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Another Fan Edit of the 2003 Clone Wars Series


Some days ago, I found a fan edit version of the 2003 Clone Wars show that could work as a replacement for both TCW and the Clone Wars Multimedia Project. Since the 2003 series was part of the Clone Wars Multimedia Project, then some subplots are left open because they’re later solved in the “Star Wars: Obsession” comics. But in this version no subplots are left open (for exemple, Durge dies once and for all the second time Obi-Wan kills him and Don’t resurrect a third time).

According to the author, the original purpose of this fan edit is to be a version of the 2003 show that can fit into the Disney Canon. But I think it can also work as a valid replacement for both TCW and the Clone Wars Multimedia Project. This can be a valid alternative for all those who think TCW feels like a different universe from the Prequel Trilogy, but who at the same time are too lazy to read the books and comics of the old Clone Wars Multimedia Project,

This fan edit divides the show in 4 large episodes and creates a self-contained Clone Wars show.

I repeat, I’m not the one who created this fan edit. I’m just sharing It, since it’s a public fan edit and it’s freely available on YouTube.

Here is the link of the
YouTube playlist with all the 4 episodes:

«This is where the fun begins!»
(Anakin Skywalker)


Unfortunate they made the decision to stretch out the ratio so everyone appears super wide. Always happy to see anything with this series though.