the Shield Generator
40 - Fixed the problem of the mound Han is behind during the wipe having the debris from the destroyed probe already covering it.
41 -  Probe now continues to move as it fires at Chewie and actually shoots at Chewie instead of firing towards a different area
42 - The two shots we see of the probe now match, where originally the lighting completely changed between shots and had eliminated all detail in the scenery
43 - Added missing blast flashes to all guns throughout movie
44 -  all laser bolts changed to match ANH:R and the PT
45 - Fixed “wobbly” panel when Leia presses the consol button
46 - Altered path of stardestroyer in first fleet shot so it doesn’t look like it is just dropping down the frame
47 - Altered path of distant stardestroyers to give them a more natural movement
48 - fixed problem of TIE flying behind the stardestroyer tower causing scaling problems and replaced all TIES in this shot apart from Bomber
49 - Altered the shadow seen on the underbelly of executor in close-up shot to match other shots.
50 - Fixed bluescreen matte problems of rear side of stardestroyer tower on executor underbelly shot
51 - added missing TIE engines on all shots throughout movie
52 - Replaced the Tie fighter that heads towards Executor taking a strange path and altered position of stardestroyers
53 - repositioned stardestroyer and added new TIE bombers to close up shot of Vader looking out of window
54 - Altered matte of Executor bridge in all shots
55 - Altered background of Vader to a more correct background when he is talking to Ozzel
56 - New rebel transport hangar matte to correct scaling issues
57 - Fixed the object next to Han that get knocked while he is talking to Luke, yet appear in original position in next shot
58 - Added “Blue” engines to all stardestroyers
59 - Added atmosphere glow around Hoth in all shots it is missing
60 - Enhanced display when Vader chokes Ozzel
61 - Fixed matting issue when Vader chokes Ozzel where you can see Piette’s body through the display surrounding wall
62 - Altered distant view of Hoth battlefield to fix continuity issue as original was heavily mist covered , yet not when we see the At-At’s
63 - Original shield generator mattes replaced with miniature model in all shots
64 - New hangar entrance shot where trooper is viewing battlefield
65 - Enhanced displays in command centre as they prepare to fire Ion Canon
66 - Enhanced Ion Canon with new background and added troops
67 - Moved “First Catch” Imperial officers to the front window of their Star Destroyer to fix continuity error as they would not see the planet from the side window.
68 - Added more stardestroyers orbiting Hoth
69 - Ion canon blast altered from red to blue
70 - Added the destruction of one of the escort X-Wings before stardestroyer is hit with ion blast.
71 - Added the transport and remaining fighter going into lightspeed.
72 - New background to replace destroyed landscape before a shot is fired as troops rush to trench wall.
73 - New binocular shot at AT-ATs approaching
74 - Removing red AT-AT window as this is the only time we see the cockpit as red
75 - Added missing red marking to on-set Snowspeeders
76 - New shot of snowspeeders approaching battle
77 - Fixed missing or faded blue decals on pilots chest boxes
78 - Added snowspeeder flaps opening and closing to cockpit shots
79 - Removed static At-AT’s when seen though the front of the cockpits and replaced them with animated ones and the correct number of AT-AT’s in each shot
80 - Removed the two shots we see of the AT-ST’s as they are never seen in any other part of the battle and just disappear
81 - Turret guns barrels now repel when firing instead of being static
82 - Removed the small AT-AT seen through a side view of cockpit because they are still nowhere near the AT-AT’s at this point
83 - Added slight motion blur to AT-AT’s to give them a more realistic movement.
84 - Replaced original shot of Vader’s hologram due to bad matting issues
85 - Added some minor visible damage to AT-AT neck as it falls
86 - Fixed missing frame from “This one goes here, that one goes there” shot.
87 - Removed the traces of the wires used to fly some of the Snowspeeders
88 - Fixed bad composite of Luke leaping as his Snowspeeder is crushed and fixed scaling of AT-AT foot in this shot
89 - Replaced some snowpeeders in background due to bad movement
90 - Removed stick that knocks over the AT-AT Luke blows up and added Luke in background.
91 - Removed blast mark that was already on turret prior to it getting hit
92 - Added cracks to speeder window as Luke crashes to match the following shots
93 - Added missing detail on crashed snowspeeder set
94 - Added missing decals on Luke’s chest plate as he is getting out of speeder
95 - Removed visible studio set walls during close up of AT-AT foot
96 - Replaced some shots of troopers retreating due to blurred blu-ray transfer
97 - New shield generator explosion to fix badly composited original
98 - Some changed backgrounds during battle for better continuity between studio and location shots
99 - When Luke slices open the AT-AT panel, his lightsaber now correctly doesn’t overlap the outer panel of the AT-AT
100 - Fixed the problem with the shorter helmet and missing lights on Vader as they enter the command centre
101 - Added wall just before the explosion as the Imperials enter the commend centre as there was originally already an entrance, so they didn’t need to blow their way in
102 - New hangar miniature set added to replace original matte painting
103 - Removed Chewie going up the ramp when we already see him doing the same thing during the first wide shot
104 - Added motion blur to the falcons gun as it emerges as it was sped up originally and looked fake
105 - smoothed out jump cut as snowtroopers are blasted
106 - New shot of Falcon leaving the hangar
107 - Fixed transparent cockpit just after “punch it” line
108 - Luke now turns around just as the falcon appears instead of completely out of time
109 - New shots of transports taking off
110 - Replaced X-wings as Luke leaves Hoth due to matting/ lighting issues
111 - Stabilised and changed X-wing display showing readout of what R2 is saying to Luke
112 - New Cg falcon & TIEs in many shots to fix scaling/ compositing/ matte box issues
113 - Changed the position of stardestroyers when seen from underneath to fix continuity errors.
114 - removed the imperial officer that just walks away from window as the stardestroyers collide, while all the others are falling over and added a camera shake
115 - New larger asteroid field
116 - Added blue engine to falcon in all shots
117 - Added blast debris to large asteroid as TIEs shoot and hit it
118 - New asteroid canyon
119 - Added light reflection on tunnel wall as the falcon enters the cave
120 - Added atmosphere glow to some shots as Luke approaches Dagobah
121 - New shot of X-wing entering atmosphere
122 - fixed jump cut as the x-wing crashes through the trees
123 - Added camera shake to Luke’s cockpit as it crashes on Dagobah.
124 - New Dagobah matte using miniatures with X-wing in correct position to match the studio version and replaced stop motion bogwings with CG versions
125 - Removed the “glue” from Vader’s helmet as it is placed upon his head in meditation chamber
126 - Fixed the problem with Vader having “no neck” in the helmetless scene in the meditation chamber
127 - Fixed problem of Harrison mouthing Carries lines while inside the asteroid
128 - Enhanced Yoda’s mouth movements and added some blinks
129 - Removed visible head of Frank Oz
130 - Yoda now takes a bit out of the food stick
131 - Fixed the “greeblies” falling off 3PO’s when he interrupts Han and Leia.
132 - Fixed the problem of the Stardestroyer tower just disappearing when hit by an asteroid
133 - New Emperor hologram so he matches closer to his ROTJ  appearance than his ROTS “fatter” version
134 - Removing visible signs of plastic sheeting on floor through mist in asteroid belly
135 - Replaced the tool in Han’s hand with a blaster when he shoots the Mynock.
136 - Enhancing some Executor interiors to provide a more logical layout and reduce positioning errors.
137 - Changed the position of Yoda as Luke puts him down to fix continuity issue with following shots
138 - Enhanced the colour of R2’s “eye” so that is now red/blue instead of pink/purple
139 - Added extra eyes to lizard in “dark side” cave to give it a more alien look
140 - Added glow reflections from lightsabers on certain shots
141 - You now see Vader’s sabre ignite instead of being fully lit, although we hear it igniting
142 - Fixed Luke’s “bent” sabre blade
143 - Fixed jump cut of Vader’s mask exploding to reveal Luke face and replaced dummies face with Marks.
144 - Added subtle facial movement to Bossk
145 - Removed visible wires from stone during levitation scene
146 - Fixed the ground that bows under Luke as he walks past Yoda saying “You want the impossible.”
147 - New matte as X-wing approaches Luke
148 - Added shot of Yoda climbing up mound to fix continuity error with his position between shots
149 - Replaced Needa’s shuttle with Lambda class version
150 - Removed Needa’s blink as Vader’s cape swipes past him after he dies.
151 - Fixed Anthony Daniels visibly moving while 3PO is turned off.
152 - Slave 1 now flies behind the falcon at a greater distance
153 - Changed certain shots while approaching Cloud City to fix continuity errors with the placement of the sun / clouds
154 - Replaced landing platform matte paintings with version that closer mattes the new buildings seen in the SE and to remove duplicate mattes
155 - Reverted added SE window at the end of the corridor, that suddenly disappears in the next shot, back to the pre-SE version
156 - Re-composited Obi-Wan’s ghost so he no longer looks tiny and enhancing his glow and transparency
157 - New Cloud City mattes throughout
158 - Added missing engine glow to pod as it flies through Bespin city in the SE additional shot
159 - Fixed the open SE window behind Lando while he betrays Han and Leia so it remains open in the following shots.
160 - Added laser bolts deflecting off Vader’s hands and hitting the walls which were missing originally, yet you could see the blast marks on the walls
161 - Used the added “sparks” in junk room added for the Blu-Ray but removed the blanket colour filter badly applied to that shot
162 - Removed crew reflection on 3P0’s head on conveyor belt
163 - Replaced shots of Luke’s approach to Bespin
164 - Added slight heat haze when Han is tortured
165 - Added missing lights from Vader’s chest plate during this scene
166 - Removed Anthony Daniels face visibly covered in gold foil when Chewie is reassembling him
167 - Fixed the problem with Han in carbonite wearing his ANH shirt instead of the ESB version he was frozen in
168 - Fixed the problem with the door that closes behind Luke having a raised section on the floor that r2 couldn’t have possibly have gone through. This section now raises as the door slams shut
169 - Changed Boba platform mattes and added missing cockpit window as it takes off
170 - Fixed transparent shadows in the shot of Lando and company on the SE balcony and raised the balcony. Also replaced R2 in this shot with the pre SE version as the SE one was badly rotoscoped and composited
171 - Removed Vader’s visible sabre blade before it ignites
172 - Fixed problem of Vader’s blade disappearing for a frame
173 - Fixed jump cut as Luke steps out of the tunnel
174 - Added Luke’s sabre switching off as he is sucked out of the window
175 - Enhanced chasm mattes to fix continuity issues
176 - Vader’s sabre can now be seen switching off
177 - Added sabre burn marks to walls
178 - New 3D enhanced vane matte
179 - Removed squib markers on walls and Stormtroopers where lasers will hit but adding them where they are missing
180 - Added smoke to r2 as he tries to open door which is there in the close up shots but not in the wide shots
181 - Added turned off lights in corridor ceilings to fix continuity issues
182 - Removed SE additional shots of Vader walking to shuttle and the shuttle approaching and docking with Executor
183 - Added fleeing ships to skyline after Lando calls for the evacuation.
184 - Fixed the piece of the Falcon Chewie knocks 3PO’s head into so it doesn’t break.
185 - Removed 3po from behind Chewie in cockpit when R2 had already dragged him away
186 - Added missing gun sight from one shot of Leia’s gun
187 - The falcon now takes off and retreats faster and the landing gears now retract
188 - added flashing red light on platform floor to fix continuity issues
189 - Changed Luke’s hand getting severed so it doesn’t look like his hand is underneath his sleeve
190 - Added lightsaber burn marks when Vader slices through the poles and removed the silver tape
191 - Altered a shot of Luke where you can see his hand underneath his shirt so it is now less visible
192 - Flipped Luke as he falls as originally it looks like his left hand is severed
193 - Fixed Vader’s wobbly helmet during the gantry scene
194 - Replaced the falcon in the shot where it swoops over the cloud so it now flies into the closest cloud before swooping around the farthest one
195 - Altered space shots of the Falcon leaving Bespin
196 - Altered shot of falcon heading towards Executor being pursued by the TIEs so that the TIEs now fire at the Falcon instead of in a different direction
197 - Added shot of Vader walking towards front bridge windows to fix continuity problem
198 - Fixed 3PO’s leg in his hand so it doesn’t change position between shots.
199 - changed backgrounds of Vader when he telepathically talks to Luke to fix continuity problem
200 - Added smoke to falcons pit as R2 falls down it
201 - Spinning starfield stays
202 - fixed continuity errors of Piette changing sides of the bridge.
203 - Added droids to exterior medical frigate window shot as it pans from the Falcon
204 - replaced Luke’s “fake” arm so it doesn’t look like his arm is a model
205 - 2-1B can now be seen deactivating to fix continuity error
206 - Changed the visibility of the “spinning star” as seen through the window to fix continuity issues
207 - Added new ships to fleet
208 - New falcon as it undocks to fix transparency issues with original and throughout this scene to fix trajectory


fixing the issue where Luke called Wedge “Rogue 2” instead of “Rogue 3”
Restoring the line “you’re lucky you don’t taste very good”
Restoring Boba Fett’s original voice
Restoring the “bring my shuttle” line


1. Not adding landing crafts to deploy AT-ATs.
   2. Not making the AT-AT lasers green.
   3. Not making it so the fleet jumps to lightspeed just before the credits.
   4. Not adding Mon Cal ships to the Rebel Fleet at the end.
   5. Not adding music from the prequels or music that wasn’t originally in the movie.
   6. Not adding Luke’s vision so it can be seen like Anakin’s in ROTS.
   7. Not adding anything just because its in the Expanded Universe.  The EU doesn’t exist for the purposes of this edit.

(Thanks to Doubleofive for helping out with the list)

There will be several official versions released:

Blu-Ray 720p BD-25
720p mkv
Special features DVD-5 (only needed for mkv & DVD version as all these will feature on the Blu-Ray)

Anyone that has contributed in this thread up to 12am GMT on the 9th June 2009 will get their names in the end credits. Anyone that joins or contributes after this date unfortunately won’t. If you want your real name instead of your forum name in the credits then please contact Doubleofive by the end of June 2009 or it will automatically be your forum name in the credits. This, however. will be the last time this will be happening as the list has grown out of all control. So from ROTJ:R onwards only those that have  directly contributed towards Revisited will be in the credits

Here’s the Teaser trailer. please note that all elements are just concept ideas and are not finished FX


Some clips to demonstrate the colour correction so far (some may no longer be available)




<span> </span>NEW 9MIN PREVIEW

<span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>ION CANON</span>














RAISING X-WING (youtube link)

RAISING X-WING (720p mkv link)

And here is the final Trailer:


And here are some early comparison pictures (click on the thumbnail to view)


Shortly before the release of ESB:R, a Revisited Complete Saga trailer will be released.



Can't watch the teaser yet, but lookin forward to that when I get home.
Honestly, Empire is a near perfect film in my opinion (even the SE now that Luke's bizarre 1997 scream is gone) and besides colour correction, I can't think of anything that really needs changing.
However, anything you add I'm sure I will be pleasantly surprised to see.
More walkers/speeders in the Hoth battle and more TIEs in the Falcon chase would add to tension I suppose.
Boba's voice was fine in either version I thought, won't bother me either way.
The Emperor's new hologram I agree could use some work. I don't think it's that bad, but I'm really interested to see how you tackle that.
And I'm sure there are little technical issues and crap that could use tidying up.

Good luck with this!

Downloading the trailer right now. I haven't posted here much, but I have been lurking was anticipating the first revisted project since I first found it. I watched it and loved it. There was wonderful new life brought to the film. I'm eagerly awaiting Empire, whenever it comes. I can't think of much to fix, but I trust your judgement. You can make it better...somehow.

Only stuff I can really pick out are the two RotJ shots (I like Vader walking to his shuttle, but not the other stuff). Any chance of restoring all music?

Keep up the fantastic work.

(What's the source for this one? DVD or HD?)

I am speechless...The battle of Hoth will definitely ROCK!!!

Love the trailer!!

Love the additional AT-ATs, Ady. As long as Vader doesn't have a pink lightsaber in your version I'll be absolutely thrilled!!!
Is it me or did you fix the Tauntaun animation?

That was the only really glaring SFX from the original movie for me.

"Right now the coffees are doing their final work." (Airi, Masked Rider Den-o episode 1)


now the agonizing wait begins again

The colors look great!

I'm sure this has been mentioned on some other thread - but restoring the 'you're lucky you don't taste very good' Luke/R2 on Dagobah line would be great.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb


So glad I wont miss the opportunity to share this time around, the Hoth battle updates look AWESOME!!!! Agree entirely on the Emporer changes, Boba Fett voice changes are good idea. Some sugggestions...

1. Maybe adding emotes to Yoda like you did Greedo/Cantina characters

2. Remove Luke screaming when he lets go of ledge... (Biggest change Lucas added that I hate)

3. Maybe adding some Duel of Fates music to Bespin?

4. The Bounty Hunter Scene, could use emotes or possible updated Bounty Hunters/Droids?

5. After Han is tortured maybe his cloths are burnt or scored (there were some kind of electrical sparks going on if I remember correctly).

Other than that I cant think of anything now other than the GREAT color correctiopns you've done and the saber/engine rotoscoping. The Hoths battle I think is the biggest are that can be pumped up. Thanx for your hard work!!!!


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Originally posted by: sketchrob

3. Maybe adding some Duel of Fates music to Bespin?

....mirroring the Obi/Qui Gon vs Maul scene from Ep1.

"What's the matter Colonel Sanders, chicken?" - Darth Helmet

Well... the color-correction looked really good Ady. Maybe I'm just being "anal" here, but Yoda's neon-green skin bugged me in the DVDs. Maybe you could make him look something like he's shown in Paul's Vintage Edit?

A Goon in a Gaggle of 'em

Just watched the trailer. That little bit is already lookin gorgeous. I liked the walkers.

Hopefully the line "Bring my shuttle" will reappear as well. The delivery was so much more appropriate, Vader sounded like he was pissed.
And as mentioned earlier, anything that can be done to smooth the animation of the Tauntauns will be welcome.

Are you going to include a Kershner cameo? That would rock.

Great teaser! The color correction is excellent, only Yoda looks a bit too green/blue. The walkers are as they should be, in great numbers showing the scale of the attack. The hologram is a nice blend o the two existing versions. The tauntaun movement looks smoother, but I didn't check. You are getting better by the edit Ady
Going just on memory, the Emperor does look a little better. Did you change it, or am I insane? Also, if you did change it...what exactly did you do? Squeeze it a little to make his face thinner, or what?
I don't know if this has been mentioned on other threads or not but the part where Leia and Han decide to go to Bespin to hide out. They look at a computer readout that supposedly lists a bunch of star systems. It would be intresting to see a quick shot of the readout they are looking at. Also during Vaders Bounty hunter briefing, it would be cool to see more movement from some of the characters. IG-88 and the lizard man hardly move or chow any kind of expression at all.

EDIT: sketchrob allready mention the bounty hunter briefing.

Oh and BTW, awsome trailer Ady. The added AT-AT's really pumped up the Hoth battle scene.

Venerable member of the “Red Eye” Knights

Is there any way that shot of the Shuttle landing in the bay can be kept? I liked how it turned out, I also loved the new cloud city background when Vader is walking to his Shuttle, but it can't be there because if the "Bring my Shuttle" line is added back it has to be cut because his shuttle is already there, but is there a way to still show Vader walking (long SE side view) to the pad, without the shuttle there, maybe somehow paint it out? People complain about the flow being interrupted, but I think if these same scenes were there to begin with in 1980 very few would have wanted them removed.

*Fix the boom mike reflection in Luke's goggles on the TaunTaun.
*Make the articulation on the TaunTaun's eyes better and smoother.
*Make the Wampa's fingers move and come in better contact with Luke's face when it knocks him off the TaunTaun. They are completely stationary.
*Fix the (one second or so, far left screen) of the Wampa puppeteer's arm showing when the the Wampa chokes the TaunTaun.
*In the Hoth base scene where Han' yells "Deck Officer!" inquring if Skywalker had reported in yet, if you look close at C3PO's chin where it meets the neck you can see the skin of Anthony Daniel's chin almost throughout that entire scene. This can be blacked out I am sure.

*The Hoth base doors start to close in the back ground (Chewbacca near close up shot) before they are announced to, and then seconds later they start again after they are announced to be closed.
*Remove the stick pushing up at the back foot of the AT-AT to tip it over. Also add Luke somewhere in the shot as he fell just below it.
*Give Bossk and some of the other aliens more facial articulation as you did with the Cantina.
*Much more sky traffic in Cloud City after Lando advises everyone to leave the city. When they are leaving in the falcon we should see several ships taking off in the background because of Lando's announcement.
*Notice when Slave I blasts off, and later the Falcon, the backgrounds are the same buildings, same patterns of clouds and all, even though they are on different platforms.
* In some long shots of the city, the same cloud patterns are reused, like when the SE floating Tibianna gas platform is shown and another shot used at another time is practically a flipped negative shot of that one, minus the Gas platform and cloud patterns are same.
if you remove the episode designations from the crawls, we could rule the galaxy as father and son.

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Track the Star Wars Prologue fanedit at
Digital Fanedits
1. NO ADDING "DUEL OF THE FATES" to Bespin duel for a simple reason: Duel of the Fates' feel fits to a situation of a very fast - paced dramatic life-and-death duel with lots of acrobatics etc. It doesn't fit well to Luke's duel with Vader which has a scary claustrophobic feel and heavy light sabre movements remind more on Roman sabers then fencing sabers. We know that Vader is playing game with Luke: he doesn't want to kill him, but to bring him to the dark side first. So, it's not a clear life and death- duel.

1.2 Original score for that scene was composed but not used for a good reason: this duel is much scarier without the music just as well Wampa is scarier if one doesn't see it.

1.3 Third reason for not adding this would be that it could be used only in two cuts in the Carbon Chamber and not on later already scored duel - parts. That means, it would appear pomposly at the main Carbon Chamber, destroy a claustrophobic feel and not get anywhere (to culminate) after that (in all other movies it does, even in adywan's NewHopeRevisited).

1.4 Fourth reason for not doing this is to avoid "bastard - scoring" which never happened on SW until postproduction of AOTC, which has a lot of TPM - music in the battle (you can read about that in a score - thread of a member "good musician").

2. Pissed "BRING MY SHUTTLE" line should be back but also trying to save walking on the bridge-wideshot afterwards, with shuttle erased from the scene. Maybe it could work well, if not, please leave it like the original (1980).

2.1 VADER'S ARRIVAL TO STARDESTROYER was ok in the SE but the use of music at that scene made the movie STOP and stormtroopers in the background looked fake. If a lot of people incl. adywan still want this scene to remain in the movie after all, this two issues should be solved very properly because on that point of drama there is no place for any conceptual or technical mistakes of any kind. I could try to make a few musicmix - models for that scene to use something which keeps the feeling on the move

3. Before the Hoth - battle, "Imperial Fleet coming out of lightspeed" is mentioned. We don't have to see it coming out of light speed because Vader gets pissed because of it anyway, but it would be great TO SEE THE FLEET in the Hoth system, to feel that power on some point before or during the battle. It also doesn't need a big introduction because it was already introduced before.

3.1 There could be more shots of rebel ships escaping the system (there is a whole rebel base evacuating!!!!!) and some out-of-order-stardestroyers due to ion cannon-shots, for example , when Luke flies out to space.

4. There were more of that IMPERIAL 2-LEG-WALKERS (later to be seen a bit modified much more in Endor - Battle in ROTJ) planned during the ESB filming, but due to time and money problems never finished (look for that in "Building Empire"- documentary). There is only one shot in Empire using this walkers and there should be more of them around accompaing At-At's in almost every floor-shot At-At - scene. Also, shooting snowspeeders could destroy some of them when shooting. This would be an improvement in the style of your improvements on ep4 - Yavin battle.

5. Making that annoying TAUNTAUN STOP-MOTION corrections may be complicated, but worthy doing.

6. BESPIN should not look as giant as Coruscant, but like a small mining colony. It helpes the claustrophobic no-way-out feeling of our suffering protagonists. Some of the most beloved movies happen in some closed space, like Nakatomi building in "Die Hard", or Nostromo in "Alien", or Alcatraz - Island in "The Rock". Bespin is also that kind of place and should not be made to New York with every new edition. That SE wideshot - scene after Lando's warning-speech looks already too big and out of place with too many people walking outside reacting weirdly synchronised. Can you erase some buildings and people from that scene to fit better and look more natural? Also, on some later point seeing ships evacuating would be great but again, in a tasteful logical size (I noticed anyway, adywan has a very good sense for the right measure).

6.1 If any new backgrounds made for anything, it should be tasteful and size -fitting.

6.2 That SE computer-flying-shot of Bespin-by-day should be softened in movement to fit the rest of the movie, not suddenly looking like a computergame-intro with unorganic camera turns etc.

7. Before entering Vader- Restaurant in Bespin we see windows in the background. After catching Solo's gun, stormtroopers arrive and there are no windows any more but decoration. Please repair that SE mistake by PUTTING ONLY DECORATION, because again, it helpes the claustrophobic feel more then windows and beautiful sunny day outside.

8. RE-COLORING OF CLOUDS, especially dark parts. This SE - syntethic blue-grey looks weird.

9. Kerschner's decisions about human reactions in actors interactions as well as audience response on this and that were all right in the place - that's what made Empire such a good movie, because Heroes and Villains really care. One of ideas which came from that wise and very natural approach was NOT SEEING ACTUAL WAMPA. I would stick to that decision. I don't want to see that documentary - shot of him eating and prepairing for winter. I want to escape from there ASAP, and that's what I want Luke to do!

If I remember or notice something else, I'll post it later. Thank you adywan for collecting ideas. I hope, you'll have fun with it and make that most beautiful photographed movie ultimate edition for most of fans.
wise you must be.
-1 thing I would like to see, are more Snow troops added to the ground battle. But, i don't think that is even possible.
-The CG to matte paintings of the buildings in Cloud City tend to change behind the Falcon as it Arrives.

I can't think of anything else, but if I do, It will probably be ridiculous


Amazing...that is all I have to say
TESB is an almost-perfect film in it's original 1980 incarnation. The 97 SE is wrong on so many levels, and the 04 SE is only slightly better.

What I'm hoping gets changed for Ady's version:

* Color-correction. Snow should be white, not blue.
* Vader's pissed "Bring my shuttle" line
* Original Boba voice
* Subtle effects to Taun-Tauns, and bounty hunters. Don't touch Yoda though.
* Remove shot of Vader landing on the star destroyer taken from ROTJ
* Luke's scream was wisely removed from the 04 SE, keep it that way
* "You're lucky you don't taste very good" should be restored
* I could go either way with the Wampa.
* Larger ground battle on Hoth

After seeing what you did to ANH, I am sure we will all be blown away by what you do to ESB
Originally posted by: ThrowgnCpr
this is so exciting

Threepio: "Exciting is hardly the word I would choose..."

Ady, your dedication to correcting the Saga is amazing. You rock, my friend. Can't wait to see this. At least we'll have the DVD-5 and DVD-9s of ANH:Revisited to tide us over until then
In my opinion, I don't think you should remove the new Boba Fett voice, it works very well. As well is keep continuity with the prequels, something I know you want. I don't think it should be removed just to remove it. It could be argued that if you were going to keep the old voice for Boba you should keep the old voice of The emperor. In any case it's a keeps of revisionism that I don't think hurts the film in any way.

Blade Runner: The Complete Collection

Wampa is scarier if one doesn't see it.

But weve seen it now!