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The Death of Han Solo synced w/ Inception Time soundtrack 720p [HD] [Remastered]


It was three years ago when I decided to make an edit of Han’s death scene with the Inception “time” soundtrack. I had played Han Solo’s death scene (muted) in one chrome tab, and the Inception “time” soundtrack in another. I was absolutely blown away by how perfect the two synced on their own. I had to make an edit, it was too perfect to pass up. I downloaded a free editor and spent literal months learning how to use it. The point of the edit was to perfectly sync Inception’s “time” soundtrack with Han’s Solo’s death scene WITHOUT having to mute the dialog between Han and Ben. After months of trial and error, I had finally made a decent enough edit to post on YouTube. Since I posted it only two months after The Force Awakens came out, it got a LOT of attention. However, it was low quality and seemed to have a problem with the audio. Unfortunately, the problem with the audio was that it was instrumental, which means it had COMPLETELY cut out the dialog of the scene, making the entire edit almost pointless. I was frustrated and decided to call it quits, the “dialog-less” instrumental version had already gotten 2,440 views, which means 2,440 people saw a seemingly effortless edit of Han’s death scene. It frustrated me because I spent SO MUCH time making sure the dialog between Han and Ben was loud enough to hear over the music, but quite enough to make the soundtrack feel like it belonged (I think there was a total of 75 key framed audio adjustments). I was defeated.

Two years pasted. I was contently bothered, in the back of my head, that I spent so much time trying to make my “perfect edit” just to fall short at the end. However I didn’t think of it as wasted time, I did learn a completely new skill (editing) that I had no experience in prior, and it gave me confidence that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it. It was then that I decided I was going to give it another shot. There was only one problem, I had completely forgotten how to use my editor.

After installing the latest update, which changed the entire interface of the editor, I started relearning, only this time I learned the best and most efficient ways to edit. After making five different versions, all having their own pros and cons, I finally made my perfect edit. The sixth draft, the last lash, the finally frontier, the edit that would change the course of history. Okay maybe not that, but it was the best edit of them all. After showing all my friends, receiving lots of friendly complements that boosted my confidence even more, it was finally time to replace the original. Thoughts of endless views, likes, and comments praising how perfect the soundtrack works with the scene filled my head. Would it be recognized as a better version than the original? Would I be respected as a fantastic editor with brilliant ideas/changes for movies? The anticipation was killing me, I had waited years to finally post my perfect edit, and here I was.

First, I gave it a thumbnail that instantly grabs attention. Next, I made it have a title that was satisfyingly professional to make it look as official as possible. Then, I thought of as many tags as humanly possible to make it be the first result no matter what. And finally, I posted it. AND THEN IT WAS IMMEDIATELY COPYRIGHT CLAIMED! But how?! I had cited everything properly to avoid this problem! There were all sorts of scenes from Star Wars The Force Awakens on YouTube and they hadn’t been taken down! But I wasn’t just mad because I couldn’t post it right away, I had also lost the perfect thumbnail, title, description, and ALL the tags. Now if I was gonna try to repost it I would have to do all of it over again.

After multiple failed tries to just repost it, I decided to stop. I tried to tell myself that I didn’t need to post it, that all that mattered is that I had it and it was perfect to me. For awhile I listened to myself, but a few months later I realized something. What was the point of having something, if there’s no one to share it with? I spent so long making this and I wanted to share it. Even if just one person enjoyed my edit, I would be happy with it. Now I’m not saying that people’s opinions are all that matter, cause that is most certainly not true, all I’m saying is that I loved making this edit and I wanted to share it with others who love emotional, impactful, and sad scenes in movies, especially if those scenes are in a Star Wars movie!

I did eventually go down the seemingly endless rabbit hole of the terms of legal copyright restrictions and did end up winning the right to post my video on YouTube. It’s been up for almost a whole year now and it’s only gotten 103 views (50 of which are probably mine). Obviously, I didn’t end up becoming famous, but I’m okay with that. It did get 7 likes though, which is pretty big in my book… then again my book is tiny but whatever you get the point. I decided to post it here in the hopes that other Star Wars enthusiasts would get to experience what it would have been like for Han’s death scene to have a very emotional soundtrack throughout… cough and also so it would get more views cough cough. Anyway, here’s the link, hope you enjoy my unnecessarily complicated project!

Here it is! -->


Hi Aratus, and welcome to the site 😃

Really enjoyed your video and can see the work that went into making it - very nicely done.

It may also be worth (if you get a further take-downs of the video) to also upload to somewhere like vimeo? (who don’t seem to suffer anywhere as many video removal requests 😉)

Hopefully you’ll find a few other Edits and Projects of interest here - see how other editors have approached and executed their releases. Moderator

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Ay thanks so much dude! I’ve never heard of vimeo but I’ll definitely check it out. Also yeah I’ll looking forward to seeing other fan projects and ideas, always looking for constructive criticism (which probably wasn’t clear cause I kept saying it was my “perfect edit” lol). Anyway, thanks so much for the reply!